Gajim - 2018-07-09

  1. Citizen Zibb I installed gajim via flatpak
  2. Citizen Zibb And im receiving an ssl key error
  3. Citizen Zibb It will not let me add certificate to the list of trusted certificates
  4. Citizen Zibb
  5. lovetox pastebin is invalid
  6. bot Sophie Herold proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Disables recently button if popover is empty
  7. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9237: < Join Group Chat dialog: no autofill of room and server on address paste >
  8. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9237: < Join Group Chat dialog: no autofill of room and server on address paste >
  9. bot Sophie Herold updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Give dialogs more consistent look
  10. lovetox Gtk4 will have a VideoPlayer Widget nice
  11. oppenheimer Hi , try to do notification in tray when new message in group received and still have no result, anybody knows how to do it?:)
  12. oppenheimer i want to support gajim project but is it possible to send bitcoins?:)
  13. mikaela Hi, did I send to the right place?
  14. Daniel oppenheimer, afaik the hoster asterix is using doesn't accept bircoin, but let's see what he says :)
  15. Daniel Can't help you with group chat notifocations though
  16. oppenheimer >Daniel‎ thank you for you answer)
  17. bot Mikaela Suomalainen created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9238: < Incoming MUC-PMs: Ignore `received` carbons [4.0beta2-dev162] >
  18. mikaela oops, too good copy-paste :D
  19. bot Mikaela Suomalainen modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9238: < Incoming MUC-PMs: Ignore `received` carbons >
  20. lovetox oppenheimer did you try the option in the groupchat menu? notify on all messages
  21. oppenheimer
  22. oppenheimer >lovetox‎ cant find groupchat menu:(
  23. lovetox i would search in the groupchat ^^
  24. lovetox hamburger menu bottom right
  25. oppenheimer >lovetox‎ Thank you so much! you make my day =)
  26. oppenheimer
  27. lovetox in ACE there is a config option "tabs_position" set it to "left"
  28. lovetox that gives you more space
  29. lovetox you have to restart gajim
  30. lovetox 2. no you cant restore history in groupchat, you have to look at the history window for now
  31. lovetox 3. i guess you can pay someone, but no me :)
  32. oppenheimer >lovetox‎ thank you very much!
  33. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9238: < Incoming MUC-PMs: Ignore `received` carbons >
  34. Zash Can someone help me file an issue? Gitlab does not like me.
  35. Zash The popup you get when you try to disable an online account (or in my case, pre-password incomplete state), could it just disconnect the account instead of telling me to do it?
  36. Zash ah, exists
  37. Zash AGH
  38. Zash > It's intended :(
  39. lovetox its not so much intended
  40. lovetox but yeah i have it on the list for things someday
  41. lovetox i know its a bit annoying if you test things
  42. Zash You will have my eternal gratitude if you kill all the popups
  43. lovetox you reported this 8 years ago ^^
  44. Zash Oh
  45. Zash EIGHT YEARS
  46. lovetox what i want to implement for some time is in the xml console, a xmpp namespace filtering
  47. lovetox i think this would be usefuk
  48. lovetox i think this would be useful
  49. lovetox or jid filtering
  50. Zash 👍
  51. Citizen Zibb
  52. Citizen Zibb Wont allow me to add certificate to trusted certificates
  53. Citizen Zibb This is flatpakd gajim btw
  54. lovetox where did you put the cert?
  55. Citizen Zibb This happens upon trying to connect
  56. lovetox but where did you put the cert
  57. Citizen Zibb Nowhere
  58. Citizen Zibb It will not let me do anything
  59. Citizen Zibb I cannot add certificate or ignire errors
  60. Citizen Zibb And its a self signed certificate
  61. lovetox hm search your system for cacerts.pem
  62. lovetox it should be in a folder from gajim
  63. lovetox but its not easy to find with flatpak
  64. lovetox and delete the file
  65. Citizen Zibb Fedora is still on 0.16.9
  66. lovetox what has this to do with anything?
  67. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *828d7457* < > Remove print statement
  68. Citizen Zibb I resorted to flatpak as the repository provided version seems unmaintained
  69. lovetox but yes found the bug
  70. Citizen Zibb Flatpak is irritating
  71. Citizen Zibb Its not in /.local/share
  72. lovetox no
  73. lovetox it has own folders
  74. lovetox checkout /app
  75. lovetox its a sandbox
  76. lovetox it cant be in your normal dirs, as this would allow it to write to them
  77. lovetox just search on the whole system for cacerts.pem
  78. lovetox then you will find it
  79. Citizen Zibb If installed per user installation
  80. Citizen Zibb As I did
  81. lovetox yes it has its own user dirs
  82. lovetox sandboxed
  83. Citizen Zibb Yeah
  84. Citizen Zibb Cacerts doesnt seem to be in any of then
  85. lovetox
  86. Citizen Zibb Them*
  87. lovetox hm forget it
  88. Citizen Zibb Im looking at that exact article lovetox
  89. lovetox maybe this is not about cacerts i think this code fails even without that file
  90. Citizen Zibb We are quite literally on the same page
  91. Citizen Zibb It would appear so
  92. lovetox nothing i can do sadly ..
  93. lovetox i can push a commit and you can build flatpak from git
  94. Citizen Zibb Thats how i built it
  95. lovetox kk then wait i fix the problem
  96. Citizen Zibb You, are the man.
  97. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *eb1b6f60* < > Dump certificate before writing it to storage
  98. lovetox try now cippaciong
  99. lovetox try now Citizen Zibb
  100. Citizen Zibb Ok
  101. Citizen Zibb Et voila!
  102. Citizen Zibb lovetox: it connected just fine
  103. lovetox nice
  104. Citizen Zibb Thank you for that
  105. Citizen Zibb Btw hiw do i install plugins for the flatpak
  106. Citizen Zibb From a zip?
  107. lovetox yes right now with zip
  108. lovetox but next version will provide the plugins on flathub
  109. Citizen Zibb That is nice I like the sandboxing
  110. Citizen Zibb I will continue to build from git
  111. lovetox hm then you can try the plugin git
  112. lovetox omemo, and preview plugin should be buildable by flatpak
  113. lovetox we dont have a manual yet for that
  114. lovetox but on the other side, its probably much easier to download the zip
  115. Citizen Zibb So the plugin installer zip from for 1.0 should be safe to install?
  116. lovetox hm yes
  117. lovetox you can also use this repo here
  118. lovetox
  119. Citizen Zibb The link you gave me is just alternative or is more up to date?
  120. lovetox the link is where the plugin installer would look for plugins
  121. Citizen Zibb Very nice
  122. Citizen Zibb Since I am using the flatpak, will i need to install omemo dependencies or should I already have them
  123. lovetox hm ..
  124. Citizen Zibb I think it pulled python3-axolotl as a build dep
  125. lovetox nah i think we are at a dead end
  126. lovetox hm no it should not if i remember correctly
  127. lovetox no its not in there anymore
  128. lovetox hm looks bad, you cant install it yourself
  129. lovetox it needs to be in the build
  130. lovetox and we are moving to flatpak plugins so deps are there
  131. Citizen Zibb Python axolotl is missing
  132. lovetox you can try and build the omemo folder on git the same way you build gajim
  133. Citizen Zibb Yeah?
  134. Citizen Zibb I think i achieved enough for now hahaha
  135. Daniel Zash, I'd also be really happy about a disconnect-disable automatism for accounts!
  136. Zash :)
  137. Zash If you really want a popup at least it could have a button for offline-ing the account
  138. Daniel (X) Set accounts to Offline automatically in the future
  139. Daniel Huh, Issue count in Gitlab is normal again as it seems
  140. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8724: < Links from Slack gateway just don't appear as link >
  141. Daniel Hm, now it's off again.. confusing
  142. Zash caches?
  143. Daniel Already purged all, tried two different browsers (count does not change when I'm logged in 282, when logged off, count got its refresh to 281)
  144. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *d9eb3e68* < > Blocking: Raise NodeProcessed