Gajim - 2018-06-19

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  3. mrDoctorWho hey guys
  4. mrDoctorWho I have my plasma freezing when I launch gajim
  5. mrDoctorWho I don't see a lot disk IOs
  6. mrDoctorWho it just freezes for a minute
  7. Daniel mrDoctorWho do you have logs?
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  11. lovetox mrDoctorWho, its probably because of the keyring
  12. lovetox logs from startup would be great
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  16. bluemoon hi everyone. I have a question the latest version 1.03 has a dependency issue with ubuntu 16.04 I think it was the girlgtk3.0 did not have the most required level. is there a workaround? I think 18.04 ubuntu has the right version and I plan on upgrading soon.
  17. lovetox use gajim from
  18. bluemoon whats the differnce?
  19. lovetox flatpak ship dependencys that your distro doesnt
  20. lovetox for example a newer gtk version
  21. bluemoon nice
  22. bluemoon i had not even heard of flatpak looking now
  23. lovetox a current bug in the flatpak is that translation doesnt work
  24. lovetox appart from that it should be useable
  25. bluemoon does it autoupdate like adding a repo in ubuntu can?
  26. bluemoon like when a new version comes out does it notify?
  27. lovetox hm dont know you have to google that
  28. lovetox but updating a flatpak is probably a oneline command
  29. bluemoon lovetox i dont see this when trying to install : gnome-software-plugin-flatpak
  30. lovetox im not sure what you mean
  31. lovetox ah i get it
  32. lovetox hm just dont install it
  33. lovetox lets see what happens :)
  34. bluemoon lmao
  35. lovetox its just a plugin pack
  36. lovetox i dont think its necessary
  37. bluemoon but the ppa needs to added right to use flatpak? you are not supposed to install from website or you can?
  38. lovetox The Flatpak plugin for the Software app makes it possible to install apps without needing the command line. To install, run:
  39. bluemoon yes
  40. lovetox no
  41. lovetox you add a flatpak remote
  42. lovetox not a ppa
  43. lovetox ah sorry
  44. lovetox i see now
  45. lovetox i never looked at that setup guide to be honest
  46. lovetox :)
  47. bluemoon but you need flatpak in order to use a flatpak app right?
  48. lovetox yes
  49. bluemoon k
  50. lovetox ah i get it the plugin pack makes it possible so you can install from website
  51. lovetox instead of typing into command line : flatpak install flathub org.gajim.Gajim
  52. bluemoon its no big deal how did you know that is the correct terminal add?
  53. bluemoon i dont mind using terminal
  54. lovetox its written on every app page
  55. lovetox in the bottom
  56. lovetox
  57. bluemoon i see it
  58. bluemoon thanks
  59. bluemoon i think i should reboot seems to say it needs it
  60. bluemoon wb
  61. bluemoon or another nick
  62. bluemoon i think i should reboot maybe back in a few
  63. marco How can I run gajim on linux mint 18.3? apt reports that I have a wrong version of gir1.2-gtk-3.0
  64. lovetox install from
  65. marco works, thanks.
  66. bluemoon lovetox you should make a script that gives that answer over and over :)
  67. bluemoon I do wonder if there is a good reason to have those weird dependecies that are not available in the major distros for some of the versions.
  68. bluemoon but it looks like its fine for ubuntu 18.04 but nor for 16.04 or earlier.
  69. lovetox weird dependency?
  70. lovetox GTK is not a weird dependency, it is the framework most applications on ubuntu are based on
  71. bluemoon i mean the version it requires is not in the main repos for some versions
  72. bluemoon the version level.
  73. bluemoon the only lts version for ubuntu that has it is 18.04
  74. lovetox yes and there is absolutly no reason for it
  75. bluemoon its weird when its not in the ubuntu repos :)
  76. lovetox im pretty sure ubuntu 16 runs every gtk version there is
  77. lovetox its just that the distro decides not to ship it to its users
  78. bluemoon whats that mean?
  79. bluemoon oh you mean it would work?
  80. bluemoon sure it would work
  81. bluemoon not sure why they don't update it but I guess they assume not many apps require that level and decide to update it on the major updates like to 18.04
  82. lovetox if this would be a project customers would pay for, it would be an option to support older versions
  83. lovetox but its not, and i dont see any reason to miss out on new stuff only because some people decide they want to stay "stable"
  84. bluemoon i dunno if i consider 16.04 a old version but I see your point
  85. lovetox im on windows 7
  86. lovetox this is a 10 year old system
  87. lovetox and i run Gajim here with a newer GTK version then ubuntu 18.04 ships
  88. bluemoon its not so much it wont work but its that some of the distro just dont have it in some of the versions for some reason
  89. lovetox the reason is because of "stable"
  90. bluemoon i looked to see if someone had a ppa that had an updated version but I didnt see one lol
  91. lovetox and because this even fucks off hardcore linux fans, they inveted now flatpak
  92. lovetox that just ships all dependencys and runs the application in a sandbox
  93. bluemoon oh its run in a sandbox?
  94. bluemoon so that protects from exploits etc?
  95. lovetox yes thats a added benefit
  96. lovetox it even controls access to the system
  97. bluemoon so it runs really restricted?
  98. lovetox you can look what access evey app has
  99. bluemoon i like that ...I use firejail for some apps but that sounds like a good idea
  100. bluemoon so it prevents access to file that it does not need on the system like docs and etc?
  101. lovetox
  102. lovetox of course we need some permissions to run gajim, but you could run the flatpak builder for gajim and add your own restrictions
  103. bluemoon but the default is pretty restrictive?
  104. bluemoon wow i like this
  105. bluemoon im reading now
  106. lovetox yes for example
  107. lovetox no app has access to
  108. lovetox /lib, /lib32, /lib64, /bin, /sbin, /usr, /boot, /root, /tmp, /etc, /app, /run, /proc, /sys, /dev, /var
  109. bluemoon that was major concern with it because i was not sure how to run it with firejail but apprently its not needed
  110. lovetox hm, but flatpak makes a application not automatically save
  111. lovetox it has some restrictions per default
  112. lovetox but the good thing is you can look up the permissions a app has
  113. bluemoon what you mean not automatically save?
  114. lovetox for example it does not restrict network connections per default
  115. lovetox a dev could add this to the flatpak build of course
  116. lovetox for a app that does not need that
  117. lovetox in general flatpak is in beta
  118. lovetox so these things are worked on currently
  119. lovetox but the general idea is, it runs in a sandbox and has only needed permissions
  120. bluemoon how much access does it have on /home?
  121. bluemoon one thing i like about firejail its easy to customize
  122. lovetox firejail is probably more mature and has probably a bit different use case
  123. lovetox depends if the build of the app contains --filesystem=home
  124. lovetox it has full access
  125. lovetox if this is not in the build, it has none
  126. lovetox as i said, flatpak currently is not a install and you dont have to care thing, but it tries to make permission more transparent
  127. bluemoon I found out why that gnome plugin is not in 16.04 ..its something thats in 18.04 and can be used to notify for updates
  128. bluemoon the sandboxing is a good idea
  129. bluemoon i like that
  130. lovetox but i understand why people dont want to upgrade every year their OS
  131. bluemoon firejail is a neat way to do it for other apps on linux
  132. lovetox especially with all the changes ubuntu goes through from version to version
  133. bluemoon I want to upgrade but the notifcication has not been released yet for 18.04
  134. lovetox as i said a pretty old system myself, but its at least a system that lets me control what software i want to use
  135. bluemoon they are waiting on the first major point release
  136. bluemoon which is supposed to happen june 26th
  137. bluemoon to give time to fix some bugs before mass of people upgrade to 18.04
  138. lovetox yeah i maybe will also try it
  139. lovetox have to go to bed
  140. lovetox good night
  141. bluemoon good night