Gajim - 2018-06-15

  1. pep. did previous versions of gajim use as file proxy?
  2. pep.
  3. pep. Apparently their certificate is invalid and I get notified by prosody every time a user connects (via watchuntrusted)
  4. pep. previous, or not*
  5. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Remove yahoo transport
  6. nico Would it be possible to somehow display citation differently from the normal text? Something more like Conversations does it?
  7. asterix pep.: yes very probably
  8. asterix Conversation does bold (not very readable imho)
  9. asterix We print in red
  10. bronko how can i cite a text in gajim?
  11. bronko > We print in red Ctrl + Shift + Cursor up?
  12. bronko hmm..this is not shown in red keyboard shortcuts has Ctrl+Alt+Cursor up/down but this does the same as message correction
  13. asterix Ha ... ok. There are 2 meanings
  14. asterix bronko: I cite you
  15. bronko ok, this is shown in red, how did you do this?
  16. asterix Yeah ok, cited txt could be greyed. But this means we have to know what is cited txt. There is no consensus on that. Is it line that begins with "> " or "| " ? or ..
  17. asterix Res is when your nick is cited
  18. asterix Red^^
  19. asterix Or highlight text (in ACE) is in message
  20. bronko ok, so its quoted text '>' vs highlighted text in red, thanks asterix
  21. asterix But quoted text is hard to determine as every client can do what it wants to quote ...
  22. Daniel Highlighting citations in a better way is also listed in #9060
  23. zuglufttier I do get OMEMO warnings frequently like this: (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo OMEMO message does not contain our device key
  24. zuglufttier How do I find out which message from which contact is the problem?
  25. zuglufttier Enabling debug does not seem to help much...
  26. zuglufttier Also these error every now and then:
  27. zuglufttier I'm using gajim from master.
  28. vahe hi #gajim, place letters shows the signs in the square, about the hieroglyphics, Windows 7 , in version 1.0 there are no problems
  29. vahe but I'm interested in exactly 1.16
  30. vahe lang armenian հայերեն
  31. Link Mauve vahe, better upgrade to 1.0, 0.16 is abandonned.
  32. vahe I understand, but I need a solution 1.16
  33. Link Mauve It’s 0.16 or 1.0, there is no 1.16.
  34. vahe since 1.0 does not like emoticons , it's like the Android phone (damn them )
  35. Link Mauve But you have a few other solutions: recompile Python with support for wide Unicode, or use another OS such as Linux.
  36. Link Mauve vahe, you can change that, it’s only a theme.
  37. vahe It's not my OS, I'm helping out a friend
  38. pep. his OS then
  39. pep. or hers*
  40. vahe I have CentOS ) I have problems more haha, but that's another story
  41. pep. lucky you
  42. vahe Link Mauve, you think it's due to themes?
  43. vahe strange but the Russian language works fine, but no Armenian (
  44. Link Mauve vahe, I just mean that emoji in 1.0 are just a theme, you can change them.
  45. Link Mauve Armenian won’t work on Windows with python2 as shipped by Gajim 0.16, there is no way around changing one of these parts.
  46. vahe I have 2 options or 1.add other emoticons to hajim 1.0 or 2. add support for the letters Armenian 1.16 version
  47. vahe but you said that this is just a theme of emojis, how to find others?
  48. Link Mauve Dunno, I never looked at that part.
  49. Link Mauve Other people can help you more probably.
  50. vahe thanks for the help , I will try to find , but I condemn the default Android themes emoji
  51. Link Mauve Why, btw?
  52. vahe I run from Google, and you help me catch up :)
  53. Link Mauve IIRC it was one of the only ones with a proper license.
  54. Link Mauve Because many systems still don’t support emoji natively.
  55. Link Mauve If yours does support them, you could probably disable the PNG file and let GTK+ render them natively using Microsoft’s emoji.
  56. vahe thanks, I do not know how to use Windows: (, I'll try to do something, GNU/Linux forever
  57. Link Mauve Heh, same. ^^
  58. zak Hi there. Is it possible that there is a problem with Gajim when trying to join a new groupchat with at least one capital letter?
  59. zak Could someone maybe verify this? I just tested this with my account on
  60. Link Mauve zak, room addresses are case insensitive, like every other address used on XMPP.
  61. Link Mauve But you may want to open an issue if Gajim doesn’t normalise that correctly.
  62. zak Link Mauve: Of course, that's not the issue. It just doesn't work. Can you maybe try it?
  63. Link Mauve Let me install Gajim.
  64. zak Oh, you don't have it? Never mind then.
  65. Link Mauve Indeed, I joined as test, but Gajim isn’t displaying me as joined.
  66. zak Exactly the same for me.
  67. Link Mauve It also listed on the terminal, for every participant: 15/06/18 23:14:48 (E) gajim.avatar no gc contact found: zak
  68. Link Mauve So yes, this is a case of missing stringprep being applied to the JID of the room.
  69. Link Mauve Congrats on finding this bug!
  70. Link Mauve zak, please open an issue with this information. :)
  71. zak Uhm... I guess I have to create an account there then :-/
  72. Link Mauve You can also login with OAuth, if you have an account at another supported provider.
  73. zak I didn't really find it, someone else in another room was experimenting with XMPP for the first time...
  74. bot zak333 created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9198: < Creating new muc's with capital letters is not possible >
  75. zak Is it possible to use Gajim on windows in another language than english?
  76. Link Mauve zak, there is an issue open about it, for now you have to use another OS.
  77. zak Yes, just found it. Thanks.