Gajim - 2018-06-10

  1. zak Is there a way to keep a contact in Gajim's roster without any presence subscription?
  2. asterix Yes, set subscription to none right click on it, remove subscription auth
  3. zak I had a contact without subscription yesterday in my roster. It is still visible in Conversations, but today it's missing in Gajim.
  4. asterix Show offline contacts
  5. zak That's already activated.
  6. zak I see, I can add the contact again, but this will trigger another subscription-request, won't it?
  7. asterix Yes ... but how was it removed ?
  8. zak I don't know. It was shown as "not in list" yesterday which looked suspicious.
  9. zak I assume the contact is indeed not in my contact list, but it is at least shown in Conversations. I don't really know whats happening there.
  10. zak ... no, it's gone in Conversations now as well :-(
  11. zak I guess I will have to re-add the contact, then remove the subscriptions again afterwards again and see again how it works in Gajim.
  12. asterix Not in list means you talked with him, but not in contact list
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  19. rincewind So, regarding my issue: I am pretty sure my ejabberd is doing the right thing, but apparently my devices (gajim) get a "403" forbidden back if they try to publish their stuff to pubsub
  20. Holger rincewind: Are you using Mnesia? Did you upgrade ejabberd from an older release?
  21. rincewind Yes and yes
  22. rincewind could that be the problem?
  23. rincewind Holger: ^
  24. Holger rincewind: Yes, I'd ditch the PubSub tables (assuming you have no important data in them): stop ejabberd, "mv $SPOOL_DIR/pubsub* /tmp", start ejabberd
  25. Holger rincewind: SPOOL_DIR is /var/lib/ejabberd or whatever directory is used to store the Mnesia data (grep SPOOL_DIR `which ejabberdctl`).
  26. rincewind Holger: I will try that. Thank you
  27. rincewind was getting desperate here
  28. Holger The auto-conversion of the PubSub tables during upgrades seems to bork the data in some cases.
  29. Holger (SQL is a better choice for MAM and PubSub.)
  30. rincewind hm, i will think about going to postgres or the like of it in the future, but I have maybe 3 users on my server so using the built-in seemed like the sane choice
  31. rincewind Holger: it works now. Thank you so very much
  32. Holger Welcome!
  33. bot RincewindsHat closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #322: < Error updating keys between devices >
  34. rincewind ok, issue close :-)
  35. rincewind You wouldn't by any chance have an idea why push to ChatSecure won't work properly?
  36. andrey.g rincewind‎, here you can read: - long awaited fix for prosody - and very long awaited one for ejabberd
  37. rincewind andrey.g: You wouldn't happen to know if that is already included in ejabberd in debian buster?
  38. andrey.g rincewind‎, I guess it is "mod_push: Optionally include message sender/body" And thus in 18.04 which is already in Debian Buster.
  39. rincewind andrey.g: Thank you very much. I added those options and hopefully this will work now
  40. link2xt does "log_encrypted_chats_checkbutton" work?
  41. link2xt I see a preference "Log encrypted chat session", but after quick grepping for "log_encrypted" over gajim and gajim-plugins repos, I cannot find any place where it is actually used
  42. link2xt gajim/common/ has a function should_log(), which does not seem to honor this setting
  43. link2xt I should probably file a bug, from log -p it seems like this setting was used before, but became a no-op since 32b74b459e49abbef8aefcd6a417fab1c8bb97a2
  44. bot Alexander Krotov created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9189: < "Log encrypted chat session" option in Preferences->Advanced is a no-op >
  45. link2xt filed an issue
  46. bot Alexander Krotov modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9189: < "Log encrypted chat session" option in Preferences→Advanced is a no-op >