Gajim - 2018-06-08

  1. SaltyBones Coming back to redirecting output, anyobody got a clue how to do it? > doesn't work for gajim..
  2. marmistrz Oh, gajim now seems to be using 629 megs of RAM
  3. marmistrz that isn't expected, isn't it?
  4. marmistrz freshly started, gajim has mem use of about 180MB
  5. Daniel marmistrz, do you use spellchecking?
  6. marmistrz Daniel, I do
  7. Daniel Right now spellcheck is using too much memory since it's attached to all chats
  8. Daniel There is an open issue about this
  9. Daniel #8822
  10. mikaela Can I somehow send ad-hoc commands while the "execute command" is grayed out or how can I make it not grayed out? I want to send settings to Biboumi to not use SSL with network which doesn't support SSL and with another network tell that the certificates are invalid, but Gajim doesn't let me access the menu.
  11. Daniel spicewiesel, look at #9163. it's fixed
  12. mikaela I managed to send the command with Tkabber
  13. zuglufttier In gajim from git: Who is supposed to have the right to upload a muc avatar?
  14. zuglufttier Should moderators be able to do that?
  15. bot nico created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9183: < Omemo key updates >
  16. nico thats nice this omemo key update thingi is really annoying. #9183
  17. lovetox no zuglufttier only owners
  18. lovetox mikaela, you have to open the discovery window
  19. lovetox select the irc transport
  20. lovetox and then execute is available
  21. mikaela Thanks, I will try that soon :) Another question, can I expand the tab bar and turn it into a tree or somehow make it scrollable? I have managed to move it to the left, but many namds are just http:... or welcome while I would have screen space for them to look more useful
  22. lovetox why are your contacts named http: ?
  23. mikaela My contacts aren't named http:, but many MUC subjects seem to begin that way
  24. lovetox aand you see the muc subject in the tab?
  25. zuglufttier lovetox, thanks!
  26. mikaela yes
  27. lovetox also here in Gajim?
  28. mikaela I guess that is, because of Biboumi?
  29. mikaela oh, I do
  30. mikaela The tab bar reads "Gaji..." while on top of this window reads ""
  31. lovetox what version do you have instlled
  32. lovetox either way you cant change the tab bar, you can set a muc name in the bookmarks
  33. mikaela 1.0.2 and I have tried setting muc name in bookmarks, but it gets reset by itself
  34. lovetox then you cant do anything
  35. lovetox the chatlist is reworked though for gajim 1.1
  36. lovetox then this will not be a problem anymore
  37. mikaela I see, thanks again :)
  38. bot Daniel created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #324: < Omemo key updates >
  39. bot Daniel closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9183: < Omemo key updates >
  40. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #324: < Omemo key updates >
  41. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #324: < Check for OMEMO key updates before sending a message >
  42. rom1dep Daniel: ping
  43. rom1dep maybe not ping. I was about to report an OMEMO issue, then saw the bot notifications. Some of my devices are not receiving my carboned OMEMO messages ("The message was encrypted with OMEMO..." on the recipient device), all while the recipient is trusted by the sender. Can it be that I am running out of prekeys or something? How do I test that?
  44. lovetox no that cant be the problem
  45. lovetox you contact can try to delete your fingerprint
  46. lovetox this should reset the session
  47. lovetox emphasis on "your contact", it does nothing if you do that
  48. rom1dep lovetox: it's my own account, so own keys/own devices from the fingerprint manager
  49. rom1dep all the fingerprint manager lets me do is "copy to keyboard" :)
  50. lovetox plugins -> omemo -> config
  51. rom1dep argh bad UX
  52. rom1dep after deleting the fingerprint, the OMEMO message don't even show-up as unreadable on the receiving end
  53. lovetox yes
  54. lovetox restart the client and write a message
  55. lovetox should trigger getting the fingerprint again
  56. louiz’ mikaela, you’re using biboumi? Cool :)
  57. rom1dep 😎
  58. mikaela I ended up to it with this XMPP server running it and also jabberfr and found it surprisingly good experience comparing to something that only accepts single client at a time and matrix-appservice-irc
  59. sicherha Biboumi is great - I only wish that client support were still a little bit more polished, then I would send my Quassel server into retirement
  60. rom1dep I wish biboumi users joined to the same room would see each others in a same MUC (instead as IRC nicks), so we could have typing notifications, presence, avatars, ...
  61. louiz’ not gonna happen, though
  62. rom1dep yeah
  63. rom1dep tricky
  64. rom1dep even more than public rooms and logs deduplication
  65. sicherha The one feature I miss the most is the possibility to synchronise my read-state across clients
  66. sicherha I know this has nothing to do with Biboumi, but with XMPP in general
  67. rom1dep yeah, XMPP being XMPP
  68. rom1dep there are, like, 4 half-assed partial solutions to the problem that not two client would ever combine in a consistent way to make it work :)
  69. sicherha Yeah, most of them based on some kind of heuristics
  70. rom1dep I think there is such a thing as read markers, but not all clients emit them, and not all servers agree on storing them, so..
  71. sicherha And they are only enabled for 1:1 conversations and private MUCs
  72. Holger And clients will only emit them for messages that requested them.
  73. rom1dep that's up to the client, I guess
  74. Holger rom1dep: No you can't really make this work with anon MUCs.
  75. Holger Whatever, yes we need a proper solution.
  76. rom1dep Holger: not even with the new ID routing thing?
  77. Holger So I'm sure we'll come up with two or three incompatibles ones, one day :-)
  78. rom1dep and I see two purposes, 1- syncing my own clients, read markers should remain a private information, 2- telling others which messages I've read (and possibly a privacy concern)
  79. Holger rom1dep: The second client can't easily check whether the client that emitted the read marker is yours or not.
  80. Holger Basically only if both use the same nick and are online at the same time.
  81. Holger rom1dep: I think we need separate solutions for those two purposes. Read markers are ok for (2) but not for (1).
  82. sicherha In my opinion, (a) telling others that you've read until a certain point and (b) remembering it for yourself are orthogonal issues
  83. Link Mauve Holger, store it in private PEP!
  84. rom1dep Holger: agreed for the 2 solutions. about the second client not knowing whether the read marker has been sent by my first client, couldn't my server store this hint?
  85. Holger Link Mauve: Yes that's how I'd do (1).
  86. rom1dep (MAM table or something)
  87. Holger rom1dep: I think energy is better invested in a proper solution than in new hacks :-)
  88. sicherha Agreed
  89. Holger Link Mauve: IIRC Kev has a different solution with explicit server support in mind, I suggested PEP during the summit but forgot his response (it's >24h ago) ...
  90. Link Mauve Hmm, I don’t remember this part from the Summit.
  91. Link Mauve I spent most of it fighting Prosody, which actually ended up being libevent. :(
  92. Link Mauve Worst time possible for this to happen.
  93. Holger My trick was not bringing a laptop.
  94. Holger Oh maybe that's a lie :-)
  95. Link Mauve :D
  96. Holger I *usually* don't bring a laptop to meetings and such!
  97. Link Mauve I think it would have been much worse if I didn’t have a laptop to debug and workaround the crash.
  98. lovetox im away till the 19. , be nice to each other
  99. Daniel Happy holidays!