Gajim - 2018-06-04

  1. lovetox andrey.g, why do you think its duplicates?
  2. lovetox do they have the same timestamp as other decrypted messages?
  3. bot Christoph Erhardt created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9169: < Biboumi IRC MUCs are added to MAM blacklist when a participant's mode changes >
  4. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9169: < Biboumi IRC MUCs are added to MAM blacklist when a participant's mode changes >
  5. marmistrz lovetox, did you see this xep I've linked a couple of days ago?
  6. marmistrz
  7. andrey.g I called them "dups" since they have not be sent by user and they follow the real messages with 10-12 seconds interval. But maybe duplicate is not the best naming in such case?
  8. lovetox weird
  9. lovetox so this is reproduceable?
  10. lovetox Daniel,
  11. lovetox
  12. andrey.g Not now. It started just after Conversations update to 2.2.0 and there were 13 such messages. But since I have not found any fix like commit in Conversations 2.2.1 I'm continuing searching for a (at least theoretical) explanation. Can it be that the server somehow sent the same message again (which could lead to #8750)? But then Gajim wouldn't be able to decrypt the same message for the second time and should show the fallback, which I hadn't seen. Or not?
  13. lovetox are you talking about MUC?
  14. andrey.g Previously such dups occurred only in MUCs but maybe this time it happened to 1-to-1 chat.
  15. lovetox what do you mean with "maybe"
  16. lovetox does it happen in 1:1 or not?
  17. lovetox how can you tell for sure that in a muc with multiple participants everyone trusted your device and no message was lost?
  18. andrey.g No-no, I have no OMEMO MUCs.
  19. lovetox MUCs are more complicated to deduplicat, it depends on if they use mam, if they dont have some broken prosody mam module installed, or if they dont use mam and we rely on normal muc history
  20. lovetox in 1:1 im fairley sure its not a deduplicating issue
  21. lovetox the deduplication in 1:1 is straigt forward and i dont see why this would ever fail
  22. lovetox so i would say something/someone sent you these messages
  23. lovetox i would start with getting log output
  24. lovetox and try to catch it if it happens again
  25. andrey.g Because I start Gajim always in terminal with some debug activated I have access on about 5-15 minutes of logs. This was not enough in this case. Perhaps I have to save log in a file for much more time.
  26. andrey.g BTW, nice screenshot :) Will Gajim become single document interface? Do you plan to get rid of the chat header in the middle? It occupies a lot of space and the content could be shown on mouse hover.
  27. andrey.g on the left.
  28. andrey.g Is the format of logs.db and omemo_somejid@somehost.db has not changed between Gajim 0.16.9 and 1.0.x? So that it would be possible by just copying these files to run both Gajim alternating.
  29. andrey.g and cache.db also.
  30. lovetox cache is a temporary cache
  31. lovetox there is no information in there that you would need to copy
  32. andrey.g OK, thanks
  33. zuglufttier lovetox, the messagewindow branch is looking really good already!
  34. Daniel lovetox, that's looking good indeed! The message counter fits very well. I'm not sure about where to put account infos. Maybe a vertical bar left to the avatar? In a toned down color, so it's there but not intruding? Or is it only displayed on hover right now? Also, I like the avatar of the upper lovetox user. Could this be a new default avatar? Maybe with different colors for each user? Ah, and I think the MUC icon placement fits good
  35. lovetox yeah good idea to color the default avatar
  36. lovetox i have to look for a nicer icon than the default gnome one
  37. Daniel I'm not sure, maybe a separator between favorites, active, and conversations might be an idea. Maybe it looks ugly, I don't know. I'm looking for a way to separate these sections visually
  38. Daniel Maybe by background, fo favorites have a lightly colored background.. Just some thoughts
  39. Daniel Overall it's looking very promising! :)
  40. lovetox
  41. lovetox daniel
  42. lovetox Daniel,
  43. zuglufttier lovetox, looking good!
  44. zuglufttier If I hover over a contact, I get the usual cross in black but not on the active chat, there the cross is rendered in white.
  45. zuglufttier A bit hard to distinguish on a white background :D
  46. lovetox hm, you mean the close button?
  47. zuglufttier Yes, but it's a theme issue. If I set it to Adwaita, it's looking good.
  48. lovetox yeah lets look at these issues again once we have this released, its a bit soon for that
  49. zuglufttier I'll stick to Adwaita for the tests ;)
  50. mdosch lovetox: > Wow, looks great. 😃
  51. zuglufttier mdosch, and it's working, too :D Not just a mockup.
  52. mdosch that's even better 😃
  53. lovetox dont get too excited, still a bit of work, and im on holiday next week :)
  54. Daniel lovetox, yes, that's what I imagined! Now it's a separated, but still subtile
  55. jjrh lovetox, are you paid to work on gajim?
  56. lovetox no
  57. jjrh Ah okay - holiday from gajim heh
  58. lovetox yeah :)
  59. jjrh Is there any plan to have (or has it already been implemented) MUC history show up when gajim is restarted? e.g I restart gajim and the last x lines from MAM show up vs using the history viewer
  60. lovetox yes its on the long list of things
  61. jjrh Is there a ticket?
  62. Orbit on linux i'm still using version 0.16.9 - all is fine on windows version 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 (both portable) don't translate language although it seems that translations are present. I can't find an issue to that problem...
  63. lovetox
  64. lovetox its a known problem
  65. lovetox i dont know jjrh
  66. lovetox filter for MUC tag
  67. Orbit thabnks to 17:38:00
  68. Orbit thanks...
  69. jjrh lovetox, that's what I did nothing stood out - I gotta read through a bunch of the issues there has been ALOT of changes since I last looked at gajim :)
  70. Daniel jjrh, I don't think there is an open issue for that
  71. jjrh Looks like you made a whole bunch of progress with the chat bubbles lovetox?
  72. lovetox hm no, i dont think bubbles are good on a desktop client
  73. jjrh wasn't that
  74. jjrh
  75. jjrh I guess I'm a month behind on what's been going on.
  76. lovetox i dont see bubbles :)
  77. jjrh I forget what we were calling them
  78. Daniel jjrh, bubbles are one point the list of possible improvements in #9060. I listed things mentioned in other issues and/or this room. But these are to be discussed of course ;)
  79. Daniel That's another branch, I have to add
  80. bot Andrey Gursky created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9170: < Status icon remains green/online despite contact went offline >
  81. bot Andrey Gursky created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9171: < Gajim sends get vcard more than once despite of the same hash sha-1 in precence update >
  82. bot Andrey Gursky created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9172: < Horizontal scrolling over tabs doesn't work anymore >
  83. bot Daniel closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9172: < Horizontal scrolling over tabs doesn't work anymore >
  84. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8632: < Scrolling through horizontal/vertical tabs not possible >
  85. Daniel About a 'regression' label: I'm not sure wheather it's a good idea to put 'regression' on everything that once worked with Gajim <1.0 ? I'd say it's a regression when something broke due to changes in a recent commit. Any voices on this?
  86. lovetox its a regression if something was not intentionally removed
  87. Daniel So #8632 'Scrolling through horizontal/vertical tabs not possible' would be a regression then?
  88. lovetox yes
  89. lovetox
  90. lovetox Daniel, i tried that for displaying accounts
  91. lovetox it would only display if you have multiple accs of course
  92. lovetox not sure about the icon
  93. lovetox looks really colorful now ^^
  94. andrey.g lovetox‎, moving the drop-down info button to the right of the MUC name in git master is nice 👍 Now it takes less space and the information is always available.
  95. Daniel lovetox, yes this could work for accounts. there has to be a tooltip though, so it's clear what the icon tries to say at first glance. Or is there one already? I think it's a good solution this way. When there are default avatars with different colors, we'd have to see if there are too many dfferent colors to each other. But then again, a roster with more that two or three accounts is going to look crowded anyway. Maybe it should be optional to display an account icon (default true)?
  96. lovetox yes making this optional should be no problem
  97. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8632: < Scrolling through horizontal/vertical tabs not possible >
  98. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8632: < Scrolling through horizontal/vertical tabs not possible >
  99. Daniel But it's a good thing to display contacts of all accounts in one list, I think :) a bit closer to connecting people from different servers
  100. maniac hello. I'm trying to figure out what codecs gajim _requires_ for jingle support, sources shows speex use, but I can't find anything else
  101. maniac or should I use XEP-266 and XEP-299 as a reference
  102. maniac or should I use XEP-266 and XEP-299 as a reference?
  103. maniac nvm, gst-plugins-ugly is enough
  104. maniac "Features" windows asks for gst-plugins-ugly, README for gst-plugins-base, FAQ says gst-plugins-bad
  105. maniac another thing, README says python-cryptography is required for E2E encryption, but it doesn't work unless you install OMEMO plugin, which has additional dependencies
  106. lovetox what readme are you talking about?
  107. maniac in the top level sources directory
  108. lovetox it does not contain the word cryptography
  109. maniac wat
  110. maniac sorry, yes, it was features window again.
  111. lovetox it certainly does also not contain the word cryptography
  112. lovetox you proably mean python-crypto
  113. lovetox which is a different library and has nothing to do with omemo
  114. lovetox also the mentioned E2E encryption has nothing to do with omemo
  115. maniac I know about situation with python cryptography libs
  116. lovetox there are multiple e2e encryptions, and this refers to one that is impl in gajim
  117. maniac umm, what is this e2e then?
  118. lovetox
  119. maniac aha, than you
  120. maniac also, is libsecret still used? I see python-keyring usage, but features window checks for Secret in gir
  121. maniac nvm, readme says it all