Gajim - 2018-06-03

  1. chili I recently installed Gajim for Bionic Beaver. Window-sizing on startup works under X, but windows are way to small on wayland sessions. Is it sufficient, to delete some config files? I would like to have the windows in the same state, as I had them in the session before. Note: I have a high resolution display, but the windows are scaled smaller than half my space and positions are not top-left. What can I do?
  2. bot Mikaela Suomalainen created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9167: < flatpak crashes on start (failed to load appmenu-gtk-module, unsupported locale setting) >
  3. mikaela o/
  4. Hiker Hi - is there a known problem with file transfer in 1.0.2 / 1.0.3. I can't send files. I can receive when sender uses an other client than Gajim.
  5. Daniel Hiker, there are some open issies about file transfer, yes. Was there any traceback?
  6. Hiker Will try again later.
  7. Hiker But question: Should port 8010 be open on server side?
  8. lovetox i dont think we use a fixed port
  9. lovetox Hiker
  10. lovetox there is a setting in advanced config editor
  11. lovetox file_transfers_port
  12. lovetox try to open that one
  13. Hiker What an exotic port 28011 ;-)
  14. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9167: < flatpak crashes on start (failed to load appmenu-gtk-module, unsupported locale setting) >
  15. Hiker No change - WinError 10060
  16. lovetox you get a winerror on linux with a flatpak
  17. lovetox thats indeed strange
  18. lovetox yes p2p filetransfer is a bit complicated and rarley works at the moment
  19. lovetox to circumvent that you could install httpupload mod on your server
  20. Hiker No sorry - just testiing with Win version ;-)
  21. Hiker XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload present
  22. lovetox how do you start a filetransfer?
  23. Hiker Editor Window on bottem right - HTTP File Upload Button
  24. lovetox so what is the win error you get?
  25. Hiker Not more, than this error WinError 10060
  26. Hiker But I will try with Linux version later on.
  27. Hiker If this is a server problem
  28. lovetox i think so
  29. lovetox this win error means there could be no connection established to the server
  30. lovetox you can also run the debug.exe with -v argument
  31. lovetox to get more info
  32. lovetox do you use a proxy?
  33. lovetox or have one configured on your windows system somewhere?
  34. Hiker No, there is no proxy
  35. lovetox is this your private server?
  36. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9160: < Error when trying to cancel file transfer (jingle) >
  37. lovetox rom1dep, mimi89999 i updated the messagewindow branch, now prettier notifications and you can add conversations to favorites with right klick onto the tab
  38. lovetox the only thing left, im not happy with showing status, i want to get rid of the icons, and display somwhere the account
  39. rom1dep lovetox: I checked it out one hour ago :) let me pull once more
  40. lovetox what if we dont show status in the tab? only in the header of the chatwindow
  41. lovetox you also can already see it in the tooltip of the tab
  42. rom1dep I think the status should be the only icon in the tab if user doesn't have an avatar, and otherwise the presence as an overlay above the avatar
  43. lovetox overlay over avatar hm k i try how good that works
  44. rom1dep lovetox: wait, I can't ctrl+h from a tab anymore?
  45. lovetox whats ctrl+h?
  46. rom1dep bringing-up history. It's grayed-out from the menu as well
  47. lovetox normaly we use that for history window
  48. rom1dep yes. Nothing in the logs either
  49. lovetox hm its possible i broke the action
  50. lovetox i look into it
  51. rom1dep I think it was working on commit c3d14af627df
  52. rom1dep yeah, found the issue
  53. rom1dep
  54. rom1dep oh, it's all re factored.
  55. lovetox yeah mom i found the problem
  56. lovetox ok fixed, and also i added the avatar overlay
  57. lovetox rom1dep,
  58. rom1dep I like that the color of the unread count is different in case of HL :°)
  59. lovetox yeah though that color can be customized its just a css color, you will be able to theme it via theme window in 1.1
  60. rom1dep lovetox: looks nice on the users, but everything has gone RTL for the MUCs?
  61. lovetox i fixed just now
  62. lovetox eh but overlay doesnt look good over avatars
  63. lovetox in my opinion
  64. lovetox is also probably because of the icon itself
  65. lovetox i should try adding some other status icons
  66. rom1dep yeah, there is a lot of geometry in this status avatar
  67. rom1dep how about a simple colored circle?
  68. rom1dep what's the difference between available and free for chat?
  69. lovetox you have to ask the xsf that :)
  70. rom1dep heh :)
  71. rom1dep something with less 3D than the goojim theme maybe
  72. lovetox i could also test to add it infront of the name
  73. rom1dep definitely
  74. lovetox but yeah icons have to change, it just doesnt fit the minimal design anymore
  75. rom1dep or you can just wait couple of years and it will be trendy again
  76. lovetox i want to display somewhere, but question is how prominent it has to be
  77. rom1dep last android is "let's put rounded rectangles all over the place, like before"
  78. rom1dep also, the name isn't vertically centered, you want to make use two rows of content, or something?
  79. lovetox yes status message is displayed under name
  80. lovetox also mood, location etc if its set
  81. rom1dep maybe we can center it if None?
  82. lovetox yes
  83. rom1dep status message and mood are not so common anymore
  84. lovetox why though
  85. lovetox in whatsapp everyone sets status message
  86. rom1dep because Conversations has it so well hidden?
  87. Daniel Pleeeease post a picture of how it looks now :)
  88. lovetox maybe in the evening i try to work on it further
  89. Daniel That would be nice!
  90. andreas Daniel, what are you talking about? (I don't see the MUC history here) :)
  91. Daniel andreas, about lovetox' messagewindow branch!
  92. mimi89999 lovetox: I think it is OK like that, but could presence not be displayed for MUCs?
  93. lovetox yes
  94. lovetox its not useful
  95. Hiker How to delete a Groupchat form the list?
  96. lovetox what is the list?
  97. lovetox a groupchat is not a contact, so you cant delete it
  98. lovetox you can leave the groupchat
  99. Hiker In the list "jonin a Group Chat" under my profile there are several groups I joined. But I want to clear this list.
  100. concerto o/
  101. concerto Are there any plans to add XEP-0393 (Message Styling) support to Gajim? In particular, using underscores for italics instead of underline, and tildes for strikethrough.
  102. concerto Are there any plans to add XEP-0393 (Message Styling) support to Gajim? In particular, using underscores for italics instead of underline, and tildes for strikethrough?
  103. lovetox no not right now
  104. nico It would be really nice from Gajim to look for updated/ added /removed Omemo keys when pressing the shield button in the bottom right corner. I came a cross many situations where I send a message and was forced to send it again due to some key added which was not trusted yet. Or at least another catch window there were changes to the keys or something to let the user know that something changed.
  105. concerto Or supported the one feature everyone using >1 client wants - chat markets :>
  106. concerto Or supported the one feature everyone using >1 client wants - chat markers :>
  107. concerto (Chat _markers_ , not chat markets.)
  108. nuron hey
  109. nuron i have a question
  110. nuron i configured my prosody that muc avatar are enabled. But i cant change the avatar in gajim, only in tkabber. I'm using gajim 1.0.3 on debian
  111. lovetox it will be available with gajim 1.1
  112. lovetox or you use nightly
  113. nuron some users told me that thisi feature is in the 1.0.3 already available. so that is wrong?
  114. lovetox yes
  115. nuron Okay
  116. nuron And is there an release date already? 😇
  117. lovetox no, but it will definitly take some weeks
  118. lovetox as i said you can use nightly if its important to you
  119. nuron Okay, no problem!
  120. nuron Yea, tkabber is fine for that
  121. Holger Ah I thought it was in 1.0.3, sorry about that.
  122. Daniel lovetox, still working on messagewindow branch? :)
  123. bot Joe Blow created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9168: < Image disappears & old message stays when correcting last message >
  124. andrey.g I received the response. It seems no OMEMO-messages were lost. I've found an interesting commit: "always include omemo fallback message" (released in 2.1.1). I'm wondering where the "hidden dups" were coming from: 10..12 seconds after some successfully decrypted messages I see fallback text messages in history, that were not displayed in the message window.
  125. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9168: < Image disappears & old message stays when correcting last message >