Gajim - 2018-06-02

  1. lovetox rom1dep, im searching for a good way to group the conversations in the messagewindow branch
  2. lovetox right now we have "active" and "conversations"
  3. lovetox but what if we do "Favourites" ( you can decide which chat goes in there ), "Account" (holds all conversations from that account)
  4. lovetox and you can minimize the group
  5. lovetox but then i would remove sorting by activity
  6. lovetox you get notified about new messages anyway with system notifications
  7. lovetox im not sure its so useful to sort that chat to the top
  8. Daniel Hm I think sorting it by activity is useful. But favourites sound nice too. What about pinning favourites to the top and sort the following by activity?
  9. lovetox within accounts?
  10. lovetox makes not much sense, because one account has to be on top, means even if i sort it for activity you will only see the conversations of the first account
  11. lovetox not having account groups is also not nice, because then we have to shove the account info into the tab
  12. lovetox which is packed anyway, it does not fit in there anymore, otherwise i have to reduce space for the contact name itself which seems also not good
  13. Daniel Hm I see. So when I get a message from user 140 I have to scroll for a while. Or clean up open conversations.
  14. lovetox hm no, i would think you click the notification your system issues
  15. lovetox if you miss the notification, yeah i guess you have to look in what chats new messages arrived
  16. lovetox but its the same now or not?
  17. Daniel And then it scrolls to the conversation? I'm tryimg to imagine a typical list of coversations, say three accounts, each with three favourites. There is still space for sorting by activity, isn't there?
  18. lovetox hm i didnt think i would need 3 fav sections, but yes if i dont write the account into the tab i guess i would need that
  19. lovetox maybe its better to merge everything and find a place for the account
  20. lovetox maybe instead of account name, we could use colors
  21. Daniel I was about to say that, color boxes on the side to indicate account (with tooltip saying which acc)
  22. Daniel Having all conversations merged in one continuous list sounds useful to me
  23. Daniel And I like the idea of favourites!
  24. Hiker Do you plan to translate Gajim 1.x into other languages?
  25. Daniel It already is translated but the implementation is broken at the moment. It's planned for 1.1
  26. lovetox it is translated, its just broken on windows
  27. Hiker I don't see any language settings in the Linux version ?
  28. mdosch Hiker: there is, does your server support it?
  29. mdosch Hiker: ah sorry, understood you wrong. Ignore me
  30. Hiker Of course - language settings has nothing to do with the server.
  31. mdosch I guess gajim follows your environment setting
  32. Daniel It does. There is an issue open about a feature request to be able to select language in preferences
  33. Hiker 1.0.2 for Linux doesn't follow the environment settings for language - it is always in English.
  34. rom1dep lovetox: I'm really not sure how to best tackle the grouping and ordering of discussions
  35. rom1dep Best would be to give choice I guess (between most recent, unread count, manual d&d, ...)
  36. rom1dep But choice means more code to maintain
  37. rom1dep I really dunno. Ctrl+n pretty much is my go-to for accessing anything these days, and that's the greatest thing since sliced bread for me 🙂
  38. marmistrz Re: markup incompatibilities: mentions the syntax used by Conversations:
  39. marmistrz which, unlike the Gajim syntax, is compatible with what xep 0393 proposes:
  40. andrey.g Asterix, on a low-bandwidth connection I experience long GitLab-pages loading times. I've checked now what Firefox 60 sends to your server (for
  41. andrey.g Cache-Control: max-age=0 If-Modified-Since: Wed, 02 May 2018 22:16:47 GMT If-None-Match: "a0290-56b40715491c0-gzip" (looks good)
  42. andrey.g and the response: 200 instead of 304 (not modified). That's not good. Could it be that the server somehow gets confused with the "-gzip" suffix? Not sure, since wget --header 'Accept-Encoding: gzip' $URL returns the ETag exactly as Firefox sends. Would you like to check caching preferences? Or should I double-check something?
  43. andrey.g And another one issue. On the page the server doesn't allow browser to cache the image But why not?
  44. andrey.g wget shows "Last-Modified: Fri, 09 Dec 2016 09:20:07 GMT". But it is not available with "--spider". I guess because of "Cache-Control: max-age=0, private, must-revalidate".
  45. lovetox Hiker, you use probably flatpak, its also broken there and will be fixed in the next version
  46. Daniel andrey.g I also noticed the not-caching of images on gitlab (chrome/firefox on android)
  47. andrey.g Daniel‎, thanks for info.