Gajim - 2018-05-31

  1. lovetox means the cert is invalid
  2. lovetox or you dont have the correct root certs trusted
  3. lovetox analyze the cert chain that your server servs
  4. lovetox with openssl
  5. lovetox Nothing4You,
  6. Daniel Nothing4You, and please tell us everything you stumble upon while installing/using Gajim on Mac. We're a little short of Mac users
  7. tms on debian, do I need something more than libfarstream-0.2-5 and libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 to get jingle working with gajim?
  8. tms help -> features isn't very helpful with which of the required components aren't working
  9. tms version 0.16.6 I should add
  10. lovetox debian doesnt ship the deps anymore
  11. lovetox so this will not work
  12. tms both or just python-farstream? gst-plugins-bad is certainly still there
  13. lovetox gstreamer and farstream in that version the code uses
  14. tms is there some plan to replace them? I have some experience in the lower lever stuff from working on ffmpeg
  15. tms lower level*
  16. lovetox we use versions in gajim 1.0 that are in debian
  17. lovetox but video/audio seem broken
  18. lovetox and we have no one to look into it
  19. lovetox asterix had a branch where audio was working again between some clients
  20. lovetox maybe you could take a look into it
  21. Daniel As far as I know asterix did get the jingle code to work again (and he has a branch I think) so lower level understanding would be good
  22. tms I see 1.0 is in stretch-backports
  23. lovetox but if you want to work on it, you would have to download from git
  24. lovetox and start from there :)
  25. debacle I would love to see jingle working again. But there's probably some bit rot.
  26. debacle At least Gajim-to-Gajim would be a huge step forward.
  27. debacle And would probably motivate some people to work on e.g. Conversations, too.
  28. debacle But it's a lot of work and there are much lower hanging fruits.
  29. zuglufttier Could Gajim be compatible to jitsi meet then?
  30. bot defaultUser3214 created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9156: < doesn't work with info.plist provided in the wiki ( ) >
  31. bot defaultUser3214 created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9157: < Visual notification when receiving a message instead of "bing" sound only on Mac OS X >
  32. jonasw hi folks! does anyone with power want to set a proper room name and description for this room?
  33. jonasw lovetox maybe? :>
  34. tms I get some python exceptions when trying to activate audio or video sessions in 1.0
  35. tms 1.0.3-1 in debian
  36. tms but it does at least claim it's supported, which is a step forward compared to 0.16 I guess
  37. tms I have some other stuff to do currently, but maybe it could be a summer project
  38. Daniel Workig audio/video would certainly make some people happy ;)
  39. Daniel jonasw, you'd have to ask asterix. What would you want to change?
  40. jonasw Daniel, (looks to me that lovetox can do it, too, but ok): MUCs have a name and description field, both of which are at defaults/empty for this room
  41. jonasw adding a name and description would make it look nicer in public room listings :)
  42. jonasw (disclaimer: I operate that service)
  43. asterix I made audio work with jitsi, but not with gajim there is something wrong, but not at xmpp level. It's at farstream / gst level.
  44. jonasw something like "Gajim" or "Gajim Official Room" as name and a short description what Gajim is about would be great
  45. tms is there an option to ignore joins/parts? I dug around the settings but came up empty
  46. tms "print status" in channel settings perhaps..
  47. tms seems to work so far
  48. Daniel tms, there is also a global setting in ACE for this
  49. tms account settings?
  50. tms man the ux in 1.0 is really weird
  51. Daniel jonasw, I see, good idea!
  52. Daniel Advanced Configuration Editor
  53. tms aha
  54. tms print_status_in_chats I presume
  55. tms deactivated now. I'll see how that plays out, thanks
  56. tms status changes are not the same as join/quit it seems
  57. asterix For bookmarks it's in bookmarks windows
  58. tms ye
  59. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9155: < When enable client-icons plugin >
  60. bot Daniel created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #321: < When enable client-icons plugin >
  61. bot Daniel closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9155: < When enable client-icons plugin >
  62. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #321: < When enable client-icons plugin >
  63. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9156: < doesn't work with info.plist provided by the wiki >
  64. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9156: < doesn't work with info.plist provided by the wiki >
  65. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9157: < Visual notification when receiving a message instead of "bing" sound only on Mac OS X >
  66. andrey.g I've just noticed, that since my communication partner updated Conversations to 2.x (2.2.0), all messages are shown with a fallback text in history:
  67. andrey.g [22:59:44] SomeName: [Message content correctly decrypted] [22:59:56] SomeName: I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that. Find more information on
  68. Holger Yes, Conversations added this at some point.
  69. andrey.g Holger, it means Gajim must somehow catch up such messages and do not save them in history provided that the original message could be decrypted? Do you have any idea, why timestamps differ at about 10 seconds? Are the original and fallback messages not contained in one stanza, but sent separately?
  70. Holger They're in the same stanza, I assumed that Gajim couldn't decrypt them.
  71. andrey.g Oh, that would mean that I really missed some messages. Hm. And Gajim didn't show me that.
  72. Holger Well my assumption might be wrong of course.
  73. Holger shuts up.
  74. andrey.g Holger, thanks. I'll ask my communication partner about this.
  75. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #321: < Error when trying to enable client-icons plugin >
  76. Nothing4You lovetox, i'm pretty sure the cert is valid, what cert store does gajim use on osx though?
  77. Nothing4You
  78. lovetox that does only mean the server you tested this has the correct root certs installed
  79. lovetox not your system
  80. lovetox and it uses the mac store
  81. lovetox maybe you could test this with another server
  82. Nothing4You DST Root CA X3 is in my system roots cert store
  83. Nothing4You it's there by default
  84. lovetox so test another server
  85. lovetox like or
  86. Nothing4You is that possible without creating an account?
  87. lovetox no, but why would it be a problem to create an account?
  88. lovetox has even ibr
  89. Nothing4You *effort*
  90. Nothing4You ibr?
  91. Nothing4You in browser reg?
  92. lovetox you can do it from within gajim
  93. lovetox in bound registration
  94. Nothing4You ah
  95. Nothing4You doesn't work with either
  96. Nothing4You same error
  97. lovetox then the problem seems to be that gajim cant find the dir where the certs are stored
  98. Nothing4You so what can be done about that?
  99. lovetox have to look into it mom
  100. Nothing4You btw it happens both on the gajim-1.0.2 branch aswell as master
  101. lovetox hm seems nbxmpp takes etc/ssl/certs
  102. lovetox i guess this is not correct for mac
  103. Nothing4You mac userbase must me tiny if nobody noticed this so far :o
  104. lovetox hm no i tested on mac, and some users use it
  105. lovetox you are the first that seems to have this problem
  106. Nothing4You :(
  107. lovetox can you open a python console
  108. lovetox and get me the output of
  109. Nothing4You sure
  110. lovetox import ssl
  111. lovetox ssl.get_default_verify_paths()
  112. Nothing4You DefaultVerifyPaths(cafile='/usr/local/etc/openssl/cert.pem', capath='/usr/local/etc/openssl/certs', openssl_cafile_env='SSL_CERT_FILE', openssl_cafile='/usr/local/etc/openssl/cert.pem', openssl_capath_env='SSL_CERT_DIR', openssl_capath='/usr/local/etc/openssl/certs')
  113. lovetox hm k i could add that to nbxmpp
  114. Nothing4You do you have a different output?
  115. lovetox i have no access to my mac right now
  116. Nothing4You ah
  117. Nothing4You hm
  118. Nothing4You is capath supposed to be empty?
  119. lovetox you mean the dir on your system?
  120. Nothing4You yeah
  121. lovetox no of course not, certs should be in there
  122. Nothing4You there seems to be a bunch of certs in the cafile
  123. Nothing4You *seem
  124. lovetox as it should be
  125. Nothing4You but the certs dir is empt
  126. Nothing4You y
  127. lovetox hm seems with python3.6 we dont have access to the mac os store anymore
  128. lovetox this means we will use certifi pip package for certs, everything else seems to complicated
  129. Nothing4You that one?
  130. Nothing4You sounds like fun
  131. lovetox its actually a one line change in gajim
  132. lovetox but requires an additional package on mac
  133. Nothing4You where does it need the change?
  134. lovetox wait im pushing this now
  135. Nothing4You ok
  136. Daniel ivucica: You created the info.plist file for the Mac launcher, right? We added the file to our wiki at Now some people say that it's not working on their systems. ( Do you have an idea what could be the issue here? We're a bit short of Mac users I think..
  137. Nothing4You the actual error when starting by the way is some popup from osx saying it can't be started
  138. Nothing4You i can't see it anymore currently because they seem to be have something preventing you from starting a .app if it failed previously
  139. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *395d24be* < > Use certifi on MacOS Python 3.6 does not use the MacOS cert store anymore
  140. Nothing4You fixed it
  141. Nothing4You this is from gajim now
  142. Daniel Nice!
  143. Nothing4You not the .app
  144. Nothing4You the ssl thing
  145. Nothing4You just to prevent confusion
  146. Daniel I know, either way ;)
  147. Nothing4You looks much better than last time i tried on osx
  148. lovetox Nothing4You, pip3 install certifi
  149. lovetox should work then with current master
  150. Nothing4You lovetox, way ahead of you :)
  151. Nothing4You already installed before commit, pulled and launched right after push :P
  152. Daniel lovetox, i add certifi to the wiki then?
  153. lovetox i already did
  154. Nothing4You why does the wiki install all packages on their own line and without --upgrade?
  155. Nothing4You just run a single `pip3 install --upgrade nbxmpp pyOpenSSL pyasn1 pyobjc pillow idna precis-i18n certifi`
  156. Nothing4You that also fixes the problem you might have when you installed gajim before and still have an outdated nbxmpp version on your system
  157. Daniel Yes, upgrade would be a good addition.
  158. Nothing4You oh fun
  159. Nothing4You i just crashed gajim :)
  160. Nothing4You does it store a log somewhere?
  161. lovetox no
  162. Nothing4You :(
  163. Nothing4You ok repro'd it
  164. Nothing4You /Users/rschwab/Applications/ Warning: g_sequence_iter_get_position: assertion 'iter != NULL' failed (ok, it) = self.modelfilter.convert_child_iter_to_iter(it) /Users/rschwab/Applications/ Warning: g_sequence_iter_get_position: assertion 'iter != NULL' failed (ok, it) = self.modelfilter.convert_child_iter_to_iter(it)
  165. Daniel lovetox, you're so quick! Leave some work for me :D
  166. Nothing4You that's in my term and it just disappeared
  167. Nothing4You shouldn't it be printing an exception when dying?
  168. lovetox this is a gtk segfault
  169. Nothing4You it was launched with `python3`
  170. lovetox so no
  171. Nothing4You ok
  172. lovetox yeah roster seems still be bad sometime
  173. Nothing4You no, different problem here
  174. lovetox really should redo the whole thing sometime
  175. Nothing4You repro steps: 1. create account (e.g., don't actually create it though (i cancelled when it told me insecure server cert). now you have a "broken" account configured. 2. try to delete account, select delete on server too, it asks for password, just click ok. 3. crash. if it didn't crash just click ok again twice and it should crash
  176. Nothing4You ugh what
  177. Nothing4You now it's telling me the room is overactive? :/
  178. lovetox spam protection
  179. Nothing4You did you get my repro steps?
  180. lovetox yes
  181. Nothing4You then why do i get the error stuff after that?
  182. Nothing4You actually
  183. lovetox dont know, thats server business
  184. Nothing4You it was just after Firegem left that i got it
  185. Nothing4You odd
  186. lovetox maybe it warns you for your next message
  187. lovetox ah it probably takes chatstates into account
  188. Nothing4You uhm
  189. Nothing4You next weird thing
  190. Nothing4You
  191. Nothing4You didn't have that last start
  192. lovetox never seen this, no idea
  193. Nothing4You do you happen to know how i can install the gnome-look mac theme that's linked in the wiki?
  194. lovetox hm search for share/themes/
  195. lovetox folder
  196. lovetox extract the theme there
  197. lovetox then search for etc\gtk-3.0\settings.ini
  198. lovetox and add gtk-theme-name=YOURTHEME
  199. jonasw lovetox, care to take a minute to set the room name/description for this one?
  200. lovetox dont have access to that sorry
  201. lovetox asterix, could you do this please
  202. logix Is it possible to change the group chat avatar with Gajim 1.0.3?
  203. Daniel Nothing4You, did you manage to install the theme?
  204. Nothing4You not yet
  205. Nothing4You i've added the setting to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini but it doesn't use it
  206. Daniel Did you read this?
  207. Nothing4You nope
  208. Nothing4You will do after watching a video about HDR photography in ms excel
  209. lovetox logix, no
  210. logix is it planned to integrate it as a feature in the future?
  211. lovetox it already is implemented
  212. lovetox but not in gajim 1.0.3
  213. logix okay I git checkedout the laster origin/master branch: How can I change the logo now? :_)
  214. lovetox in the chat menu -> manage room
  215. jonasw lovetox, oh okay, aren’t you admin (and shouldn’t that be enough?)?
  216. lovetox it seems its not cannot change any room settings
  217. jonasw huh, weird :)
  218. jonasw nevermind then
  219. lovetox weird i only see the room members
  220. lovetox and can change them
  221. Nothing4You for some reason i get the option to change the subject
  222. Nothing4You even though i have no permission
  223. Neustradamus lovetox: the subject is not updated ^^
  224. Neustradamus Have you look for XMPP icon without text?
  225. lovetox no Neustradamus i dont care about the icon, please stop asking for it
  226. lovetox its weird that you care so much about one icon in some little dialog that you alsmost never use
  227. Neustradamus It is good in Psi and Pidgin ^^
  228. lovetox Nothing4You, yes gajim cant know if you have permission i think
  229. lovetox because who can change subject is a matter of room config
  230. Nothing4You the server does not disclose that to the client? weird
  231. jonasw lovetox, I think that flag MAY be exposed in disco#info, but it’s possible that nobody exposes it.
  232. jonasw lovetox, muc#roominfo_changesubject is the field
  233. jonasw I was wondering why it’s in there the other day, now it makes sense :)
  234. Neustradamus asterix: the subject, Gajim 1.0.3 cc lovetox
  235. lovetox btw jonasw
  236. lovetox from the xep
  237. lovetox Change Room Configuration : only owner
  238. Nothing4You Natureshadow, it's already been reported, relevant people have been pinged
  239. logix @lovetex, thanks, I found the option to upload an avatar which is uploaded (at least upload bandwidth is used) but it won't be displayed. Also the dialog to manage a group chat does not open (nothing happens) :-/ maby I will wait until you released the next offical version
  240. Nothing4You ugh
  241. Nothing4You Neustradamus, i meant
  242. Nothing4You i guess i'm too used to my weechat tab completion :(
  243. Neustradamus :)
  244. jonasw lovetox, well played :)
  245. lovetox logix, thats because the server doesnt support broadcasting the avatar
  246. jonasw then again, I don’t know what the symbols in poezio mean so I was playing it safe :)
  247. lovetox so gajim will not show it
  248. lovetox also i dont know what you mean with dialog "manage groupchat"
  249. lovetox there is no such dialog
  250. logix burger menu -> group chat management -> configure group chat
  251. logix How do I have to configure ejabberd 18.04 to support boardcasting the avatar?
  252. lovetox you have to ask that ejabbered support
  253. Nothing4You can i rebind keys in gajim?
  254. lovetox no
  255. lovetox maybe you are not owner of the room logix
  256. lovetox so you are not allowed to config the room
  257. lovetox hm no then the menu entry should not be available
  258. logix okay; it's not grayed out and I am the "moderator" as gajim tells me
  259. logix and IIRC I created the group chat ...
  260. lovetox then open xml console
  261. lovetox clear it
  262. lovetox then press the button
  263. Nothing4You gajims keys are half linux half osx :/
  264. lovetox and post me what it says
  265. lovetox yes Nothing4You there is a issue open about it
  266. lovetox jonasw, gajim code comment regarding subject button
  267. lovetox # Get this from Room Disco
  268. lovetox :D
  269. Nothing4You Daniel, got the theme working
  270. logix lovetox, the XML consoles shows lot's of lines bug none are added when I click "configure group chat". So I cannot help you in debugging it :-(
  271. lovetox really weird then
  272. Daniel Nothing4You, nice! What were the exact steps? So we can add it to the wiki? :)
  273. jonasw lovetox, ha, nice
  274. nothing4you is the wiki protected that i can't edit it?
  275. nothing4you or can i just not find the edit button?
  276. nothing4you Daniel
  277. lovetox its protected
  278. nothing4you i see :(
  279. lovetox but i can add you, one moment
  280. nothing4you :)
  281. lovetox should work now
  282. logix @lovetox I think I could reproduce it now ... Once I tried to upload an avatar of 6 mb size, the "config group chat" dialog won't open anymore until I restart Gajim...
  283. lovetox weird both have not really something to do with each other
  284. logix
  285. lovetox the size should not matter
  286. lovetox we resize it anyway
  287. logix mhm weird :-/
  288. nothing4you lovetox, yup, i can see the edit button now
  289. lovetox hm what does the xml console say, if you upload the avatar
  290. logix @lovetox, broadcasting the avatar with ejabberd 18.04 now worked with a specific image ...
  291. lovetox hm only idea i have is that ejabbered maybe limits the size of the avatar, and aborts the transfer because gajim uploads a too big avatar
  292. nothing4you Daniel, wiki is updated
  293. logix I chose the 6 MB file and now I see lot's of these lines in the console coming up and up again:
  294. logix but the avatar won't be set and I cannot open the config dialog anymore :-P
  295. lovetox seems ejabbered does not support that big avatars
  296. lovetox i have to test this and maybe set the resize smaller which gajim does
  297. lovetox just open this in some image program and resize it to something like 128 x128
  298. lovetox and save it as png
  299. logix alright ;-)
  300. lovetox the config dialog doesnt open because gajim is busy with sending the avatar
  301. logix how are you going to solve this? is it necessary for the config dialog to wait until gajim uploaded the avatar?
  302. Daniel nothing4you, thank you for adding the steps! :)
  303. Daniel By the way, where did you get the Gajim.icns from?
  304. nothing4you who?
  305. Daniel The icon for the launcher
  306. nothing4you who, not what
  307. nothing4you because i didn't
  308. Daniel Oh ok, i thought you did mention it ;)
  309. SaltyBones since a couple of days I am getting consistent hangups where gajim won't reconnect properly anymore
  310. ivucica Daniel: no thoughts on #9156 immediately
  311. ivucica Note I used High Sierra so "latest version" should not matter
  312. lovetox SaltyBones, what is a hangup
  313. SaltyBones mh .. yeah I'm not sure. so the icon next to the connection shows the blue "trying to connect" ball
  314. lovetox so you lose connection
  315. lovetox run gajim with -v and log to a file
  316. SaltyBones I tried manually disconnecting and reconnecting but it doesn't help...
  317. lovetox then we can look into what happens
  318. SaltyBones ok, advice on how?
  319. SaltyBones the script seems to circumvent my output redirection
  320. lovetox -v > txt
  321. lovetox if you are on linux
  322. nothing4you Daniel, i was able to generate myself an icns, i'm trying to figure out how to embed that now
  323. nothing4you the lines from the wiki don't work
  324. Daniel ivucica, thank you for looking into it!
  325. Daniel nothing4you, good thing you are testing this :)
  326. nothing4you i have no idea how to fix it though
  327. nothing4you theoretically it should be correct
  328. nothing4you aside the typo for the res path in the wiki
  329. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  330. Link Mauve Do you have some for the current active legacy networks?
  331. lovetox what is a legacy network
  332. Link Mauve ¬XMPP mostly.
  333. Link Mauve Legacy protocols* sorry.
  334. lovetox i dont understand the question
  335. Link Mauve Stuff like Facebook, Discord, Skype, Slack, etc.
  336. Link Mauve Whatsapp.
  337. lovetox facebook we have
  338. lovetox icq also
  339. lovetox not the rest
  340. lovetox slack removed xmpp support so ..
  341. Link Mauve These seem way more well-known than ICQ around here.
  342. Link Mauve lovetox, but transports do exist.
  343. lovetox how does a facebook transport work
  344. lovetox the server logs into facebook and sends and receives messages via some api?
  345. nothing4you and uses their user ids for jids
  346. Link Mauve Via XMPP, yeah.
  347. Link Mauve lovetox, have a look at
  348. lovetox i thought facebook shut down their xmpp support a long time
  349. nothing4you it's the libpurple backend
  350. lovetox also how would that work with whatsapp
  351. Link Mauve Exactly the same way.
  352. nothing4you basically reverse engineering the WA client to ensure that their modified xmpp is being spoken by the transport
  353. Link Mauve Spectrum2 uses libpurple to connect to their server, and translates stuff into XMPP.
  354. nothing4you WA isn't libpurple tho
  355. Link Mauve Oh?
  356. lovetox but how do they get data from WA server
  357. Link Mauve There is a non-prpl backend for it?
  358. lovetox why would whatsapp let multiple clients login with the same phonenumber
  359. lovetox makes no sense
  360. nothing4you i'm pretty sure there isn't even a purple backend for WA
  361. nothing4you lovetox, they don't
  362. nothing4you Link Mauve,
  363. nothing4you transwhat for WA
  364. Link Mauve Ok.
  365. nothing4you lovetox, it's always been that way afaik that you could only connect with a single device at the same time
  366. nothing4you so if you want a "bot" account for example you need a separate number
  367. Link Mauve nothing4you, isn’t it that their server is a proxy to your phone, which must be on, or some similarly crazy architecture?
  368. nothing4you or if you want to use your own number via xmpp you need to not use it with the WA app
  369. nothing4you Link Mauve, you mean transwhat?
  370. nothing4you i don't know about transwhat specifically
  371. nothing4you it's been a long time since i did stuff with WA
  372. Link Mauve nothing4you, I think that’s something I’ve heard somewhere.
  373. Link Mauve But I’m not sure actually.
  374. nothing4you back when i did WA stuff it wasn't a phone proxy
  375. nothing4you it was standalone
  376. Link Mauve lovetox, anyway, all you have to know is that transports exist, and that icons may be nice for their users.
  377. nothing4you yowsup was what i used
  378. nothing4you Link Mauve, another relatively common approach seems to be now that you use a bot for waow
  379. nothing4you and have a phone with wa running somewhere
  380. pep. > lovetox> in bound registration In-band* :p
  381. lovetox yeah sounded wrong :D
  382. lovetox Link Mauve, we have a transport called "weather" any idea what this is about?
  383. lovetox and another called "sms"
  384. Link Mauve lovetox, probably some weather transport, and some SMS transport.
  385. Link Mauve JMP would be a good example of the latter one.
  386. Link Mauve
  387. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *a506758e* < > Remove TLEN related transport code/icons This Messenger shut down and is not available anymore
  388. Link Mauve lovetox, in this commit you just made, it’s a super bad idea to match on the hostname.
  389. Link Mauve Use a disco#info to know whether a domain is a transport or not.
  390. Link Mauve The name of the subdomain should never be used to guess that.
  391. lovetox hm yes you are probably right, lots of things that can be made better are in the gajim codebase :)
  392. Link Mauve ^^
  393. Link Mauve I’m just reviewing your commits, I don’t have much time to contribute more meaningfully, sorry. :(
  394. lovetox yes i appreciate that, but i did not introduce this behavor in this commit
  395. Link Mauve Sure, but review is also about the context. :p
  396. jonasw ohmygod
  397. jonasw I didn’t want to know that :)
  398. Link Mauve :D
  399. Link Mauve I think I knew about that already, because was considered as an ICQ transport.
  400. logix > lovetox has changed the topic - Welcome to the official room. Gajim 1.0.2 is now ready! Try it! 1.0.3 is now ready! :P
  401. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #314: < OMEMO update + ImportError: No module named 'PIL' >
  402. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #314: < OMEMO update + ImportError: No module named 'PIL' >
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