Gajim - 2018-05-11

  1. debacle it was one of my own test accounts :~) needed to test the new OMEMO plugin before uploading to Debian.
  2. mdosch debacle, just accidentally discovered painintheapt. Nice package name. ^^
  3. hoedur hi guys
  4. hoedur is this the right place to discuss problems with gajim?
  5. Link Mauve Yes.
  6. hoedur great
  7. hoedur I am using the latest gajim version on archlinux, 64 bit. A few weeks ago the startup of gajim became incredibly slow. Running it from a terminal revealed a lot of exceptions regarding python secretstorage.
  8. hoedur Are there any new dependencies to certain python libs or so?
  9. hoedur This is the exact output:
  10. hoedur
  11. Link Mauve lovetox, ↑
  12. Link Mauve hoedur, by latest, do you mean gajim from extra or gajim-git from AUR?
  13. hoedur Link Mauve: gajim from extra
  14. lovetox hoedur, and you have that on every gajim start?
  15. lovetox gajim tries to get your password from the keyring, but seems to fail
  16. lovetox does it login into your account?
  17. mdosch debacle, on debian stretch with gajim from backports I can only use text-emoji although I have fonts-noto-color-emoji installed. Did you experience this too?
  18. hoedur lovetox: yes, I have this behaviour on every start of gajim. It logs in into all of my configured accounts. If I relete the gajim configuration files, then it starts up normally. However, as soon as I add one of my accounts, gajim starts to behave as above
  19. debacle mdosch, the GTK version on Stretch is too old, as far as I know.
  20. mdosch Ah, one time I have a machine running stable that is not a headless server and I really run into too old software. ^^
  21. debacle explains that.
  22. debacle Jeremy writes also, that Ubuntu 17.10 is too old.
  23. debacle I'm running stable at work, too, so it works only at home for me, where I run testing.
  24. lovetox hoedur, can you add a bug report please
  25. hoedur lovetox: okay, will do
  26. lovetox if you only have one account, it maybe better if you dont save the password for now
  27. lovetox and type it in everytime you start gajim
  28. lovetox please also add what python3-keyring version you are using
  29. lovetox hoedur, while this errors happening, did you get a prompt from your keyring?
  30. lovetox because it says Prompt dismissed
  31. hoedur lovetox: my python3-keyring version is
  32. hoedur lovetox: no, I don't get a promt to unlock my keyring
  33. hoedur lovetox: I tried to register an account to file this bug, but I don't get an confirmation email. Tried it repeatedly.
  34. lovetox tell me with what name you registered
  35. debacle Dear Gajim people, for the German speaking XMPP developers community, there is a new MUC, which you might like to join: Herzlich Willkommen!
  36. lovetox you forgot the ?join :)
  37. lovetox
  38. hoedur lovetox: hoedur
  39. debacle yes, I forgot the ?join !
  40. debacle Dear Gajim people, for the German speaking XMPP developers community, there is a new MUC, which you might like to join: Herzlich Willkommen!
  41. mdosch debacle, also "xmpp interested people" welcome?
  42. lovetox hoedur, should work now
  43. lovetox i confirmed your account
  44. mdosch is no dev
  45. debacle mdosch, I assume, that everybody is welcome, but the main focus is on development and developers
  46. hoedur lovetox: works, thanks
  47. bot Hoedur created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9123: < Extremly slow startup when accounts are configured >
  48. mdosch When I mark something in the chat window and copy it via right mouse button Gajim often crashes. At least after third time copying it crashes. apt list -a gajim Listing... Done gajim/experimental,experimental,now 1.0.2+git20180510-1 all [installed] gajim/testing,testing,unstable,unstable 1.0.2-1 all
  49. mdosch uh, after I realized some output is in german I wanted to do it again but gajim doesn't start after setting LC_ALL=C:
  50. lovetox this is the log output of gnupg
  51. lovetox it doesnt matter anyway
  52. lovetox also there is nothing in the log of interest
  53. mdosch gnupg? I am not even using gpg for xmpp...
  54. lovetox good catch with LC_ALL=C have to check that
  55. mdosch Maybe I have a look if I set up gpg keys some time ago...
  56. lovetox but its available for gajim so it does something with it
  57. lovetox hm do you know how to use gdb?
  58. mdosch hmm, I don't even have the pgp plugin installed...
  59. lovetox you dont need to, some gpg support is inbuilt
  60. mdosch lovetox, just used it for "gdb something run" and paste the output to the devs^^
  61. mdosch output of bt-full of course
  62. lovetox yeah try that
  63. lovetox this should get us the error
  64. mdosch >"/usr/bin/gajim": not in executable format: File format not recognized >(gdb) run >Starting program: >No executable file specified. >Use the "file" or "exec-file" command. wtf?
  65. mdosch I give up on computer stuff for now as I have to do some chores and go to the supermarket as I get scolded by my wife otherwise ^^
  66. lovetox also have to help my girl cook now
  67. mdosch yeah, 21st century men we are ^^
  68. Link Mauve mdosch, `gdb /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/gajim` instead.
  69. Link Mauve mdosch, `gdb --args /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/gajim` instead.
  70. mdosch Link Mauve, thx will try later after I did my chores
  71. mdosch Despite having something in mind that I want to post. Oh I am so easy to distract...
  72. debacle gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0 will be replaced by gir1.2-nm-1.0 - will this need changes in Gajim?
  73. lovetox seems they just changed the package name?
  74. lovetox both is version 1.0 so i think there is no change
  75. lovetox but no we dont use the lib directly
  76. lovetox we use it with introspection bindings
  77. lovetox and not even that, we use methods from the Gio.module
  78. debacle Which function would I need to try out to see, whether it actually works?
  79. lovetox that use that lib
  80. lovetox disconnect your network adapter
  81. lovetox connect it again, gajim should automatically reconnect
  82. debacle OK, will try later. Because Debian stable has the old one, Debian unstable/testing the new one. If there are no code changes necessary in Gajim, it's great, because I can still easily provide backports to stable of the latest Gajim releases.
  83. lovetox no absolutly not, we dont even import that lib
  84. lovetox this is all we do
  85. lovetox Gio.NetworkMonitor.get_default()
  86. debacle cool!
  87. lovetox if you test this, you could test if gajim crashes if this lib is not installed
  88. debacle will to :~)
  89. debacle will do :~)
  90. mdosch Link Mauve, >mdosch, `gdb --args /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/gajim` instead. Actually in debian with a recent gajim it is `gdb --args /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/gajim` as /usr/bin/python symlinks to python2.7 it seems
  91. Link Mauve Ugh, stupid Debian still shilling decade old deprecated software…
  92. mdosch Link Mauve, I am even running testing ^^
  93. mdosch ll /ull /usr/bin/python lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Apr 16 16:31 /usr/bin/python -> python2.7
  94. Link Mauve Here on ArchLinux it points to python3, as expected.
  95. mdosch lovetox sent you the gdb output per one-on-one message as I was lazy to redact
  96. mdosch Link Mauve, I don't want if I should comment this as there are already enough stable <-> bleeding edge flame wars
  97. mdosch In short: I was a arch user once and it also has it drawbacks, debian also has. There is no perfect distri.
  98. juniorjpdj mdosch: Python3 is stable 2 years...
  99. juniorjpdj at least
  100. juniorjpdj dont joke
  101. Link Mauve juniorjpdj, make that eight.
  102. Link Mauve Uh, nine now.
  103. juniorjpdj holy shit.. its 2018
  104. juniorjpdj nvm
  105. juniorjpdj ._.
  106. debacle AFAIK, Debian has no plans to let point /usr/bin/python to python3. Python 3 is stable, but it is a different language from Python 2. Many Python 2 scripts (e.g. scripts of local users and admins) might not work with Python 3.
  107. debacle In Debian python is synonymous with Python 2. If you want to use Python 3, say so. Explicite is better than implicite.
  108. debacle And use /usb/bin/python3
  109. debacle Debian is about not breaking things (lightly), not even scripts and programs that are not part of Debian.
  110. debacle I meant /usr/bin/python3 of course :~)
  111. steven I'm having something weird. I have HTTP Upload and it works fine on Conversations for a while now. On Gajim, it used to work too, but since some time, it produces 404s. So it does the upload, gets a URL back and when I click it (or my counterparty), it says not found. Then when I try on Conversations immediately after, it works.
  112. steven (Prosody's built-in mod_http_upload)
  113. Maranda 🤔 🤔 🤔
  114. lovetox steven, upload a image to this muc
  115. steven
  116. steven There you go
  117. steven let me do it via Conv
  118. steven
  119. steven There you go
  120. lovetox upload from gajim a image that has no spaces or any other special chars
  121. Maranda file name not url encoded?
  122. Maranda
  123. Maranda ^ steven
  124. steven Ah. It's my (buggy) screenshot app
  125. steven Ok so the % fucks all up?
  126. lovetox its a issue on both sides
  127. lovetox gajim url encodes the filename before sent to prosody, which it should not do, and is already fixed
  128. lovetox but prosody should probably still be able to deal with that
  129. lovetox so for now you can only send files that have no spaces in it
  130. lovetox until next version of gajim, or prosody httpupload mod update
  131. steven k, it was also a typo in screenshot format
  132. steven error while sending a dollar sign that was then urlencoded to a % ( The room is currently overactive, please try again later )
  133. steven Thanks anyway!
  134. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *9e096e87* < > Add flake8 config file
  135. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9123: < Extremly slow startup when accounts are configured >
  136. debacle lovetox, no matter wether I install either gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0 or gir1.2-nm-1.0 or both or none of them: When I disable Wifi, Gajim shows my accounts as disconnected immediately. If I enable Wifi, Gajim shows them as connected within some seconds. It seems, I can remove any recommendation for the modules - they are not needed for Gajim, right?
  137. lovetox hm
  138. lovetox i guess on debian as it seems
  139. lovetox yes the gio impl also can use basic linux stuff to determine the network status
  140. debacle There must be some other module telling Gajim about network state...
  141. lovetox but it also works with network manager
  142. lovetox Gio.NetworkMonitor provides an easy-to-use cross-platform API for monitoring network connectivity. On Linux, the available implementations are based on the kernel’s netlink interface and on NetworkManager.
  143. debacle Is this gir1.2-glib-2.0?
  144. lovetox yes
  145. lovetox so yes i think network manager is not needed
  146. lovetox at least on debian
  147. debacle Gajim (on Debian) does not depend on it, nor recommends it. Sounds like it should!
  148. lovetox it depends on gtk
  149. lovetox and gtk depends on glib to my knowledge
  150. debacle yes, true! fine!
  151. lovetox
  152. lovetox this view sucks so hard
  153. lovetox like it displays all the other arch stuff
  154. lovetox from ancient times gajim 0.13
  155. lovetox this is better
  156. lovetox
  157. debacle Yes, Debian could need good web designers! I'm so used to it, that I ignore the ugliness.
  158. debacle But everybody else is hurt in their eyes.
  159. de-facto how can i adjust the color of my own messages? gray on dark gray is barely readable...
  160. de-facto always having to highlight the text in the chatbox in order to be able to read the text is a bit cumbersome
  161. lovetox de-facto, preference -> style
  162. lovetox better default values and styling options will be adressed in Gajim 1.1
  163. de-facto thanks that worked
  164. de-facto i was assuming it wont, since the old messages stay in the old style, but the new ones are on the new style
  165. lovetox there is a ACE setting
  166. lovetox restored_messages_color
  167. lovetox de-facto,
  168. de-facto thanks perfect now it looks beautiful :)