Gajim - 2018-05-07

  1. SaltyBones has the httpupload icon been removed?
  2. lovetox in Gajim 1.0?
  3. lovetox yes
  4. lovetox because there is no httpupload plugin anymore
  5. SaltyBones and it now uses http_upload only? or by default?
  6. lovetox if your server supports it httpupload is used, otherwise jingle
  7. lovetox but you can configure the default, and also select the file transfer method for a particular filetransfer via the chat menu
  8. lovetox so if default is httpupload, but for that one file you want to use jingle, menu -> send file -> directly ..
  9. SaltyBones alright so the file was just above my size limit
  10. SaltyBones which is nice I suppose
  11. SaltyBones because once more it shows how http upload works and jingle simply doesnt :)
  12. lovetox hm no SaltyBones, actually we dont switch to jingle if the size is to big for httpupload
  13. lovetox the size is checked after we decide for the filetransfer method
  14. lovetox which is not optimal i guess
  15. SaltyBones Yeah, there was also ome confusion on my contacts end because they used a different machine with an older version of gajim.
  16. SaltyBones So they probably just used jingle with no option.
  17. Maranda lovetox, will test avatar upload later, updated Gajim 😁
  18. pitchum I managed to upload a room avatar using gajim. now I can see the avatar in movim but not in gajim
  19. pitchum are there any restrictions? file format, image size, ...
  20. eroc @lovetox: Conversations crashed due to a bad ascept ratio when resizing the image but not due to an integer overvlow (could have happened as well) So maby that's the case as well for the Gajim URL image previw plugin
  21. lovetox pitchum this might be a problem with the movim server
  22. lovetox Gajim depends on the server sending us a updated vcard hash after upload
  23. lovetox thanks eroc, will look into it when i have time
  24. lovetox pitchum i heard movim does something different with room avatars, but im not sure what
  25. pitchum I have ejabberd 18.03
  26. lovetox and after a rejoin still nothign?
  27. pitchum still nothing
  28. lovetox i never tested this on a ejabbered
  29. pitchum I joined a room of Maranda and I can see the room avatar
  30. lovetox yeah i tested with marandas server aswell
  31. lovetox maybe ejabbered does something different, i have to check in the evening
  32. pitchum so the problem is either with ejabberd's vcard support or the pictures I have chosen
  33. lovetox no picture should be no problem
  34. pitchum ok
  35. pitchum but at least I know that my pictures reached ejabberd since I can see them with movim
  36. lovetox you could open xml console, upload a picture
  37. lovetox and see if we get a presence from the room afterwards
  38. pitchum no presence received from ejabberd, only iq:
  39. lovetox yeah than thats the reason
  40. lovetox we depend on the muc showing us via presence that he has a hash
  41. lovetox *avatar
  42. lovetox but i would not consider this as a bug in ejabbered, maybe they have reasons to do this
  43. lovetox and the whole thing is not base on a standard anyway
  44. lovetox without the muc telling us was avatar is set, we would have to request the avatar on every join
  45. lovetox because we can never know if it changed or not
  46. pitchum ok so probably movim always request the avatar on every join, do you intend to do the same in gajim?
  47. pitchum I have no clue of how bad an idea it would be to do so
  48. lovetox dont know, have to talk to ejabbered devs how likely it is they will implement the presence thing
  49. lovetox Holger ^
  50. Holger It's implemented in ejabberd 18.04.
  51. lovetox oh nice pitchum ^
  52. pitchum ok, thanks
  53. eroc Is the Gajim MUC going to have such a nice avatar too like Conversations has it now by now?
  54. lovetox no because gajim server uses prosody which doesnt have this feature
  55. eroc So let's hope the prosody guys will catch up :-)
  56. Maranda Movim polls the vcard
  57. Maranda But i heard it's fixed in trunk
  58. Maranda has found a very annoying issue in Metronome.
  59. Maranda And it's one of those *not easy to fix ones*
  60. Maranda Seeing the muc presence loop bug in Gajim lovetox right now
  61. Maranda In the converse.js room
  62. Maranda (
  63. Maranda
  64. lovetox thats 2 stanzas per second
  65. lovetox not very much
  66. lovetox not sure what could cause this, is there anywhere the full stanza?
  67. Maranda It's continuing
  68. Maranda Even now
  69. lovetox yeah can you give me the full stanza
  70. Maranda I need to add logging give me a moment, finishing my steak
  71. Maranda Or just open console in gajim
  72. Maranda Sec
  73. Maranda 🤣
  74. lovetox it would also be interesting what comes back
  75. lovetox because its most likely in reaction to something
  76. lovetox is this not weird why would marc adress a specific resource
  77. lovetox in a muc?
  78. Maranda
  79. Maranda lovetox, well muc stanzas are routed to the full jid, if I have two resources in a muc
  80. Maranda I'll get two presences reflected back to myself?
  81. lovetox k yeah i wrote this guy
  82. lovetox lets see maybe he can provide debug logs
  83. Maranda routed to each resource
  84. lovetox it seems some edge case, or you would see it from every gajim client
  85. Maranda lovetox, it happened to me once as well but I was unable to track it down, Link Mauve told me I was spamming with presences the Tatoeba room.
  86. lovetox its probably something avatar related
  87. lovetox Maranda, and now it stoped
  88. lovetox really weird
  89. Maranda 🤔
  90. lovetox could be something related to autoaway
  91. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *8b9eb59e* < > Set no-store hint on groupchat chatstates
  92. Maranda mumbles at HTTP Upload memory usage :/
  93. Maranda very very sad panda
  94. lovetox 🐼
  95. Maranda lovetox, at least it's *contained* now :/
  96. Maranda
  97. lovetox gif displaying in gajim is funny
  98. lovetox the resize of the gif makes it so it runs double the speed
  99. Maranda it works!?
  100. Maranda how
  101. Maranda How!!!
  102. lovetox url image plugin
  103. Maranda :O
  104. lovetox url preview
  105. lovetox i mean
  106. lovetox but as i said, double the speed ^^
  107. Maranda do I need to restart?
  108. lovetox nope
  109. lovetox ah are you on windows?
  110. lovetox if not you need python-pillow
  111. Maranda hmm doesn't look to be working
  112. Maranda it removed the "URL:" line
  113. Maranda and yes on windows
  114. lovetox wait
  115. lovetox
  116. Maranda nope
  117. lovetox as i said you need python-pillow
  118. Maranda even restarted
  119. Maranda but I'm on windows
  120. Maranda :O
  121. lovetox hm..
  122. Maranda 😂
  123. lovetox hm me too^^
  124. lovetox let me think
  125. Maranda I'm using master
  126. lovetox look in the plugin config
  127. lovetox did you set it to 10 mb?
  128. Maranda hmm no
  129. Maranda :P
  130. lovetox but my picture was 1 mb
  131. lovetox ..
  132. lovetox so
  133. lovetox ah i know
  134. lovetox my cert is not valid
  135. lovetox upload it yourself
  136. Maranda hmmm but the setting was 500KiB
  137. Maranda :P
  138. lovetox ah i think my cert should be valid vor share. domain
  139. Maranda readies for the spike
  140. Maranda
  141. lovetox thats not a gif
  142. lovetox :)
  143. lovetox but nice dog
  144. Maranda hahahahah no conversation shrinked it
  145. lovetox to a jpeg ^^
  146. Maranda nope
  147. lovetox
  148. Maranda it just shrinked the size, cropped? I guess
  149. Maranda let's make a test...
  150. Maranda finds a pic just slightly below limit...
  151. Maranda needs to wait 3 mins pft :P
  152. lovetox for what
  153. Maranda lovetox, for http upload to allow me to send another sizey file.
  154. lovetox hm does it use the new error message with wait to tell?
  155. lovetox and does gajim display that?
  156. Maranda yes
  157. Maranda yes
  158. lovetox nice ..
  159. Maranda :P
  160. lovetox thats the code i write, but never be able to test, because i have no server and to lazy to force these limits
  161. lovetox but one of these days i set me up a Metronome
  162. Maranda :P
  163. Maranda
  164. lovetox why are posting random images :)
  165. lovetox i fixed the gif speed problem
  166. Maranda lovetox, you're fixing your problems I'm testing mine :P
  167. eroc lovetox, do you plan to implement a "click to play" button for gifs?
  168. Maranda
  169. eroc and please implement an option to only preview automatically url images from contacts
  170. lovetox eroc, not against it, but this would be way down on my list of things
  171. lovetox of contacts? so you mean not in a muc
  172. eroc or in a private MUC
  173. eroc but eg I dont want to download these big images from Maranda (no offense) automatically here in this public MUC
  174. lovetox hm yeah
  175. Maranda lovetox, Before upload -- did some others before <allocated bytes="455270400"/> <used bytes="97858736"/> After upload <allocated bytes="556011520"/> <used bytes="359457231"/> -- that's just the file writing And for a little allocated jumped to 820450101 then kernel shrinked it back.
  176. Maranda :/
  177. Maranda and luckily I fire collectgarbage() right after.
  178. Maranda I wonder if it could be the server blocking slightly and the queue just filling up.
  179. Maranda eroc, unluckily these things can only be tested in such rooms, and luckily I fixed problem B)
  180. Maranda eroc, also you can just reduce the size for the auto-preview
  181. Maranda you know.
  182. eroc Maranda: i know, but that hoewever applies to all image previews :-/
  183. eroc But that is not the point, I was bit annoyed about the (ab)used bandwidth
  184. lovetox hm indeed eroc its about the ratio
  185. lovetox the preview bug
  186. eroc Ah, nice that you are working on it and that you identified the root of the issue :-)
  187. Maranda eroc, Metronome doesn't allow sending more than the max allowed file size limit any 180 seconds. (3 MiBs)
  188. Maranda else it'll throttle
  189. Maranda 's vps wouldn't handle that otherwise it has 2GB of RAM.
  190. eroc So you won't be able to DOS me too much ;)
  191. Maranda lovetox, by the way I also added an adhoc command for people to be able to purge their files.
  192. lovetox nice
  193. troom my gajim freezes when I resize any window - but only when I start it from src
  194. troom is this a known problem?
  195. lovetox no
  196. lovetox on what os? any error output?
  197. troom windows 10 - no output
  198. troom the cursor changes to the resize cursor and stays this way
  199. troom even after i released the mouse
  200. lovetox hm could be a new bug in GTK
  201. lovetox if you start from source you usually have a newer GTK version
  202. lovetox than in the installers
  203. lovetox did you test this with the nightly installer?
  204. troom 1.0.2
  205. lovetox try the nightly installer
  206. lovetox it has the gtk version from yesterday
  207. troom ok
  208. troom it doesn't happen with the newest nightly
  209. lovetox hm
  210. lovetox most weird than
  211. lovetox update msys2 packages
  212. lovetox pacman -Syu
  213. lovetox then close console if it is finshed
  214. lovetox and do pacman -Su
  215. lovetox do this in the msys console, not in msys32/64
  216. troom i deleted all of my plugins and now it is working
  217. troom i had a git repo and updated it using the plugin installer - maybe not the best idea
  218. lovetox eroc seems your request, that only images from contacts get shown need changes in gajim itself
  219. lovetox not only the plugin
  220. lovetox so this will have to wait until next gajim release
  221. troom there is no information added to the message log, when I send a file directly?
  222. troom could i add a local link to the file or something like that to the log?
  223. eroc lovetox: alright :-) Im looking foward to seeig it in the future
  224. lovetox troom, not really amazed by that idea ^^
  225. lovetox its just lacking in so many ways
  226. troom i don't want to remove the file transfer window - i just want to see additionally at what point in the conversation i did send/receive a file
  227. marmistrz both the original and the corrected message are shown for me in the gajim history
  228. marmistrz the message was corrected by Conversations in a 1-to-1 chat
  229. lovetox yes marmistrz history doesnt correct itself
  230. marmistrz lovetox, a known bug or a feature?
  231. Maranda corrects upto 1000 messages backward.
  232. lovetox neither, just hard to do
  233. Maranda *or design*
  234. marmistrz Maranda, the xep only allows for the last message correction...
  235. Maranda *corrects upto 1000 messages backward*
  236. marmistrz ??
  237. Maranda And also, "While it is possible to use this protocol to correct messages older than the most recent received from a full JID, such use is out of scope for this document and support for this SHOULD NOT be assumed without further negotiation."
  238. asterix Hmm not a good idea to correct logs. Too easy to hide a message this way
  239. Maranda suggests reading a XEP before making certain statements.
  240. Maranda asterix, that's why you should give limits (aka from the same jid, etc) and threshold to how much backward you can correct
  241. Maranda of course a client can't always know the full jid from a muc (but a server can)
  242. lovetox
  243. troom i will give it a try - let's see how far i get
  244. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 6 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  245. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #301: < Add Advanced Configuration Editor flag to allow image preview for arbitrary links again >
  246. zb good evening, everyone
  247. zb
  248. lovetox Publishing devicelist failed: forbidden
  249. lovetox this seems to hint to a server problem
  250. lovetox if you cant publish your devicelists, others cant download your keys
  251. zb is there anything that has changed to 1.x in the device list publishing? because we didn't have any problems up to now. server hasn't been touched in a while
  252. lovetox no i dont think anything changed, but exchanging devices is only needed once
  253. lovetox so this could have been broken for a long time, omemo would still work if it worked at the point you started
  254. lovetox is it your own server?
  255. zb yep
  256. lovetox can you make me an account, then i could test this
  257. zb just checked the logs (did that already), still nothing exciting in there
  258. zb sure hold a sec
  259. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *587648dd* < > [preview] Remove useless log messages
  260. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *d0b81cae* < > [preview] Refactor _accept_uri()
  261. Citizen Zibb Would I be able to help by running beta on Android?
  262. Citizen Zibb Or is that strictly to test new feature
  263. Citizen Zibb Wrong room
  264. Citizen Zibb Jeez sorry
  265. lovetox :D
  266. lovetox please dont run it on android :D