Gajim - 2018-05-05

  1. bot Tony Boston created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9113: < Gajim on OpenBSD gives error when connecting >
  2. ilya_man Hi. Can you tell me where I can see a list of all supported XEPs?
  3. lovetox
  4. lovetox but it is maybe not complete
  5. lovetox so ask if someone is not on there
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  10. bot Tony Boston modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9113: < Gajim on OpenBSD gives error when connecting >
  11. bot Tony Boston modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9113: < Gajim on OpenBSD gives error when connecting >
  12. bot Marco d'Itri created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9114: < group chat makes gajim segfault in glib >
  13. ilya_man lovetox: Thank you.
  14. de-facto How can i close Gajim with the [X] on the titlebar? It seems Gajim 1.0.1 just ignores it, do i have to xkill it for closing?
  15. bot Markus Wintermann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Select account in account list if edited
  16. asterix de-facto: look in ace, close_on_x or something like that
  17. de-facto quit_on_roster_x_button maybe?
  18. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *e9a4b372* < > Select account in account list if edited Before: After a rightclick -> "Modify Account" on an account in the roster the preferences of the account are shown but the account is not selected in the account list. After: account will be selected in the account list too
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  20. lovetox Maranda, the day has come
  21. Maranda Hmm?
  22. lovetox setting Muc avatars is on the horizon, i need a server to test with
  23. Maranda Dost have it
  24. Maranda 😋
  25. lovetox what is "Dost"
  26. Maranda Thus thou have it,
  27. Maranda Or thus thee
  28. lovetox ok, still need a server though
  29. lovetox i guess yours has it activated?
  30. lovetox lightswitch?
  31. lovetox
  32. Maranda Yes but you need a lightwitch account to create a room on
  33. lovetox good you have activated IBR
  34. Maranda Yes
  35. Maranda So you can test that bit for me, from when I did it they still registered via web form lol
  36. Maranda I'll be back home in a bit anyways, on train
  37. lovetox does not work ^^
  38. lovetox i get no answer
  39. Maranda From ibr?
  40. Maranda What impossible
  41. Maranda Are you using gajim
  42. lovetox wait i tell you what i sent
  43. lovetox yes
  44. Maranda Sec
  45. Maranda You didn't get an error?
  46. Maranda That password doesn't go you should get a policy violation
  47. Maranda Minimum is 8 chars with at least one uppercase letter and one number lovetox
  48. lovetox k no error iq though
  49. lovetox i try again
  50. lovetox ok works with correct password
  51. Maranda You found a but
  52. Maranda Bug**
  53. Maranda And a strange one
  54. Maranda I send the reply
  55. Maranda Are you very sure you get no iq?
  56. lovetox i can test again
  57. lovetox but next problem is
  58. lovetox i get no verification email
  59. lovetox my time is running
  60. Maranda Check spam
  61. lovetox i did
  62. lovetox can you activate my acc?
  63. lovetox lovetox
  64. lovetox Maranda, im 100% sure i get no reply withing 10 seconds
  65. Maranda My server sent the mail though
  66. lovetox it seems your server is under heavy load
  67. Maranda It's your isp that blocked it
  68. lovetox no i registered via webinterface
  69. lovetox and got instant the email now
  70. Maranda Weird
  71. Maranda I swear sometimes i tested that part like 20 times
  72. lovetox ok now the token from the register email is wrong
  73. lovetox ah maybe this is the first email
  74. lovetox from the IBR
  75. lovetox i think your server is under heavy load
  76. Maranda lovetox nope i'll create it for you
  77. Maranda It just hates me atm
  78. lovetox but the email is dated to 16.06
  79. lovetox so it needed 10 minutes
  80. lovetox weird
  81. lovetox or the mailserver from my isp has a problem
  82. Maranda Done
  83. lovetox thanks
  84. lovetox yeah now the second email arrived
  85. lovetox so either your mailserver is slow, or mine
  86. Maranda Chello is being a bitch, the mails are sent immediatly it's just delaying without even sending 451 btw
  87. Maranda And the server got spf/dkim/dmarc all setup
  88. lovetox Maranda, i set vcard, get no iq result
  89. lovetox on IBR also no iq result
  90. lovetox this cant be a coincident
  91. lovetox ah stop
  92. lovetox i got a result
  93. lovetox :)
  94. Maranda Wew ok mod_register is broken for some reason even if I tested it all
  95. Maranda Wtb co-mantainer
  96. Maranda should stop trying to do 3 people's work
  97. Maranda Found it
  98. Maranda Annoying
  99. Maranda I missed to pass the check_password function the stanza le sigh and didn't notice until now *head desks*
  100. Maranda
  101. Maranda lovetox, ^ fixed
  102. Maranda now after I eat maybe I can start working on refining PUSH stuff.
  103. Nothing4You is there a config in gajim to not send to a specific resource?
  104. Nothing4You i've configred my prosody to always send everything to all resources, however, a friend is complaining he keeps getting messages sent to him to the wrong resource when i'm sending with gajim
  105. asterix Nothing4You: we just follow RFC that say to reply to the resource we got the message from ...
  106. Nothing4You which "the" message?
  107. asterix Now XMPP guys say: don't follow RFC ...
  108. Nothing4You it seems to be switching "randomly", most likely due to conversations on the phone doing stuff or maybe flaky wifi and then it won't arrive on desktop anymore
  109. lovetox im not sure whats the problem
  110. lovetox your friend should use a server with carbons
  111. lovetox so he should receive everything on all devices
  112. lovetox why does it matter to what resource we send
  113. Nothing4You so it's a problem with his ejabberd config?
  114. lovetox im not sure, maybe you can describe the problem a bit more
  115. lovetox what does it mean he receives something on the wrong device
  116. lovetox does that mean he doesnt receive it on other at all?
  117. lovetox does he expect the message go to only one device, but to another?
  118. Nothing4You he only receives the messages on one device
  119. Nothing4You most of the time his phone
  120. Nothing4You sometimes even a few min after he sent a message to me from his pc
  121. Nothing4You if he writes something again it sends to his pc again
  122. Nothing4You doesn't take that much time though to auto switch back to his phone
  123. Nothing4You he only expects it to go to one device iirc
  124. lovetox there are 3 possibilities
  125. lovetox 1. he activates carbons on his server or client, and gets everything on every device
  126. lovetox 2. he doesnt do that and then has to live with it that different clients will either select a random resource, the most active resource, or no resource (at which point the server will choose the most active resource for the client)
  127. lovetox he can set the priority on his clients to indicate to the server and other clients, on which device he wants to receive messages
  128. lovetox but for this to work all the time he now has to depend on all the clients that send him messages to do this the same way
  129. lovetox which i would not count on
  130. lovetox some clients dont adress messages to a resource at all and let the server choose, the server most probably looks at resource priority
  131. lovetox other clients like gajim do resource locking, means if he sends us a message from a device, we now consider this device as the one that he wants us to write back
  132. lovetox so you see this is a complicated mess
  133. lovetox the question is why in gods name would he not use carbons
  134. lovetox and just receive everything on all devices
  135. Nothing4You yeah
  136. Nothing4You idk
  137. Nothing4You lovetox, i think i found the issue
  138. Nothing4You he's using pidgin
  139. lovetox so no carbon support in the client
  140. Nothing4You yeah
  141. Nothing4You he does actually have carbons enabled
  142. Nothing4You just pidgin won't use them
  143. bot Exteroqs created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9115: < 'NonBlockingTCP' object has no attribute 'ssl_errors' >
  144. bot Exteroqs modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9115: < 'NonBlockingTCP' object has no attribute 'ssl_errors' >