Gajim - 2018-05-04

  1. bbreezin So I cloned the master gajim branch, how can I setup a "sandbox" so to speak, so I can have gajim 1.0.2 running and be in here, and have a separate instance using a separate config than whats in my ~/.config/gajim?
  2. bbreezin Hmm, so I found the -c option for specifying a config directory
  3. bbreezin Now I just need to be able to run multiple instances
  4. asterix -p
  5. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9112: < Don't send %-encoded filenames to server (HTTP Upload) >
  6. marmistrz lovetox, mails from the gajim gitlab are marked by the gmail spam filter as spam
  7. rom1dep
  8. rom1dep love this backlog style
  9. lovetox hm that should never happen
  10. lovetox never experienced this
  11. lovetox is this the wrong order?
  12. lovetox marmistrz than flag it with no spam?
  13. lovetox im not sure what we should do
  14. rom1dep lovetox: fetching the backlog, Windows, 1.0.0 portable
  15. rom1dep Reopened the client after it had been offline for several weeks
  16. marmistrz lovetox: I know, but the gmail spam filters are some collective conciousness, common for all the accounts
  17. marmistrz Maybe it'd be wise to contact Google and ask them to whitelist you, other users may get the e-mail thrown to spam
  18. lovetox you are sweet, you think you can write gmail to whitelist you 😃
  19. lovetox thats what the no spam button is for
  20. lovetox rom1dep, it maybe has to do with the out of focus line
  21. lovetox maybe this fucks up the sorting afterwards
  22. lovetox next time you join after some days try and dont switch the tab
  23. lovetox and see if it happens then
  24. rom1dep lovetox: what do you mean by out of focus line?
  25. lovetox the horizontal line that is printed
  26. lovetox it means you switched away from the tab while messages were written
  27. rom1dep oh, I see
  28. lovetox and gajim tells you when you switched away, and what happend afterwards
  29. lovetox but k this is easily tested, i will do that in the next days
  30. lovetox also on Windows we have no 1.0.2
  31. lovetox but filechooser is broken in that version
  32. lovetox its a GTK Bug that is hopefully soon solved
  33. lovetox *now
  34. rom1dep right now I'm at work trying to unscrew the connection to an oracle database, it's laughable.
  35. Daniel unscrew, i'll write that down on my funny-terms list :D like automagic and guesstimate
  36. rom1dep Daniel: please make your list public so we can crowdsource it!
  37. Daniel That's about it for what I can remember instantly, sorry :D
  38. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8815: < When entering Japanese text the enter key doesn't work properly >
  39. gandogar Hello, I am using gajim 1.0.2 on Win7, 32bit. In some group chats there are many notifications like "xx has joined group chat", "xx has left group chat". How can I deactivate those notifications? Somehow I remember there are trigger in advanced configuration editor, but I am not shure. Can someone help me?
  40. bronko gandogar, Gajim -> Bookmarks -> Set Print Status
  41. lovetox and if you want to disable it globaly search in ACE for "print" or "muc" then some value about status should show up
  42. gandogar Thanks. I didn't know 'bookmarks' in gajim yet. It's a little bit different to version < 1.0.0, is it?
  43. gandogar Thank you for mention options in ACE. I did so long time before in gajim 0.16.x, but I could not remember in detail.
  44. debacle It seems, there is no HTTP upload button in the group message window.
  45. debacle Why not?
  46. zuglufttier debacle, screenshot? I see one.
  47. debacle zuglufttier: are you in MUC or in "Send Group Message"? I mean the latter.
  48. zuglufttier debacle, oh, now I see! I'm missing that as well.
  49. debacle Also, there is no encryption selection (OMEMO, PGP) in group message.
  50. debacle I assume, group messages are always unencrypted?
  51. marmistrz Is it possible to keep the MUCs listed in the groupchats list after they have been entered?
  52. lovetox yes
  53. lovetox ah no
  54. lovetox only when closed
  55. lovetox but you can move tabs to the left side
  56. lovetox debacle you are literally the only human on earth who uses this functionallity
  57. lovetox i dont think we will invest into type=normal messages
  58. zuglufttier These group messages are really interesting if you have some kind of corporate network or something similair. But I doubt normal persons will use that.
  59. debacle yes, I use this function only at work to send important work items, e.g. the latest XKCD or Dilbert, to my colleagues
  60. zuglufttier That's a valid use case.
  61. lovetox but what you need in reality is instant groupchat
  62. lovetox which gajim btw has
  63. lovetox you can invite other people into a single chat, just like with traditionall messangers
  64. lovetox try that and tell me what we can improve with that
  65. debacle lovetox, i.e. I right click on some contacts in the roster and click on "Invite to" -> "New Group Chat", right?
  66. debacle OK, just tried. Seems to create a new MUC, but shows only for one of the two invited persons "x@y.z has been invited in this room".
  67. lovetox no debacle
  68. lovetox open a single chat window with a contact
  69. Daniel marmistrz, keeping group chats you entered in roster (when not minimized) already has an issue open I think
  70. lovetox click invite contact
  71. debacle Ah, yes, I used this before, lovetox.
  72. lovetox its just more akward in xmpp, because in other messengers you dont get an invitation
  73. debacle There is one thing: My list of contacts is already very long. And after clicking on "invite contact" I get a flat list over all my accounts rosters, without separation for account nor for group.
  74. lovetox maybe we should not show invitations for people in the roster
  75. lovetox and just autojoin
  76. lovetox then it would feel like somebody just wrote you a message
  77. bbreezin lovetox, that group chat method you just detailed, how does that differ from a normal MUC?
  78. lovetox it doesnt prompt you for creating a groupchat, name, server etc
  79. lovetox it just autocreates a muc on your server and invites people
  80. bbreezin Ahh right OK. So it still works the same way, just automates the creation a bit
  81. lovetox yes
  82. lovetox because if you just want to message 3 people about one thing, like where to meet today, you dont really need to think about on which server, a good groupchat name
  83. lovetox you just want to click add this contact to conv and write your message
  84. bbreezin Right. Exactly, and for those of us coming over from traditional messengers, thats exactly how we use group chats
  85. lovetox yes exactly
  86. lovetox so the only thing thats still different is, that other people receive invitations to that muc
  87. lovetox instead of just beeing in there automatically
  88. lovetox so i think about just joining every invitation i get as long as it comes from someone in your roster
  89. bbreezin Right...make it an option?
  90. lovetox yes
  91. bbreezin I could see that annoying some peopel
  92. bbreezin people*
  93. bbreezin but yeah, I think a lot of us would like that
  94. lovetox and yes debacle, the invite dialog is shitty, this should have a search functionality
  95. lovetox probably like ctrl + n
  96. bbreezin man, I was all excited to fix that http_upload issue last night, figured it out, then flipped over to master to see you refactored things about and already fixed
  97. Daniel bbreezin, I also was at that point once :D
  98. marmistrz Daniel: thanks
  99. debacle lovetox, maybe drag and drop contacts from the roster?
  100. marmistrz Is it possible to send a message to multiple contacts without copy-pasting?
  101. debacle because it has the jids already sorted by server and group
  102. bbreezin Daniel, haha yep, I thought I had found an easy one. Well I had, just so easy it was fixed 2 weeks ago lol
  103. marmistrz I sometimes need to send the new fpr to all of my contacts
  104. lovetox marmistrz, select more than one contact in roster
  105. Daniel bbreezin, keep digging, there are lots of places to find stuff worth fixing :D
  106. lovetox right click
  107. lovetox but it is not e2e encrypted
  108. marmistrz lovetox, is there any way to make it e2ee?
  109. marmistrz actually, when sending a new fpr I need to have the authenticity of the sender
  110. lovetox no there is not at the moment
  111. sleepingcat Hello, I'd like to point out that there's a major typo on the Gajim website's instructions for installing the daily package ffor Debian Linux. It says add the repository " unstable main" but it should be " unstable main" Thanks for your great software.
  112. sleepingcat Sorry, those emoticons shouldn't have appeared in my above message. Here it is again: there's a major typo on the Gajim website's instructions for installing the daily package for Debian Linux. It says add the repository " unstable main" but it should be " unstable main"
  113. lovetox thanks sleepingcat
  114. lovetox asterix ^
  115. sleepingcat My pleasure. I was fiddling around trying to get Gajim to install, wondering why it wasn't working. Later I saw a list of repos that my system can access, and I noticed that even the ftp servers were prefixed by http, not ftp, so I tried that and it voila it worked. Cheerio.
  116. bot Philipp Hörist created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #310: < Implement Blind Trust Before Verification >
  117. debacle Currently, the OMEMO plugin for Gajim has an embedded copy of the Python OMEMO library included (and so does the OMEMO plugin for Profanity). For distributions (like Debian) it would be desirable to depend on a "python3-omemo" package instead. Would this be possible? Any objections?
  118. debacle (Background: I started to package the profanity-omemo plugin and found the same files, I already packaged for gajim-omemo!)
  119. lovetox that would mean i have to make a abstract lib out of it which it is not right now
  120. lovetox a nice project but nothing i will do in the near future
  121. Maranda mumbles at APN
  122. nicoco Any reason why gajim won't unregister my transport stating I have unread messages when I really don't ?
  123. nicoco Also, is there anything special to do to get OMEMO working in Windows?
  124. lovetox 1. no must be a bug
  125. lovetox 2. no
  126. nicoco 1. I'll try to unregister doing horrible things by CLI then
  127. nicoco 2. However, one of the users of my XMPP server cannot get it working. He keeps receiving « your client does not support OMEMO » and can't click on the lock icon. Also, no key was advertised to his contacts or his other client (Conversations). Fresh 1.0.2 install from yesterday.
  128. nicoco Sounds like bug report time, but any idea how to quickfix this ?
  129. asterix sleepingcat: why http ? Both works
  130. lovetox nicoco, maybe for some reason the plugin is not activated under Plugins
  131. lovetox oh sorry he has to download the plugin in the plugin manager, i forgot that
  132. nicoco lovetox: thanks I'll check that with him. Gotta find a solution to unregister the transport before getting back to him though because he's pissed for that 😊
  133. lovetox hm probably after a restart it should work
  134. lovetox i never unregistered a transport to be honest
  135. lovetox i dont know how i could test that
  136. bot Philipp Hörist proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Refactor FileChooserDialogs