Gajim - 2018-05-02

  1. lovetox eroc, you can backup the database
  2. lovetox and put it back before you start another gajim installation
  3. lovetox ~/.local/share/Gajim/omemo_yourjid.db
  4. lovetox if you are on linux
  5. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9110: < Replace Gtk.FileChooserDialog by Gtk.FileChooserNative >
  6. Link Mauve what are you using which still depends on python2 here?
  7. asterix nothing AFAIK
  8. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *a2ccd5d4* < > [birthday_reminder] Fix notifications
  9. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *96ed448a* < > [birthday_reminder] update version
  10. lovetox Link Mauve, maybe flatpak builder needs it to run some scripts
  11. lovetox For some reason its there after install, so we clean it up
  12. Link Mauve Ok.
  13. eroc Link Mauve: thx
  14. eroc Thx@ lovetox
  15. Link Mauve :D
  16. Daniel asterix, your birthday_reminder plugin fix doesn't happen to be related to #280? Just asking ;)
  17. eroc You cannot say thank you often enough 😉
  18. asterix Daniel: no. #280 means (I think) he has a vcard on his machine (probably a contact he had before) for which plugin want to show a popup, but the contact is no more in his contact list.
  19. asterix We should probably just ignore contacts that are not in roster
  20. asterix a if not contact: return should do it
  21. zak I just started Gajim from the console. Is this a known issue: > RuntimeError: To make asynchronous calls, receive signals or export objects, D-Bus connections must be attached to a main loop by passing mainloop=... to the constructor or calling dbus.set_default_main_loop(...)
  22. zak (Gajim 1.0.2, Debian, gajim package)
  23. lovetox hm is it a issue though?
  24. lovetox whats the problem?
  25. zak I don't see any, just the trace in the console window.
  26. zak I am guessing a trace is indicating a problem.
  27. lovetox not necessarily, we use many packages and libs, many of them print all kind of stuff to the console
  28. lovetox so if you dont experience a problem i would ignore it
  29. zak And I get:
  30. zak okay
  31. lovetox the other trace is a bug indeed
  32. zak Well, the other one has more info as well:
  33. lovetox zak what system do you get this?
  34. zak Debian stretch
  35. lovetox dektop?
  36. zak Xfce 4.12
  37. lovetox It seems a problem with the keyring package, newer keyring version will soon switch to a different dbus lib
  38. lovetox so this "problem" might be solved then
  39. zak ok, then nevermind. I don't want to use the keyring either.
  40. Wilfred I' m trying to run the omemo plugin on Fedora 28 using Gajim 0.16.9 but Fedora 28 does not have python2-axolotl
  41. Wilfred But the wiki suggests to install that. So does anyone here know what to do?
  42. apollo13 download and manually install/build?
  43. Daniel asterix, Ok, thanks for looking into it!
  44. bbreezin Someone started a "group chat" (MUC) with me on Conversations, but this chat doesn't auto appear for me on Gajim. Is there anyway to make this functionality work, without manually joining the MUC using its JID on Gajim?
  45. nathan Normally it should join automatically, have you tried turning Gajim off and on again?
  46. Daniel You can look in Bookmarks manager
  47. bbreezin Hmm, I don't see it listed, even though I did select "Add Bookmark" on Conversations
  48. bbreezin nathan, sorry didn't see your message until now, Yeah I restarted Gajim
  49. bbreezin When said person invited me to a group chat, how does it work? Did they invite just one of my clients (Conversations) or do they invite my entire user?
  50. bot mt modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9080: < APT repository: provide origin, label, suite, codename values for use with unattended-upgrades >
  51. lovetox bbreezin, they invite what ever client is online mostly
  52. lovetox but if you add the room to bookmarks
  53. lovetox then all your clients should get this info, and join on next start this muc automatically
  54. lovetox with bookmarks there is a autojoin flag
  55. lovetox i dont know what conversations does these days if you press the bookmark button
  56. lovetox i would think it should set autojoin
  57. lovetox but if you say you dont even find this muc in your bookmarks then there could be a problem with bookmark syncing
  58. lovetox check account -> advanced -> server info
  59. lovetox in gajim, and tell me if publish-options is available on your server
  60. bbreezin Nope, XEP-0163 shows a red X. So is that a problem with my server?
  61. bbreezin Sorry, XEP-0163: #publish-options shows a red X
  62. bbreezin XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol shows a green check
  63. lovetox no that should be no problem
  64. lovetox then its a mystery to me
  65. lovetox maybe test this, join a muc add it to bookmark
  66. lovetox with conversation
  67. lovetox then reconnect with gajim, and look in the bookmark window if its there
  68. kalkin Is there some option to have parts of the history shown in the chat window, after a restart?
  69. lovetox only for single chat, kalkin
  70. lovetox restore_lines
  71. lovetox in ACE
  72. kalkin ah i see it I already have that active. I noticed this on a MUC and extrapolatet the issue
  73. kalkin lovetox: thanks
  74. bbreezin So I believe that is essentially what I have already tried, I was invited to a MUC in Conversations, I went to the "Group chat details" and clicked "Save as bookmark" in Conversations
  75. bbreezin but it does not appear in my bookmarks in Gajim
  76. kalkin lovetox: is there some deep issue why it doesn't work? Or just not implemented, should be simple, PR welcome?
  77. bbreezin lovetox, interesting, just removed the bookmark in Conversations, re-added it, and restarted Gajim and there it is, and it auto joined
  78. bbreezin Very odd...
  79. lovetox kalkin, yeah should not be hard to add
  80. lovetox bbreezin, hm yeah so the sync works in general
  81. lovetox restarting isnt even necessary, a quick switch offline/online again should be enough
  82. bbreezin lovetox, right. I somehow just caught it napping
  83. lovetox maybe keep looking at that, and see if it happens more often to you
  84. lovetox then i would say its worth investigating
  85. bbreezin Will do, me and some friends have replaced Google Hangouts with XMPP with Conversations/Gajim. So its excercising all these usage patterns that we would use with Google Hangouts that pops out these little issues
  86. lovetox did you setup your own server?
  87. bbreezin Yeah, Prosody, you were helping me a few weeks ago with the DNS to my server getting blocked and Gajim not connecting
  88. lovetox ah yeah can remember
  89. lovetox yeah the bookmark/autojoin stuff could be better, if the server supports that publish-options stuff
  90. lovetox but prosody will probably support this in its next major version
  91. lovetox then we could autojoin the second you do on another client
  92. bbreezin So is publish-options XEP-0060?
  93. lovetox no its only one special feature in this huge xep
  94. bbreezin but is it part of XEP-0060, I guess that's what I am asking
  95. lovetox it has some greater implications, thats why prosody didnt impl it until now
  96. lovetox but what im hearing its on its way
  97. bbreezin beccause I have mod_pep enabled, which is XEP-0163, but I do not have mod_pubsub enabled which looks to implement XEP-0060
  98. bbreezin But from what I've read, I'm still not sure mod_pubsub fully implements publish-options, which sounds like what you're saying
  99. lovetox pep is a subset of pubsub
  100. lovetox so you have the right thing installed
  101. lovetox its just not impl yet in prosody, doesnt depend which mod you install
  102. Link Mauve PubSub has basically everything optional, and PEP is a profile of PubSub defining some of these optional features as mandatory.
  103. Link Mauve That’s it.
  104. Link Mauve And now, people are trying to use a ton of optional features because some implementation exposed them at some time.
  105. Link Mauve Instead of making another profile.
  106. lovetox Link Mauve, you can write as much profiles as you want, that will not make prosody impl any faster
  107. bbreezin Gotcha, so it sounds like I really don't need mod_pubsub then
  108. Link Mauve lovetox, of course not, you can give me cake if you want that.
  109. Link Mauve Or make the French government a bit less actively harmful, so I have more time outside of strikes.
  110. bbreezin So lovetox, you've been at this a while. Is XMPP development, clients and servers gaining momentum lately? Or has the development always been this rapid? I follow Conversations, Gajim, and Prosody and they appear to all being developed pretty rapidly
  111. lovetox haha i think most of the xmpp community think exactly the opposite ^^
  112. bbreezin That it is slowing down?
  113. lovetox no, lets say that it was never fast ^^
  114. bbreezin Ahh I see
  115. bbreezin Hmm, when I watch commits and releases of Prosody/Gajim. Seems fairly quick to me
  116. lovetox yeah i can do many commits, but how much does the user feel these changes
  117. lovetox is something entirley different
  118. bbreezin Well yeah, that is fair
  119. lovetox if you hope that xmpp clients can do the same thing that these other messangers can do which are backed by million dollars
  120. lovetox i think you will be dissapointed
  121. bbreezin I guess it will be interesting to see how quickly Prosody picks up support for things like publish-options. That instant joining group chats for example is one of those bits of polish that would be noticeable to users
  122. bbreezin Yeah I think you're right, but honestly, the current state of things is pretty damn usable, even compared to those messengers backed with millions of dollars
  123. lovetox the great plus in xmpp is, that you can host your own server
  124. lovetox and the kind of privacy this brings
  125. bbreezin Right, exactly, the federated system, plus OMEMO
  126. bbreezin Other clients have encryption, but are still centrally served
  127. lovetox but yeah if we had 3-4 devs on each project instead of 1 1/2
  128. lovetox this would really make a difference :)
  129. bbreezin Yeah agreed. Wish I could help more, unfortunately my computer science degree has collected dust since college so I don't think I'm much use there. I'll just keep buying you guys a beer once in a while :P
  130. Link Mauve bbreezin, you don’t need a degree to help.
  131. Link Mauve I first worked on Gajim when I was in high school. ^^
  132. bbreezin I know, my point is my coding skills are quite unpracticed for the past few years
  133. Link Mauve bbreezin, great occasion to dust them off!
  134. bbreezin Yeah, you might be right. Not sure I would know where to start with trying to do that/help. This is all Python right?
  135. Link Mauve Yes.
  136. Link Mauve My best suggestion is to either pick some easy issue on the bug tracker and to try to fix it (warning: it may not be as easy as it sounds), or if you personally experience a bug or want to improve something, go at it.
  137. Link Mauve Talking with the devs about how to solve it helps a lot.
  138. bbreezin I guess step 1 would be to fire up git and pull the whole thing down
  139. Link Mauve Yup. ^^
  140. bbreezin Do you think Windows or Linux is a better development environment for it?
  141. Link Mauve I personally use Linux, but use the one you’re the most at ease with.
  142. Link Mauve I found Linux to be way easier ten years ago or so, when I switched from Windows, but ymmv.
  143. bbreezin I use both, it just always seemed to be easier to get programming environments set up in Linux in the past. Dev tools were usually easy to install
  144. bbreezin Windows seemed great for Visual Studio projects, but I dunno if you can do Python stuff in VS these days or not
  145. Link Mauve That’s also my experience with it, but I never tried Visual Studio.
  146. bbreezin Gotcha. I think Linux it is. I suppose I will try pulling the repo down and poking around when I get some spare time one of these nights
  147. zuglufttier I'd use Linux all the time for developing. Package management will save you a lot of time.
  148. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *ba08ddfe* < > Remove not used Dialog We use now a Gtk.FileChooserButton for client certs
  149. marmistrz Why is forking disabled?
  150. marmistrz I wanted to do a small PR improving the description of ascii_emojis, but I can't fork the repo
  151. Link Mauve lovetox, ↑
  152. Link Mauve marmistrz, I think it’s an issue about using github OAuth2.
  153. lovetox i enable it one moment
  154. marmistrz thx :)
  155. lovetox whats your name on gitlab?
  156. marmistrz marmistrz
  157. lovetox should work now
  158. bot André modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9110: < Replace Gtk.FileChooserDialog by Gtk.FileChooserNative >
  159. bot Marcin proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Be more descriptive about the ascii_emoticons configuration option
  160. Daniel bbreezin, just start poking around and don't be shy to ask for help!
  161. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9080: < APT repository: provide origin, label, suite, codename values for use with unattended-upgrades >
  162. Daniel marmistrz, I think the pipeline for your MR is stalled, probably related to available runners? lovetox?
  163. asterix runner don't accept jobs automatically
  164. asterix we have to accept them manually
  165. asterix it seems lovetox just enabled him
  166. lovetox is running now
  167. lovetox sometimes i have to cancel it, and restart
  168. lovetox sometimes gitlab does itself after some time
  169. asterix yep, saw that too
  170. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *ad4c1347* < > Be more descriptive about the ascii_emoticons configuration option
  171. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Be more descriptive about the ascii_emoticons configuration option
  172. bbreezin Daniel, sounds good. I'll start poking around then!
  173. Maranda lovetox, I found some very strange bug in Gajim
  174. Maranda It started flooding mucs with presences
  175. Maranda I'm not entirely sure why
  176. Maranda I was messing with s2s code but that was weird, because it was doing it while conversations didn't
  177. asterix funny :) but without knowing why and how to repro, hard to investigate ...
  178. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  179. bbreezin Should I be able to run Gajim in virtualenv?
  180. bbreezin Trying to do so on Linux Mint since the default system python is still 2.7
  181. bbreezin I get an error while executing, the nbxmpp module is loading GLib from gi.repository
  182. bbreezin Looks like a bad print call in gi's init function
  183. bbreezin Hmm, I guess I'm struggling to get python3-gi in my virtualenv
  184. Link Mauve bbreezin, you have to install pygobject, as well as gobject-introspection-runtime, and make sure your distribution does ship the gir files required for these to work.
  185. Link Mauve is a totally unrelated project.
  186. bbreezin Hmmm... trying to install these with pip... failing to install pygobject because glib-2.0 not found. What module provides that?
  187. bbreezin it's down to my gtk3 version lol
  188. bbreezin Hmm.....I'm thinking I might be better off using a distro with a rolling release schedule. This dependency version stuff is killing me
  189. bbreezin Installing my own gtk3 is a bit of a PITA
  190. Link Mauve +1, that’s also what I decided to do ten years ago, to never look back. ^^