Gajim - 2018-04-28

  1. bot Harlan Lieberman-Berg created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9104: < Crash on file transfer >
  2. test883 Hi everyone. I'm on Gaijm 1.0.1. Where is the plugins config window? I can't find it in menus.
  3. test883 Per wiki, I cloned the entire plugins on my ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins but have no way to enable/configure them 🤔
  4. test883 thanks in advance for your help 😊
  5. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9104: < Crash on file transfer >
  6. lovetox test883 in the menu Gajim -> Plugins
  7. test883 Oh!! So there are two set of menus, one in the Gajim window and the other on the very top. I totally missed the top one, as most GNOME apps never use it for other that "Quit" button.
  8. test883 Thanks @lovetox 😀
  9. lovetox if you are on a debian based system, be aware that some plugins that need dependencys are packaged in debian repos
  10. lovetox also on arch some are packaged in AUR
  11. test883 @lovetox thanks for the hint. At least OMEMO is self-contained in Ubuntu 18.04 and requires no new install. Works immediately after (if?) you discover it 😁
  12. lovetox actually omemo is installed with gajim on ubuntu 18.04
  13. lovetox its under the recommended packages
  14. lovetox but you have to activate it afterwards
  15. lovetox which is a bug in the package
  16. test883 Heh I noticed that too. So there was no point to clone the plugins repo. This is great
  17. test883 So you (I mean, devs) are thinking of enabling OMEMO by default? That would be really really helpful for many people.
  18. lovetox not so much the devs
  19. lovetox that package maintainer can make the choice to ship plugins or not
  20. test883 Thanks a again for your help @lovetox. Have a nice Saturday morning (assuming you are Europe 😊). Bye!
  21. lovetox you too, bye
  22. steven lovetox, hmm, ok, weird, I don't remember setting those limits in the mod_http_upload, and Conversations doesn't have an issue
  23. steven But will look into it
  24. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *9e4edea6* < > Revert "[plugin_installer] Add plugin auto update" This reverts commit d760a1ada19c2a154d9fad3a05abd215a7e399da
  25. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: completly remove plugin on reload
  26. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: completly remove plugin on reload
  27. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *2f1f9e65* < > [plugin_installer] Remove plugin on reload
  28. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: completly remove plugin on reload
  29. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *ba27de7f* < > [plugin_installer] Update manifest.ini
  30. lovetox Daniel, i had to revert the plugin auto update commit
  31. lovetox there is just no way we could get out of that situation
  32. lovetox we first have to push the new reloading to gajim
  33. lovetox then wait until new gajim is released, to be able to do such a upgrade where handlers change
  34. lovetox but there is a way how you could get auto update into plugin installer sooner
  35. lovetox use a OptionsDialog for the plugin config gui, like httpupload does
  36. lovetox it does not rely on a glade file
  37. lovetox or rather urlimagepreview
  38. lovetox httpupload not beeing a plugin anymore
  39. SaltyBones which folder do i need to backup for my gajim settings?
  40. SaltyBones i fucking hate the current state of home directories in linux
  41. lovetox only settings or also the db?
  42. lovetox ~/.local/share/gajim
  43. lovetox ~/.config/gajim
  44. SaltyBones uhm...everything?
  45. SaltyBones mostly I care about the omemo keys :)
  46. SaltyBones hm...can i use the profile settings to move this?
  47. SaltyBones I already did :D
  48. SaltyBones okay, there must be something else
  49. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add support for dynamic reloading of plugins
  50. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add support for dynamic reloading of plugins
  51. SaltyBones lovetox, I have neither of those directories. I have all of my settings and keys except apparently the login password...
  52. lovetox logins are stored in your keyring
  53. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  54. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add support for dynamic reloading of plugins
  55. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *bf8dcb5a* < > Update Flatpak
  56. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >: *dfd0e96f* < > Add support for dynamic reloading of plugins *75b3412a* < > Update Flatpak
  57. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9084: < Plugin manager update from 0.20.2 to 0.20.3 crashes >
  58. mdosch Uh, gajim opens a chat with when using this:
  59. mdosch Anyone else having this problem?
  60. mdosch Debian stretch gajim/stretch-backports,stretch-backports,now 1.0.1-3~bpo9+1 all [installiert]
  61. lovetox probably anyone
  62. lovetox is it necessary that the @ is escaped?
  63. lovetox i mean you wouldnt excape the add if you put a link on your homepage mailto:bla@bla.bla
  64. lovetox i mean you wouldnt excape the @ if you put a link on your homepage mailto:bla@bla.bla
  65. kalkin Gajim will break if you have locale set to C
  66. kalkin It will throw errors, something about openSSL, ascii decode ect..
  67. kalkin if you guys are interested I can reproduce the error and post a bug
  68. kalkin Another bug: If i disable quid on roster close in Advanced Settings, I can't close gajim (and force it to iconify) at all. Not via clicking the × Button or via my “Close Window” Keybinding
  69. kalkin Also the UI of the account window is counter intuitive. The “—” Button removes the Account, but almost looks like some kind of option button, which I would expect there. I needed a few minutes to figure out, that I need to press on the row to get to the account details
  70. kalkin Also the growing of the message inputbox is buggy & weird, but I guess it's GTK3 fault
  71. kalkin lovetox & asterix Neverless great work!! I'm very thankfull for it
  72. lovetox yes please post the error
  73. lovetox about your other problem
  74. lovetox im not getting what you want to achieve
  75. kalkin BTW I can iconify Gajim, by clicking the icon the status bar
  76. kalkin lovetox: I want to close gajim, but still have it running in the background
  77. lovetox you should set the quit on roster x back to what it was
  78. lovetox and look for hide_on_roster_x
  79. kalkin ohh, great thanks!
  80. lovetox and the account window looks now different in current master
  81. lovetox to adress exactly this problem
  82. lovetox input box is known and reported to gnome
  83. kalkin set quit_on_roster_x to true and hide_on_roster_x to true, it kills Gajim if I close it
  84. kalkin (Btw I'm using single window mode)
  85. lovetox yeah then set it to False
  86. lovetox quit on roster x means quit
  87. kalkin > input box is known and reported to gnome 👍
  88. kalkin I got it: quit_on_roster_x → False, hide_on_roster_x → True, is exactly the behaviour I want. Thank you very much
  89. lovetox you probably think that could be one setting
  90. kalkin Yes
  91. lovetox yeah we could probably make that one setting with 3 options, quit, hide, dont hide
  92. kalkin Actually I would expect this !quit_on_roster_x && hide_on_roster_x to be the default setting.
  93. kalkin But may be it is, and it's only my old defaults which lead me to have this weird expirience
  94. lovetox yeah, because you use a system with status icons :)
  95. lovetox but there are desktops that dont have one
  96. lovetox like Gnome :)
  97. kalkin OMFG, why gnome, why???? :)
  98. kalkin I completly forgote about it :)
  99. kalkin But gnome does have this weird status/dash thingy in the left bottom corner
  100. kalkin At least HipChat & Zeal use it for their icons
  101. lovetox no they even removed that in latest versions
  102. kalkin right… *sigh*
  103. lovetox but i guess we wait 2 years, then its comming back as a feature ^^
  104. kalkin or shell extension :)
  105. kalkin
  106. kalkin The above link is the error
  107. kalkin I found out that the \u201c is just a fancy “ from the logger
  108. lovetox kalkin, this has been fixed in nbxmpp master
  109. lovetox
  110. lovetox we didnt force utf-8 decoding
  111. lovetox so it took something depending on your locale i guess
  112. kalkin lovetox: great!
  113. kalkin lovetox: will you release a point release soon?
  114. lovetox of nbxmpp? yes it will come with the release of gajim 1.0.2 which should also be very soon
  115. kalkin awesome!
  116. ch3 oh my, was without jabber/xmpp since archlinux switched to 1.0.1
  117. ch3 just found the issue and now i'm back again. :)
  118. ch3 it always crashed while checking certificates (different error than the invalid ascii)
  119. ch3 put some debugging in and it turned out that I had a hidden vim backup file in /etc/ssl/certs that contained non-unicode characters...
  120. ch3 so gajim currently is not able to connect via ssl at all if there is a file in /etc/ssl/certs that contains non-unicode characters.
  121. ch3 is that something you would consider worth to be fixed?
  122. ch3 (would just be another try-catch block around opening certs)
  123. asterix I think lovetox already fixed that
  124. lovetox ch3 its already fixed
  125. lovetox install nbxmpp from git
  126. lovetox or fix it in your package until we make a release
  127. lovetox
  128. ch3 nah, had a look at it. didn't fix
  129. lovetox then your file is not in utf-8
  130. lovetox we cant guess file encoding
  131. ch3 yes, that was the problem.
  132. ch3 yes.
  133. ch3 that's why I'm asking and not opening an issue directly. :)
  134. lovetox you mean not loading the certs?
  135. ch3 lovetox, excuse me, I don't understand?
  136. lovetox what do you want us to do if we cant decode the file?
  137. ch3 I don't know. Just wanted to notify you that there might be problems for some people who are a little bit messy with their systems. And that it might be an option to handle the case a little bit more gently...
  138. ch3 I don't expect/wish anything. :)
  139. lovetox thats what i proposed
  140. lovetox ignore files that we cant decode
  141. ch3 ah, yes.
  142. lovetox yes thats a good solution
  143. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *83e1028b* < > Catch UnicodeError when decoding certs
  144. lovetox there you go ch3
  145. lovetox this should fix it
  146. ch3 Ah, nice! :D Thank you very much! (And I even was forced a little to look into the source of another project - something I want me to do more frequently, taking advantage of free software :) )
  147. lovetox louiz,
  148. lovetox when do you make a new biboumi release
  149. lovetox the current mam impl in 7.2 causes endless loops
  150. lovetox because the complete attr in mam is never set
  151. lovetox i would think that fix alone would justify a new release
  152. louiz endless loop in what?
  153. lovetox in mam requests
  154. lovetox if you dont tell the client that there are not more messages, he will endless request more
  155. louiz Do you have the xml logs of this?
  156. lovetox why do you need that
  157. lovetox did you forget you fixed that?
  158. lovetox
  159. lovetox here
  160. louiz Yes, I forget, because there are multiple issues more or less related, and I never know what people are talking about if they don't mention the actual ticket
  161. lovetox i dont think there was ever a ticket
  162. lovetox i just told you and you fixed it
  163. lovetox but that was 3 months ago, and since than no new version
  164. louiz I can release with this, but there is still at least one other issue like that
  165. lovetox i dont want to rush you
  166. lovetox but infinity loops are really bad
  167. lovetox just wanted to bring it to your attention so you can maybe prioritise it
  168. lovetox
  169. lovetox if you mean this
  170. louiz yes
  171. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9103: < Gajim generates excessive MAM requests when connecting to a chat room >
  172. louiz I'll release a 7.3 soon, I'll put that fix in it
  173. lovetox thanks
  174. lovetox MAM is a bitch ^^
  175. Maranda Is it?