Gajim - 2018-04-27

  1. Zatalyz bonjour, hello :)
  2. Zatalyz I want to change my emoticon set but since 1.0 I don't understand how it is work...
  3. Zatalyz I find this :
  4. Zatalyz but... link on iconset takes me back to an empty page
  5. Zatalyz and I am not sure it is good for 1.0.1
  6. UsL Zatalyz, enable the emoticons pack plugin. Edit -> Plugins.
  7. UsL then you enable and configure the plugin.
  8. UsL or rather, when you enable it you'll have a new tab with emoticons. I suggest you choose Noto.
  9. Zatalyz I haven't got emoticon plugin avalaible since gajim 1.0.1 :s
  10. Zatalyz I use it before but after update, it disappeared, I supposed because it is outdated...
  11. steven I'm trying to use this plugin:
  12. steven However, every time I check the install box and click Install/Upgrade and it says succesfully installed, it doesn't seem to be there.
  13. steven HTTP Upload images are shown as just URLs and the column Installed (version) is still empty and the box unchecked.
  14. steven (I do have the python-crypto dependency that is mentioned)
  15. bot Blazej created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9101: < Notification never autohides in gnome >
  16. lovetox steven install python-pil
  17. lovetox or pillow
  18. lovetox dont know how it is called on your system
  19. lovetox Zatalyz, you cant change that easily emoticons anymore
  20. lovetox as gajim now supplys 2200 emojis
  21. lovetox these plugins supply like 20
  22. lovetox so i think this is not really the experience you want to have
  23. Zatalyz I just want to change visual for my favorite emoticone :s
  24. lovetox on what system are you?
  25. Zatalyz Archlinux
  26. lovetox search for the noto-emoticon folder, copy it, rename it to something else
  27. lovetox exchange the icons you want
  28. lovetox restart gajim and set the emoticon theme
  29. lovetox whats my nickname?
  30. lovetox in converse.js there seems not be anyway to determine what nickname i use in a groupchat
  31. ivucica Can I block notifications on messages from a particular JID? I don't mean to block receiving them completely, but just no window popup, no window highlight, such stuff.
  32. lovetox no ivucica, there is a issue open for that feature
  33. Hello. How to export and import roster contact?
  34. Steven Roose What does "Request Entity Too Large" mean when doing HTTP Upload?
  35. Steven Roose I have succesfully uploaded > 2 MiB files with Conversations and this one was 1.6 MiB
  36. Steven Roose So it's not a 413 from the server
  37. bot Remi Rampin created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9102: < Malformed room JID when contains ampersand >
  38. bot Felix Maurer created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9103: < Gajim generates excessive MAM requests when connecting to a chat room >
  39. lovetox Steven Roose, you have to ask your server administrator, that is not a gajim message, its the error from the server
  40. lovetox a server does not only apply limits in size of files, also in uploaded data over time for example
  41. Stefan Spühler, Welcome to 404MiB