Gajim - 2018-04-23

  1. bot Aukache created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9094: < problem receiving file >
  2. akhil always have problems with jingle (file transfer/voice call)
  3. Traceback (most recent call last):
  4. asterix akhil: voice call, normal. Not working in 1.0
  5. asterix, Do voice call work in 1.1?
  6. asterix 1.0.1, no more
  7. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9094: < problem receiving file >
  8. akhil issue 8308 still relevant for 1.0.1 in debian sid
  9. Daniel akhil, currently there is no support for audio/video calls
  10. Daniel lovetox, goal was to put everything into one folder. When trying to put both gajim_flatpak and gajim_flatpak_repo into one folder, it didn't work for me. I wanted to put these two folders in subdirectories of the git clone so that one can easily git pull --rebase on the clone. If it works the way you described, I'm very happy with that!
  11. lovetox i didnt try it though
  12. lovetox but i can do it tonight
  13. Daniel great! I'm sorry I can't test this for now, no linux available
  14. Daniel ivucica, thank you very much! Will test this in the evening
  15. akhil Can I disable these join/part messages?
  16. Daniel Yes, in Bookmarks you can enable/disable them
  17. lovetox yes either in bookmarks window per groupchat or in advanced config editor "print_muc_status"
  18. lovetox global
  19. akhil thank you
  20. ivucica Daniel, I think it's broken due to the WorkingDirectory hack actually not working. I think. Not sure. I think it worked because I used command-line 'open'.
  21. ivucica A solution might be to create '' with: #!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" ; python3 and put it into MacOS folder (the one with gajim's git repo).
  22. ivucica i'll try this shortly.
  23. ivucica oh, chmod +x on that file, too, of course, and edit Info.plist to point to it.
  24. ivucica Alright, #!/usr/bin/env bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" /usr/local/bin/python3
  25. ivucica Because PATH does not seem to include /usr/local/bin, you need to give the whole path. *shrug* install instructions say that one should install from Brew, so that should be fine.
  26. ivucica No need to change directory, actually. Info.plist's WorkingDirectory setting works just fine.
  27. ivucica I've also added the Gajim.icns into and specified: <key>CFBundleIconFile</key> <string>Gajim</string> which gave me a nice icon. Some of the changes you apply to Info.plist only apply once you rename the .app (you can rename it back immediately afterward).
  28. ivucica I hope this helps.
  29. lovetox brew install python to usr/local/bin ?
  30. lovetox and this .app thingy, can be put anywhere on a mac and just double clicked and it starts the application?
  31. ivucica so you /do/ need directory change, afaict. i also have a small hacky change to to rename global main menu's application menu from 'Python' to 'Gajim', but it's overly hacky.
  32. lovetox we can use jhbuild to build the .app
  33. ivucica *shrug* sure
  34. ivucica i don't care either way, i was sharing what i just did, because opening terminal was a pain
  35. ivucica i still get to git pull into the MacOS directory
  36. lovetox and if you start via the .app file console is hidden?
  37. lovetox hm but now i have a good idea how we can get to a bundle
  38. lovetox find a server that has a mac env, install with brew all dependencys, add a .bundle file that lists all the files we want to have in the bundle, and run jhbuild
  39. SABer problem: OMEMO is not working between gajim (me) 0.16 and (noob) 1.01
  40. SABer accounts are accepted in both directions
  41. SABer what should i write to noob to fix this ???
  42. lovetox why do you think the problem is on his side?
  43. SABer gajim 1.01 windows should bring OMEMO out of the box right?
  44. lovetox no
  45. SABer uhhhhh
  46. SABer ok
  47. lovetox you have to download the plugin
  48. SABer uhhhhhhhhhhh
  49. SABer thanks
  50. SABer that suxxx
  51. SABer not possible to explain that to noob via txt :(
  52. lovetox ?
  53. lovetox click plugins -> click omemo -> click download?
  54. lovetox whats so hard about that
  55. SABer should be auto on in a perfect world :D
  56. SABer thanks lovetox
  57. SABer we ll try
  58. SABer noob is offline because everything was too complicated and needed too much time
  60. zuglufttier > whats so hard about that lovetox: Laziness :D
  61. zuglufttier I still think that it's important to ship omemo directly with gajim.
  62. SABer yes, it has to get as easy as using preinstalled whats app !
  63. SABer :)
  64. SABer i'm not lazy but i'm getting bad mood while trying to convience my friends ...
  65. lovetox i guess i can add it to the windows installer
  66. SABer cool :)
  67. zuglufttier lovetox, excellent!
  68. zuglufttier Consider the other OS as well ;)
  69. lovetox if you mean linux, they have package managers, we dont control what gets shipped
  70. lovetox if you think its important you can always tell the package manager to add the package as recommended
  71. zuglufttier But wouldn't you consider omemo as a feature of gajim and not just a plugin?
  72. zuglufttier HTTP upload is now a core feature as well.
  73. lovetox yes its a small xep that does not need any dependencys
  74. lovetox i think omemo is fine for now as a plugin, its really only one command to install it
  75. lovetox or add it to the gajim package of your distribution
  76. zuglufttier Oh, I'm fine with the way it is now. Just thinking of non computer people ;)
  77. lovetox they dont use linux
  78. zuglufttier Because software is sometimes less polished and you need to enable features by hand.
  79. lovetox im not against including it in general, just want to wait and give it more time
  80. SABer lovetox we ugently need a gajim macosx standalone client installer
  81. SABer do yoou think it is possible in the future?
  82. zuglufttier lovetox, OK, I'll stop nagging you about it then :D I understand that's it's not perfect right now.
  83. SABer there is noo client supporting OMEMO on macos !!
  84. zuglufttier SABer, do you speak macos? I wouldn't know how to provide a program there...
  85. SABer i think it is fucking important to spread xampp ...
  86. SABer i'm using macos too
  87. SABer but not speaking :)
  88. lovetox yes its possible but im waiting for someone who actually uses mac os to do it 🙂
  89. SABer hmm maybe i can convince some mac pros to help
  90. SABer what do you think: how much hassle is it to compile port the gtk3 part for macos
  91. zuglufttier SABer, do you use brew?
  92. zuglufttier GTK3 is already in there.
  93. zuglufttier
  94. zuglufttier Maybe that's the way to go for gajim as well.
  95. SABer gajim is there too i think but that is not the way to go
  96. SABer you have to install developer tools to use something like this
  97. SABer installing dev tool is a pain in the ass
  98. SABer and most people don't even have access to the dev tools and xcode
  99. SABer apple :/
  100. zuglufttier SABer, actually it's the other way round: Using an OS without a working package manager is a pain in the ass :D
  101. zuglufttier But you're right.
  102. SABer true but we need a xampp environment that is easy accessable for everyone
  103. SABer not nerds only
  104. SABer macos omemo is the missing part
  105. lovetox no there is nothing missing on macos
  106. lovetox everything works
  107. SABer how?
  108. lovetox
  109. zuglufttier You need brew then. But there doesn't seem to be a way to install python3 otherwise.
  110. SABer but this is the paket manager way you need a apple developer account and is hardcore inconvenient right?
  111. SABer impossible
  112. SABer !!!
  113. lovetox im not saying a user should use that
  114. lovetox but you said it does not work
  115. lovetox of course there should be a easier way for users to install
  116. SABer not nerds only ... macos omemo is the missing part
  117. lovetox what do you mean with that?
  118. zuglufttier SABer, you need to find someone who is able to make that DMG file.
  119. lovetox i just told you it does work
  120. SABer i myself would need an illegal version of dev tool and ~ a day to install gajim omemo this way
  121. SABer this is just impossible
  122. lovetox Oo this is not true at all
  123. lovetox why do you think its illegal to use brew?
  124. SABer dev tools
  125. SABer not brew
  126. lovetox no its not
  127. lovetox what dev tools?
  128. lovetox there are no dev tolls
  129. SABer but you need em to get brew working
  130. lovetox its just brew
  131. lovetox no you dont
  132. lovetox /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  133. lovetox type this into your terminal
  134. lovetox finished
  135. SABer nope
  136. lovetox there is no illegal dev tool
  137. SABer you need command line tools for xcode
  138. SABer you only get this if you pay apple a dev account
  139. SABer or dl it illegal
  140. SABer ;)
  141. lovetox why would you need xcode?
  142. SABer it is required ;)
  143. lovetox no its not
  144. lovetox just install it
  145. lovetox you will not be asked for a dev account
  146. SABer go to
  147. SABer it is required for every mac paket manager
  148. SABer i'll post in some macboards
  149. lovetox its recommended
  150. lovetox and brew supports it
  151. lovetox no mention of it needs it
  152. lovetox and i just googeld app store
  153. lovetox xcode is a free app in appstore
  154. SABer reqirements : intel cpu osx >=10.11 and command line tools ;)
  155. SABer if you give me some more infos i'll post in some macboards
  156. SABer and search for a dev that is able to help you
  157. SABer ...
  158. lovetox its not just a few minutes work
  159. lovetox point them to the project
  160. lovetox if someone is insterested he will know what to do
  161. SABer ok
  162. SABer you are right xcode has been made a free download by that time
  163. SABer noob got installed omemo after a hard fight :D
  164. SABer i had to restart my 0.16 client to make it working
  165. Holger SABer: Was the noob insisting on using OMEMO, or where you insisting? :-)
  166. Holger *were
  167. SABer i was
  168. SABer noob is using whats app, but i don't use that :D
  169. SABer still not working :D
  170. SABer if i remember gajim v1 correct ... noob has to press the lock symbol
  171. SABer right?
  172. SABer and than accept my fingerprint
  173. SABer somehow
  174. SABer right?
  175. SABer seems to be one way encrypted only at the moment ...
  176. SABer works *BRAVO*
  177. debacle About Gajim plugins: It is a little bit of a disadvantage to have all plugins in one git repository. Release cycles are different etc. But I assume, nobody really want to make the big step to one git repo per plugin, right? It would be helpful, if at least all plugin releases from now on were tagged, e.g. as "preview/2.1.8" or "omemo/2.5.10". What do you think?
  178. Daniel There are tags for omemo plugin, i think! But yeah, it's a big step to put these in separate repos
  179. debacle Ah, yes, "omemo_2.5.1", very good! No tags for any other plugin, unfortunately.
  180. debacle A good first step would be to tag all current releases of all known-to-be-good plugins.
  181. debacle So far, I use the last change of manifest.ini as pseudo-tag.
  182. debacle No need to tag all history, from my POV.
  183. Daniel Yes, I guess other plugins could be tagged as well. lovetox did this for omemo
  184. lovetox we will supply versioned zips soon
  185. lovetox so no need for tags anymore
  186. debacle Good! How are the zips created? Gitlab creates them for tags, but how does it work w/o tags?
  187. Daniel Hm not exaclty sure but i think it's on every commit to the corresponding manifest.ini
  188. lovetox on every change of manifest.ini there will be a created
  189. Daniel Whups, sorry, didn't see you were writing as well
  190. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *86bfc81a* < > Remove old unused migration method
  191. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *4f2033fa* < > Move constants into const module
  192. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *4c1bfda4* < > Fix const imports
  193. UsL I am in ACE trying to find hight of message input row. Any idea what I should look for?
  194. UsL I want it to show two rows instead of one.
  195. lovetox there is no such thing
  196. UsL ah. Well, that explains it : )
  197. lovetox but
  198. lovetox there is a plugin
  199. lovetox called message box size
  200. lovetox that does that for you
  201. lovetox UsL,
  202. UsL aah, I see. Thanks!Q I should have looked there ofc. I saw a screenshot of a gajim with two rows a day ago
  203. UsL seems like the plugins isn't avaialble right now. "Donload failed". I 'll try later
  204. UsL no, "Error in download" it said
  205. lovetox i just downloaded it worked fine for me
  206. lovetox Are you using Gajim 1.0.0?
  207. UsL 0.16.6
  208. lovetox ...
  209. lovetox
  210. UsL haha, thanks : )
  211. lovetox put it into ~/.local/share/Gajim/plugins
  212. UsL yep
  213. lovetox i hope this works for gajim 0.16
  214. lovetox :)
  215. marc how can i disable the status change messages in mucs?
  216. lovetox advanced config editor "print_muc_status"
  217. marc lovetox, are you planning to add a more prominent settings button for it?
  218. lovetox someday, somewhere :)
  219. marc lovetox, maybe "none" should be the default then
  220. marc it's f*cking annoying in larger public group chats
  221. Daniel Isn't it default in 1.0?
  222. marc Daniel, I don't know, I use 1.0 but maybe my old config is used
  223. Daniel you can change this setting via Bookmarks dialog
  224. lovetox indeed its default none
  225. lovetox we didnt find it worth to overwrite config values for long time users
  226. marc yes, I checked it
  227. marc so everything is fine :)
  228. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  229. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *872c68b3* < > Remove accidentally commited file
  230. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *986898f6* < > Dont check for OpenSSL we require it on install
  231. bot Daniel closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9091: < login after password changed // wifi regained >