Gajim - 2018-04-22

  1. lovetox GMT + 1
  2. lovetox thats a deep question
  3. lovetox for me its a guy call Daniel that often is here in the chat, and did write the manual
  4. Link Mauve lovetox, again, GMT isn’t a reference timezone, you mean UTC.
  5. chameleonscales thanks. Yeah I meant how is he involved in gajim
  6. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *3ad539cb* < > Make sure all config dirs get created LOG_DB_FOLDER and CACHE_DB_FOLDER are equal to MY_DATA and MY_CACHE
  7. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *efd2ca50* < > Remove unused old migration method
  8. akhil gajim contact search is very slow with 500 contacts
  9. Daniel chameleonscales, I'm sorry, I am on the road for a while so I can't test right now. If you substitute some path you have to do it uniformly (that's where most errors occur). What exactly was command 4 for you?
  10. Daniel André can help you as well, he's also involved with the flatpak readme ;) don't know what's his name here though
  11. lovetox Daniel, i dont think he is in this room
  12. lovetox akhil, try ctrl + N
  13. lovetox tell me if it is also slow for you
  14. akhil wow, cntrl+N is fast
  15. akhil thank you
  16. SaltyBones Where can I download the windows nightly?
  17. SaltyBones The latest build errors all over the place because of a missing avatar_sha column
  18. SaltyBones I mean latest release
  19. SaltyBones ah...the installer version seems to fare better
  20. SaltyBones lovetox, asterix: probably something wrong with the portable version
  21. asterix Strange, it'sthe same code. Nightly are in
  22. polplateau Hi! Is there any way to hide the status icons from the roster that are shown next to each contact? Thanks!
  23. asterix No, it is also used to collapse / expand account row, groups and metacontacts
  24. chameleonscales Hi Daniel and thanks for dropping by to help.
  25. chameleonscales I ended up putting the installation folder in the default directory, so all the commands are copy-pasted from the guide unmodified.
  26. lovetox SaltyBones, did you upgrade from a 0.16.9 version with this installation?
  27. lovetox sounds like a migration issue
  28. SaltyBones lovetox, uh..does portable store permanent data somewhere?
  29. SaltyBones that sounds wrong :)
  30. lovetox yes in the folder where you install it
  31. lovetox so are you saying this was on a fresh install?
  32. lovetox do you still have this installation where the avatar_sha column can not be found?
  33. lovetox if yes can you send me the logs.db
  34. lovetox ah cache.db
  35. SaltyBones lovetox, sure
  36. SaltyBones will it contain my password or just all my contacts and messages? ;)
  37. lovetox your avatars and your roster
  38. lovetox but you can clear the db if you want
  39. lovetox im only interested about the tables and columns not whats in them
  40. polplateau Since hiding the status icons from the roster is not possible (thanks asterix for the explanation), I decided to create an iconset with empty icons (except for the online icon, which is all I need). but for icon sets in ~/.local/share/gajim/iconsets, the tray icon gets replaced with a generic "icon missing" symbol. For iconsets in /usr/lib/…, the current status icon is used. Am I missing something or should I open a ticket? Thanks!
  41. lovetox this will not work for long
  42. lovetox its currently a coincident that you can exchange only the roster icons
  43. lovetox because roster takes its icons from the iconset
  44. lovetox but rest of gajim takes it from the hicolor folder where all icons are
  45. lovetox but soon also the roster will take its icons from there
  46. lovetox so if you then replace them with empty icons, you have nowhere in gajim a status indication
  47. lovetox i have to look up what the tray icon does
  48. lovetox hm
  49. lovetox tell me how you named the icons
  50. lovetox it seems it doesnt find them, roster just doesnt diplay a icon if it cant find it
  51. lovetox but tray icon displays no image found
  52. lovetox this is a mess
  53. lovetox for roster you have to put the icons into inconset
  54. lovetox but for tray you have to put the icons also into "icons/hicolor"
  55. lovetox in install path of gajim
  56. lovetox but to be honest i would not put empty icons there
  57. lovetox just copy the ones from dcraven and rename them
  58. lovetox then you have status icons everywhere in gajim except the roster
  59. lovetox which is what you want i think
  60. polplateau lovetox: works like a charm, thanks!
  61. lovetox thanks saltybones
  62. Daniel Just installed Gajim for a friend of mine (on a Mac). Is there a decent way of integrating a starter/launcher for Gajim in OSX? Right now I have an .sh file connected to the dock which starts That solution opens a terminal and a python icon appears (holding gajim). What I'm thinking of is a Gajim icon for the dock (a single item in the dock)
  63. lovetox of course, but im not a mac person, packaging gajim for mac is possible, an example you have in the quodlibet project who does that
  64. ivucica I'll try to whip something quick up. I suspect moving "gajim" folder to "" plus creating "" should be enough.
  65. ivucica Trying this out now.
  66. akhil Is there a way to quickly jump to incoming conversation?
  67. Daniel Thank you both! ivucica, does it work like you described? I'm no Mac person at all!
  68. Daniel akhil try Ctrl + Tab
  69. akhil Daniel, it jumps only to open tabs, and doesn't open new tab with incoming conversation
  70. lovetox in the help menu are all shortcuts
  71. akhil lovetox, there is nothing like "open incoming conversation"
  72. lovetox no i dont think we have this, if you have some tool where you can execute a command on a shortcut
  73. asterix gajim --show-next-pending-event
  74. lovetox yeah to that
  75. lovetox :)
  76. lovetox bonus if you use that tool on your system you have this shortcut global, meaning you can bring the event to front even if you are active in another program
  77. akhil notifications works ok, I can click to notification to open incoming conversation if it is enabled in preferences
  78. ivucica I think I managed to make it work, sorry for the delay. Took a bit.
  79. ivucica So let's try: mkdir -p cd git clone MacOS
  80. ivucica Now, this is the Info.plist:
  81. ivucica
  82. ivucica You put it in
  83. lovetox thanks, we should put this onto the wiki page for now
  84. lovetox best case would be that we find someday someone who creates a brew formula that installs all deps and does create the plist
  85. lovetox or move it, we could have it in the gajim repo
  86. ivucica wiki needs to be updated to include pip3 install for idna and precis-i18n
  87. chameleonscales Daniel, you still there ?
  88. lovetox ivucica, updated.
  89. ivucica \o/
  90. ivucica
  91. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  92. lovetox chameleonscales, i can reproduce your error here
  93. lovetox chameleonscales, execute this, then it works
  94. lovetox flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify gajim_flatpak_repo gajim_flatpak_repo
  95. lovetox you have to first remove the remote with
  96. lovetox flatpak --user remote-delete gajim_flatpak_repo
  97. lovetox Daniel
  98. lovetox flatpak-builder --repo=gajim_flatpak_repo ~/Gajim/gajim_flatpak ~/Gajim/org.gajim.Gajim.json
  99. lovetox this creates a gajim_flatpak folder inside Gajim, and also a repo folder named gajim_flatpak_repo in ~
  100. lovetox so if the goal was to have all building folders inside Gajim
  101. lovetox we probably should try flatpak-builder --repo=~/Gajim/gajim_flatpak_repo
  102. lovetox SaltyBones, for me this seems impossible
  103. lovetox that this db was created by a new installer
  104. lovetox there is every db field there except this avatar_sha, but the create string, has it ..
  105. chameleonscales lovetox sorry, didn't see your messages
  106. chameleonscales aww come on !
  107. chameleonscales Now I can't get past line 4 anymore !
  108. chameleonscales Failed to download sources: module gajim: Child process exited with code 128
  109. lovetox maybe you delete all the folders and start new
  110. lovetox i did it 10 minutes ago, everything build fine
  111. chameleonscales that's what I did
  112. chameleonscales and I re git-cloned it
  113. lovetox post what it says before that
  114. lovetox this error tells not much
  115. chameleonscales oh, this should tell more :
  116. chameleonscales error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database ./objects
  117. chameleonscales I'll sudo it I guess
  118. lovetox should not be necessary
  119. chameleonscales dunno why I have to all of a sudden
  120. lovetox mayber you forgot once somewhere the --user
  121. lovetox though we dont need it for the builder..
  122. lovetox no idea
  123. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *3efa731f* < > Add stanza_id index also when we create the DB
  124. chameleonscales I didn't forget it. I copy-pasted the lines as they are
  125. chameleonscales I'll just uninstall gnome and truly restart from zero
  126. SaltyBones lovetox: Uh..maybe it wasn't?
  127. SaltyBones I mean it s the portable thingy
  128. lovetox then the problem is easily fixed with just deleting cache.db
  129. SaltyBones hm...can't reproduce it either
  130. SaltyBones no clue what happened there
  131. chameleonscales lovetox or Daniel, do you know what this means ?
  132. chameleonscales Error: linkat: Operation not permitted
  133. chameleonscales Actually nevermind, it's getting too messy for me, maybe I'll try installing Gajim another time but for now I'm good with Jitsi.