Gajim - 2018-04-17

  1. stp Hello guys, is there any way to set Gajim to notify me about every new message in a certain MUC?
  2. foose stp, try click on menu button to the right of the new message input textaria, and choose "Nofity on all message" item. (I don'n try this feature)
  3. stp foose: thanks for the hint. I'll try that.
  4. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9082: < ValueError in avahi library happening randomly >
  5. mrDoctorWho in-chat text formatting works quite weird
  6. mrDoctorWho you select the text, then choose "bold"
  7. mrDoctorWho it becomes bold
  8. mrDoctorWho ok
  9. mrDoctorWho then you unselect it
  10. mrDoctorWho select again, and the "bold" checbox is unset
  11. CatMan hi all
  12. CatMan can anybody tell me how i can make video call over Gajim at windows?
  13. CatMan or it can work only at Linux/BSD ?
  14. lovetox CatMan, is currently broken, so you cant do it
  15. CatMan lovetox‎, i can't do it :) because i don't known python and Jingle too.
  16. CatMan lovetox‎, it broken only at win release? why at Linux it work fine?
  17. lovetox no everywhere
  18. CatMan my friend use now 0.16.8 at Ubuntu and Video?Audio worked fine.
  19. lovetox yes 16.8 is not 1.0 🙂
  20. CatMan ohh..
  21. CatMan will try 16.8
  22. bot Daniel closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9049: < XMPP logo in "Add New Contact" window instead Gajim logo >
  23. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8884: < Flatpak image issues >
  24. zuglufttier Regaring issues in gitlab: Shouldn't we just close issues that are older than two years?
  25. zuglufttier Comment: "Closed due to age".
  26. zuglufttier And all issues related to gajim < 0.16.9 or < 1.0.x?
  27. zuglufttier Just to keep it tidy.
  28. Daniel No, definitely not. There are plenty issues worth keeping. I'm already filtering the issues and delete stuff that's not relevant anymore. I put labels on every issue to allow easy filtering. Duplicates are gone mostly, stuff related to gajim <1.0 is either closed or I asked if it's still an issue with 1.0. Deleting everything older than 2 years may be easy, but not the way to go I think!
  29. zuglufttier Daniel, OK... I just thought it might be pretty frustrating always to see the amount of issues ;)
  30. Daniel did you see how it was a month ago? there were over 500 open issues and a looong tail of outdated, not-relavant-anymore, absolutely-no-demand issues, duplicates, and so on. and yes, it was frustrating to me, so i started filtering (which is a slow process, but it's worth it)
  31. Maranda Daniel aka "The Closer"
  32. Maranda Soon he will turn into Brenda Lee Johnson
  33. Maranda
  34. Daniel rather The Modifier lately :D
  35. Maranda 🤣
  36. Daniel zuglufttier, no offense! just my opinion on this
  37. zuglufttier Daniel, keep up the good work! Yes, I know what it looked like: A issue nightmare. Right now, it's only unpleasant :D
  38. zuglufttier I think it would be nice to use the boards: There could be a new board filled with issues that are needed for the next release.
  39. zuglufttier Or a board with "nice to have".
  40. zuglufttier But you're doing that with milestones, I see ;)
  41. bot Jan Niklas Hasse created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9083: < Support for PKIX over Secure HTTP (POSH) >
  42. Tschaeggaer hey
  43. Tschaeggaer lovetox, remember my error message from a week or two ago? i could finally catch it in debug. Don't know if it is saying much tho.. :D It happened around 13:00 I think.
  44. ivan Is Gajim meant to print into MUC log all of the MAM'd history of a chatroom?
  45. ivan Not a big deal.
  46. lovetox yes, since you last joined
  47. lovetox not pretty but its like that until we can dynamically request history
  48. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9083: < Support for PKIX over Secure HTTP (POSH) >
  49. lovetox hm Tschaeggaer something is really wrong with your gajim
  50. lovetox but the error you posted is not in this log
  51. lovetox judging from this log you should miss many messages
  52. lovetox every error means a message is not printed to the chat
  53. lovetox so would be interesting when this is actually happening
  54. lovetox as it seems iots not on every message
  55. Tschaeggaer my messages seem consistent with those from my phone
  56. steven Being online with both Conversations and Gajim, sending from Gajim to a contact using omemo, makes it impossible for the conversations client to see the message
  57. steven I.e. your own messages sent from Gajim
  58. asterix steven: trust all your keys
  59. steven Manually?
  60. steven There is no option if I click on my own resource in Gajim's roster
  61. steven And also not in the chat conversations omemo menu
  62. steven asterix:
  63. asterix steven: I think it's in the pugin configuration window
  64. lovetox steven, in the same window where the fingerprints of your contacts are
  65. lovetox there is a second tab named "own fingerprints"
  66. lovetox really have to put this into the same tabler
  67. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [now_listen] Fix plugin
  68. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *f6dc4d37* < > [now_listen] Implement API changes, port config to GTK3, general improvements *87650d09* < > [now_listen] Update manifest.ini
  69. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #279: < [Now Listen] Cannot enable plugin >
  70. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [now_listen] Fix plugin
  71. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [plugin_installer] Add plugin auto update
  72. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *d760a1ad* < > [plugin_installer] Add plugin auto update *876b3354* < > [plugin_installer] Update manifest.ini
  73. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #134: < Autoupdate plugins >
  74. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [plugin_installer] Add plugin auto update
  75. Daniel yeah!
  76. lovetox is now your plugin, every issue has to be fixed by you, gratulations ! ;)
  77. Daniel responsibilities..
  78. Daniel :D
  79. Daniel lovetox, which error did you notice while trying to export some history via history manager? for me it works fine
  80. Daniel asterix, ever thought about opening and promoting a account?
  81. lovetox unicode error
  82. lovetox try to export a contact that has sent emojis
  83. Daniel i'll try
  84. lovetox
  85. lovetox the open command in this method
  86. lovetox needs a encoding='utf8'
  87. Daniel hm strange, I exported several contacts with emojis in history, no problems. viewing the exported files with Kate is also no problem. i'll check that
  88. lovetox ah you are on linux right?
  89. Daniel yep
  90. lovetox i think the file encoding is utf8 there by default
  91. lovetox on windows not
  92. lovetox i fix thios
  93. Daniel ok :)
  94. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *a45554a1* < > Save history export with utf8 encoding
  95. lovetox funny how this file is exported
  96. lovetox You on 15.03.2018 14:02:48 said: nein 30 min
  97. lovetox Daniel, if you are bored, you could change the omemo fingerprint window so it displays all fingerprints in one tab
  98. lovetox it seems many people dont see the own fingerprint tab and forget to trust their fingerprints
  99. Daniel i'm a bit confused myself, I see 'Known Fingerprints' tab with my jid in it, so i can trust/untrust it in that tab. 'own fingerprints' just displays account dropdown, own fingerprint (one), own device id, and qr code
  100. Daniel no option to trust/untrust my fingerprint in 'own fingerprint'
  101. bot drphr4ud created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9084: < Plugin manager update from 0.20.2 to 0.20.3 crashes >
  102. Daniel oh well..
  103. asterix Daniel: no,never had demand to have a liberapay account ...
  104. bot rthg created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9085: < Critical error >
  105. bot rthg closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9085: < Critical error >
  106. Daniel lovetox, is that a plugin reloading issue?
  107. lovetox yes
  108. lovetox it seems the ui file is not reloaded
  109. lovetox then it says the handlers are missing
  110. lovetox on a restart everything works
  111. Daniel oh no :/ didn't want to cause trouble with this!
  112. asterix We can quickly revert until we find how to reload the ui file?
  113. lovetox luckily its not serious
  114. lovetox no asterix the plugin keeps functioning
  115. lovetox its just that this error pops up
  116. lovetox but we will get many error reports i guess
  117. asterix Yes
  118. lovetox but this is a general problem this should happen with any plugin that modifies handlers in a ui file
  119. lovetox i hate the whole reloading
  120. lovetox its very fragile and creates only problems
  121. lovetox what i thought lately is, why reloading at all
  122. lovetox just download, overwrite the files, inform the user stuff has been updated but will need a restart
  123. Daniel maybe reloading while gajim is running isn't a good idea after all
  124. Daniel I thought about that after reading some omemo plugin issues
  125. lovetox its much saver, with less trouble
  126. asterix Changing files isn't a good idea too. If we change a png file or something else that is loaded on demand, yhis will cause pb too
  127. lovetox yes true
  128. lovetox py files are loaded into mem
  129. lovetox but some pngs on demand could cause trouble if they are not there anymore for example
  130. asterix Strange that ui file is not reloaded. It's loaded on the fly when running init
  131. lovetox i think it could maybe have to do with the fact that plugin dialogs are never destroyed
  132. lovetox they are only hidden
  133. lovetox or wait ..
  134. lovetox it says it cant find the handler
  135. lovetox so the ui file IS reloaded
  136. lovetox but the python file is not
  137. lovetox thats why its missing the handler
  138. lovetox it is not trivial to reload python modules
  139. lovetox this is not at all some functionality that is supported by python
  140. lovetox it can be done, but we really cant know what really python is doing under the hood
  141. lovetox reloading modules is not specified anywhere i searched
  142. Maranda OHHHH room avatars
  143. Maranda lol
  144. Maranda I think that's quite a side effect
  145. Daniel so reloading itself fails, while ui is reloaded.. maybe for plugin_installer, an exeption not to reload is an option?
  146. Daniel that could avoid further errors on update
  147. lovetox the reloading code is in gajim
  148. lovetox not in the plugin installer
  149. lovetox we use the reload method of a deprecated module
  150. lovetox imp
  151. lovetox it seems not to do what we really want
  152. lovetox i think the problem is
  153. lovetox we dont really remove the plugin object on deactivate
  154. lovetox reloading a module does not influence already created objects
  155. apollo13 reloading code in python is a pain anyways if you still have any reference, I'd just make unloading a noop and "please restart gajim to actually unload"
  156. lovetox hm, but maybe its only the config dialog
  157. steven lovetox, asterix, that worked, thanks
  158. steven yeah separate or different tab is a tough one, wouldn't know which one is better
  159. steven I can say that I opened the window and didn't notice the tab, though. But I'm on HiDPI so I have tiny tabs :D
  160. Daniel so reloading while gajim is running can be fixed? another way would be a queue with the plugins which need an update on next start. so the updated version is downloaded and stored in a different folder, and the updating is done on next start before loading any plugin
  161. lovetox yes that would be the cleanest method
  162. lovetox store in plugintemp
  163. lovetox and delete old folder and move plugin from temp, before loading all the plugins
  164. lovetox on start
  165. Daniel yes
  166. asterix That's only if we can't make reload work correctly ...
  167. asterix I hate windows that ask to restart each time you install something ... I don't want to repeat the same in Gajim ...
  168. apollo13 well the only way I can see to cleanly reload on python is have plugins register and then unregister, while making sure that unregister leave no references in the active gajim stuff
  169. apollo13 then reload the plugin module
  170. apollo13 that is relatively safe
  171. lovetox we do this of course
  172. lovetox this can be fixed of course
  173. lovetox but it needs some detective work
  174. lovetox funny is that this does mean we never reloaded plugins
  175. lovetox it just didnt show because we never changed handlers in a ui file as it seems
  176. Daniel Had to come up at some point it seems
  177. lovetox i just tested it
  178. lovetox and all python files are not reloaded correctly
  179. lovetox its not just the plugin config dialog
  180. Daniel Uff
  181. lovetox hm ok good news, it seems the reloading code is not even triggered for some reason
  182. Daniel Detective lovetox!
  183. lovetox ok i have to revert this
  184. lovetox reloading code is triggered
  185. lovetox but reloading doesnt work
  186. lovetox after reload the module is still the same object as before
  187. Daniel Hm what a mess, sorry for that!
  188. bot flobee created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9086: < update error >
  189. lovetox and so it begins
  190. bot Daniel closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9086: < update error >
  191. lovetox so yes i confirmed this, reload() does nothing
  192. lovetox Dont close the issue Daniel
  193. lovetox leav it open so other people can find it
  194. Daniel Yes this was the third issue opened about this.
  195. Daniel I referenced the correct one and marked the new one as duplocate
  196. Daniel #9084 was first (+ best description in title..)
  197. lovetox kk
  198. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9084: < Plugin manager update from 0.20.2 to 0.20.3 crashes >
  199. lovetox i test this further tomorrow
  200. lovetox with a minimal non gajim example
  201. Daniel Thanks for investigating!
  202. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *70a01c0d* < > Revert "[plugin_installer] Update manifest.ini" This reverts commit 876b33545bd9a8354b6f53511e40cf6b1aa93ef7
  203. lovetox i revert the manifest ini commit
  204. lovetox so people wont get a update notice
  205. lovetox or else tomorrow we drown in issue reports
  206. Maranda boh I have no idea I had the room icon show on Gajim groupchat roster
  207. Maranda Not sure how it happened
  208. Maranda the server does broadcast the avatar hash via room presence
  209. Maranda the server does broadcast the room avatar hash via room self presence
  210. lovetox hm yeah then this could happen
  211. lovetox as a groupchat in roster is treated like any other contact
  212. lovetox but im certain it is not loaded everywhere, so could be buggy
  213. lovetox in what room do you have this activated, then i can test it