Gajim - 2018-04-13

  1. mauk Is it possible to load some amount of last messages from history on Gakim start? Now it start with empty chats for me.
  2. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9070: < Gajim History Logs Manager >
  3. lovetox mauk only in single chat
  4. lovetox see restore_lines setting in advanced config editor
  5. mauk I understand, thanks.
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  10. UsL I am trying to understand what 'restore_timeout does'. The description says "How many minutes should last lines from previous conversation last." What does this mean? I want the as much history to load from a previous conversation as possible and/or hitting the maximum lines limit. I have the 'restore_lines' set to -1. Is this correct? I noticed that 'muc_restore_lines -1' sets maximum. Is that true for contacts as well?
  11. lovetox no, no, no and no πŸ˜ƒ
  12. lovetox 1. you should not load as much as possible
  13. lovetox because then loading your chatwindow will take 20 seconds
  14. lovetox dependening on how many messages you load
  15. lovetox further it makes no sense, if you want to look for old history the history window is much more efficient, providing a calender and search functionality
  16. lovetox 2. muc_restore_lines, is only for mucs that have no mam support, and there you can set -1 but the server limits how much history he wants you to give, you cant influence it
  17. UsL 2. I get. So restore_lines should have a limit then? Like the 500 that is the maximum lines limit? I prefer scrolling up instead of using the history manager. Many times I have no idea which date I wrote something.
  18. lovetox i dont think there is a limit
  19. lovetox but dont complain if your gajim hangs if you put in high numbers
  20. UsL np.
  21. UsL and what did restore_timeout do?
  22. lovetox if messages are older than in timeout defined they are not restored
  23. UsL so, if I want infinity can I set -1 there?
  24. lovetox maybe, i dont know if it was 0 or -1
  25. UsL I'll experiment
  26. UsL it would be cool if gajim would load history dynamically as you scroll upp/back in time
  27. Daniel UsL that list is old but it already covers you feature request ;)
  28. UsL ah, cool
  29. UsL yeah, it woould be nice. And loading wouldn't take 20 or so seconds if you want infinity
  30. Daniel I'd love that feature!
  31. UsL indede
  32. UsL indeed
  33. UsL restore_timeout -1 or 0 gives me no history at all
  34. UsL so I guess it wont function with infinity
  35. UsL okay, so I set restore_timeout to 525600 which is a year I think and maximum lines to 10000 and restore_lines to 10000 and that seems to do the trick. Loading time was just under a second as usual but then I don't have that much history. Thanks for clarifying the settings toxlover : )
  36. marmistrz lovetox, the setRaw error once again. The scenario was a little different, though.
  37. marmistrz I woke up from suspend. Before suspend I had ethernet connection, after suspend - the ethernet cable was unplugged
  38. marmistrz the error occured just when I enabled WiFi
  39. lovetox yes seems its a general problem on reconnect
  40. lovetox and the error just pops up
  41. lovetox or do you do something?
  42. marmistrz the error just pops up when I regain connectivity
  43. marmistrz maybe the tcp connection gets hanged up and the socket enters error state?
  44. asterix Maybe the output of gajim -v could help to understand what's going on
  45. marmistrz asterix, I'll check
  46. marmistrz basically, it only happens when the device was suspended (=> offline) for a longer time
  47. marmistrz lovetox, it looks to me that Gajim generates a lot of TCP traffic due to stream management
  48. marmistrz often I get a sm stanza something like every second, 1200 total during a ~1h session
  49. lovetox hm and? thats how sm works
  50. Holger I don't see SM traffic when there's no other traffic.
  51. lovetox i think he means he sees sm stanzas in general
  52. lovetox and wonders why there are so much
  53. lovetox *many
  54. ashka hi! should the audio input/output affect notification sounds for gajim? if it should then it doesn't seem to work for me, I want gajim to use pulse for notifications
  55. lovetox but you have sound? just the wrong output?
  56. lovetox i think the audio/video settings are not for notification output, we just use whatever your system has as default
  57. Daniel ashaka, are you using flatpak?
  58. ashka yes I have sound, I'm not sure what it's using but it seems to bypass pulseaudio
  59. ashka Daniel, no I'm using the version that is in arch repositories
  60. ashka might have got a bit worked up here... sound seems to be coming from the pulseaudio output but is not being listed by pavucontrol. I first checked because I get weird pulseaudio stuttering when gajim plays a sound
  61. lovetox we use
  62. lovetox so we are not actively choosing anything
  63. lovetox we just use this interface and it in turn uses whatever your system currently offers
  64. ashka alright, thank you
  65. ashka okay I thought it wasn't popping in pavucontrol but it's because audio is flagged as system audio so it's under "system sounds", it doesn't create a source of its own
  66. marmistrz lovetox: CSI should largely reduce the number of the needed stanzas
  67. Maranda Eh?
  68. Maranda Hu
  69. Maranda Hmm no
  70. Maranda what CSI does and does not does depend on the server and Gajim SHOULDN'T make any assumption based on it β„’
  71. marmistrz
  72. Maranda and?
  73. marmistrz and jonasw @ Conversations MUC
  74. marmistrz > the stanzas which are still transmitted after CSI is enabled (which gajim won’t enable) would normally trigger a push notification anyways -- which would make the client re-open a TCP connection, which is more overhead than keeping the connection open in the first place
  75. Maranda Again, I repeat.
  76. Maranda what CSI does and does not does depend on the server and Gajim SHOULDN'T make any assumption based on it β„’
  77. Maranda CSI on 3 different servers may do 3 exactly different optimisations when a client goes inactive.
  78. Holger Will Gajim include some plain-text <body/> with OMEMO messages to make it visible for non-OMEMO clients?
  79. Holger I mean like <body>You received an encrypted message.</body>.
  80. marmistrz Maranda: so, in other words, I get so much SM due to the fact that my server is not behaving properly?
  81. marmistrz i.e. the server creates the requests for SM ACK too often and Gajim has nothing else to do than to ACK it?
  82. Maranda Where on heaven what I said ever got to that, amount of acks is directly related the amount of stanza exchange activity between client and server
  83. Maranda I have no freaking idea what the algorithm Gajim use to determine when to request an ack is so how am I supposed to answer
  84. Maranda What I said was completely different and based on *your* statement about CSI
  85. Maranda s/the amount of/to the amount of/
  86. Holger marmistrz: We can't make a sane comment on your traffic without seeing (a snippet of) it.
  87. Daniel lovetox, about #9072, can I replace it in the wiki, is it ok?
  88. troom I
  89. troom Hi there, i cannot connect to a jabber server via bosh, while it works for another server
  90. troom what can I do, to find the problem?
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  96. jjrh Is the collapsing of the muc list done by keeping track of the size and setting it to invisible to fill the rest of the window? I was messing around trying to do this for the roster in single frame mode and the box wasn't resizing to fill in the now empty space