Gajim - 2018-03-29

  1. n00b Could you add here how to setup with virtualenv , pip names sometimes are not so obvious.
  2. concerto
  3. Asterix concerto: you need to update. It's not the correct version
  4. lovetox n00b, no sorry never used virtualenv, what is it what you need?
  5. Asterix lovetox, I saw you progressed on x86_64. If the only remaining pb is nsis, we can make 2 versions. That doesn't install in the same path anyway ... Maybe there are things to change in the nsis file
  6. lovetox hm no why, im able to pass the arch to nsis
  7. lovetox and then choose the correct path with it
  8. lovetox i just have to play with it a bit more, seems what i passed was not correct in lat build
  9. Asterix your last build doesn't work
  10. lovetox are you in some kind of hurry 😃 ?
  11. Asterix ho no, not at all, I just thought you were blocked
  12. lovetox no i just had to sleep and now work ^^
  13. lovetox so im positive i can do this
  14. Asterix about openssl license, the consensus is to keep it as is until they can change their license?
  15. lovetox yes
  16. Asterix lovetox, perfect, no hurry
  17. Asterix ok so I close the ticket?
  18. lovetox yes i think there is no other option
  19. Asterix ok. I comment there
  20. lovetox Command line defined: "ARCH=mingw64" Processing config: C:\msys64\mingw64\etc\nsisconf.nsh Processing script file: "C:/msys64/home/appveyor/gajim/win/misc/gajim.nsi" (UTF8) File: "$Arch\*.*" -> no files found.
  21. lovetox ah damn var seems case sensitive
  22. Asterix if that's the only pb, shouldn't be hard to fix
  23. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8999: < gajim's license needs OpenSSL exception >
  24. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *a884ba67* < > prevent traceback. Fixes #8936
  25. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8936: < Bug upon opening information of a contact that's listed on rooster under "Transports" >
  26. Asterix lovetox, about #8992, can be closed?
  27. bot Yann Leboulanger modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8946: < Remove account >
  28. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8862: < Gajim does not close room window after muc room was destroyed >
  29. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *c2184aaf* < > remove bookmark and close muc when destroying the room. Fixes #8862
  30. Asterix yeah, 499 opened issues ;) less than 500
  31. andrey.g Asterix‎, #8992, I'm on it.
  32. Asterix andrey.g, ha ok, so you condidere there is something wrong?
  33. andrey.g yes, the last change could the experience better, but there is still something wrong. I've extracted the code under question in a reproducer and play around.
  34. andrey.g could make*
  35. Asterix ok nice. Good luck ;)
  36. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8859: < Unusable popups >
  37. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8854: < A programming error has been detected >
  38. corin_corvus Hey. Today ist wanted User gajim on my work PC and iPhone for This error message. Any idea? Inflatevalidate Not found in DLL gajim bin libpng16-16.dll
  39. corin_corvus Installed and portable Version. The file is in bin
  40. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *ec78ce22* < > don't allow to open several filter dialogs. Fixes #8848
  41. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8848: < Gajim allow open multiple filter window for XML Console >
  42. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8847: < Apparent crash in`convert_alpha >
  43. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8842: < More information on certificates when manually trusting a TLS certificate >
  44. bot Yann Leboulanger modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8835: < Gajim does not remember settings >
  45. bot Yann Leboulanger created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #289: < Improving the Hamster-Plugin >
  46. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8833: < Improving the Hamster-Plugin >
  47. bot Yann Leboulanger modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8831: < Embed youtube in chat >
  48. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8831: < Embed youtube in chat >
  49. bot Yann Leboulanger modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8830: < Resource: gajim.$rand >
  50. bot Volunteer created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9019: < Some files are not ported from python2 to python3 >
  51. lovetox corin_corvus:
  52. corin_corvus lovetox: ah thanks
  53. lovetox sadly there is only a ugly workaround for now, didnt found a solution yet
  54. n00b lovetox,
  55. lovetox so what are you missing?
  56. n00b are there "python3-gi" and "python3-gi-cairo" in pip's repository?
  57. lovetox if so these are only bindings to libs that have to be installed on your system anyway
  58. lovetox and the packages that install these libs also provide the python bindings
  59. Link Mauve n00b, AFAIK cairocffi isn’t used by Gajim.
  60. Link Mauve But I may be wrong.
  61. lovetox
  62. lovetox cairocffi not
  63. lovetox but pycairo
  64. lovetox
  65. lovetox i never tried to install these from pip
  66. lovetox and thats what gi means Gobject Introspection
  67. corin_corvus Hm the zlib1.dll workaround dont work for me. I have 17 zlib1.dlls, oldest on 2012. VMware, Adobe and other. I dont know, which program do Problems
  68. lovetox corin_corvus, rename them all
  69. lovetox then try gajim
  70. lovetox then rename back one after another
  71. lovetox to find the one that causes the problem
  72. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #289: < Improving the Hamster-Plugin >
  73. corin_corvus lovetox: i did, restart and the Problem are VMware, nextcloud and syswow64
  74. lovetox yeah bad, cant really help you there, i hope a solution will come soon
  75. lovetox if you need those programs there is no way to run gajim currently
  76. lovetox you can try to update these programs
  77. lovetox to newer versions
  78. lovetox so they maybe ship a newer version zlib
  79. corin_corvus I already Show for Updates. No Updates available. Iam wondering, because on my second PC i have the same programs with the same zlib versions and it work fine. I copied the files for testing, but the Problem is not fixed 😯
  80. lovetox is the gajim version the same?
  81. Neustradamus lovetox: Have you received my report of last night? I have sent to Asterix ^^
  82. lovetox Neustradamus, how did you send it?
  83. lovetox im not seeing it in the muc logs of today and yesterday
  84. Neustradamus In private ^^
  85. lovetox no i didnt see it
  86. lovetox and i cant receive private message on the client im currently
  87. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8722: < Suggestions for better clarity in preference widow/General tab >
  88. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8668: < Feature request: graphically highlight citations >
  89. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8584: < Display vcard-temp JABBERIDs somewhere >
  90. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8569: < Feature Request : Data displayed while mouse over contact list item >
  91. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8798: < A programming error has been detected >
  92. n00b Does `` work?
  93. lovetox yes you have to activate it though in the ACE
  94. lovetox gajim_remote
  95. n00b Should I install gajim package before? I mean I'm trying to run it from source directory as there it says (but with actual directory and file names).
  96. n00b Please, update instructions
  97. lovetox this is old
  98. lovetox you dont need gajim remote for ipython
  99. lovetox just install ipython and execute "gajim -i"
  100. lovetox you have to execute this on a running gajim instance
  101. lovetox not start gajim with -i
  102. lovetox so instructions updated
  103. n00b should I edit ACE to run with ipython?
  104. n00b > ipython is already the newest version (5.1.0-3).
  105. Asterix You need ipython view in gajim sources. You have it?
  106. n00b I'm just seeking a proper way how to test/debug gajim
  107. n00b There is nothing about `ipython view` in instructions
  108. lovetox you have to start gajim from source
  109. n00b Should i run ./ instead of gajim?
  110. lovetox yes
  111. lovetox and dont add any further params like --verbose
  112. lovetox this will not work
  113. lovetox --verbose is a arg for starting gajim
  114. lovetox -i is a arg that you send to a already running gajim
  115. Asterix Ipython_view is not installed when you install gajim it's for debug purpose only. That's why you need to run from source
  116. bot Volunteer created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9020: < outdated requirements >
  117. Asterix We don't really require that. The gpg version used by the user need that. If a user with an old gpg has python-gnupg 0.3.8 it's ok
  118. n00b This window appears when user wants to use pgp
  119. Asterix Yes, but still
  120. n00b How I see this `try: import` checking happens to every user, maybe should check `` before?
  121. lovetox ok but what do we gain?
  122. lovetox >This window appears when user wants to use pgp What window?
  123. n00b Imagine I have a python-gnugp package version 0.3.8, I pass the checking, but I can't you PGP becouse of `KEY_CONSIDERED` Now you see my point?
  124. n00b can't use
  125. lovetox ok but how would it help if we check now if the plugin is active
  126. lovetox then you still cant use it
  127. n00b One will type gnupg.__version__ python will return "0.3.8" or "0.3.9" but gajim window says ">=0.3.8" and one will be at a loss
  128. n00b
  129. lovetox im not getting what you are trying to say
  130. lovetox this message comes only if you have a not high enough python-gnupg version installed
  131. stp Hello,
  132. stp Tell me if I should I post that again in separate messages!
  133. lovetox yeah dont install over portables
  134. lovetox they dont have a uninstaller
  135. lovetox what i do is i move all my data except the UserData into an folder "old"
  136. lovetox then install gajim
  137. lovetox you can add this as a issue if you want that the portable should include an uninstaller
  138. stp ok, if don't install over portables is a general rule fine. But I didn't know that files outside the userdata-folder get changed/added/removed during usage. What file(s) would that be?
  139. n00b lovetox: about this the package name is `python3-ipython` not `ipython` ; It should be "sudo apt-get install python3-ipython"
  140. bot Volunteer created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9021: < Feature ; add checking if ipython is installed when using `-i` flag >
  141. stp Is it a known problem that certain MUCs automatically open in tabs when launching Gajim, despite having closed them before shutting down Gajim previously?
  142. n00b stp: they are in your bookmarks
  143. stp There are several more in my bookmarks though and by far not every bookmarked MUC opens on launch.
  144. Asterix stp: check in bookmark manager if minimise on join is checked
  145. Neustradamus For OMEMO, it is not possible to remove one device in "Clear Devices" from OMEMO plugin options...
  146. Neustradamus In Available Plugins window, the "Install/Upgrade" button must be near "Close" button, because it is for all, not for the selected plugin
  147. Neustradamus Languages problem in 1.0.0 (English)
  148. Neustradamus On Dino MUC: "‎[14:46:10] ‎syphilis‎: Thank you, it was helpful😊", the emoji is not correctly showed in Gajim
  149. Neustradamus No OTR plugin in 1.0.0
  150. n00b Otr was removed see changelog
  151. n00b
  152. Neustradamus If we close the chat window, after we close the connection, and after we launch a new connection, the chat window is not opened a new time with autojoin mucroom
  153. Neustradamus All groups of contacts are not listed in roster...
  154. Neustradamus n00b: I know, it is a request for have a new time ^^
  155. Neustradamus I think it is possible to have officially or unofficially
  156. Neustradamus It is possible to add RFCs at the bottom for be perfect?
  157. Neustradamus After, I have not found the possibility to change resource name, and priority
  158. Neustradamus About History, when we uncheck "Log conversation history", the log is always here... "In date search" <- what is it exactly?
  159. Daniel In date search means you search within the selected date only
  160. Neustradamus Thanks Daniel :)
  161. Daniel There already is an issue open about the translations (concerning windows only)
  162. Neustradamus :)
  163. Neustradamus When we launch Gajim, the client starts directly the connection with Available status... If we can not autostart?
  164. Daniel For the supported RFCs you have to ask the maintainers if they want to list them in the wiki, documentation is always a big plus if you ask me!
  165. n00b Neustradamus: gajim > accounts > Connection
  166. n00b There is resource and priority editing
  167. Neustradamus n00b: good point, it is submenu!! :)
  168. Neustradamus On "Add New Contact" window, the XMPP protocol has the Gajim logo instead of XMPP logo
  169. Daniel Neustradamus, the install/upgrade button in plugins window will install/upgrade the plugins you checked with a checkmark
  170. Neustradamus Yes Daniel
  171. Neustradamus It is for this that the position is not good
  172. Daniel Also: there is an issue open about adding an edit icon for each account to make it clear for the user that there is a submenu
  173. Neustradamus Better to have near "Close" because it is for one or several plugins checked. At this place, it must be only for one
  174. Daniel Yes, maybe the process of upgrading plugins could be more streamlined, i agree. I have a MR open to add an auto update mechanism to the plugin installer, so the user isn't bothered with update notifications anymore
  175. bot Dawid Pośpiech created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9022: < Unexpected error bump >
  176. Neustradamus Daniel: Yes I understand ^^ Good but it is not a reason to move the button ah ah
  177. Neustradamus "Profile" must be named "vCard" ^^
  178. Daniel Who understands the term vCard?
  179. Neustradamus Yes ok :D
  180. Neustradamus I found "Connect on startup" in general options of the account, good ah ah And I have enabled "show offline contacts" and now all my groups are here
  181. Neustradamus There is a solution to close all groups? Other that click on "-" on all...
  182. stp Asterix‎, Thank you, minimize on join wasn't active for some MUCs.
  183. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9021: < Feature ; add checking if ipython is installed when using `-i` flag >
  184. stp I agree with Neustradamus‎ about the install/upgrade button placement. The button should be placed exactly where the "Install from ZIP" button is placed when you view the "Installed" tab.
  185. stp While looking this up I also discovered a bug: The "Install/Upgrade"-button is clickable even when no plugin was selected. Clicking on it results in a programming error window.
  186. stp CPU-usage is still an issue, one core is close to maxed out most of the time
  187. Neustradamus Stp yep
  188. Neustradamus :)
  189. Daniel stp, this bug is fixed in my auto-update MR
  190. stp Daniel‎, ok, cool! What's MR?
  191. Daniel Merge request, it's open in the plugins repo
  192. stp Daniel‎, :-) I should've guessed that successfully, but failed. I need a coffee I guess.
  193. Daniel Ha :D there is a wiki page about gajim dev slang, including MR and so on
  194. Neustradamus Daniel: it is you the wiki maintainer no?
  195. Neustradamus About language it will be back in 1.0.1? On "Add New Contact" window, the XMPP protocol has the Gajim logo instead of XMPP logo <-- what do you think?
  196. Neustradamus For OMEMO, it is not possible to remove one device in "Clear Devices" from OMEMO plugin options... <-- easy to add a button?
  197. Nothing4You what could be the reason i'm seeing "Any occupant is allowed to see your full JID" quite often in a certain muc?
  198. Daniel Neustradamus, I'm editing some pages here and there. yes, I put some more info to the xeps wiki, but I do not have any deeper knowledge on gajims rfc compliance. for that we have to ask the maintainers
  199. Daniel Nothing4You, this means the MUC is non-anonymout (needed for OMEMO to work for example=
  200. Nothing4You Daniel, i get that i'd see that once, but it shows up every now and then
  201. Neustradamus Asterix and lovetox can confirm for adding :)
  202. Nothing4You this seems quite excessive (removed some normal chat messages between the lines)
  203. Neustradamus About plugin, it is really need to have by account, because we mix all... Example, if one account must have OMEMO, the second not but PGP... (other plugins too)
  204. Neustradamus OMEMO is a bad example sorry
  205. Neustradamus Antispam for the first account and not for the second
  206. Asterix Neustradamus: use -s
  207. bot Daniel modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8310: < Update wiki >
  208. lovetox Nothing4You, monitor the xml console, i think ive seen this, some client adding a wrong status code to his presences
  209. lovetox gajim think the muc changed his config, because thats what the status code is for
  210. lovetox Asterix, he means he wants to use a plugin only for one account
  211. lovetox not for one instance of gajim
  212. Nothing4You seems weird to me if clients can send events impersonating the server
  213. Nothing4You lovetox, can you tell me which status code to look for?
  214. lovetox every presence is reflected by the muc
  215. lovetox so everything comes from the server
  216. lovetox status code 100
  217. lovetox or maybe a server issue
  218. lovetox the xep says server has to add status code 100 to presence brodcast if the jid is not anonym
  219. lovetox the xep says server has to add status code 100 to presence brodcast if the room is not anonym
  220. Nothing4You ok
  221. lovetox but server should add this only to our own presence when we join the room
  222. lovetox only once
  223. Nothing4You only found a single status=100 within 1s before and after the timestamp in chat
  224. Nothing4You
  225. Nothing4You we were able to trigger it by opening and closing conversations
  226. Nothing4You maybe gajim should just cache the last state and not notify if the anonymity doesn't change?
  227. Nothing4You btw who runs
  228. lovetox Asterix
  229. Nothing4You it's showing me some php error all the time, severity notice
  230. lovetox i think the server should not add this
  231. lovetox but i will ask
  232. Nothing4You muc server is prosody, not sure which version exactly
  233. Nothing4You that's what i see on the paste site: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Only variable references should be returned by reference Filename: core/Common.php Line Number: 257
  234. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8223: < OTR Plugin: Autostart session >
  235. Nothing4You the muc server i'm experiencing this on is currently running Prosody trunk nightly build 858 (2018-03-11, c4222e36333c)
  236. Nothing4You just updated to Prosody trunk nightly build 872 (2018-03-27, c60fdf148118), still same result
  237. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8091: < gaijim-remote tries to call hg >
  238. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8108: < Feature not available under Windows >
  239. lovetox ask in prosody muc
  240. lovetox i read the xep as saying the presence should be returned ONLY to the sender with this status code
  241. lovetox not to all other people
  242. Nothing4You i'm trying to verify this on an ejabberd right now
  243. Nothing4You how it handles it
  244. lovetox you dont need to
  245. lovetox its surley a bug
  246. lovetox otherwise you would see this in all chatroom
  247. Nothing4You only in non-anonymous ones, no?
  248. lovetox true not all :D
  249. aiti Is there any way to re-order the accounts in the sidebar list under 1.0.0?
  250. aiti It used to be one big 'merged accounts' section that happened to be in the right order in 0.16
  251. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8043: < Systray icon missing with Plasma 5 >
  252. lovetox aiti, merged accounts are still possible
  253. lovetox Gajim -> Accounts -> header menu
  254. aiti lovetox, thank you!
  255. aiti makes it much easier for my xmpp contacts to not get lost in google talk's list
  256. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #7825: < Inconsistent menus in chat window/tab >
  257. Nothing4You lovetox, looks like it's prosodys fault, can't repro with ejabberd
  258. Nothing4You although i don't know why i only see that in gajim, not in poezio or conversations
  259. lovetox because gajim just reacts to any status 100 code in any presence
  260. lovetox if we would make it totally correct, we should only react to our own reflected presence
  261. lovetox which would have hidden that bug, and we would have never known :D
  262. Nothing4You ugh
  263. Nothing4You now i had gajim crash on me when trying to reconnect after i updated my prosody
  264. Neustradamus Nothing4You: ah ah ah
  265. Neustradamus What prosody version? With what mods?
  266. Nothing4You latest prosody 0.10
  267. Nothing4You bunch of mods
  268. Nothing4You carbons, pep, private, blocklist, vcard, version, time, ping, register, mam, admin_adhoc, bosh, http_upload_external, groups_sql, watchregistrations, reload_modules, mam_archive, mam_adhoc, smacks, smacks_noerror
  269. Nothing4You i don't think that should have anything to do with gajim crashing on me though
  270. Nothing4You just for reference gajim-git 1.0.0.beta1.r98.g77dc97502-1
  271. Nothing4You lovetox, can you explain to me what the actual bug is so i can tell that to the prosody guys?
  272. Nothing4You which xep is it?
  273. lovetox just show them the stanza you posted me
  274. Nothing4You okay
  275. lovetox and tell them prosody adds status code 100 in it
  276. lovetox and tell them rschuh
  277. lovetox is not you
  278. Nothing4You ok
  279. lovetox its a presence from another muc member
  280. lovetox Nothing4You,
  281. lovetox thats the part in the xep
  282. Nothing4You btw fun fact: while playing around with some stuff i noticed i can make pidgin think i'm no longer in a muc
  283. Nothing4You until the muc is rejoined with pidgin
  284. Nothing4You lovetox, i believe it's already reported in this:
  285. lovetox yes
  286. lovetox exactly
  287. Nothing4You so i should also report a gajim bug that it should ignore those messages when not for self?
  288. lovetox no im fixing this right now
  289. Nothing4You ok cool
  290. Nothing4You let me know when it's committed please
  291. Nothing4You or rather committed and pushed :)