Gajim - 2018-03-27

  1. bot Yokujin Yokosuka created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9012: < Changing font of chat messages to 'Exo 2' (size: 11) causes this error >
  2. concerto Uh-oh
  3. concerto Folks, what happened to the plugin installer in yesterday's nightly?
  4. lovetox what happened`?
  5. ivucica Small bug: when receiving urn:xmpp:time with a non-GMT timezone offset, "Contact Information" dialog adjusts the time, but then appends timezone GMT.
  6. ivucica e.g. 09:59:58 with timezone offset 02:00 is displayed as 11:59:58 AM GMT.
  7. ivucica I'll file it.
  8. ivucica Actually, first I'd better check if it was fixed since Feb 19.
  9. lovetox no it was not
  10. lovetox ivucica
  11. lovetox please add a bug report, thanks
  12. lovetox so the time is correct you say, just the timezone added is not
  13. lovetox we probably dont need to add a timezone, if we convert into localtime
  14. lovetox hm stop are you in GMT?
  15. lovetox because then its correct
  16. lovetox hm no GMT can not be correct
  17. Link Mauve It should be UTC, not GMT.
  18. Link Mauve And even better, it should be converted to the user’s local timezone.
  19. lovetox read again
  20. lovetox it is converted
  21. lovetox but then the wrong timezone added in the back
  22. Link Mauve So this user is living in GMT?
  23. lovetox no
  24. lovetox e.g. 09:59:58 with timezone offset 02:00 is displayed as 11:59:58 AM GMT.
  25. Link Mauve Oh, so it’s going in the wrong direction?
  26. Link Mauve I persist in what I said, it should be s/GMT/UTC/ first, and converted to the user’s local timezone to avoid them having to do it mentally.
  27. lovetox if something is 09:59:58 but displayed as 11:59:58
  28. lovetox wouldnt you say there is a conversion going on?
  29. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9012: < Changing font of chat messages to 'Exo 2' (size: 11) causes this error >
  30. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *7562acbe* < > correctly generate css for font that have a space. Fixes #9012
  31. bot Ivan Vučica created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9013: < In Contact Information, timestamp is incorrectly formatted into the GMT timezone >
  32. ivucica filed
  33. ivucica lovetox, "converted to the user’s local timezone to avoid them having to do it mentally" misses the point of that field, no?
  34. ivucica the point is to display "what is the local time for that user"
  35. ivucica If someone is in the west coast US, I would like to be aware that it's in the middle of the night for them
  36. ivucica Conversion is good, displaying "GMT" without the timezone suffix is bad
  37. ivucica Tue 27 Mar 2018 12:23:41 PM GMT+0200 would be fine
  38. ivucica "Found not-compliant MUC. #x@freenode.a.a added to MAM Blacklist" <- hmm
  39. ivucica i assume it's due to the thing displayed with timestamp 1s later: "03/27/2018 11:21:16 (E) gajim.c.message_archiving Malformed MAM query result received: <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="fcadf0cb-1ec5-458d-b829-21fc74a62feb" to="a@a.a/GajimAtWork" type="result" from="#x@freenode.a.a" />"
  40. Link Mauve ivucica, GMT isn’t a reference point, it’s UTC.
  41. lovetox so we should not do a conversion than
  42. Link Mauve And generally it’s more user-friendly to use e.g. CEST than +02:00.
  43. lovetox in fact we want to display the time at the users location
  44. ivucica Link Mauve: I don't think that's right
  45. ivucica But I'd have ot check
  46. Link Mauve What isn’t?
  47. ivucica "GMT isn't a reference point, it's UTC."
  48. ivucica Moment.
  49. ivucica I am wrong. :)
  50. ivucica lovetox, the "conversion" should be done only in the sense that the time received in XML should be formatted
  51. ivucica the time in XML is passed as UTC/GMT
  52. lovetox yes it should not be converted to the receivers time
  53. ivucica displaying strings like CEST is imprecise; for instance, in Ireland the summer time is technically IST (Irish Summer Time)
  54. ivucica which is the same as BST (British Summer Time)
  55. lovetox so then im courious why this doesnt work, i think we do exactly that
  56. ivucica there is also IST, Indian Standard Time
  57. lovetox ok this code needs refactoring, way to complicated for such a simple task
  58. ivucica +1
  59. ivucica I can't really tell what's up with TimeResultReceivedEvent. seems like a good candidate for a unit test...
  60. lovetox its the last line
  61. lovetox we format with %c
  62. lovetox which is the local representation of time date
  63. ivucica i think it's the line before, which replaces tzinfo
  64. lovetox and that adds the timezone of the receiver
  65. lovetox no thats ok
  66. ivucica well i am currently not in UTC either
  67. ivucica ireland is under +0100 right now
  68. lovetox but thats what your locale thinks you are
  69. ivucica $ date Tue Mar 27 11:42:28 IST 2018
  70. ivucica i don't think it does
  71. lovetox either way we dont need to format with c
  72. ivucica so may i propose something...
  73. ivucica one moment...
  74. ivucica so incoming time is always going to be in UTC, right?
  75. ivucica at the very least it's going to have a timezone specified ('Z' at the end)
  76. ivucica Alright, before I continue being stupid, let me see again what the existing code does.
  77. lovetox the code is alright
  78. lovetox we just should not format the time with %c
  79. lovetox and date conversion is nothing trivial
  80. lovetox believe me 🙂
  81. ivucica yes, which is why something is making me think this code is doing too much
  82. ivucica like, stripping away 'Z', i'd expect python to have a utility function to do that
  83. ivucica i mean, to parse the time INCLUDING the zone marker
  84. lovetox you can only parse something if you give the pattern
  85. lovetox there are multiple patterns
  86. lovetox you can also add +00:00
  87. lovetox so either you try to parse with 2 patterns, or you just strip away
  88. lovetox its not much different
  89. lovetox and the next problem is that you want to catch if someone adds +01:00
  90. lovetox cause thats invalid
  91. lovetox so now you cant use a pattern for that
  92. ivucica import dateutil.parser dateutil.parser.parse(utc_time)
  93. ivucica why care if someone sends you bad timezone?
  94. ivucica and if they do, why not detect that by getting tzinfo?
  95. lovetox of course you can do everything the other way around
  96. lovetox but what do you gain?!
  97. ivucica ...simplicity?
  98. ivucica less of "if utc_time[-1:] == 'Z':"
  99. ivucica or "remove trailing +00:00" -- why would you do that
  100. lovetox i have an idea, take a shot at it, then do a MR
  101. lovetox :9
  102. lovetox we see how simple it gets
  103. ivucica *sigh* employer contract complications. but i'll see if i can get it approved.
  104. lovetox it seems dateutil is a third party module
  105. ivucica *shrug* did not check. it was installed on my machine.
  106. lovetox so we will not introduce another dependency for such a simple task 😃
  107. ivucica i agree, i didn't check that.
  108. lovetox try to solve it with python standard lib
  109. ivucica i think i'll pass. with dateutil it'd be cutting to ~5 lines of processing code, but if RFC3339 parsing is not in the standard lib, *shrug*
  110. ivucica it does seem like a reasonable dependency to add.
  111. lovetox the problem is that you want to display senders time
  112. lovetox but you want it to be formated like receiver timeformat
  113. lovetox so if a european sends 13:30
  114. lovetox you want it to show up as 01:30 PM
  115. lovetox thats why we format with locale
  116. lovetox but sadly it adds the timezone from the receiver on to it, because it expects only time passed that is local it seems
  117. ivucica except this is not my local timezone...
  118. lovetox then where is it getting it from, seems strange
  119. ivucica i also couldn't tell that it's trying to use my locale :D
  120. lovetox or it ignores the timeoffset in the datetime object
  121. lovetox ..
  122. lovetox maybe the question is where it gets the local dateformat from
  123. lovetox it seems it displays AM/PM
  124. lovetox but still 24 hour format
  125. lovetox which makes not much sense
  126. lovetox ah no 12:23 is still 12
  127. ivucica yep
  128. ivucica In [9]: dp2 # parsed with dateutil from nonutc_time = '2018-03-27T10:23:41.417+0100' Out[9]: datetime.datetime(2018, 3, 27, 10, 23, 41, 417000, tzinfo=tzoffset(None, 3600)) In [10]: dp2.strftime('%c') Out[10]: 'Tue Mar 27 10:23:41 2018'
  129. ivucica alright, so with python 2.7 i cannot repro why it would append timezone. let's try python 3
  130. lovetox though your output seems to just display the same time and ignore the offset
  131. lovetox hm no we dont want it converted
  132. ivucica yes -- it displays it in the timezone, without the timezone suffix
  133. lovetox this makes my head hurt
  134. ivucica yeah, agreed. quite hurtable :( we want it converted -- we receive it in UTC.
  135. ivucica so that's what you've done, you parsed the time, then replaced whatever the timezone is (which should be UTC already) with UTC.
  136. ivucica then you said, please give me the contact timezone, received in 'tzo' tag.
  137. ivucica took me a while to understand what's happening :0
  138. lovetox yeah its because
  139. lovetox strptime
  140. lovetox does not add a tzinfo
  141. lovetox so we tell it this is UTC
  142. lovetox and then we say, format this astimezone(contact_tzinfo)
  143. lovetox so its really the question here why it adds the timezone GMT with %c thats weird
  144. lovetox and i guess GMT means UTC in this case
  145. lovetox so maybe we the astimezone() comand, the timezone gets lost in the datetime object
  146. lovetox and %c thinks its UTC
  147. lovetox adjusting the date and time data so the result is the same UTC time as self, but in tz’s local time.
  148. lovetox so yeah i think there lies the problem
  149. ivucica fwiw LANG=en_US.UTF-8 for me
  150. ivucica however, in python3 i cannot repro %c printing out 'GMT'
  151. ivucica so bizarre
  152. lovetox i will try at home to reproduce
  153. pep. Relevant xkcd quote, (that jonasw linked yesterday in xsf@ :p)
  154. bot Wiktor created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9014: < Sending bad content can completely stop Gajim from working >
  155. Daniel pep., good one :D
  156. lovetox its so true
  157. lovetox i hate already stuff like converting times that are lets say in our lifetime
  158. lovetox but when you have convert timezones to other timeszones of dates that are way in the past
  159. lovetox lets say in the 1800
  160. lovetox then you read countrys just changed there timezones at one point
  161. lovetox then you really think, fuck that, so i display the wrong time 😃
  162. stp
  163. pvoigt @lovetox: Storage of account password in gnome-keyring is working not as expected. I am running Gajim 1.0.0 from nightlys. When I change a password then it is saved to .config/gajim/config as plain text although it is saved to gnome-keyring as well.
  164. pvoigt lovetox: Is there any option that must be enabled to properly store passwords to gnome-keyring only?
  165. lovetox no
  166. pvoigt I suppose gnome-keyring is automatically used if the needed python modules are installed. Could you please advice me which modules to check for?
  167. lovetox stp: i have to try the installer when i am at home
  168. lovetox pvoigt, i thought you said it saves the password to gnome-keyring
  169. lovetox so there is nothing missing
  170. pvoigt What is the expected password entry in .config/gajim/config? Should it be accounts.???.password = keyring:
  171. stp lovetox: ok :-)
  172. lovetox yes
  173. lovetox if you password ist stored in plain to config AND keyring this is a bug
  174. lovetox but you are not missing anything
  175. lovetox oh stp
  176. lovetox did you have set a different font than default?
  177. pvoigt lovetox: Yes, this is reproducible: Storage to bothe gnome-keyring AND confg as plain text.
  178. pvoigt lovetox: If I manually change back the config entry to accounts.???.password = keyring: login is still working correctly.
  179. pvoigt I suppose, this issue is not yet known. Should I create a ticket for it?
  180. Asterix stp: I think I just juxed that a few hours ago
  181. pvoigt I would prefer someone to reproduce this before a ticket is created.
  182. lovetox i can try when im at home
  183. pvoigt Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. I will not miss your response as I am always online (though not at keyboard;-).
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  186. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *a3853f69* < > fix string
  187. stp lovetox: no, I never changed fonts IIRC. Asterix: ok, I'll just try the next version then.
  188. stp I had asked before and I remember there was something in the works regarding Gajim as Snap or Flatpak. What's the state? Can I try it?
  189. xmpppqrstu @lovetox: Just wanted to thank you again for your help. Im the one with the strange ghost-ressources problem a few days ago. The server-admin didn't contact me yet since I wrote an email to him, but the server had a reboot last night and now the only two ressources online are the ones that I know of, so I assume it had something to do with buggy server configuration.
  190. bot Wiktor closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9014: < Sending bad content can completely stop Gajim from working >
  191. lovetox xmpppqrstu, good to hear !
  192. lovetox stp: flatpaks are for linux
  193. stp lovetox: :-D I know, that Windows 7 system I tried Gajim on today is my last Windows system in use, all my others are running Linux.
  194. lovetox
  195. lovetox stp
  196. stp lovetox: cool, thanks!
  197. juniorjpdj hi
  198. lovetox hi
  199. pvoigt Where can I find a nightly changelog?
  200. juniorjpdj in commit list
  201. juniorjpdj pvoigt:
  202. pvoigt juniorjpdj, you're right thanks, it is not too long between nightlies.
  203. pvoigt Is there a chance to find out the exactly nightly version of a currently in use Gajim. Mine just says 1.0.0. Is the version not changed in the nightlies? Do I have to rely on the Debian package version to find out the exact version?
  204. juniorjpdj I also thing the version number should be based eg. on git revision
  205. Asterix It is when we use git. Else indeed it's the package version ..
  206. Asterix Adding git ver isn't nice for noobs, and it's also not incremental, for db migration ...
  207. Asterix Maybe for nightlies i could change the version in __init__ file before packaging ...
  208. bot Calvin Beck created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9015: < Ability to disable / mute notifications for specific users and channels >
  209. Asterix Thwre triggers pligin for that
  210. pvoigt Asterix, I would appreciate the version number in the __init__. Btw, are there that many noobs out there installing Gajim nightlies ;_)
  211. Asterix There is *
  212. Asterix pvoigt: It depends what you call noobs. Ppl that don't what git is, yes probably
  213. lovetox Asterix you cant change init version
  214. lovetox gajim uses that to look up if there should be a db migration made
  215. juniorjpdj Asterix: you can use semver for full versions and add git postfix to non-tag versions
  216. lovetox im not sure if setuptools of python allows for adding git versions behind
  217. lovetox oh yes its allowed
  218. lovetox Asterix just add +gitversion at the end of the version string to __init__
  219. lovetox we do this anyway if git is available
  220. Marzanna How do I enable image previews? I tried to enable/disable URL Image preview plugin but I don't see previews, only bare links
  221. lovetox it only displays httpupload files
  222. Marzanna But I remember it worked with links
  223. lovetox in 0.16 yes
  224. Marzanna Oh that's sad :(
  225. Marzanna When I send a link to image with Movim I see image preview in Movim and Gajim. How does it work?
  226. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9015: < Ability to disable / mute notifications for specific users and channels >
  227. bot Calvin Beck modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9015: < Ability to disable / mute notifications for specific users and channels >
  228. lovetox if you add a oob tag that contains the same url as the message the plugin will show it
  229. lovetox Maranda,
  230. lovetox Marzanna,
  231. Marzanna lovetox, thank you for explanation. But why not to add this function (adding oob tag) to Gajim?
  232. lovetox thats a good thing for a plugin
  233. lovetox adds a button in the chatcontrol "Send a LinK"
  234. lovetox does movim have ui for that?
  235. lovetox or does it just transform any link
  236. Marzanna No. But it works only with bare links (without any additional text).
  237. lovetox i would only add something like that with UI, like a "Send link to image" button, otherwise its just querying all links we get with gajim
  238. lovetox originally the idea was that the user has the intention to send a file
  239. lovetox users in your roster you can trust to a certain degree that we can display files that the user has on his harddrive and wants to send to you
  240. lovetox the risk is low
  241. lovetox just downloading all links that are copy pasted from whereever on the other hand seems like a bad idea
  242. lovetox our solution was to add a oob tag to httpupload messages
  243. lovetox now movim makes that useless, they just add it to every link
  244. Marzanna A button would seem too confusing. More actions instead of just dropping a link.
  245. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9015: < Ability to disable / mute notifications for specific users and channels >
  246. lovetox of course, but you didnt adress any of the reason i mentioned why we removed that
  247. lovetox the most i could live with is, adding it back to url image preview as a expert option in the config menu
  248. nico are there any plans to support the visibal quotation in Gajim?
  249. lovetox whats that?
  250. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *241deac3* < > ChatControl: Display status message nicer
  251. nico lovetox, something like Conversation does. This grey box around a quoted text when > is used infront of a sentence
  252. lovetox hard to do with current chatwindow, because its only a big textfield
  253. lovetox but yeah somewhere down the line
  254. nico thats sweet 🙂
  255. pvoigt I am still "fighting" with the new user interface of Gajim 1.0. Could anybody please tell me, where I can find now the context menu to configure a chat room to change e.g. topic, nick etc.?
  256. pvoigt It could be reached with "mouse right click" on a chat room before version 1.0.
  257. Daniel lovetox, what about a preview button for links containing images (and not being http_upload files). So for each url with .jpg there would be a little trailing icon which triggers a preview when clicked?
  258. lovetox pvoigt, button beside the encryption symbol
  259. pvoigt lovetox, thanks a lot.
  260. lovetox yeah Daniel sounds good