Gajim - 2018-03-20

  1. pcrobby Got the Gajim 1.0 upgrade. Has anyone figure out how url image preview works now?
  2. mrDoctorWho Hi there! I have updated to gajim 1.0 and now I'm getting a segmentation fault. Could you please help me debugging the issues?
  3. maniac mrDoctorWho: got segfault too earlier today with gajim 1.0.0. tried to figure out why for couple of hours and gave up. see
  4. mrDoctorWho Flatpak is my only hope now
  5. maniac btw, what distro are you using? and do you have gdb installed?
  6. mrDoctorWho Ubuntu
  7. mrDoctorWho yeah I tried debugging it
  8. mrDoctorWho Ugh. The animations are horrible
  9. mrDoctorWho and I can't scroll through the tabs!
  10. mrDoctorWho and it just crashed
  11. maniac well, all I got was black screen. so you might be lucky.
  12. mrDoctorWho I didn't even get a black screen
  13. mrDoctorWho (I'm running a flatpak now)
  14. mrDoctorWho bot, version
  15. mrDoctorWho bot, ver
  16. mrDoctorWho huh
  17. mrDoctorWho I can't right-click on a tab
  18. mrDoctorWho btw I love how groupchats are done now
  19. mrDoctorWho I don't see repeated messages after rejoin
  20. mrDoctorWho that's great
  21. maniac yes mam support for groupchats is why I went for installing it in the first place
  22. mrDoctorWho hmm
  23. mrDoctorWho
  24. mrDoctorWho I see that in gajim console :/
  25. maniac do you have xset binary installed? e.g. try running xset q from terminal
  26. mrDoctorWho well, it seems I don't
  27. mrDoctorWho I wonder why gajim needs it
  28. mrDoctorWho no, I do have it
  29. maniac I grepped sources and didn't find any reference to it, so it might be some dependency
  30. mrDoctorWho But overall, I like the new interface more
  31. mrDoctorWho
  32. mrDoctorWho no preview for images
  33. mrDoctorWho no preview in the chat, no preview in the file chooser dialog
  34. maniac might be some missing dependencies in flatpak environment, I see preview updating code in ImageChooserDialog
  35. mrDoctorWho image handling must be the core gtk feature
  36. mrDoctorWho there's a button in the chat dialog titled "send file"
  37. mrDoctorWho remembering the old gajim, when we had two buttons for images and other files, there might be another button, I only need to find it
  38. mrDoctorWho another weird issue is that when my text has more than one line, all previous lines are invisible and I can't scroll up (unless I press a button). Although the chat input is being resized automatically
  39. mrDoctorWho another weird issue is that when my text has more than one line, all previous lines are invisible and I can't scroll up (unless I press a button). Although the chat input is being resized automatically
  40. maniac I see - you sent your message twice ;)
  41. mrDoctorWho I edited it
  42. mrDoctorWho ok, message editing causes new message to go over previous
  43. mrDoctorWho
  44. maniac I'm using tkabber atm, not sure if it supports viewing edits
  45. mrDoctorWho tkabber is so old, so probably not
  46. maniac and flatpak refuses to run gajim for me, referencing some systemd stuff I don't have.
  47. maniac that's enough fun for today, I think.
  48. UsL where has topic gone? Isn't it in the banner anymore?
  49. UsL in the screenshot from mrDoctorWho I mean
  50. mrDoctorWho
  51. mrDoctorWho UsL,
  52. UsL ah, okay
  53. mrDoctorWho it also takes a very long time to search something in roster
  54. bot Yuri Esipov created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8967: < 1.0 localization >
  55. rom1dep mrDoctorWho: even with Ctrl+n?
  56. mrDoctorWho Didn't know about that
  57. mrDoctorWho no, it seems to work pretty fast
  58. rom1dep That thing alone is the "every other XMPP client Killer" for me 😉
  59. mrDoctorWho yeah, that's a cool feature
  60. rom1dep Once you got used to this "goto anywhere", there's no going back
  61. mrDoctorWho damn I want gajim-1.0 on my fedora now
  62. mrDoctorWho although it was pretty hard to get it working on ubuntu at work
  63. rom1dep mrDoctorWho: just clone it!
  64. rom1dep I use fedora as well
  65. lovetox mrDoctorWho, httpupload has been integrated into gajim, so there is no second button anymore just use the send file button
  66. lovetox that the file chooser doesnt preview an image is a bug
  67. lovetox url image preview only previews filetransfers
  68. lovetox not any link that you post
  69. mrDoctorWho it doesn't preview my http uploads either
  70. lovetox then you dont have it activated
  71. lovetox look into the plugins window
  72. mrDoctorWho what exactly should I activate? Url image preview?
  73. lovetox its a plugin like in 0.16.9
  74. lovetox nothing changed
  75. lovetox you have to update the plugin though
  76. mrDoctorWho hmm, ok
  77. lovetox fedora is working on a package but there seems a problem with the build we need to fix
  78. mrDoctorWho I installed it through the plugin installer, but it doesn't appear in installed
  79. lovetox maybe clear ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins
  80. lovetox could be a migration error
  81. mrDoctorWho I'm using flatpak, it uses different folders and I didn't copy anything except my data & configuration
  82. lovetox hm actually we never tried installing plugins with flatpak
  83. lovetox this could be a bug
  84. mrDoctorWho I installed other plugins and they work fine
  85. lovetox hm
  86. lovetox then maybe restart gajim
  87. mrDoctorWho oh, it's missing PIL
  88. mrDoctorWho my bad, then
  89. lovetox then we have to add pillow to the flatpak
  90. mrDoctorWho yes
  91. mrDoctorWho it's pretty damn horrible animation when chat is scrolled automatically
  92. mrDoctorWho a black vertical space appears, then it's being replaced by a new message
  93. mrDoctorWho the same for the message input box
  94. lovetox i push a fix about scrolling in the evening i look at it yesterday
  95. lovetox message box is though a bug i cant do anything about, its a gtk bug currently
  96. mrDoctorWho hmm, ok, thank you
  97. 0xAFFE the message box is also on windows
  98. r00tobo lovetox, Hi ;)
  99. r00tobo do u remember the issue I said before regarding the tab switching to green when someone is typing even when I disable the send/display notifiaction state ?
  100. r00tobo it's there I'm using 0.16.9 so maybe like you've said in 1.0.0 it's fixed
  101. lovetox will check in 1.0.0 in the evening
  102. r00tobo lovetox, thanks <3
  103. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8967: < 1.0 localization >
  104. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *9c295e62* < > Update ChangeLog
  105. mrDoctorWho lovetox, can we have tab scrolling back?
  106. lovetox im not aware that there was ever a tab scrolling
  107. lovetox but if even there was, in Gajim 1.1 we will not have these tabs anymore, than scrolling will be back
  108. mrDoctorWho what are you going to do with my beloved tabs?
  109. mrDoctorWho and what about cpu overloading when searching in the roster?
  110. lovetox roster search is buggy its a known issue
  111. lovetox use the start chat dialog
  112. cuc do you indend to use a dino like UI ? :)
  113. mrDoctorWho not sure that's a good idea
  114. mrDoctorWho long-term gajim users won't like it
  115. spicewiesel with v1.0.0 the message-window tabs in the single-window mode are very small, every name is cut off after 3 characters allthough there is much space and no need to shorten them. And I barely see which tab got a new message, as the font isn't really that bold now
  116. spicewiesel I have to lean forward to my screen and read every single tab to find that little and pale * which indicates a new message :)
  117. spicewiesel and to comment mrDoctorWho, that UI style without a roster and a tab-enabled message window will cause me and several of my colleagues to jump out of a window. Yes, for sure
  118. mrDoctorWho lovetox, actually, it's more suitable to use roster search imo
  119. mrDoctorWho let's assume you have one hand on the mouse, and another hand on the keyboard
  120. mrDoctorWho I, for one, can't press Ctrl+N with a single hand
  121. mrDoctorWho without trying hard
  122. mrDoctorWho but I can start typing a contact name
  123. spicewiesel mrDoctorWho, ++
  124. spicewiesel ah, the little Avatar in the message window is always grey now, as if the contact is offline (what he's not)
  125. mrDoctorWho yes, I noticed that too
  126. mrDoctorWho quite misleading
  127. spicewiesel besides those little hickups I really like the new look
  128. spicewiesel not yet used, too. But I like it :)
  129. spicewiesel mrDoctorWho, you remember those times we tried to copy desktop-UIs to mobile devices and it just was painful to use? I hope we wont do that in the other directions nowadays...
  130. mrDoctorWho spicewiesel, we sure do. Compare conversations and dino
  131. spicewiesel ha! that's exactely what I had in mind.
  132. lovetox hm in some cases i agree, you dont need to make the desktop as dumb as a phone client
  133. spicewiesel yes, we got plenty of space on the desktop, no need
  134. spicewiesel yes, we got plenty of space on the desktop, no need to make it more complicated by simplifying
  135. spicewiesel jabber and Gajim is our main communication tool at work and when I see how many open chats I have all the time I really need that style. Available contacts on the roster, all those messages beside it
  136. lovetox what window mode do you use?
  137. spicewiesel single window
  138. Link Mauve lovetox, Asterix, did you end up not writing a blog post for 1.0? :(
  139. lovetox yes Link Mauve he did
  140. Link Mauve It would be very nice to make some advertisement on it.
  141. Link Mauve lovetox, oh?
  142. Link Mauve Where is it?
  143. lovetox On his blog i think, i dont know the URL ^^
  144. bronko
  145. Link Mauve Oh, that’s super short, and no picture. :(
  146. Link Mauve Couldn’t you add some more content, examples and such?
  147. mrDoctorWho
  148. mrDoctorWho Here you go. A picture of this groupchat
  149. debacle Practically everyone uses Conversations? What is Gajim for then? :~)
  150. mrDoctorWho For desktop
  151. lovetox spicewiesel, what exactly do you find not good with dino design?
  152. lovetox is it because you want to see the roster, or is there something else
  153. spicewiesel I did not check the last weeks
  154. lovetox nothing changed 😃
  155. spicewiesel yes
  156. spicewiesel I need the roster to see which colleagues are available, what they do (status messages)
  157. spicewiesel and if I want to write one of them I just want to double click and go
  158. spicewiesel with dino I have to use the +
  159. spicewiesel search for them
  160. spicewiesel that's just to many clicks, I don't have a overview of my contacts at one view
  161. spicewiesel it's the mobile device approach, and that's fine, on mobile devices
  162. spicewiesel where I do not have enough space to place it all on one screen
  163. lovetox hm i dont think it has something to do specifically with mobile
  164. lovetox its just that a complete view of all contacts gets less useful the more contacts you have
  165. lovetox now look at this
  166. lovetox
  167. lovetox imagine you would see the status in the left list
  168. lovetox and also if they are available
  169. spicewiesel then I just see the status of those contacts I recently chatted wiht
  170. spicewiesel then I just see the status of those contacts I recently chatted with
  171. lovetox yeah, but i guess this list could have 20 contacts easy
  172. lovetox so your 20 most used contacts
  173. spicewiesel yes, but it's a different use case
  174. lovetox do you really need to see all others, on the offchance you want to message them
  175. lovetox and see them ALL the time
  176. spicewiesel I got 200 colleagues there. If I need help a just take a look on the roster and who is online and I choose one of them
  177. spicewiesel I got 200 colleagues there. If I need help I just take a look on the roster and who is online and I choose one of them
  178. lovetox yeah i see, thats one of the view valid use cases
  179. spicewiesel it's different to chat in leasure time, when I want to contact one special person, and not someone
  180. lovetox you said you use one window mode correct?
  181. spicewiesel private messenger: I want to write Max, so I write him
  182. spicewiesel at work: I have plenty of possible persons to write and I want to see their status right now
  183. spicewiesel yes
  184. lovetox do you use the functionality that you can hide the roster in this mode with CTRL + R?
  185. spicewiesel contact overvie left (roster) and the big message window with recent chats as tabs
  186. spicewiesel no
  187. spicewiesel I got enough space for roster, messages (and muc members on the right)
  188. lovetox ok so you would say, status, and status message is the important thing you need to see in a roster
  189. lovetox and i guess groups
  190. spicewiesel yes, for our use case. Groups are less important as it is one big group out of the ldap, so everyone is in the same group
  191. spicewiesel but this could change later, so... less important right now, maybe more later :)
  192. lovetox ok got it, i plan gajim to have a conversation list like dino BUT the roster would still be there. Its just that im not happy with the notebook tabs, because not sortable, not scrollable, not much space to display anything, not searchable
  193. spicewiesel yes, I understand
  194. lovetox so basically what you can do right now with config tabs on the left window border
  195. lovetox many people do this because tabs at the top gets crowded if you are joined 15 chat rooms
  196. spicewiesel only chats I am actually using are open as tab, the rest is always minimized, so horizontal space isn't a big problem
  197. spicewiesel mucs are always minimized to roster
  198. spicewiesel all information I need on the tabs is the name and some indication if there is a new message
  199. spicewiesel if the roster got a sort-by-last-message it would solve what you want to do with "active conversations", not?
  200. lovetox yes we would sort by activity
  201. lovetox and of course you can close tabs
  202. lovetox and they would pop automatically into the list again if there are new messages
  203. spicewiesel ok
  204. lovetox not much different from now to be honest
  205. lovetox its just tabs are on the side and a bit bigger with more info
  206. spicewiesel but less space for the roster, as roster and tabs will then use the same part of the screen (that column left/right)
  207. lovetox yes, but tabs at the top just make life hard
  208. lovetox i cannot tell people, you are supposed to close them all the time to keep them sort
  209. lovetox *short
  210. spicewiesel yeah, but that's what I do on firefox/chrome, too
  211. spicewiesel what I do not need gets closed :D
  212. lovetox true browser has the same problem for me ^^ but i dont close them because i like to close them
  213. lovetox i close them because i simply have to
  214. lovetox because tabs get so small i cant even select them
  215. lovetox and browser has the problem that it could be potentially unlimited tabs
  216. spicewiesel hehe, you're on of those people living with dozens of tabs? :)
  217. spicewiesel close what is done and use bookmarks if you need it later
  218. lovetox only for a short time, until i close everything ^^
  219. spicewiesel same with conversations. If it's done, close it and reopen it if you want to write again
  220. spicewiesel :D
  221. spicewiesel jup
  222. pcrobby Having an issue with plugins after Gajim 1.0 update on Arch. Plugin "url image preview" doesn't show under the installed plugins menu, so it can't be enabled. Saw the above talk about it and deleted ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/url_image_preview/, then reinstalled the plugin. Anyone have any ideas?
  223. pcrobby Still not showing up under the installed plugins menu after the rm and reinstall.
  224. lovetox it has a dependency on python-pillow
  225. lovetox thats maybe the issue
  226. lovetox python3-pillow
  227. pcrobby That did it. Thank you!
  228. Link Mauve “23:16:37 lovetox> i dont understand that they not at least just take it back and announce :1”, Prosody people are not responsible for community modules random people upload and use, you can change that if you want, there is mostly no access control.
  229. lovetox what are you talking, mam:2 is not a community module
  230. lovetox its shipped with prosody
  231. Link Mauve The module in question is mod_mam_muc, and it works as expected on trunk.
  232. Link Mauve lovetox, I mean, the only case where you don’t get a stanza-id is in MUCs.
  233. Link Mauve mod_mam doesn’t handle MUCs at all.
  234. lovetox so what are you saying, mam_muc is a community thing?
  235. lovetox but mam single is prosody
  236. lovetox did you just read the backlog, or why do you come back to this now ^^
  237. Link Mauve lovetox, no, I mean that mod_mam as shipped by Prosody 0.10 correctly handles MAM:2, but doesn’t have any support for MUCs.
  238. Link Mauve I’m reading the backlog yeah.
  239. Link Mauve And there is a community module called mod_mam_muc, which only handles MAM for MUCs, but since mod_muc was pretty bad on Prosody 0.10 and below it can’t inject payloads in stanzas.
  240. Link Mauve This one correctly supports MAM:2 only on trunk.
  241. Link Mauve So if you want to change the namespace to MAM:1 on 0.10 and below, that’d be nice.
  242. lovetox So in Trunk the prosody architecture problem is solved?
  243. Link Mauve Yes.
  244. Link Mauve You can test trunk on any MUC at
  245. lovetox so i have to change mod_mam_muc
  246. lovetox k look into it that evening
  247. lovetox on the other hand, you dont have a job or ? 😃
  248. Link Mauve I don’t!
  249. Link Mauve I’m currently unemployed, and enjoying it a lot!
  250. lovetox Yeah wait a week or two then its not that nice anymore
  251. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s been like that for 4.5 months now. :)
  252. lovetox seriously? and only 1 MR for Gajim, im dissapointed
  253. lovetox ah 4.5 Months are long, maybe you did more 😃
  254. marmistrz How can I minimize gajim 1.0 to tray? Now when i click the exit button the whole thing just minimizes to the window list
  255. marmistrz gajim 0.x just minimized to tray
  256. marmistrz Arch Linux, Cinnamon
  257. lovetox Advanced Config Editor, hide_on_roster_x
  258. lovetox dont confuse it with close_on_roster_x
  259. Link Mauve lovetox, sorry!
  260. marmistrz lovetox, thanks!
  261. lovetox, new versions GStreamer 1.14.0 support WebRTC
  262. lovetox yeah i read that great
  263. Link Mauve, previous versions also supported it, but they required to setup a bunch of elements to handle connection, encryption, negociation of codecs, etc.
  264. Link Mauve The new thing in 1.14 is a simpler API.
  266. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *25e123a3* < > Windows Build: Move ssl libs to correct dir Python searches in lib-dynload and if not found it searches in C:/Windows/system32 which can contain dlls with an invalid version Fixes #8905
  267. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8905: < 1.0.0-beta2-1 crashes at startup on Windows 10 (install & portable) >
  268. maniac ok, finally running 1.0.0 properly, looks nice.
  269. maniac working with mam is VERY nice
  270. maniac didn't check jingle yet, but gajim found my v4l devices and showing them in preferences
  271. maniac btw, otr plugin won't be ported because underlying library haven't been ported to python-3, right?
  272. lovetox no because otr is a hellhole we dont want to support anymore
  273. maniac I see. I have one (or two) person who doesn't know any better, so I'm going to use something that supports it just for them. like pidgin or someting.
  274. maniac oh, and issue with emoji in resources is finally fixed, cool
  275. concerto o/
  276. concerto 1. log into Gajim 2. disconnect internet connection 3. connect to the internet again 4. messages received in the meantime aren't displayed until you a. select "Offline" from the status menu, then select "Available" b. (when a. doesn't work) restart Gajim (sometimes the only way) And sometimes even that doesn't work - a few days back, I reported not getting some messages on Gajim from a public MUC (I got them on Conversations). gajim-default-nightly v20180317-1, Debian Stable.
  277. philw so you are basically saying gajim doesnt reconnect
  278. concerto It does - I can send and receive messages (IIRC), but I don't receive the ones sent while it was offline.
  279. lovetox so only in MUCs that happens?
  280. concerto let me check
  281. concerto lovetox: yeah, only in MUCs, it seems.
  282. lovetox k i will check what we do on rejoining a muc
  283. lovetox in any case if it happens to now, just leaving and rejoining the muc should trigger a mam catchup
  284. lovetox no need to go offline or restart gajim
  285. zak What do you have to do to get emoticons working using debian unstable gajim package? It still doesn't work for my friend with 1.0
  286. philw depends on what debian version he has
  287. zak emoticons is set do "disabled" and he cannot select anything
  288. zak debian unstable/sid
  289. lovetox_ hm weird i thought i fixed that
  290. lovetox_ did he upgrade
  291. lovetox_ then he should look into ~/.local/gajim/share/emoticons and delete everything in there
  292. lovetox_ then restart and look if it works
  293. lovetox_ also he can right click into the message input
  294. lovetox_ and select emoticon insert
  295. zak he says the directory is empty
  296. zak right click into the message input field? That doesn't even work for me
  297. zak I mean, there is no emoticon select option there
  298. lovetox hm ok thats only there on newer gtk versions
  299. lovetox but is sid not debian 9?
  300. lovetox hm can he look where his gajim is installed and look for a path
  301. lovetox gajim/data/emoticons
  302. lovetox and look if there is something
  303. lovetox this could be a package issue im not sure
  304. lovetox or even better
  305. lovetox he should do a system search for
  306. lovetox font-emoticons
  307. lovetox it should be a folder
  308. zak a directory called this way? ok
  309. lovetox a folder called font-emoticons
  310. lovetox it must be there
  311. lovetox if not this is a package issue
  312. zak I have noto-emoticons as well. What should I select?
  313. lovetox_ if you have the noto-font installed on your system and in effect
  314. lovetox_ you can select font-emoticons, because then this font is used
  315. lovetox_ if your system does not support font emoticons you have to select noto-emoticons
  316. lovetox_ which is the same just not a font
  317. zak I have no package *emoticons* installed
  318. zak So font would be preferrable?
  319. lovetox_ yes
  320. lovetox_ always
  321. lovetox_ debian has a package for the noto-font
  322. lovetox_ its in the optional dependencys
  323. lovetox_ rec: fonts-noto-color-emoji
  324. zak Well I am using the gajim debian package, not the unstable package
  325. zak I guess it's included in the base package there, because I cannot find any installed package with these names
  326. zak but nevermind
  327. zak my friend doesn't have a font-emoticons directory in /usr
  328. zak so I guess I'll wait for debacle
  329. lovetox_ yes we should ask debacle
  330. lovetox yeah Thanks Daniel !
  331. lovetox though i dont know how comftable asterix is with having only windows screenshots ^^
  332. lovetox but maybe he can do some from linux
  333. zak ? am I missing messages?
  334. lovetox no
  335. lovetox im reacting to a merge request of Daniel
  336. zak ok
  337. lovetox everything is ok, no message left behind
  338. zak Ah, there he is :-D
  339. debacle zak, for Debian unstable, please install "fonts-noto-color-emoji". This package is "recommended" by the gajim package, which means, that it is installed automatically when installing gajim. (If the user does not explicitely disables this!) Still gajim does not "depend" on the font, so one can uninstall it, without gajim being removed.
  340. debacle (The same applies to Debian testing, only that testing has gajim 1.0.0 beta2, while unstable already has 1.0.0 final.)
  341. zak Hmm... my friend says the package is already installed.
  342. zak He says there is just one file in there: /usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto/NotoColorEmoji.ttf
  343. debacle This is correct.
  344. debacle 7 MB more or less.
  345. zak So how does Gajim find the emoticon theme then?
  346. zak As explained above, he cannot select anything in the emoticon settings.
  347. debacle But does he see the emoticons in Gajim or not?
  348. zak no
  349. debacle Can he select them by pressing Control and dot (or what was it again?)
  350. zak "Emoticons" is set to "disabled"
  351. debacle I'll check that later. I'm currently on a "stable" machine, where emoticons are not present anyway :~)
  352. zak Hmm... CTRL+dot doesn't work for me either, it must be something else.
  353. zak But if I send him emoticons, he cannot see them
  354. zak ok, no rush. Thanks for your help
  355. lovetox_ debacle
  356. debacle But, yes, in the Debian package, I disabled the theme selection, because the Debian package does not contain the emoticons. (license/source problem)
  357. lovetox_ please make sure your package does not delete the "font-emoticons" folder
  358. debacle But it used to work for me recently! :~)
  359. lovetox_ zaks friend says he can not find this folder on his system
  360. lovetox_ and you dont need to disable font selection
  361. lovetox_ just not distribute the noto-emoticon folder
  362. lovetox_ although i must say noto is under apache 2.0
  363. lovetox_ so i see no reason to not distribute this
  364. lovetox_ you do so with the noto-font package also and its under the same license
  365. debacle yes, the license itself is fine, but I would have to build from original sources
  366. lovetox_ why? apache 2.0 allows modifying of all files
  367. debacle yes, but in Debian we always want to build everything from sources
  368. lovetox_ but you cant
  369. lovetox_ i took the pictures and modified them
  370. lovetox_ you cant "build" them
  371. lovetox_ and this is explicitly granted by apache 2.0
  372. lovetox_ either way i dont acutally care about this
  373. lovetox_ but you should not remove the font-emoticon folder, or disable a theme selection
  374. Maranda Hmm gajim executable "just crashed"
  375. debacle no, this is clearly an error in the Debian package
  376. Maranda "Gajim ha smesso di funzionare"
  377. debacle I need to check what we usually do with font modifications
  378. Maranda Nice to know...
  379. lovetox_ debacle its not a font modification
  380. lovetox_ i took the pngs in the noto repo
  381. lovetox_ and fused 2000 pngs together into one png atlas
  382. lovetox_ so its only one picture anymore
  383. lovetox_ basically i created a work of art out of the pictures in the noto repo
  384. lovetox_ Permissions Commercial use Modification Distribution Patent use Private use
  385. lovetox_ which im allowed to, and debian is allowed to distribute it :)
  386. debacle yes, I believe this is OK
  387. lovetox_ but thats just for information, i dont think debian should ship this
  388. debacle But I need to check with the other developers, what we do process-wise
  389. lovetox_ because you have fonts
  390. lovetox_ and fonts are better than images
  391. debacle Ah, OK, now I remember: You said, this is a fallback for systems without the right fonts
  392. lovetox_ correct
  393. lovetox_ windows / mac
  394. lovetox_ dont have color emoji fonts
  395. debacle Anyway, I need to fix the Gajim package in respect to the removed directory!
  396. lovetox_ debian 8 dont have color emoji font
  397. debacle debian 9 doesn't have them neither, only unstable/testing (=> 10)
  398. Daniel lovetox_, providing screenshots from a linux environment is no problem (at least for KDE)! But I thought using win only is better for consistency reasons.
  399. Maranda lovetox, ping.
  400. lovetox how can i help you
  401. Maranda
  402. Maranda Just that it wasn't a subject change
  403. Maranda or Gajim does show all messages from the bare muc jid like that?
  404. Maranda :O
  405. lovetox yes seems so
  406. lovetox Daniel, if you are bored
  407. lovetox
  408. Daniel I laughed reading the title :D "boorkmark", funny typo. Maybe I have time tomorrow!
  409. Daniel thinks of chicken running around borking
  410. lovetox i like it if people tell me of bugs with the rooster
  411. Daniel :D nice one
  412. maniac umm, can you tell me which exactly cryptography package gajim requires?
  413. bot rcmcronny created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8968: < Win7 Pro / Gajim 1.0.0 - the procedure entry "inflateValidate" was not found in DLL "zlib1.dll" >
  414. debacle What was the GTK shortcut for emoji input again? Ctrl+Dot?
  415. lovetox yes
  416. lovetox maniac, depends what do you want to do
  417. lovetox gajim does not depend strictly on any crypto package
  418. maniac OMEMO
  419. maniac python-gnupg loaded fine
  420. maniac right now I'm using pycrypto
  421. maniac but I heard some discussions about it being abandoned.
  422. lovetox omemo needs python-cryptography
  423. lovetox or rather python3-cryptography
  424. maniac and when I started packaging it, I mistook it for python-cryptography
  425. maniac so I was right, ok.
  426. lovetox hm wait
  427. lovetox omemo in fact needs both
  428. lovetox the problem is omemo has a depenency on python-axolotl
  429. lovetox and axolotl uses pycrypto
  430. maniac axolotl is shit tbh :(
  431. debacle Hm, Ctrl+Dot used to work in both Gajim and Dino and now it works in neither. In gajim I can do emojis by clicking on the black face left to the input, in Dino nothing works.
  432. maniac not regarding cryptography, can't say anything there
  433. maniac but supporting the package
  434. lovetox debacle you need a very new gtk version
  435. lovetox 3.28 i believe
  436. maniac wait, wait, wait, sorry, I mixed it up with another package.
  437. maniac oh, I see your PR there for cryptography support
  438. lovetox yeah but this is untested
  439. debacle lovetox, I think it is 3.22.28 and I have it. I'm also sure, that I played already with exactly this function last week — but now it broke on my computer.
  440. lovetox its no problem to use pycrypto
  441. maniac reading through PR's I got impression that this whole thing is untested
  442. lovetox it works dont worry :)
  443. maniac I know it does! Still! this looks like a valid issue
  444. lovetox why should that be an issue?
  445. maniac also this and this
  446. lovetox some user doesnt understand what is going on and asks for help
  447. maniac why do you need that operations on first and last byte of secret key?
  448. lovetox i dont know, im not the one writing the lib
  449. lovetox but i know if my secret key is not exactly what it should be, this whole thing would not work
  450. lovetox you cant make omemo work by accident
  451. maniac secret key is a random thing
  452. maniac that should be just 32 bytes straight out of /dev/urandom
  453. debacle lovetox, interesting: right-click and "Insert Emoji" seems to work in both Gajim and Dino. That's OK. 😺
  454. debacle zak, with Debian unstable I can use emojis in Gajim by right click and "Insert Emoji". Could you try this?
  455. lovetox he did already and he uses testing
  456. zak I use stable, but the Gajim package.
  457. zak I did not see such an option.
  458. debacle on stable GTK is too old, I fear
  459. debacle but testing should be OK
  460. zak Maybe, but Emoticons work 😃
  461. debacle better than nothing :~)
  462. zak But I sent emoticons to my friend, and he didn't see them.
  463. zak So the matter of input is not important I guess.
  464. debacle anyway, I fixed the Debian package (not yet uploaded) so that one can select the emoticon theme again. But I believe your friend has a different issue - no idea why he can't even see your emoticons
  465. debacle which desktop?
  466. debacle if you happen to know?
  467. zak I have to ask him tomorrow.
  468. zak I let you know then.
  469. zak But if no emoticon theme is selected it should be correct to not see them, shouldn't it?
  470. lovetox depends if he has a font installed that can display emojicons
  471. zak he has the package installed mentioned earlier
  472. lovetox i dont know if he has to choose it somewhere in the system also
  473. lovetox debacle could maybe tell you that
  474. debacle IIRC, I never selected anything special
  475. debacle I installed the font-noto-whatever, and automatically had colourful emojis in both Gajim and Dino
  476. lovetox hm so yes then he should be able to see emojis, assuming he didnt overwrite the system default font in gajim preferences
  477. zak I can't imagine he did something like that.
  478. zak Maybe the new package will already solve it.
  479. debacle let's see, eventually we find out :~)
  480. bot Maxim Zhukov created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8969: < Segfault on change font in chat window in OSX >