Gajim - 2018-03-19

  1. lovetox .
  2. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *945b7baa* < > Only handle event if it belongs to the control
  3. lovetox rom1dep, i found the problem with the active sorting of mucs, should be fixed now
  4. lovetox and if you have a messagewindow open, messages from contacts for which you have no tab currently should pop in automatically, instead of you having to look at the roster and double click the message
  5. rom1dep Awesome x2 🙂
  6. SaltyBones alright, upgraded to the newest version of the lovetox experimental branch
  7. SaltyBones oh, opening a window from the tablist now requires a doubleclick? how come?
  8. lovetox We dont open Windows from the tablist
  9. lovetox so i do not know what you mean
  10. SaltyBones hm...what do you call it when you switch the main chat window? :)
  11. SaltyBones also, my statement was false
  12. SaltyBones apparently a single click is enough when there are new messages and a double click is required when there are not
  13. SaltyBones no, also false
  14. SaltyBones it always works with single clicks now
  15. lovetox ...
  16. SaltyBones ok there is a bug in there somewhere
  17. SaltyBones I am sure it required double clicks earlier :)
  18. SaltyBones let me try to restart
  19. lovetox maybe you have the window not active
  20. lovetox thats the only reason why multiple clicks could be necessary
  21. lovetox as the first click activates the window
  22. SaltyBones well, cannot reproduce
  23. SaltyBones nevermind then :)
  24. Wiktor Is it just me or Gajim 1.0.0 (but not beta-2) changed display of LMC-corrected messages? previously only last corrected message was displayed with a pencil icon, now I see all (as if LMC was not supported).
  25. lovetox in muc?
  26. lovetox i found a bug yesterday with muc impl of corrected message
  27. lovetox could you verify if you see the same problem in 1:1 chat
  28. lovetox Wiktor
  29. Wiktor Yep, in 1:1, I didn't check it in mucs
  30. Wiktor It's both my messages and my contact's
  31. Asterix is there a bug on GTK bugtracker about the non-translation under win?
  32. lovetox im not sure about it Asterix
  33. bot Full Alex created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8961: < Installation-issue with Flatpak at point 4 of the instruction >
  34. lovetox yeah i missed that in Changelog
  35. lovetox and we have to update the nbxmpp dep in flatpak
  36. lovetox i just noticed
  37. Asterix I did it in debian package
  38. bot Sonahaim created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8962: < Gajim programming error on start >
  39. bot snilek modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8897: < Roster filter crashes gajim 1.0.0 >
  40. Wiktor lovetox: weird... it works now in both directions... cannot reproduce the LMC bug again :(
  41. lovetox if see it next time, try to remember, does it only happen when you want to correct something? or when someone other correct something? in a MUC? in 1:1? etc
  42. lovetox this would help to track this down if there is a issue
  43. Wiktor sure, it didn't work initially but now it works, I'll try to spot what's causing it
  44. bot Yuri Esipov created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8963: < does not start on windows >
  45. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8963: < does not start on windows >
  46. bot Yuri Esipov modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8963: < does not start on windows >
  47. bot Sonahaim closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8962: < Gajim programming error on start >
  48. Christian Hi there
  49. Christian How are the ubuntu dependencies maintained. I am on a 16.04 Xenial and cannot use 1.0.0 as it requires gir1.2-gtk-3.0 as a dependency (Which is not available).
  50. Christian Version needed is >= 3.20, I have only 3.18 availble. Hence Stuck on 0.16.9
  51. debacle Christian, 18.04 will have 1.0.0 included. (At least ~beta2, it is already in.)
  52. lovetox debacle, if you have time and package 1.0.0
  53. lovetox could you include all commits i did in gajim_1.0 branch
  54. lovetox i fixed 2 little things after the release
  55. lovetox oh have only one pushed
  56. lovetox have to push the second one today
  57. lovetox also nbxmpp 6.4 was released and 1.0 depends on it
  58. Christian OK thanks for the help, then I'll need to wait until it arrives. (Not that long ;-))
  59. debacle lovetox, python-nbxmpp 0.6.4 and Gajim 1.0.0 are already in Debian unstable, but I can make a new upload soon
  60. lovetox hm no lets wait a few days what comes up
  61. debacle yes, this would also allow 1.0.0 to propagate to Debian testing (needs five days)
  62. debacle and then backports
  63. lovetox is it automatically after 5 days in testing?
  64. debacle yes
  65. lovetox thanks for your work 🙂
  66. debacle (if no horrible bugs come up)
  67. debacle no, thank you! programming Gajim is more work than only packaging it :~)
  68. maniac Hello. I'm getting segfault trying to run latest gajim
  69. maniac installed dependencies in virtualenv, python3.4
  70. maniac i'll show you proper backtrace in a couple of minutes
  71. lovetox weird error, cant find a module that should be definitly in the tree
  72. maniac but it's there! gtkgui_helpers imports dialogs which imports gtkgui_helpers again and then segfault
  73. r00tobo Hi people =D
  74. r00tobo I have a question
  75. r00tobo does OpenPGP or E2E encryption supports group chats in Gajim ?
  76. maniac here's partial backtrace till I figure out how to point gdb at debug symbols for package in venv
  77. Wiktor r00tobo: OMEMO is E2E and works in private, non anonymous rooms
  78. r00tobo Wiktor, what about OpenPGP ?
  79. Wiktor I think it should work but I've never tried
  80. r00tobo imagine that I have a public key and I shared among all the group's people
  81. r00tobo and they shared theirs with me
  82. r00tobo so we can see each other's messeges
  83. Wiktor Yes it should work, but I've never tried, OMEMO works fine for me
  84. r00tobo also does OpenPGP support encrypting files too ?
  85. r00tobo so if someone is transferring a file to the group is it going to be encrypted too ?
  86. Wiktor Note they OpenPGP will have overhead in group chats linear to number of participants
  87. Wiktor
  88. maniac I don't think xmp/openpgp supports encrypting files
  89. maniac I don't think xmpp/openpgp supports encrypting files
  90. r00tobo I see
  91. Wiktor File transfer is listed there as supported by OpenPGP, just try and see xml console hehe
  92. Holger Wiktor: What overhead exactly do you mean?
  93. Holger (At least Conversations does PGP-encrypt files for PGP-enabled chats, yes.)
  94. r00tobo hmm yea I just checked it's supported
  95. r00tobo what about Gajim ?
  96. r00tobo I don't use mobile for chats
  97. Holger I just mentioned Conversations because the statement made it sound like "not possible with PGP".
  98. Wiktor Holger: that's what the comparison page says, now that I think of it it's probably encrypted session key, maybe it is about people using rsa4096 and omemo being based on ECC?
  99. r00tobo I see
  100. lovetox r00tobo, no pgp groupchat is not supported till now
  101. lovetox encrypted file transfer should be working in 1:1 chats but only if your server supports httpupload
  102. r00tobo I see
  103. r00tobo so the only encryption protocol that supports groupchats is omemo ?
  104. lovetox pgp protocol supports also groupchat
  105. lovetox gajim just has not implemented it
  106. r00tobo I see
  107. lovetox omemo impl in gajim supports groupchat
  108. r00tobo I like gajim more it reminds me of the old days
  109. UsL when I use the omemo plugin and am at the main omemo window and I select another account I get a programming error saying this: Is this known or should I file a bug report?
  110. UsL 0.16.6 so it is perhaps already fixed.
  111. r00tobo UsL, I'm on 0.16.9
  112. r00tobo why you don't have it ?
  113. Wiktor By the way guys there is 1.0.0 released recently
  114. UsL old stable I guess.
  115. r00tobo Wiktor, yea I know :p
  116. UsL I use a debian based distro without systemd. So things are not as speedy as other distros.
  117. r00tobo UsL, Devuan :>
  118. maniac I'm using gentoo and I'm writing own ebuild for gajim atm
  119. UsL Devuan <3 Indeed.
  120. r00tobo install gentoo
  121. r00tobo I don't see a valid point of using a fixed distro unless like a 6months cycle or a rolling
  122. r00tobo specially when you're using it for personal computing
  123. r00tobo I do agree using fixed for servers
  124. UsL k
  125. r00tobo like Debian or Devuan if you don't like systemd
  126. r00tobo it's a perfect sense to use these
  127. UsL except Enoch is too much tinkering
  128. UsL sorry, Gentoo.
  129. r00tobo why I can't see Groups listed in my roster
  130. UsL I actually now the answer to that
  131. UsL *know even
  132. UsL they're only visible if oyu minimize to roster
  133. r00tobo I use a single window for everything
  134. UsL doesn't matter
  135. r00tobo hmmm
  136. r00tobo I can see the roster right in front of my eyes
  137. r00tobo try use a single window for everything and you'll see what I mean
  138. UsL so, in your room configuration check that minimize option and when rightclicking a room check minimize on close
  139. UsL then you'll see rooms in roster. But only when you're not in the room.
  140. UsL I spent hours trying to get rooms in roster..
  141. r00tobo where do I see the room configuration ?
  142. UsL they're called bookmarks.
  143. UsL but you can also just rightclick this tab and choose minimize on close
  144. UsL and close and you'll see it
  145. r00tobo hmm
  146. r00tobo yea I just did click bookmark
  147. r00tobo but I couldn't see the groupchats section or whatever it's called
  148. r00tobo yea
  149. r00tobo lol I just right clicked the tab again and chose minimize on close
  150. r00tobo and it did appear
  151. UsL you have to add them all. One by one..
  152. maniac ok, the segfault doesn't matter actually, it should run without this circular import error
  153. UsL yeah, it is a bit confusing.. I do much prefer Pidgins approach to this. Even though they don't really do bookmarks.
  154. maniac because when I change order of imports in it doesn't segfault but still doesn't run with ImportError
  155. UsL rooms/mmucs/chats/ should always be visible in the roster imho.
  156. lovetox UsL you dont need to report this bug, as its not present anymore in newer versions
  157. maniac gajim-1.0.0 should run on python3.4, right?
  158. r00tobo - Audio/Video support is currently not maintained and most likely not working
  159. lovetox hmmm should, but to be honest didnt try it for a long time
  160. r00tobo this is unfortunate
  161. maniac lovetox, what's recommended version then? 3.6?
  162. UsL lovetox, thanks. I suspected as much
  163. lovetox i think 3.5 should also no problem
  164. maniac I just don't want to install another python and all the gir-deps without being sure ;)
  165. lovetox but if you can install 3.6
  166. lovetox install 3.6
  167. jjrh For gajim development I just used pyenv which makes life much easier
  168. jjrh Over the weekend I was trying to implement something to group the conversation tabs (by server or type - MUC or message) and provide a way to collapse them but I don't think that's possible with gtk's notebook.
  169. lovetox dont do that jjrh, i have a branch that throws away the notebook approach
  170. lovetox
  171. jjrh Yeah after looking at how to do it - it's a ton of work and make things very complex.
  172. lovetox if you want to try it
  173. lovetox also we have a window mode where chats are grouped on type
  174. lovetox mucs are in own window, and single chats are in own window
  175. jjrh Well what I really wanted was what I have now - single window, chat tabs on the left - but with the added functionality of being able to group, collapse groups, reorder. Basically exactly what notebook does with those features.
  176. jjrh I'll take a look at that code though.
  177. lovetox a notebook in general is not flexible enough to do nice things
  178. jjrh Yeah. I'm finding GTK in general to be pretty ridged in what you can do.
  179. lovetox usually if you want to do something like that, you would place a treeview beside a gtk.stack
  180. lovetox and on click of a row in the treeview you switch to a different page in the stack
  181. lovetox the problem with treeviews though is that you cant place widgets in the rows
  182. jjrh Yeah treeview is the only way to do what I want and implementing that with all the notebook functionality - drag reordering, etc. It's a ton of code.
  183. lovetox so this is also very limited
  184. jjrh and yeah that - not being able to place a widget in the row is the biggest showstopper
  185. lovetox so what i do now is a listbox with gtk stack
  186. jjrh That's what's done for the contacts view?
  187. lovetox in the branch i posted yes
  188. jjrh what's currently done for MUC participant list and the contacts?
  189. jjrh that's a listbox?
  190. lovetox no muc participants list is a treeview as you can see because of expanders and groups
  191. lovetox roster obviously also
  192. lovetox i think you can simulate a treeview with a group with a listbox
  193. jjrh oh right duh. I was thrown off because the icon and in the MUC picture but yes that's a feature of treeview.
  194. lovetox but only one level deep
  195. jjrh but you can't put a button in there
  196. lovetox where?
  197. maniac lovetox, installed python3.6 and gajim deps and circular dependencies error is gone. still segfaults though, but with different stacktrace. I'm going to disconnect this gajim to make sure it's not interfering.
  198. jjrh Like in the MUC participant list - you have a profile picture and a icon showing the resource. But you can't put in say a box container in there that would have a button.
  199. lovetox yes you are right
  200. jjrh Brain not working yet - that's why I thought initially you were doing something different there.
  201. lovetox treeview has a renderer for each row
  202. lovetox there is only image renderer / text renderer
  203. jjrh if it could hold a container it would be perfect.
  204. lovetox i mean in theory there exists the possibility that you create your own renderers
  205. lovetox but this is not worth it
  206. jjrh Yeah I mean there are solutions - but not being worth it was my conclusion aswell.
  207. lovetox and in general have not good expierience with treeviews
  208. jjrh Even if someone did implement it, maintaining it would be a huge burden for something so minor
  209. lovetox the point is also a treeview is only better than a listbox, if you need more than one level
  210. lovetox then you cant get around a treeview
  211. lovetox but if you think up a solution that needs only one level
  212. lovetox you never need to use a treeview
  213. lovetox ok have to go, see you later
  214. jjrh Well one level would probably be enough for what I want - I just want to have a 'group' say - XMPP stuff - and have say XSF,Gajim,jdev,poezio together, all the private messages together maybe grouped personal vs work - but it would be okay if those groups (personal and work private messages) weren't nested under a group for private messages.
  215. jjrh So doing something like the roster would be okay. I just want to be able to 'ignore' the personal private message group when I'm trying to focus on work related stuff.
  216. jjrh But that still seems like a lot of code with lots of possible bugs - and would require a lot of work to work to still support separate windows, support having the 'tabs' located top,bottom,left,right, etc. It would end up touching so many parts of gajim's codebase.
  217. bot Michal Schmidt created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8964: < install misses some files if used with "--skip-build" >
  218. jjrh It would have to be something a lot of people really want and something gajim devs want to prioritize. There is probably better places that effort could be put.
  219. r00tobo it seems like groups don't get saved in the server unlike contacts in Jabber I assume ?
  220. r00tobo you have to mark it as autojoin each time you open gajim
  221. jjrh I believe the 'bookmark' is saved on the server.
  222. jjrh Because I certainly don't need to add the MUC on Conversations - it just shows up.
  223. r00tobo hmmm
  224. r00tobo jjrh, it seems it's saving the bookmarks but gajim is asking me if I want to autojoin the group on startup or not
  225. r00tobo because each time I open gajim it just showing contacts
  226. jjrh Yeah as far as I know you have to set them to 'autojoin' to have all the windows open.
  227. r00tobo but I'm still in the group even when I'm not using gajim, right ?
  228. jjrh So if you close gajim and open say conversations all the MUC's should be there. There is a option in gajim to not show the window but still be 'in' the muc.
  229. r00tobo what does MUCs means ?
  230. jjrh sorry Multi-User Chat (XEP0045) - a chat room.
  231. r00tobo do u mean minimize on close ?
  232. r00tobo it will do that actually fine but when I shutdown gajim completely and come back again
  233. r00tobo it seems that it autojoin the group again
  234. jjrh Yeah - it's showing up in your roster window , but you're 'in' the room still (you show up in the chat room participant list)
  235. lovetox r00tobo, do you want to autojoin a room on connect or not?
  236. r00tobo what about I shutdown gajim completely and see if I'm still in the group ?
  237. lovetox r00tobo, you are not staying in groups if you shut down gajim
  238. r00tobo lovetox, I did check the autojoin checkbox but that's not what I want it to be able to stay in the groups even when I'm not using gajim at all
  239. r00tobo I see
  240. r00tobo hmmm
  241. r00tobo so I can't keep up with the history logs ?
  242. lovetox this has nothing to do with it
  243. lovetox the groupchat has a message archive
  244. lovetox that gajim will query once you join the chat
  245. lovetox or rejoin th echat
  246. r00tobo i SEE
  247. lovetox so now comes the BUT
  248. lovetox but the server where this groupchat is hosted has to support that message archive
  249. r00tobo so even if I'm out of the room I can see the buffer after I join back ?
  250. lovetox most servers do
  251. lovetox though
  252. lovetox yes
  253. r00tobo neat then
  254. lovetox you can try it with the gajim channel for example
  255. lovetox if you open a new chatroom with your friends though
  256. lovetox the one who opens it has to configure it so it uses message archive
  257. lovetox on some servers this is not the default
  258. r00tobo I see
  259. lovetox r00tobo, im talking about Gajim 1.0.0
  260. lovetox Gajim 0.16.9 does not support message archive for muc
  261. lovetox just btw
  262. r00tobo I see yea I just checked the changelog
  263. r00tobo so the one that does the message archiving is the server that is hosting the group or the users servers they're using ?
  264. lovetox no the server that hosts the group
  265. lovetox in this case
  266. lovetox its that hosts the archive
  267. jjrh lovetox, huh i'm on gajim 0.16.9 right now and i'm pretty sure I get MUC mam. Maybe i'm thinking of my other machine.
  268. r00tobo I see so what's matter is the server that we use to host the group not the end users servers
  269. lovetox jjrh, no you get normal muc history, but its not complete, the server limits it to last X messages
  270. lovetox correct r00tobo , though usually groups are hosted on one of the users server
  271. jjrh ahhh okay.
  272. r00tobo lovetox, does your nickame referring to tox protocol by any means ? :p
  273. lovetox yes, though i dont love it :D
  274. r00tobo how is that possible :p
  275. lovetox its just a name in ancient times that i used to make one post one message board
  276. lovetox and i was to lazy to choose another
  277. r00tobo I see
  278. jjrh r00tobo, not sure what server you're using but prosody you have to use
  279. r00tobo ok so what about if the users that wants to create a group wants to create it on a seprate server ?
  280. lovetox i think r00tobo doesnt host his own server :)
  281. lovetox r00tobo, most servers dont allow that
  282. lovetox the one who creates the group does it usually on his server
  283. lovetox then he can invite all others
  284. r00tobo I figured that so you have to be registered at least on one server and invite the others to it
  285. r00tobo invite them to the group I mean
  286. lovetox hm, you are already registered on your own server
  287. r00tobo jjrh, just like lovetox said
  288. lovetox or else you could not use xmpp
  289. r00tobo I don't have my server yet
  290. jjrh r00tobo, sorry you want to create a chatroom for you and your friends?
  291. lovetox r00tobo, it does not have to be your own server
  292. r00tobo jjrh, theortically yes.
  293. lovetox you have registered at
  294. r00tobo they're still using Discord
  295. lovetox you can just create groupchats there
  296. lovetox and invite everyone
  297. r00tobo how did you know ?
  298. lovetox you dont need to register on another server
  299. r00tobo :p
  300. lovetox because im admin and can see all jids
  301. r00tobo oh I see
  302. r00tobo nobody can hide his server right ?
  303. lovetox no not really
  304. lovetox its like asking to write emails but hide your emailadress
  305. r00tobo I see the point :p
  306. jjrh r00tobo, you can create a account on (which has a webinterface that might be more comfortable for people coming from discord)
  307. lovetox you can also use with your account
  308. jjrh yes
  309. lovetox jhust login and try
  310. r00tobo I didn't use XMPP ever before so excuse me if I'm asking n00by questions :(
  311. r00tobo jjrh, thanks for the link I didn't know about it
  312. r00tobo does it use XMPP ?
  313. jjrh Yes
  314. lovetox yes its a web xmpp client
  315. lovetox and for phone you can use
  316. r00tobo interesting so I can actually still contact with them using gajim
  317. lovetox and you can use all these clients with the same username and password, and can be online in all at the same time, and receive all messages in all clients at the same time :)
  318. jjrh I haven't tried it but movim does voice and video calls too :)
  319. r00tobo remembering me of znc
  320. r00tobo lol
  321. r00tobo if you know what znc is ofc
  322. jjrh
  323. jjrh you can use that as a IRC gateway too - it's basically a irc bouncer like znc
  324. jjrh but you can connect with a XMPP client and get all the benefits of XMPP (multi device) with IRC :)
  325. r00tobo jjrh, I don't want to do that actually
  326. r00tobo I like being sperated
  327. r00tobo however I noticed that movim is only available for Linux
  328. r00tobo most of my friends are using Winblows
  329. r00tobo so
  330. lovetox movim is a webclient
  331. lovetox its like facebook
  332. r00tobo oh I forgot that
  333. lovetox
  334. r00tobo it's like google hangout
  335. lovetox jjrh pointed you to the server software movim
  336. lovetox just login there with your credentials
  337. lovetox and see for yourself
  338. r00tobo it can do that ?
  339. r00tobo lol
  340. lovetox yes
  341. lovetox :)
  342. r00tobo so it's a webclient interface and a xmpp service at the sametime
  343. r00tobo wait let me check
  344. lovetox its a normal client like gajim, but it runs on the web
  345. r00tobo hmmm
  346. r00tobo hmm
  347. r00tobo it doesn't show my last contacts with you
  348. r00tobo however it's a neat webinterface actually
  349. lovetox you mean conversations?
  350. r00tobo yes
  351. lovetox you mean here in the gajim channel?
  352. r00tobo yes
  353. r00tobo the last thing is " yes, on my server it is not runnig! There I use port 5443"
  354. r00tobo from Horst
  355. lovetox try with a private groupchat
  356. lovetox i think it works better there, it seems to have some problems with public ones
  357. r00tobo I see
  358. lovetox or report the issue in the movim channel
  359. lovetox like all xmpp clients, there is alot of development to be made still
  360. lovetox :)
  361. r00tobo of course
  362. jjrh I mostly recommended movim as something you can recommend to friends since it's reasonably user friendly and familiar to people coming from stuff like discord/slack/hangouts/facebook
  363. r00tobo yes I can see that it's much more intuitive for a beginner
  364. r00tobo jjrh does it support pgp and all the encryption stuff ?
  365. lovetox nope no encryption on movim
  366. lovetox no e2e
  367. lovetox of course the connection is TLS encrypted
  368. r00tobo I see
  369. jjrh if you have a account on movim though you can do omemo with conversations or gajim of course though but their webclient won't support that
  370. lovetox mam in rooms seems broken in movim currently
  371. lovetox
  372. r00tobo I like the flexibility that xmpp does
  373. jjrh XMPP is pretty awesome - there isn't a whole lot it can't do as a protocol
  374. jjrh The main problem is client support for all the cool features
  375. r00tobo however sometimes the varity of clients choices make it diffucult for new comers sometimes
  376. lovetox rom1dep, thats was i witnessed using your pod, so this is a known problem
  377. r00tobo specially the comers that used to somethiing like a one service and one app for everything
  378. jjrh My recommendations for people are: Gajim and Poezio (for cli) and Conversations for android and movim or converse.js for the web.
  379. lovetox eh converse.js is nice for a quick message, i wouldnt use it for more though
  380. jjrh Me either - but if you're coming from facebook it's familar
  381. r00tobo what about Gajim does it support audio/video very well ?
  382. r00tobo wut
  383. r00tobo lol
  384. lovetox no its not working currently
  385. r00tobo that's unfortunate
  386. lovetox not enough devs :/
  387. r00tobo I kinda liked the layout of gajim it reminds me of MSN YAHOO and all these old apps
  388. jjrh *sigh*
  389. lovetox yeah though that will change in the near future ^^
  390. r00tobo noooooo
  391. r00tobo </3
  392. jjrh The "gajim looks like AIM from the 90's" is usually the complaint I hear
  393. r00tobo 90's wow
  394. r00tobo I was like a month old
  395. r00tobo I'm more used to MSN
  396. jjrh I guess early 2000's is more appropriate
  397. r00tobo you know the MSN era in the early 2000's
  398. r00tobo I didn't use it back then
  399. jjrh Yeah I used to use MSN a lot until everyone switched to FB
  400. r00tobo exactly!
  401. r00tobo ol
  402. r00tobo lol
  403. r00tobo in 2009 everyone switched
  404. jjrh MSN didn't really do groupchats though
  405. r00tobo it did
  406. iiro hello
  407. r00tobo I remember correctly that it was supporting groupchats very well even in 07's
  408. iiro does anyone else have a very wide "start chat" screen?
  409. r00tobo iiro, do u use the latest gajim ?
  410. iiro yes
  411. r00tobo I use the 0.16.9 currently so I can't repreduce your problem
  412. jjrh I would have thought my friends and I would have used that functionality - there must have been a reason.
  413. iiro i am using the openbox window manager. the window goes out of bounds of the display even though my display has uhd resolution :/
  414. r00tobo jjrh, it was available I remember it like it was yesterday :p
  415. r00tobo hmm interesting
  416. jjrh Well I remember it was there but I vaguely remember there was a reason I never used it.
  417. lovetox hmmm iiro
  418. r00tobo what the...
  419. lovetox can you scroll the list?
  420. iiro lovetox, yes i can
  421. lovetox can you look is there maybe some contact in there that has a long name or something that would make the window this big?
  422. lovetox im not sure i implemented counter messures for really long names
  423. iiro lovetox, actually yes, it is the description of this very room that makes it so wide
  424. lovetox are we talking about the same window?
  425. lovetox the one that shows up
  426. lovetox with CTRL + N
  427. lovetox ?
  428. iiro yes
  429. iiro i have this room in the list
  430. lovetox can you make a screenshot of that description
  431. lovetox because mine doesnt show any description so im wondering
  432. lovetox hm i think we mean different things by description
  433. lovetox look into the Bookmark window
  434. lovetox look for the gajim entry
  435. lovetox and see if you can shorten the description
  436. iiro lovetox,
  437. philw ok go to bookmarks and set a title for the gajim bookmark
  438. lovetox i think it falls back to the topic if there is no title
  439. lovetox i have to fix this
  440. lovetox then restart gajim
  441. iiro now it shortened the title and it is ok, it appears that it was applied without restart too
  442. lovetox ah nice
  443. lovetox ok use this as a workaround for groupchats
  444. lovetox i will push a fix for this so it should be good in the next days
  445. r00tobo lovetox, btw I'm using 0.16.9 and I've noticed when I use single window foreveryhing and disabling the chat state notification it does give you a green color when someone is typing even though you've disabled the "is composing" thing
  446. lovetox you set it to disabled?
  447. lovetox but there are two settings
  448. lovetox diplay notifications, and send notifications
  449. lovetox did you disable the correct one?
  450. pep. > lovetox > encrypted file transfer should be working in 1:1 chats but only if your server supports httpupload How does that work? Your clients encrypts the file for $recipients and sends it to the server?
  451. lovetox the same like with omemo
  452. lovetox we encrypt the file with the public pgp key of the contact
  453. lovetox then upload it
  454. pep. OK cool. How is the other client told?
  455. r00tobo lovetox, I disabled them both
  456. lovetox try closing the window and reopening
  457. lovetox i cant reproduce that problem here
  458. lovetox maybe it was fixed in 1.0
  459. r00tobo it actually does disable the composing thing every well but the tabs still getting green
  460. r00tobo very*
  461. r00tobo when the person that I'm chatting with is typing
  462. r00tobo but let me try your idea
  463. iiro btw are there any plans to publish a pre-built flatpak somewhere, maybe at flathub?
  464. lovetox pep., we change the file ending
  465. lovetox to .pgp
  466. lovetox iiro its on the list
  467. iiro ok
  468. pep. lovetox, ok, I get that's not standard?
  469. lovetox nope
  470. lovetox but conversations supports that
  471. lovetox i think, i never tried it
  472. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >: *2c7202eb* < > Only handle event if it belongs to the control
  473. 0xAFFE btw, where went the manage muc bookmarks dialog? how am I suppused to delete bookmarks?
  474. 0xAFFE ah
  475. 0xAFFE found it, its directly under Gajim->Bookmarks
  476. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >: *6e98b89e* < > Limit width of entrys in StartChat Dialog
  477. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *dc5121bf* < > Update Flatpak build
  478. nico Is it true that Gajim restricts http upload to files that are bigger then 10 mb? My server does allow 25mb but I can not send and image which is 12mb with Gajim
  479. lovetox no
  480. lovetox we dont restrict anything
  481. lovetox what does gajim say?
  482. lovetox nico
  483. nico Gajim alerts with "Could not open file, File is too large maximum allowed size is 10mb"
  484. Daniel nico, which server do you use?
  485. nico Prosody 0.10 nightly
  486. lovetox thats what the server tells us nico
  487. Daniel did you set the file size for http in both settings? there are two settings needed
  488. nico I opend the xml console but there are not requests going when I drop the file in the chat
  489. lovetox we dont need requests
  490. lovetox the server tells us on connect what filesize it allows
  491. lovetox its 100% a server limitation
  492. nico Daniel, yes I did that. This happens for the first time.
  493. Daniel there is a log output from http_upload in gajim which tells you what limitations the server is setting
  494. lovetox maybe the server mod has to be restarted
  495. nico ok found the error http_max_content_size the http value from prosody must be defined globally and not per component
  496. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >: *08525402* < > Update Flatpak build
  497. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b7e9fb70* < > Limit width of entrys in StartChat Dialog
  498. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8961: < Installation-issue with Flatpak at point 4 of the instruction >
  499. bot Bronko created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8965: < Can not edit Profile when vCard does not exist already >
  500. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8964: < install misses some files if used with "--skip-build" >
  501. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *83f57d49* < > Remove unused code
  502. Link Mauve “12:49:43 nico> Link Mauve, Why does the arch aur still use the name beta1 with the latest commit from master? thats really misleading”, because the master branch hasn’t had a new tag since then.
  503. nico ahhh ok 🙂 thank you 🙂
  504. lovetox k will do Link Mauve
  505. lovetox could you maintain a stable aur repo?
  506. nico the aur is maintained by arch linux it is only possible to maintain the PKGBUILD script
  507. nico for each pacakge individually
  508. lovetox yeah i meant that ^^
  509. lovetox not maintain a repo
  510. lovetox maintain gajim stable application within aur
  511. lovetox Link Mauve, do you have to take the name of the tag?
  512. lovetox because we really dont want to add tags to the master branch now, makes not lot of sense
  513. lovetox because tags can not have the same name
  514. lovetox so the 1.0 points to the 1.0 branch
  515. lovetox i think its more appropriate to just add the git hash
  516. lovetox for a pkg that pulls git
  517. Link Mauve lovetox, no, Gajim stable already has a maintainer, and it’s not in AUR, it’s in community.
  518. lovetox ah k then i have to write him
  519. Link Mauve lovetox, I don’t have to use the tag, I can remove it.
  520. Link Mauve lovetox, tell them to take most of gajim-git from AUR, the dependencies should be correct already.
  521. lovetox the maintainer already updated the package today
  522. Link Mauve Oh, great then.
  523. Link Mauve Why do you still need to contact them?
  524. lovetox i dont, i just said that before looking
  525. lovetox i assumed they would not be that fast
  526. Link Mauve lovetox, they’re still missing quite a lot of new dependencies btw.
  527. Link Mauve If you compare with gajim-git from AUR.
  528. lovetox yeah also making keyring optional
  529. lovetox is not a good idea
  530. lovetox i would only add geoclue as optional to the package
  531. lovetox audio/video as long as its not working reliable is not something we must add to the stable
  532. Link Mauve Ok.
  533. Link Mauve Why would I make python-keyring optional?
  534. lovetox hm
  535. lovetox not you
  536. lovetox the stable maintainer did that
  537. Link Mauve In most cases the user doesn’t bother installing optdepends, and thus will get their password stored as plain text by default.
  538. Link Mauve It probably just was that way before.
  539. lovetox thats what i fear
  540. lovetox yeah i write him
  541. lovetox about keyring
  542. lovetox do i need to tell him to make something like gnome keyring optional?
  543. lovetox because right now there is no keyring service added
  544. lovetox in the package
  545. rom1dep lovetox: which namespace version is this room using for MAM?
  546. lovetox 2
  547. rom1dep ok. My theory falls apart.
  548. rom1dep which server is serving it?
  549. Link Mauve lovetox, have a look at gajim-git’s PKGBUILD in AUR.
  550. Link Mauve It’s my best advice as to how to package Gajim.
  551. lovetox k it seems there is already a bug report for incorrect dependencys i will add the stuff there
  552. lovetox rom1dep,
  553. lovetox what is the problem?
  554. rom1dep lovetox : MAM issues, again. gajim was able to pull the backlog from this room, but not from ejabberd's.
  555. lovetox are we again talking about biboumi?
  556. lovetox or do you mean the xmpp muc from ejabberd
  557. rom1dep lovetox : it appears that biboumi aren't the only MUCs giving trouble to my gajim. It was unable to backlog it seems
  558. lovetox what exactly happens if it is not able to backlog
  559. lovetox you join the channel
  560. lovetox and there gets nothing pulled?
  561. rom1dep there is some most-recent history but nothing between 11:35 and 20:10 (while I'm sure they were messages)
  562. lovetox rom1dep, but does that happen after a connection loss
  563. lovetox or do you start gajim and it happens
  564. rom1dep lovetox: I started gajim, was waiting and waiting for logs to come, didn't happen
  565. lovetox hm maybe you could start gajim with -l gajim.c.message_archiving=DEBUG
  566. lovetox and save that to a log and wait till it happens again
  567. rom1dep lovetox: maybe that? > Received MAM message with invalid user timestamp: 2018-03-19T11:09:14.908+0000 It's a bit stupid that none of these "debug" messages show which JID it originates from. Also, after restarting just now, this MUC history (in ctrl+h) is duplicated on exactly 80×2 lines
  568. lovetox hm
  569. lovetox is this invalid though, i have to check
  570. lovetox it seems so
  571. lovetox timezone has to be 00:00
  572. lovetox this is a case for Link Mauve
  573. Link Mauve Yes, you’re right.
  574. Link Mauve TZD is explicitly defined as “either "Z" for UTC or "(+|-)hh:mm"”.
  575. lovetox rom1dep, this is not the problem though
  576. lovetox hmm in which muc its duplicated
  577. lovetox in Gajims?
  578. rom1dep lovetox: yep, this one
  579. rom1dep I've got to go, bbl
  580. lovetox bye
  581. lovetox hm expected somehow as this server uses the broken prosody mam:2 impl
  582. lovetox that does not inject stanza-id
  583. lovetox but i dont get why it only happens sometimes
  584. Maranda "does not inject stanza-id" 🤔?
  585. lovetox yes
  586. lovetox <!-- Incoming 19.03.2018 22:12:59 --> <message xml:lang='de' to='' from='' type='groupchat' id='42ab6d4a-2640-4168-abe2-057e25349350'> <origin-id xmlns='urn:xmpp:sid:0' id='42ab6d4a-2640-4168-abe2-057e25349350'/> <active xmlns=''/> <body>yes</body> </message>
  587. lovetox do you see one :D
  588. maniac ok, I give up trying to fix this segfault. going to open a ticket, attach all the backtraces and maybe you can help.
  589. Maranda lovetox, that's the reflected message?
  590. Maranda Hmm yes I see
  591. Maranda I suppose that's just not really mam:2
  592. lovetox yeah why announce it then as mam:2 though :D
  593. Maranda lovetox, I'm not sure in which "stage of mam:2" stanza-ids got added so I can't answer
  594. lovetox this is the whole reason there was a version update
  595. Holger The point of the mam:1 -> mam:2 bump was to guarantee stanza IDs in live messages.
  596. Holger Right.
  597. lovetox i dont understand that they not at least just take it back and announce :1
  598. lovetox there is really no difference for users
  599. bot Alexander created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8966: < Segfault on start >
  600. Holger (Then again the inclusion of stanza IDs is explicitly not guaranteed for carbons anyway, so strictly speaking the bump was useless. But I guess the proper solution is to pretend it's also guaranteed for carbons. And to pretend this Prosody issue doesn't exist.)
  601. UsL jesus effing christ my search engines suck : / what is the MUC URL format?
  602. UsL I forget.. xmpp:join?address?
  603. Asterix xmpp:address?join
  604. UsL christ. Thanks Asterix
  605. Daniel Asterix, lovetox, I'd like to edit the gajim-plugins wiki. Would you be so kind and grant me access?
  606. lovetox yes
  607. Daniel Thanks! :)
  608. lovetox done
  609. lovetox i think i fixed finally the thing where the chattext starts to move up and down
  610. Citizen Zibb 1.0 released...great job
  611. Citizen Zibb thanks for all the hard work