Gajim - 2018-03-18

  1. bot Maxime Buquet created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8960: < Traceback on account deletion >
  2. Wiktor Is there a difference between last beta and stable 1.0? The changelog looks the same on first sight...
  3. rom1dep lovetox: honestly I don't know, I guess it could be ok to have MUCs PMs as a tab in the MUCs window, but with something distinctive that would both signify that that it's a 1:1 AND showing which MUC is the parent. I don't know how such a thing would work/look like in practice
  4. 0xAFFE Asterix, congratulations on releasing 1.0!
  5. bot Philipp HΓΆrist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8948: < Incorrect focus for new windows/dialogs >
  6. Asterix Wiktor: see
  7. Asterix 0xAFFE: Thanks, but it's not only me!
  8. 0xAFFE I know :-)
  9. lovetox Wiktor, we dont document bugfixes in the changelog
  10. lovetox we did a lot of bugfixes in beta
  11. Asterix 8960 seems different from the one you fixed yesterday
  12. lovetox yes it seems to have to do something with server deletion i have to try to reproduce
  13. rom1dep lovetox: Morgen! Did MAM deliver my message about MUC PMs ?
  14. Wiktor Asterix: thanks and congrats 🎊!
  15. 0xAFFE now that 1.0 is out, what are the next plans?
  16. lovetox hm things on my todo for Gajim 1.1 Moving the chattabs to the left side and make them more like in other messengers Save Gajims theming options to css and add good defaults for a dark theme Maybe one or two other things that will itself reveal over time
  17. zak Hmm... I like the tab on the right side. What other messengers do you mean?
  18. lovetox telegram, whatsapp, dino
  19. lovetox right/left is probably configurable thats not really a problem
  20. zak Ahh... and:
  21. zak 🍻
  22. lovetox 🍻
  23. zak Pidgin, Psi have it on the right.
  24. zak But okay, it's a matter of taste I guess.
  25. lovetox its will be configurable like it is now
  26. rom1dep lovetox: how about adding: - better backlogs (MAM+MUC log+offline+ … all going into the chat window, with an overlay button allowing to scroll to the first unread message) - MAM activity indicator (something telling you that the history is being refreshed, and not all messages may currently be shown) - sticky unsent message, with status and the possibility to re-send (happens during stream resumption, sending something makes it… disappear? Doesn't feel robust, doesn't warn the user)
  27. lovetox all backlogs go into the chatwindow
  28. lovetox if you mean MAM catchup while chat is open
  29. lovetox and messages should get sent automatically if you reconnect
  30. lovetox im not sure there is a reason to ask the user to press send again
  31. lovetox what i probably true is that they dont get shown as beeing sent in a groupchat, until they are really sent
  32. lovetox so it seems they are lost
  33. lovetox thats indeed not pretty
  34. lovetox yes but all these things you pointed out happen in the part of the chatwindow where now the chat text is
  35. lovetox a complete revamp of this, which would then allow much more stuff like that is definitly on the list
  36. lovetox but if its in 1.1 depends on how fast the other things are finished
  37. lovetox rom1dep, about the MUC PM thing
  38. lovetox but now they are put into their own window
  39. rom1dep
  40. lovetox so you also dont know from the first look which muc they belong to
  41. lovetox its mentioned in the chat banner though of course
  42. lovetox there should no circumstance anymore where a MAM message is not put into the chatwindow if it is open
  43. rom1dep yep, with the messagewindow branch, one could think of having MUC PMs as children of the MUC (slightly indented), but it's tricky I guess
  44. lovetox i fixed all of these
  45. lovetox yes i thought about some sorting magic, but this would be tricky with the concept of active and incactive conversations
  46. lovetox because a muc pm could be active, but the muc itself inactive
  47. rom1dep > there should no circumstance anymore where a MAM message is not put into the chatwindow if it is open Ah, that's nice. And the backlog bar understands that?
  48. lovetox what is the backlog bar?
  49. rom1dep the separation with dashes that tells "these are old \n ------------\n these are new"
  50. lovetox puh never tested
  51. rom1dep > a muc pm could be active, but the muc itself inactive I'm not sure I understand this concept too well, not whether I need it
  52. lovetox hm if you use resent changes in the branch
  53. lovetox you see that there are 2 sections in the list
  54. lovetox Active / Conversations
  55. rom1dep yeah
  56. rom1dep it's a bit buggy, as well
  57. lovetox really? it should not anymore
  58. rom1dep I had 2 active, a dozen inactives, then I sent this "yeah" message, everything is under active now :)
  59. lovetox when did you last update?
  60. rom1dep today
  61. lovetox hm i think i have to use the branch myself to find all this things
  62. rom1dep hg log --rev . -T{gitnode}\n 8da3c65d5554
  63. lovetox yeah is recent
  64. rom1dep also, these comments are not to downplay the fantastic efforts, with this new release (and messagewindow) gajim is getting really slick
  65. lovetox i did not perceive your comments as downplay, in fact i started asking you things because i value your input :)
  66. rom1dep awesome :)
  67. rom1dep in the past, I've been reluctant to recommend gajim to new users, due to it exposing a lot of (sometimes redundant) complexity. Swift isn't pretty, but at least the user can immediately identify what its status is, where are the other users, where are the rooms. Now that messagewindow is this good, maybe the main window can benefit from some love ;)
  68. zuglufttier πŸΎπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ Congratulations to 1.0 and thank you for all the hard work!
  69. emus Hello, yss thanks for the new version. I'm running Kubuntu 16.04. and i was trying to install as mentions via sudo apt-get install gajim. but it still installed the prevous version 0.16. ...
  70. emus then i tried via downloading the tar file but i dont know how to install this manually
  71. emus may someone help?
  72. justin emus: Do you want to compile from source code or install from an external repository?
  73. emus justin: external repo. guess compiling is already to much as I'm already struggling with that basic task
  74. justin According to the website, it is as follows: (
  75. justin sudo apt-get remove gajim
  76. justin wget -q -O - | apt-key add -
  77. justin sudo sh -c "echo deb unstable main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim.list"
  78. justin sudo apt-get update
  79. justin sudo apt-get install gajim-nightly
  80. justin emusβ€Ž: Does that work?
  81. lep hmm ctrl-tab doesnt work the way i would like it to work. it doesn't jump to the next muc with unread messages
  82. lep and mousewheel scroll doesn't switch tabs anymore πŸ˜₯
  83. lep but otherwise feels good sofar
  84. Daniel lep, you can read about how to change this behaviour in the wiki (faq) i think
  85. lep nice
  86. lep i will have a look
  87. emus justin: I'll do it again. maybe because i didnt do the nigthly step
  88. Daniel lep, section unintended behavior
  89. 0xAFFE lovetox, where should I give comments regarding your mockups?
  90. lep im afraid i already have that activated
  91. emus justin: second step requires root - but I set sudo command before
  92. Daniel lep, then it's a bug maybe..
  93. justin emus: wget doesn't require root, apt-key does, do it should be: wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
  94. emus ahh thanks - sorry. I use kubuntu, but im still a console noob -.-
  95. emus damn - worked
  96. justin emus: No worry, apparently the description on the website is wrong also
  97. emus justin: it still installed 16.9 :/
  98. emus justin: ok
  99. justin That is strange
  100. justin Did you install gajim-nightly?
  101. nico Link Mauve, Why does the arch aur still use the name beta1 with the latest commit from master? thats really misleading
  102. emus justin: yes, this time definietly did as you said. maybe apt-get upgrade?
  103. emus or update again. reboot?
  104. justin emus: if you succesfully installed gajim-nightly, that must be from the Gajim repository. The official Ubuntu repositories don't have a package called gajim-nightly
  105. emus 😟 hmm dont know what happened there
  106. justin Maybe you still have the gajim packages as well, and you start that
  107. justin Maybe you still have the gajim package as well, and you start that
  108. emus justin: so, remove gajim wasnt enough so?
  109. justin Problem is that I don't have this configuration and cannot test it right now.
  110. justin What happens if you start gajim-nightly from terminal?
  111. justin How do you chat right now? Using Gajim? You should really shut down Gajim first and then restart again
  112. emus conversations, mobile. okay. ehmm... what are the exact commands? πŸ˜‡ Just that we know what I was doing exactly :D
  113. justin killall gajim
  114. emus no process found
  115. emus ouh actually i knew this command πŸ˜‹
  116. justin What version gets outputted from apt-cache show gajim-nightly?
  117. justin I should go now. Try again tonight ;)
  118. emus version: 20180121-1
  119. emus justin: .
  120. emus okay i try they whole process tonight
  121. emus again
  122. justin I think you should just upgrade, because that version is from jan 21
  123. lovetox also debian unstable doesnt have gajim 1.0
  124. lovetox as it was just released yesterday
  125. lovetox hm i wonder if this still works the way it is described on the webpage
  126. lovetox 0xAFFE, you can leave comments here
  127. lovetox emus, this should work
  128. lovetox
  129. lovetox i just tried that on my debian
  130. lovetox dont install nightly
  131. lovetox there is no need for that
  132. lovetox the only thing that you will miss is some dependencys
  133. lovetox so this is with dependencys
  134. lovetox let me know if it works
  135. emus lovetox: Thanks! - should i betrer do the second step (link)
  136. emus better
  137. lovetox its the same only added 2 lines at the end
  138. lovetox in case you dont have nbmxpp and openssl installed
  139. lovetox but gajim will tell you if you start it if this is missing
  140. lovetox hm but apt-get should manage that anyway so i think it should not be necessary
  141. lovetox its just that we have a wrong version for nbxmpp
  142. emus lovetox: i was necessary - unfortunately: pip3: command not found
  143. emus it was
  144. lovetox sudo apt-get install python3-pip
  145. emus ahh ok
  146. emus yes, maybe you should update the download sectio. with this
  147. emus lovetox: told me im using 8.1.1 < 9.0.2 - but ok
  148. lovetox you mean pip?
  149. lovetox then why is the command not available if its already installed
  150. lovetox maybe its only "pip" test with pip -V
  151. lovetox and see if the version is a python3 version
  152. emus lovetox: no it worked. just saying what it said after install
  153. lovetox ah ok
  154. lovetox so gajim running now?
  155. emus finally, i did all of it. but yes it running. but still 16.9
  156. emus lovetox: whats the console command to ru. gajim?
  157. emus maybe im always using the wrong shortcut
  158. emus run
  159. 0xAFFE lovetox, I like the design, but not the idea of the conversations list. I like my roster, even though I do not use groups very much. I like the tabbed interface, because It does not forces me to read group messages. A conversations list would hint me that there are unread messages and I would click that, its a problem that I have with dino, because they have also a conversations list
  160. lovetox then the old gajim seems not to be uninstalled correctly for some reason
  161. emus lovetox: yes, maybe :(
  162. emus waut
  163. emus wait
  164. lovetox 0xAFFE: this is not the roster, there is nothing changed with the roster
  165. lovetox its the same tabs that you have now, but moving to the side and a bit bigger with more stuff in it
  166. lovetox searchable, scollable, which you cant do now
  167. emus lovetox: could even install gajim now. maybe i did something wrong back when i installed the previous versio
  168. emus couldnt!
  169. emus sorry
  170. emus couldnt even remove*
  171. 0xAFFE changing sort contacts by status in groupchat dupplicates the message oO
  172. lovetox just scroll up and down a bit
  173. lovetox i think its a visual bug
  174. 0xAFFE nope, does not fix it
  175. 0xAFFE new messages are singular, but old messages are dupplicated
  176. 0xAFFE I'm using the windows version 1.0.0 A GTK+ XMPP client GTK+ Version: 3.22.28 PyGObject Version: 3.26.1 python-nbxmpp Version: 0.6.4
  177. lovetox i cant reproduce that
  178. lovetox this option could not do that
  179. lovetox look if its also in the history window duplicated
  180. bot Andrey Gursky proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Fixup for History Manager
  181. bot Andrey Gursky updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Fix window position restore on multi-head setups
  182. nathan Congratulations on the 1.0 release! I hope whoever maintains the package in openSUSE will get it in the official repos soon.
  183. 0xAFFE lovetox: history is also duplicated
  184. lovetox hm this is probably because we switched to MAM with history
  185. lovetox should only affect some messages on first join with 1.0
  186. 0xAFFE let me restart and verify
  187. 0xAFFE yes! now when I change the status, it will not duplicate the message
  188. vimacs I have problem using OMEMO in Gajim 1.0.0. The plugin says ` => Devicelistquery was NOT successful: internal-server-error` and ` => Publishing devicelist failed: forbidden`, and I got XML like this:
  189. vimacs I saw a database failure in the XML. I also have the problem in Pidgin.
  190. vimacs I am checking my server to see what happened.
  191. Neustradamus vimacs: with Psi or Psi+ too?
  192. lovetox vimacs, its the server telling you that it has a database failure
  193. lovetox so i would bring this to the attention of the admin
  194. zak Is there no Mac-Port of Gajim? Just looking and can't find one on the homepage...
  195. lovetox i think only of gajim 016
  196. lovetox but you can use brew
  197. zak What's brew? I don't have any Macs, just wondering if I can recommend it to someone who has.
  198. lovetox something similar to mac ports
  199. lovetox but you can only get gajim from source with thtat
  200. lovetox there is no package or something
  201. lovetox that would make it nice
  202. lovetox so i guess not really something to recommend
  203. zak Okay... maybe someone will come around here who is able and willing to do that sometime.
  204. lovetox im waiting for that someone a long time πŸ™‚
  205. lovetox either way here just for info
  206. zak Ok thanks.
  207. 0xAFFE This is kind of freaky, but also kind of cool: :-)
  208. emus 0xAFFE: how is your windows dino port doing?
  209. 0xAFFE emus, did not have time to poke fiaxh or larma on how to proceed, the discussion if it should be looking native or not somehow killed the traction a bit
  210. 0xAFFE I will open a bug for that
  211. emus 0xAFFE: just do it your way. if we have a running client this still could be changed later on, or? And i mean your efforts should be wasted throug that minor discussion
  212. 0xAFFE emus, react to the ticket to support it ;-)
  213. emus 0xAFFE: only my way :)
  214. lovetox i think gajim supports xep-0070 0xAFFE
  215. lovetox but i never tried it
  216. lovetox and obviously your server must have support for it
  217. 0xAFFE lovetox, yeah it does, the message looks good
  218. lovetox ok nice to know
  219. lovetox i dont get why this is not used more often, actually a nice feature
  220. lovetox though more useful on smartphones i guess
  221. 0xAFFE :-)
  222. lovetox thanks
  223. emus 0xAFFE: I started a vote in your issue - but rather just go your way
  224. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ < >: *5a37f2d4* < > Jabber -> XMPP
  225. zuglufttier What's the best way to get a clean installation without losing the omemo keys etc.?
  226. zuglufttier I want to switch from git/pip to the normal packages in archlinux now that 1.0 is out.
  227. lovetox zuglufttier, i dont think you have to do anything special, just remove and reinstall
  228. lovetox omemo keys are stored in user folder
  229. lovetox so this will not be removed by any uninstall process
  230. lovetox and new gajim installation will use the same folder
  231. lovetox but to be sure you can backup ~/.config/gajim and ~/.local/share/gajim
  232. lovetox is there already a package in archlinux with 1.0?
  233. zuglufttier Yep. Is omemo now in gajim as well as http upload?
  234. lovetox nope
  235. zuglufttier OK. Will have a look tomorrow.