Gajim - 2018-03-16

  1. UsL okay, so what is happening here: ? I looked over the settings but I can't find anything about the weird tiny font issue displayed there..
  2. UsL it's very hard to read that tiny and almost identical gray on dark gray.
  3. Neustradamus UsL: :)
  4. UsL well, I am trying..
  5. Neustradamus I speak about some days ago...
  6. UsL okay..? I meant the weird tiny font.. : )
  7. UsL and why it is also coloured darker than what I haev specified in the Gajim settings,,
  8. Neustradamus About security too Yesterday about XMPP RFCs... Not RFC612X...
  9. UsL okay, well, I don't know anything about that, I only want to solve my Gajim font issues.
  10. Neustradamus Ah ah
  11. UsL but I guess most people are asleep this hour. I'll try again tomorrow.
  12. UsL good night Neustradamus
  13. Neustradamus Thanks, have a good night
  14. Asterix UsL: I don't see the problem in your screenshot. But if you're not happy with your system default font, you can set it in pref window
  15. lovetox i think he means the messages that are smaller
  16. lovetox normally this is when you get delayed messages
  17. lovetox do you experience this in other chatrooms also?
  18. Maranda started seeing dupes in room, when reconnecting yesterday
  19. Daniel lovetox, it works like a charm! even the location button feels right. maybe you can show me how to map these and I do the tiresome work? anyway, great work! :)
  20. lovetox Daniel i will do the mood-icons today in the train but you could start on the activity ones
  21. lovetox
  22. lovetox these are all activitys
  23. lovetox and what i need is a simple list
  24. lovetox cooking - 1f468-1f373
  25. lovetox this is the unicode for the cooking emoji
  26. lovetox you can find all emojis and there code here
  27. lovetox
  28. lovetox just klick on one then you have it in the adress bar
  29. Daniel perfect, I will do that
  30. lovetox Daniel i gave a bad example, if its possible try not to choose a emoji that is represented by a person
  31. lovetox so cooking should not be man-cook / woman-cook
  32. lovetox hm but this will get hard for soem
  33. lovetox lets try to not use the person emojis but if there is no other one fall back to one
  34. lovetox the problem is we cannot send gender
  35. lovetox we can only tell the other client "cooking"
  36. Maranda 👨‍🏫👨‍🏫
  37. Maranda 👨‍💻👨‍💻
  38. Maranda 👩‍💻👩‍💻
  39. Maranda 👨‍💼
  40. Maranda 👩‍💼
  41. Maranda 👩‍🎤
  42. Maranda :P
  43. Maranda thinks talking about emojis is dangerous stuff.
  44. Maranda Expecially with me around.
  45. Daniel lovetox, first attempt
  46. lovetox nice good work
  47. lovetox some of the moods are nearly impossible to get right
  48. lovetox i mean how does a jealous emoji look like
  49. Daniel i know, some are hard
  50. SouL Ask your girlfriends guys, they sure know how to handle this haha
  51. ThibG wtf, SouL, I think that was uncalled for
  52. ThibG lovetox, my favourite remains
  53. ThibG Face with look of triumph, but besacially everyone interprets it as someone being pissed
  54. SouL ? Girls I talk to are usually really good at chatting ONLY with emojis haha
  55. SouL That's what I ment
  56. lovetox you are not getting out of this one SouL
  57. lovetox 😃
  58. ThibG SouL, ok but still, that was a very weird generalization
  59. SouL If you say so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  60. ThibG (ugh, dino really needs spell checking and last message correction)
  61. SaltyBones Message correction is crap
  62. ThibG how so?
  63. SaltyBones I wanted to make a point by editing that message to something else but I don't think conversations supports it. :)
  64. ThibG Conversation's support of Last Message Correction is… weird
  65. ThibG It doesn't follow the suggestions from the spec for MUCs, and instead only allows corrections if you can see the other people's JID
  66. ThibG that being said, good clients will make it apparent that the message was edited, and allow you to see previous versions
  67. lovetox this is a security concern
  68. lovetox in a anonymous muc
  69. lovetox if someone leaves you can take his nick
  70. lovetox and correct his message
  71. lovetox thats why conversation does not allow it
  72. Maranda Hm no
  73. Maranda Hmm NO
  74. ThibG lovetox, heh, no, the XEP's suggestion is to not allow correction if the person left and rejoined in the meantime
  75. lovetox yes of course you can apply further logic to prevent that, but its additional work, and you are bound to miss some edge case
  76. ThibG Conversation's implementation makes sense too, but it's different, weird and not easily explained to users (and for instance, you can use it in an anonymous MUC if you're a moderator, but not a normal participant)
  77. lovetox see gajims stance on this is, it probably will not happen that someone invests the time to craft these stanzas and wait for the exact moment
  78. lovetox and be lucky enough to change something meaningful
  79. lovetox so we just allow it 😃
  80. ThibG haha
  81. lovetox also the history window does not support correction
  82. lovetox so in history you will always see the real messages
  83. Maranda Or hmm maybe, muc may not check, but all logging modules "won't allow that“
  84. Maranda Since my implementation do rectify logs
  85. Maranda Implementations*
  86. Maranda On message correction if they done within a certain lapse
  87. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8352: < Show/hide participants panel? >
  88. bot Andrey Gursky proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Fix window position restore on multi-head setups
  89. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8352: < Show/hide participants panel? >
  90. Neustradamus It will be nice to sync emojis/emoticons with clients?
  91. lovetox ? what is your message about Neustradamus
  92. Neustradamus For have same in clients
  93. lovetox smartphones use fonts to display emojis
  94. lovetox most desktops dont support emojis via fonts#
  95. lovetox syncing 3000 images seems a bit over the board for just having the same emojis
  96. Neustradamus lovetox: :)
  97. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8273: < emojis on gajim >
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  99. Neustradamus The autor will be not happy since 2016
  100. Neustradamus I speak about and the ticket has been closed
  101. lovetox im not understanding whats your issue
  102. Neustradamus I think it is for sync emojis/emoticons
  103. Neustradamus Like I have said you before
  104. lovetox no it is not
  105. lovetox there is no emoji sync
  106. lovetox i dont know what you are talking about
  107. lovetox thats what the ticket says: There are some emojis missing from the available iconsets.
  108. lovetox yes that was the case we only had 20 emoticons in 0.16.x
  109. lovetox now we have 2200
  110. lovetox so i guess there is nothing missing anymore
  111. jjrh Is 'hide_groupchat_occupants_list' supposed to hide the MUC list? Changing that variable doesn't appear to do anything.
  112. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8414: < Problems with receipt icons and emojis >
  113. lovetox jjrh, only if you are on git master
  114. lovetox it was changed very recently
  115. jjrh ah yeah - did a git pull and it works.
  116. jjrh Thanks :)
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