Gajim - 2018-03-14

  1. rom1dep lovetox: testing your messagewindow branch right now, looks&feels very neat
  2. lovetox ok thanks, let me know if you feel something is missing
  3. lovetox SaltyBones for example found that the highlight on a tab that contains new messages could be more obvious
  4. rom1dep how is it now, just a message count?
  5. rom1dep and this message count red+bold if highlighted?
  6. rom1dep that's good enough for me
  7. lovetox i think its orange and bold
  8. lovetox single chats are always orange and bold
  9. lovetox because its a message directed at you
  10. lovetox in muc the number becomes only orange if one message was with your name highlighted
  11. Daniel close buttons position is much better now!
  12. Daniel highlight and hover colors are as intended i think :)
  13. Daniel lovetox, when closing a highlighted conversation, the next one is selected but doesn't get highlighted
  14. lovetox you mean the tab doesnt get selected
  15. lovetox ?
  16. lovetox hm yeah k thanks i will fix this
  17. Daniel well, the conversation of the next contact is displayed but no highlight
  18. lovetox Daniel is the Listbox now white?
  19. lovetox and the hover grey?
  20. lovetox could you provide a screenshot again maybe
  21. Daniel
  22. Daniel both hover and selected are grey, background is white
  23. lovetox ok nice, looks as it should now
  24. lovetox i decided to use icons again for status, but i will provide more minimal simpler icons to select when im finished
  25. Daniel that sounds good!
  26. Daniel are there plans for changing the default avatar as well? i think it looks a bit outdated
  27. lovetox its the default-avatar icon from gnome adwaita
  28. lovetox but if you can provide a vector graphic of a icon that is under a licence we can use, why not
  29. Daniel i see there is avatar-default-symbolic as well, not sure if that's better
  30. Daniel is it possible to overlay an icon with random colors? that way each contact could have a default icon but with different colours, to distinguish between contacts
  31. lovetox not easily
  32. lovetox other applications just use different colored icons for that
  33. lovetox I guess we could use Alphabet icons and display the first letter of the name
  34. lovetox like other applications
  35. lovetox but im not sure im a fan of these
  36. Daniel sounds better than no icon, and I think it's better than displaying the same icon for every contact without avatar. displaying alphabet icons (maybe with different colours) has a better recognition value
  37. SaltyBones but we could use one of those gravatar like things :)
  38. SaltyBones is cute
  39. SaltyBones this is cute
  40. Daniel monsterid made me chuckle
  41. Link Mauve Heh, it’d be nice to use that server-side to provide a default avatar to new users. ^^
  42. SaltyBones How does it work in xmpp can anybody see my avatar or just people I grant presence or something?
  43. Link Mauve Anybody, anonymous MUCs have special code to hand over your vCard to the requester.
  44. SaltyBones meh
  45. Link Mauve Why meh? It’s the only way people can display your avatar without knowing your JID.
  46. SaltyBones I just don't want random people in MUCs to see my avatar.
  47. SouL No, you should be able to display a different identity in a random MUC
  48. SaltyBones At least that restricts my choices for avatars because I am not comfortable posting a picture of myself e.g. here.
  49. Daniel I'm in favor of alphabet icons :)
  50. rom1dep lovetox: any further experimentations with biboumi's/MUC backlog? It's still quite off in Gajim it seems
  51. lovetox rom1dep, gajim makes and also can not make any difference between mucs
  52. lovetox a irc bimboumi muc has to implement the same mam xep like every other server
  53. lovetox so if you are telling me you see problems only in a bimboumi muc
  54. lovetox than this is a bimboumi issue
  55. lovetox if you tell me what problems you have i can maybe help to debug the issue
  56. lovetox biboumi,i will never get this name right
  57. louiz oor a bug in gajim, but we can only see it with biboumi, because of the difference in implementation
  58. rom1dep lovetox: yeah, I really don't know much and am helpless when it comes to debugging at protocol level, but now the biboumi-served MAM seem to work fine with conversations, so… who knows :) I had my bet on a gajim subtlety. Unrelated, I was thinking of advertising gajim+biboumi in my circles once 1.0 is out, if it happens to be an easy fix and if it can make it into the release on time, that'd be extra sweet (but yeah).
  59. lovetox ah i can remember now, i think you posted some kind of error you receive
  60. lovetox but i think this was not a specific MAM problem
  61. rom1dep lovetox: probably not. When I connect I only get one page of archive it seems, and no error. When I force reconnect, then I see the error.
  62. lovetox so what version of biboumi do you have installed?
  63. rom1dep A fairly recent one, maybe 3 commits behind git master
  64. rom1dep Could find a hash later, anyhow, after the most recent mam changes biboumi-side.
  65. lovetox yeah then maybe if you next time join the channel activate xml console before
  66. lovetox and paste me the outpuit
  67. rom1dep Will try to dedicate some time to this this evening
  68. lovetox hm i know it was working at one point
  69. lovetox but since then some MAM related changes happend
  70. lovetox louiz, can you describe what you mean with this commit
  71. lovetox
  72. lovetox what is the id you are talking about?
  73. lovetox why would this id not be incremented if 2 messages are received in the same second
  74. lovetox not much of an id if its no unique
  75. rom1dep lovetox: FTR, running 8503d1f6831
  76. lovetox Daniel, i cannot reproduce what you said
  77. lovetox ah ok i can :D
  78. Daniel i'm curious about the next update :)
  79. lovetox im just fixing that bug right now
  80. lovetox and then im going to add the paned again, so we can change size of the list
  81. Asterix Daniel, the problem with cert is apahe config. for trac domain I have that: Alias /.well-known/ /var/www/letsencrypt/.well-known/ RedirectPermanent /
  82. Asterix and that desn't work. redirect seems to be superior to Alias
  83. marmistrz Hi! How do I correct the last message from Gajim?
  84. marmistrz gajim claims to implement xep 0308 but I can't find it in the ux
  85. marmistrz s/ux/ui/
  86. marmistrz gajim 0.16.9
  87. Asterix ctrl+up
  88. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *3abc50b2* < > strip muc server name before discovering it. Fixes #8886
  89. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8886: < Gajim throw an error when a user is trying to search for rooms on a muc server. >
  90. marmistrz Asterix, why is it nowhere in the docs? I would ahve never come up with that if you hadn't told me
  91. Asterix in 1.0 there is a window that shows shortcut
  92. Asterix I just added it there:
  93. marmistrz Asterix, a friend of mine has just recieved two messages instead
  94. marmistrz (instead of the last one being correctd)
  95. Asterix which client?
  96. marmistrz he uses conversations, I use gajim and conversations
  97. Asterix his client has to support message correction too
  98. marmistrz Asterix, conversations supports this xep
  99. Daniel Asterix, a wildcard certificate would fix that i guess? I don't know about security implications though, never looked into this kind of certificate
  100. Asterix yes
  101. Asterix marmistrz, you have to do ctrl_up only once, and the place where you type message becomes yellow
  102. marmistrz Asterix, I did that
  103. Asterix Daniel, yes. But for now, certbot 0.22 is not in debian yet ...
  104. Asterix then maybe he has an old conversation ...
  105. Daniel Ah concerning acme 2.0 you mean?
  106. lovetox marmistrz, its not defined what the last message really is
  107. lovetox and how long it can be corrected
  108. lovetox every client does there own thing here
  109. lovetox you can test it here in the muc if you want
  110. marmistrz test
  111. marmistrz test test
  112. lovetox looks good to me :)
  113. marmistrz lgtm too
  114. marmistrz ;)
  115. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8947: < 1.0 beta crash on Ubuntu >
  116. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *fa325a8f* < > Remove CAN_OVERRIDE_APP_ID Flag This cannot be used in combination with HANDLES_COMMAND_LINE Fixes #8947
  117. lovetox Hm Daniel, wouldnt it be nicer if the icons for location, music, activity, mood would also be in the tabs?
  118. lovetox instead of top right corner?
  119. rom1dep ```(gajim:30950): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_text_buffer_get_iter_at_mark: assertion '!gtk_text_mark_get_deleted (mark)' failed [1] 30950 segmentation fault (core dumped) ./``` Just. Awesome.
  120. lovetox :D
  121. lovetox never had this, i dont know why gtk just crashes on such errors can it not just print the thing and go on
  122. rom1dep I generally pretend that it's me who doesn't like Gtk, … But the truth is, it hates me even more.
  123. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 18 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >:
  124. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >: *245e478e* < > Update ChangeLog
  125. Neustradamus Asterix, lovetox: have you seen:
  126. Daniel Yes, lovetox , I thought aboit that too. Icons are useful to indicate that further information is available. For mood and music one could use a tooltip on the icon, showing the info. But to access location info, a button would be nice to open the location in a browser window.
  127. lovetox it is already that way
  128. lovetox the images have tooltips, and location is a button
  129. lovetox Neustradamus, how is this relevant for us
  130. lovetox i dont see it
  131. Daniel is lacking contacts with mood, music and location published
  132. lovetox hm just set it yourself
  133. lovetox and activate show_self_contact in ACE
  134. Daniel Yes i will try tomorrow. Could have seen this earlier. Thanks :)
  135. Neustradamus lovetox: ""Old" clients"
  136. lovetox hm ok i check nbxmpp if session is expected
  137. lovetox thanks Neustradamus
  138. lovetox Neustradamus, FYI, i checked and Gajim will not break if servers remove support
  139. Neustradamus lovetox: :)
  140. Neustradamus Python OMEMO is based on libsignal?
  141. nico I guess those commits mean the release is like right there?
  142. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *77ebc47d* < > Dont build a session if its not mandatory Some servers add à `optional` tag to inform us that no session is needed
  143. lovetox Neustradamus, a inofficial port of libsignal to python
  144. lovetox nico, yes Asterix will prepare the website and a blog post as soon as he has time
  145. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *c9dfc044* < > Fix syntax error