Gajim - 2018-03-13

  1. SaltyBones lovetox, too bad, doesn't seem to be usable here just yet :)
  2. mrwsl Hi guys, question of understanding about how to correctly exit a group chat. My case: I create a MUC on conversations and as soon as I open gajim I join this said muc. It seems that I only can leave this room on conversations. Everything I tried with gajim results into joining after a restart. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. rom1dep > rom1dep, if you still use this branch you can do a hard reset on it Common, I'm a Mercurial person, this is hg-git 🙂 I'll update my clone though
  4. edhelas hi
  5. edhelas does gajim can reset the configuration of some PEP nodes (like microblog) from the UI ?
  6. Asterix mrwsl: delete your bookmark in manage bookmarks dialog
  7. Asterix edhelas: there is something when you rigjt click on account row, but not sure it's enough
  8. edhelas I'd like to know if gajim could reset it, because then I have users that are complaining about max_items=1, which breaks movim
  9. mrwsl Asterix, thanks! That was it.
  10. lovetox mrwsl, this also means you will not join this muc on conversation too
  11. lovetox you cant set these things per device
  12. lovetox only per account
  13. lovetox edhelas are you asking if one user can intentionally reset a node with gajim to maxitems=1
  14. lovetox yes we have UI for that
  15. lovetox or do you ask if gajim uninentionally resets all pubsub nodes of a user to maxitems=1?
  16. lovetox this seems highly unlikely
  17. edhelas yeah that's what I'm thinking as well
  18. edhelas but I'd like to understand where this is coming from
  19. lovetox i say look at prosody 😃
  20. Link Mauve edhelas, read the logs of your server.
  21. lovetox is it a specific node that cause the problem?
  22. Maranda edhelas from what I know ejabberd assumes PEP nodes are singleton nodes so if whatever creates a node on PEP without specifying max items it'll be a singleton node.
  23. edhelas yeah but Movim are creating them with max_items=5000
  24. edhelas just that they are reseted somehow
  25. edhelas maybe it's movim, I'm investigating on that
  26. Maranda That I have no idea, but if something that isn't Movim creates a node before Movim that might be an explanation.
  27. bot Antonio created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8946: < Remove account >
  28. edhelas it's only for microblog at the moment
  29. Maranda edhelas, is it creating using #publish-options by any chance? If so check what is it doing there.
  30. Maranda although if anything send max_items = 1 with #publish-options ejabberd should send a pre-condition error if it was previously configured with max_items = 5000
  31. lovetox SaltyBones, what do you mean its not useable?
  32. lovetox some error?!
  33. SaltyBones Uh maybe I didn't investigate but menus didn't open and such
  34. edhelas ok it's not only microblog
  35. lovetox SaltyBones Oo
  36. lovetox what menus
  37. lovetox would be nice if you could report these errors to me 🙂
  38. SaltyBones Sure will try again tonight
  39. Daniel lovetox, for me this branch works pretty well!
  40. Daniel the sliding close button is a bit distracting i think. maybe a fade-in on the right side would be better
  41. Daniel hm i see that would be a conflict with unread message count on the right side. maybe message count in brackets could be a solution?
  42. lovetox i dont understand whats the difference between 1 and [1]
  43. Daniel oh that was just a thought on how to make room for a close button on the right instead the left
  44. lovetox but putting the number in brackets does not make more space
  45. lovetox maybe im missing what you are trying to say
  46. Daniel oh yes, putting it in brackets behind the contacts name
  47. Daniel so that you have Contactname (1) _space_ (x)
  48. lovetox i can just put the colored number behind the contact name, no need for brackets
  49. lovetox though this is not the only information that could be on the right
  50. lovetox for example something like a read marker could also be there
  51. lovetox in general im reluctant to make space for a close button
  52. lovetox it has no information, and you close a conversation probably not often
  53. lovetox still you would see the button all the time on all tabs, and we have less space for more useful information
  54. Daniel
  55. Daniel i would keep the behaviour of showing it only when the mouse hovers over the contact entry
  56. Daniel just a mockup
  57. Daniel this way it's not as intruding like covering the avatar with a white rectangle containing the close button, that's what i wanted to avoid with this approach
  58. lovetox Is this KDE?
  59. lovetox im a bit confused, as i set explicitly the color of selected tabs, it seems to be overwritten by something on your system
  60. lovetox yes making the button smaller and displaying on the right seems better
  61. Daniel yep that's KDE, I'll try a different theme
  62. Daniel ah, thats just the cursor missing in this mockup. so I have Gajim Dev selected and mouseover for the contact with unread messages. changing the theme doesn't change the colour though
  63. Daniel so that blue is mouseover colour and the selected one has no special colour indication
  64. lovetox oh thats mouseover
  65. lovetox no selected should be grey, but background of list should be white
  66. lovetox seems i forgot to set the background to white because on windows its white by default
  67. lovetox and i didnt set hover
  68. Asterix lovetox: weshould not set those colors. If i use a dark theme, i dont want this listview to be white ...
  69. lovetox Thats why we need a gajim-dark.css
  70. lovetox thats autmatically loaded if user has dark theme activated on his system
  71. lovetox but usually i dont set the colors directly
  72. Daniel that sounds nice!
  73. lovetox Asterix, how i do it now is i use Variables
  74. lovetox Adwaita defines vars like @text_base_color
  75. lovetox which is black in a non dark adwaita
  76. lovetox and in a dark adwaita theme its white
  77. lovetox for grey i use @unfocused_bg_color for example
  78. lovetox which is grey in adwaita, but in dark adwaita its probably something different
  79. lovetox but sometimes with status colors for example we have to really set the colors, for things like that i would introduce a gajim-dark.css which sets these things
  80. Asterix Yes of course. Cool then
  81. bot Christoph Erhardt created an issue in _python-nbxmpp_ < >: #49: < python-nbxmpp fails to parse a JID's domainpart expressed as an IP-literal >
  82. bot Alexander Yakovlev created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8947: < 1.0 beta crash on Ubuntu >
  83. bot Alexander Yakovlev modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8947: < 1.0 beta crash on Ubuntu >
  84. Tschaeggaer heya. is there a way to donate via bank transfer? i don't want to use paypal.
  85. Asterix Tschaeggaer: if you trust me I can give you my bank information
  86. Tschaeggaer And if I don't trust you you will give me someone else's bank info so you don't get the money? :D
  87. Tschaeggaer Yes, I'd like that.
  88. Asterix Ok. I'm in the train right now. Will do that this evening (in 2h) ok?
  89. Tschaeggaer okay thanks
  90. Maranda
  91. Maranda while changing a roster entry group
  92. lovetox Thanks mimi89999
  93. lovetox Thanks Maranda
  94. lovetox Daniel, i updated my branch
  95. lovetox i think the close button is now better