Gajim - 2018-03-12

  1. nico Are there any plans when the release for Gajim 1.0 is?
  2. debacle How can I change the order of accounts in my roster? (1.0.0~beta2)
  3. Asterix nico: soon ...
  4. Asterix debacle: change their name. 1_xxx, 2_aaa
  5. nico Asterix: 🤗 that's awesome
  6. debacle Asterix, I did this, but they are not ordered by their name, but maybe by server name?
  7. Daniel debacle, did you restart gajim?
  8. debacle Yes.
  9. debacle But I can try again.
  10. debacle No, still wrong order
  11. lovetox hm
  12. lovetox could be a bug, its probably sorted by full jid
  13. lovetox not by the label you apply
  14. SaltyBones lovetox, is there a "parents ready" windows version?
  15. lovetox you mean a installer=?
  16. lovetox yes on
  17. lovetox
  18. lovetox im not sure if it is a good idea to show the status like that
  19. lovetox but i have no idea how else to show it
  20. SaltyBones don't >:)
  21. SaltyBones i think it looks pretty nic
  22. SaltyBones i think it looks pretty nice
  23. SaltyBones do you mean the message or the red drop?
  24. lovetox the red drop is a location symbo
  25. lovetox it means i have a location published, ignore it
  26. lovetox no i think showing status is nice
  27. SaltyBones i mean...i also think it is nice
  28. SaltyBones and the location is also cool
  29. SaltyBones but all in all i don't REALLY care much about any of those things
  30. SaltyBones I need to click on your name so I can talk to you.
  31. SaltyBones That's what I need from a messenger. :D
  32. lovetox yeah man, i think the same :)
  33. SaltyBones But by NO MEANS take that as a suggestion
  34. SaltyBones I'm sure a million people will be mad if you hide status...
  35. lovetox these days people treat messangers like its some super important life thingy
  36. Link Mauve Because it is. :)
  37. lovetox people just spend way too much time with their messanger
  38. lovetox i think that looks now quite nice
  39. lovetox
  40. rom1dep lovetox: 👍 neat!
  41. Daniel Looking good!
  42. SaltyBones nice, when can I have it? :)
  43. chili Have you tried a small polygon on the right edge of the rectangle? Maybe a hexagon?
  44. chili I like the small vertical strip, though! Nice work!
  45. lovetox hexagon is kind of hard to draw with css, its possible in a browser but i dont know if gtk has that much css support
  46. lovetox so i would have to use a icon
  47. chili (a stretched figure is often visually harder to perceive than a figure with the same size, but better aspect ratio)
  48. chili Is there svg support? Maybe there is a way to set it dynamically this way?
  49. SaltyBones huh?
  50. SaltyBones what does "same size but better aspect ratio" mean?
  51. SaltyBones is that same height but wider (and thus obvious) or same width and smaller (counterintuitive)
  52. chili X/Y is closer to 1
  53. SaltyBones sure, but what does same size mean?
  54. SaltyBones same area?
  55. chili Yup same area
  56. chili Sorry. That was a bit unpecise indeed...
  57. SaltyBones hm okay, that seems vaguely plausible
  58. chili It's a minor detail. I don't think, that anyone will complain, though!
  59. SaltyBones oh, i was just curious
  60. SaltyBones 1. I like the bars
  61. SaltyBones 2. I always love hexagons
  62. SaltyBones 3. I don't want to see status aside
  63. SaltyBones 4. I hope lovetox invests no time whatsover in fiddling with it even more ;D
  64. chili SaltyBones: That was the reason for proposing hexagons 😇😎
  65. SaltyBones damn, doesn't look like that yet :D
  66. SaltyBones lovetox, is there a branch? >:)
  67. lovetox yes wait a bit i have to fix some things first
  68. lovetox SaltyBones,
  69. lovetox but this is very experimental, ui bugs are bound to happen
  70. lovetox rom1dep, if you still use this branch you can do a hard reset on it
  71. lovetox i rebased it ontop of current master