Gajim - 2018-03-10

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  5. Link Mauve Asterix, instead of type(something) != str, use not isinstance(something, str).
  6. Link Mauve It will also handle subclasses and such.
  7. Link Mauve Also, in this case it’s better to explicitly test for bytes, since other types most likely won’t have an encode() method.
  8. Asterix Link Mauve: bytes doesn't exist in py2, so test will fail
  9. Link Mauve % python2 >>> bytes <type 'str'>
  10. Link Mauve It does exist, it’s just an alias.
  11. Daniel this is strange.. even though translation is not working on windows, some plugin descriptions are translated correctly. is the translation of plugin relevant strings handled differently?
  12. lovetox not only plugins
  13. lovetox for example standard buttons are also in germans
  14. lovetox like the close button
  15. lovetox what does not work is strings that we define in glade ui files
  16. lovetox ah lets say i can get strings to work that are not in a glade ui file
  17. lovetox but then you have a mix of german and english
  18. lovetox better to have only english
  19. Daniel ah i see, thanks for the info!
  20. lovetox or maybe gtk fixed the problem and it works now
  21. lovetox in we set some translation stuff for windows
  22. lovetox you can play with it if you want
  23. lovetox Daniel where do you see something translated?
  24. lovetox about which plugin are you talking?
  25. lovetox ah i see
  26. lovetox yeah we can definitly make that work because its strings set in code and translation is done via python
  27. lovetox the problem is with the glade ui files
  28. Daniel is there a bug open in gtk development?
  29. lovetox hm no i dont think so, but to make a bugreport you should prove it with a minimal example
  30. SouL Will be possible to move tabs into a vertical list?
  31. Asterix You can already
  32. Asterix Look for tab_position or tab something in ace
  33. SouL Damn, really?
  34. SouL will check, thanks Asterix :)
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  41. 4157 test
  42. 4157 Philipp ?
  43. Asterix Hi 4157
  44. 4157 Hi
  45. 4157 i want to talk about gajim
  46. SouL I've heard this is the best place to do that!
  47. 4157 please add some features for gajim like editing file transfer address, there ar only option (use file transfer proxyes) i dont really sure this leak my ip in description says (gajim broadcast other ips exept my ip it means when i use tor proxy gajim sends my ip too ?
  48. Asterix 4157: I don't know what mean edit file transfer address, but I'm sure we already have that in ACE (Advanced configuration editor)
  49. Asterix file transfer is peer to peer, so yes it's not compatible with tor
  50. Asterix but most of te time you send file to friends. If you don't wantto give your ip to friends, you should maybe cut internet connexion completly ...
  51. 4157 right click > modify account > General (Use file transfer proxies
  52. lovetox that does not mean TOR
  53. lovetox proxies are on the xmpp server, used if you are behind a firewall
  54. lovetox there is no way to hide your ip in a p2p filetransfer with gajim right now
  55. lovetox so dont even search for it
  56. 4157 can i disable filetransfers fully, ?
  57. lovetox no
  58. 4157 you are developer ?
  59. lovetox i can just tell you now, if you want to use gajim as a super secret secure messenger that never leaks your ip or any request, you will be sad
  60. lovetox that was never a priority in the development of gajim
  61. 4157 if i enable tor proxy on gajim then filetransfers can't leak my ip ?
  62. lovetox filetransfer will always leak your ip
  63. Asterix to your contact or to the file transfer proxy you'll use
  64. Asterix it can't pass through tor
  65. 4157 if i disable use filetransfer proxyes then it connects to tor and dont leak my ip ?
  66. lovetox ‎[23:46:23] ‎lovetox‎: filetransfer will always leak your ip
  67. zuglufttier as an alternative for file sharing.
  68. 4157 can i disable filetransfer completely ?
  69. lovetox you asked that question before and got an answer
  70. 4157 can filetransfer address editing option added in feauture, like in pidgin i can edit filetransfer edresses on pidgin but want to edit in gajim
  71. Asterix Just don't send file and don't accept requests
  72. Asterix What is file transfer address?
  73. 4157 what filetransfer adress uses gajim by default ?
  74. Asterix You should read about how filetransfer works in xmpp. In particular jingle filetransfer
  75. 4157 gajim not use server to send files ? if its locally can you make it with tor to not leak ip,
  76. Asterix It's p2p. You send your ip and some proxies to your contact, your contact do the same, and once someone can contact the other, then this transport is used
  77. 4157 like make webrtc connect to tor in browser to not leak ip in peerconection
  78. SouL Are you maybe looking for something like HttpUpload?
  79. 4157 what is this ?
  80. 4157 it send files without p2p ?
  81. SouL Yes
  82. 4157 oh cool
  83. SouL It sends the file to a server
  84. Asterix Without tor proxy ...
  85. SouL There's a plugin for it, but your server has to support it.
  86. lovetox depends if he uses a system that proxys all internet traffic through tor
  87. lovetox he could use httpupload
  88. 4157 it not support tor proxy ?
  89. lovetox it uses the connection of your system
  90. lovetox so you have to route all internet traffic on your system through tor then this will also routed through tor
  91. 4157 not cool this also leaks my ip to server
  92. SouL Ohh, ok, I didn't get the idea.
  93. SouL But you are using XMPP, your server already knows your IP.
  94. 4157 nope my server is onion server
  95. 4157 i have idea to make this client better, converstation with tor, 2 clients creating onion services and connect eachother makes encrytion and, whoala
  96. 4157 and for this not need any server, its cool idea
  97. Asterix We won't be compatible with other clients if there is no standard
  98. 4157
  99. lovetox Daniel,
  100. lovetox Daniel,