Gajim - 2018-03-03

  1. lovetox int, i guess it will not take too long anymore until they release a new version, latest was january i believe
  2. lovetox Link Mauve, im not sure why are you sending me this, but we never had a problem to get the dependencies, if i use a msys2 package or a pip package or a brew package, does not really make any difference for me
  3. lovetox schoppenhauer, no sorry i never heard of this
  4. lovetox it would be a start to find out if messages are missing
  5. cippaciong lovetox, hi! The tag for omemo 2.5.7 is missing
  6. lovetox yes sorry
  7. cippaciong np
  8. lovetox done
  9. cippaciong Thanks
  10. lovetox, Hello! When will the calls to debian 9 start?
  11. lovetox, I want to advertise this event among users
  12. We are all waiting for calls in Jabber
  13. lovetox hm it is not planned to work with 1.0
  14. lovetox nobody maintains that feature
  15. lovetox so we will not advertise it anymore with 1.0
  16. lovetox, Calls from Gajim to Gajim other clients are not needed
  17. lovetox yeah, it makes no difference, nice feature but no time to maintain it currently, maybe somone is interested and gives the code a look
  18. It's time to make calls and send to the trash everyone who does not support them
  19. nico some more ppl would love calls but there are not enough devs out there to implrement in a wide range of clients
  20. Conversations want to make calls, but it's difficult for them.
  22. lovetox its not harder for them as for anyone else
  23. nico‎ As soon as whoever does one, everyone else will do the same or go to the dustbin of history. Calls are a good argument that would make Gajim the most popular Jabber application. Now only 5-10% use Gajim
  24. Link Mauve, yeah sure, because once Gajim got it back in the 0.14 days, that is back in 2011, everyone and their friends flocked to Gajim en masse!
  25. Link Mauve At this point it became the de facto Jabber client, GNOME adopted it to replace its own Empathy, even Pidgin users migrated to it.
  26. Crypted calls are very demanded, you need to give a kick on the back of the closed program code
  27. Link Mauve Gajim has supported that since 2011, and pretty much nobody bothered maintaining it.
  28. Link Mauve, New time. Now all just ask me about encrypted calls.
  29. Link Mauve, so are you stepping forward to maintain it?
  30. Link Mauve Because otherwise you can just suggest them to use Jitsi.
  31. Link Mauve, Now in the jabber there are no Jabber-client software who would support calls.
  32. Link Mauve Jitsi?
  33. lawid, Jitsi is no longer Jabber
  34. Link Mauve In which way?
  35. Link Mauve, Jitsi is no longer Jabber
  36. Link Mauve In which way?
  37. Link Mauve, This is a private chat that does not work with other servers
  38. Link Mauve Do you have a source for that?
  39. Link Mauve Because in my deployment of their Jitsi Meet software, I can join any room created with any other client, theirs is using MUC just fine (even though their chat thing isn’t very featureful).
  40. ‎Link Mauve
  41. Link Mauve But also note that I said Jitsi at first, not Jitsi Meet.
  42. Link Mauve, this link doesn’t say anything about them not using XMPP anymore, and this belief goes contrary to every discussion I’ve had with their team. :)
  43. Link Mauve, How to use it, if not xmlp-client support Jitsi?
  44. How to use it, if not xmpp-client support Jitsi?
  45. Link Mauve I don’t understand your question, could you reformulate please?
  46. Link Mauve, I understood what you are saying .This is not a solution to the problem. We need Jingle encrypted A/V calling
  47. If I understood how to make video calls, I would make video calls.
  48. lovetox, Why does the error occur?
  50. Link Mauve, and yet, people don’t flock to Jitsi today any more than they did to Gajim back in 2011.
  51. Link Mauve, I have a fix for this particular traceback, but it isn’t anywhere near the end of the road to fixing Jingle calls.
  52. In Jitsi there is no OMEMO.
  53. In Jitsi there is no httpUpload
  54. Jitsi is not in the debian repository
  55. Link Mauve OMEMO can’t be used for video calls either.
  56. Link Mauve, see, it seems people actually value a lot of other things than video calls.
  57. Link Mauve, was asked about video calls for this month 50 times.People want to replace skype with a jabber. Every time I have to tell them: I'm sorry, there are no Jabber-client support video-calls.
  58. lovetox, i understand you value A/V Calls, but this discussion is will lead to nothing, even if 1 Million people come here and tell me how much they value A/V Calls, i still value my time more and choose to do other things
  59. lovetox its not a thing of who values what
  60. Link Mauve, you could now tell them Jitsi does exist.
  61. In 2011, the Internet was at a speed of 256 kilobytes. Now is another time. It's time to call and there are not any.
  62. lovetox im personally not interested in A/V Calls, thats why i will not put my free time to it
  63. lovetox but im open to MRs if anyone else wants to put the time in
  64. Link Mauve, you could also setup a Jitsi Meet deployment on your service, and point them to it so they can just send a link to their contacts.
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  69. debacle When I need A/V calls, I use Movim. It is a web based XMPP client (and federated social network). You can login e.g. at with your XMPP account (you have to trust their admin that they do neither store nor abuse your credentials) and have A/V calls in good quality. If you do not like to give away your XMPP credentials, you can also make an account on their site.
  70. debacle ->
  71. debacle You need a recent graphical web browser with webrtc support, both Firefox and Chromium in Debian testing are fine.
  72. debacle, OK. Thank you. I'll look it up
  73. debacle Movim also has a MUC: