Gajim - 2018-02-24

  1. rom1dep > movim is nice i used it from work, until my work banned the site > :/ > now im back to converse.js lovetox: but you could host a movim pod just fine, couldn't you?
  2. Maranda lovetox mobile phone
  3. Maranda 🤣 🤣
  4. lovetox rom1dep, i guess i could, but what makes you think my work wouldnt ban that too?
  5. lovetox they have some algo that dertermines if this is a site i need for work or not ^^
  6. rom1dep lovetox: well, it's easy to ban movim.tld on the basis that it advertise itself as a social network on its font page, but hard to ban every random pod in the wild.
  7. rom1dep lovetox: you can try my pod if you like
  8. lovetox yeah what the domain
  9. lovetox rom1dep !
  10. rom1dep lovetox: hold on, I reconfigure to allow arbitrary servers and I come to you in PM
  11. lovetox_ test
  12. SaltyBones success? :)
  13. rom1dep lovetox: I'm having MAM issues with biboumi-served MUCs which are not receiving the backlog, and while I was blaming biboumi out of habit, I realised that my term if full of such errors
  14. rom1dep oh, hold on, I'm using a wrong gajim branch
  15. lovetox hm this is a weird one
  16. lovetox you have to find out under what circumstances this exactly happens, i guess you autojoin on start the room
  17. rom1dep I wish there was a gui for crafting MAM requests
  18. rom1dep yep, it's at the time I join the room, but on top of master, I don't get that error
  19. rom1dep but I don't seem to be getting logs either
  20. lovetox this error only leads to not displaying
  21. lovetox it still was stored in the db
  22. lovetox so you ahve all logs in history
  23. rom1dep nope
  24. rom1dep I can get more if I disconnect/reconnect the room
  25. lovetox still this error happens after db storage
  26. rom1dep it's not thrown in the term
  27. rom1dep so maybe not
  28. rom1dep hopefully weechat is also logging these rooms, but they were riddled with netsplits over the past few days, so it's a PITA to figure out when/if I'm supposed to get logs for that client for that time period
  29. rom1dep ehh, actually this error is back
  30. lovetox hm maybe its specific to transport chats
  31. lovetox can you give me the channel?
  32. rom1dep lovetox: updated the gist so the line numbers match with 91aac652
  33. lovetox in what window mode are you?
  34. rom1dep detached roster with chat grouped by type
  35. lovetox and channel?
  36. rom1dep gajim stores logs in .local/share/gajim/logs.db in a standard linux, isn't it?
  37. lovetox yes
  38. lovetox no
  39. lovetox dont delete logs there
  40. lovetox there is a table there
  41. lovetox last_archive_message
  42. lovetox with a timestamp
  43. lovetox delete the row where the jid belongs to the channel
  44. rom1dep so, if I delete the row in last_archive_message whose jid_id matches #room%ircserver@irc.xmppserver.tld, it will poll all available MUC for that room?
  45. rom1dep so, if I delete the row in last_archive_message whose jid_id matches #room%ircserver@irc.xmppserver.tld, it will poll all available MAM for that room?
  46. lovetox no
  47. lovetox only 1 day back
  48. rom1dep by the way, these logs are getting huge, is there a SQL invocation I could use to get rid of the presence changes?
  49. lovetox you can deactivated logging them
  50. lovetox preferences -> advanced
  51. lovetox kind column = 1
  52. rom1dep yeah, but I already have several hundreds MBs of them :)
  53. lovetox kind = 1 is gc status
  54. lovetox so DELETE from logs where kind = 1
  55. lovetox i think :D
  56. rom1dep select count(*) from logs where kind == 1; 859458
  57. lovetox you should really disable logging them :)
  58. lovetox weird in the ejabbered channel i get no logs from 1 day back
  59. lovetox maybe nothing was said
  60. rom1dep there were messages today, but you just joined the room and nobody posted after that
  61. lovetox yeah but i requested one day back
  62. lovetox and server returned that there is nothing
  63. rom1dep (biboumi only serves your own user's history, and don't try to merge across users)
  64. lovetox im not getting it, if i join a groupchat and want to have history back 1 day
  65. lovetox what does the user play a role?
  66. rom1dep your user wasn't joined 1 day ago, so technically there is no log for it
  67. lovetox but why is this made like that
  68. lovetox is this some kind of privacy feature
  69. rom1dep yep
  70. rom1dep it's apparently hard to conciliate user's presence in the room with user-level permissions of that room, so if a user is kicked, it shouldn't not see what happened when it was kicked, that's one thing
  71. rom1dep the other question is, on behalf of which nick should the logging be happening when all biboumi users have left the room
  72. rom1dep that being said, I'd love if louiz' provided a toggle somewhere to mark a chan as public, and ignore the privacy questions
  73. lovetox ah thanks for the info
  74. lovetox makes sense
  75. mmlosh Tried to find out last time I sent a direct message to Dicson. The history UI is not very good for browsing extremely sparse histories
  76. mmlosh By extremely I mean <0.5 non-empty days per year
  77. lovetox what do you mena by direct
  78. lovetox a PM?
  79. lovetox or single chat
  80. lovetox mmlosh,
  81. lovetox im not sure i follow, if you search in Gajim -> History Manager, you should find instantly the last message when you select his nick
  82. lovetox also in the normal history window you could just put his nick in and get the last message