Gajim - 2018-02-14

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  3. anotheragency "Choose a group of type a new group" gajim/data/gui/add_new_contact_window.ui:239
  4. anotheragency or type a new group? It has me puzzled
  5. bot Mako N created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8894: < Can't treat XMPP URI correctly >
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  7. bot Mako N modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8894: < Can't treat XMPP URI correctly >
  8. bot Mako N modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8894: < Can't treat XMPP URI correctly >
  9. anotheragency Asterix: Sorry I got fatalist. is in good shape now. Hopefully it isnt a problem that the resource is called nb_NO but it is in the nb locale. Preferably it should be nb_NO all around, but if it works it works
  10. bot Mako N created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8895: < Can't open chat >
  11. Asterix anotheragency: yed it's in nb but produce nb_NO.po. I configured pootle for that. I don't know how to do another way
  12. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8894: < Can't treat XMPP URI correctly >
  13. anotheragency Asterix: I think nb_NO is selectable as a language branch, but if this works then this works
  14. anotheragency nb_NO is just preferably since it is the older locale, so it has more backward-compability
  15. SaltyBones animated gifs are displayed very unhappily
  16. bot Mako N modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8894: < Can't treat XMPP URI correctly >
  17. SaltyBones
  18. Daniel well, if that's not happy! :D
  19. Daniel but now I'm remebered that a menu action to stop the animation would be useful
  20. SaltyBones Daniel, not sure about you but I get a flickering black background and several sizes of the gif rendered on top of each other
  21. Daniel yes, me too
  22. SaltyBones ok ;)
  23. Daniel but it very much depends on the GIF file.. don't know why this one is so weird. I think it's happening in the resizing process
  24. Daniel what x*y dimensions does the file have?
  25. debacle 420²
  26. SaltyBones btw... /clear works
  27. debacle How is precis_i18n exactly used in Gajim? I see it imported in, but not used directly. Does precis_18n monkey patch other libraries?
  28. yvo I cannot use gajim anymore on my debian sid since the upgrade to the gtk3 version. I can start gajim but cannot login into my account or create a new account. There are dbus errors.
  29. yvo > (gajim:17188): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: unable to send notifications through org.freedesktop.Notifications: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.Notifications was not provided by any .service files
  30. yvo for example this error msg.
  31. yvo all dbus, all gajim and all python packages are uptodate from debian sid
  32. yvo anyone with this problem?
  33. mister yvo what _exact_ version of gajim is that? in the debian repositories there is alpha and beta1 and there is also a possibility to add a gajim repository: (i am running gajim beta on debian stable/testing now from gajim repos.)
  34. mister yvo, what i am suggesting is the possibility that the "other" build could "work"
  35. yvo beta1
  36. yvo ok so I coukld try your build via apt sources
  37. yvo I'll try that @mister
  38. yvo Do I have to delete gajim for that first?
  39. yvo afk 4 lunch ...
  40. yvo ah ok all info already on the website, sry
  41. yvo I try it after lunch, see you
  42. mister yvo, fyi, "my" gajim is crashing on roster filter searches ;-)
  43. mister (alpha did not, beta does...)
  44. bot Dimitrios Semitsoglou-Tsiapos created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8896: < "Synchronise History" waits indefinitely >
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  46. Link Mauve “18:32:04 lovetox> your application should crop the avatar so it is 1:1”, uh, no, it’s perfectly valid to have a non-square avatar.
  47. Link Mauve Mine isn’t square for instance.
  48. Link Mauve Stretching it would make it look a lot worse than just padding the rest with transparent pixels.
  49. debacle Link Mauve, yes, transparent, not black nor white like in Movim :~)
  50. Link Mauve debacle, have you reported this bug to Movim btw?
  51. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8896: < "Synchronise History" waits indefinitely >
  52. debacle Link Mauve, *blush* I forgot.
  53. debacle only in their MUC
  54. debacle not properly, i.e. in their GitHub
  55. yvo hm my last messages are lost ...
  56. yvo I repeat myself:
  57. yvo The nightly git build produces different results:
  58. yvo
  59. yvo From cffi callback <function _ssl_verify_callback at 0x7f98c5b18e60>:
  60. yvo
  61. yvo And a GTK popup says: "Connection to could not be established."
  62. yvo python 2.7 seems wrong to me
  63. yvo Shouldn`t it be python3
  64. debacle yvo, yes!
  65. debacle siduction seems to mess something with the two Python versions...
  66. yvo aaaaaaaaaah!
  67. debacle (In my inner eye, I see two giant Indian Rock Pythons knotted into each other.)
  68. yvo Always the same.
  69. yvo Python 2 and 3 fighting against each other.
  70. yvo In one of my jobs als 2.6, 2.7 and 3.
  71. Maranda who's winning?
  72. yvo I can delete 2.7 as it seems. Surprinsingly no program is depending on 2.
  73. yvo ah no
  74. yvo wrong line
  75. yvo of course I cannot delete it 😀
  76. yvo gimp, latex-make kodi and so on
  77. yvo aaaaah interesting
  78. yvo kodi had always a segfault, could be the same problem.
  79. debacle but this should not be a problem, I have both Python 2 and 3 installed, too, and Gajim picks, correctly, Python 3
  80. yvo yes should
  81. yvo so what can I do about it?
  82. yvo update-alternatives?
  83. debacle no, Python 2 and 3 are not alternatives
  84. yvo or does gajim forget to tell which version and relies on the default to prefer 3?
  85. yvo hmhmhm
  86. debacle *** /usr/bin/python is Python 2, /usr/bin/python3 is Python 3
  87. yvo yes
  88. debacle type "ps ax|grep gajim", when gajim runs
  89. debacle there should be:
  90. debacle ... /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/gajim
  91. yvo ah!
  92. yvo it is not
  93. yvo 18839 pts/4 Sl+ 0:02 /usr/bin/python -OO
  94. yvo python --version Python 2.7.14+
  95. yvo so what do I do?
  96. yvo grep -r python2 /usr/share/gajim/src
  97. yvo _('Requires python2.5.')), Binary file features_window.pyc matches Binary file features_window.pyo matches
  98. yvo Should it be like that?
  99. debacle the python --version is OK
  100. debacle because python == Python 2.
  101. debacle but /usr/share/gajim/src sounds not like any kind of Debian package to me
  102. debacle type: "type -p gajim" in shell, yvo
  103. debacle or "which gajim"
  104. yvo type -p gajim /usr/bin/gajim
  105. yvo I have now only the nightly installed
  106. yvo
  107. yvo ah I found it!
  108. yvo cat /usr/bin/gajim
  109. yvo ...
  110. yvo cd "/usr/share/gajim/src" exec "/usr/bin/python" -OO $ "$@"
  111. Asterix I see gahim/src, so it's 0.16
  112. debacle Do you have installed gajim by "sudo apt install gajim", yvo?
  113. yvo hm but I followd
  114. yvo no gajim-nightly
  115. yvo apt install gajim-nightly
  116. Asterix So py2is normal if it'0.16
  117. yvo I wrote above: dpkg -L gajim-nightly | grep src/gajim
  118. debacle Ah, I thought you use the package by your distribution!
  119. yvo no mister said I should give the nightly a try
  120. yvo see above
  121. yvo Yes before one hour I used plain debian sids gajim
  122. yvo Is the nightly not python3?
  123. debacle Maybe it is still 0.16.9 until 1.0.0 is officially released? (Not alpha/beta.)
  124. yvo Oh yes it is 0.16.9
  125. yvo Sorry, I could have realized it from the look that it is gtk2
  126. yvo But it is the same connection problem as with the beta
  127. lovetox debacle precis is needed if you want to use UTF8 jids
  128. lovetox or interact with them
  129. debacle thanks, lovetox!
  130. debacle but *how* is it used? in an indirect way?
  131. debacle there is no actual call to the library itself, or did I miss it?
  132. lovetox to validate the jid against it
  133. lovetox yes you missed it
  134. lovetox import precis_i18n.codec
  135. debacle yes, this is the import, but where is it used?
  136. yvo so I deleted the nightly build and reinstalled the normal gajim from sid:
  137. yvo ps ax|grep gajim 14968 pts/4 Tl 0:04 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/gajim
  138. lovetox in parse_resource()
  139. lovetox and various other methods
  140. yvo So this is wrong
  141. yvo Ah
  142. debacle (note to myself: register new jid 🍕 or whatever)
  143. yvo so this is right. Sorry for the misunderstanding about the nightly ...
  144. Asterix Gajim-nightly -> 0.16.9 gajim-default-nightly -> master
  145. yvo so should i install gajim-default-nightly
  146. yvo asterix?
  147. lovetox hm yeah seems weird i have to check how its used its not obvious
  148. debacle lovetox, I only begin to understand: .encode('Nickname') is only possible with precis_i18n, right?
  149. debacle magic!
  150. lovetox it seems so but why i not clear to me
  151. lovetox ah
  152. lovetox i think it installs codecs into pythons string methods
  153. lovetox we do that import only to check if the module is installed
  154. lovetox not to actually use it
  155. Asterix yvo: I don't know what your problem is
  156. debacle OK - and without importing it, you would get:
  157. debacle LookupError: unknown encoding: Nickname
  158. lovetox probably, we could catch that there and act on it
  159. debacle fine, now I learnt something new about Python :~)
  160. yvo Asterix: gajim-default-nightly is python3 right?
  161. debacle no, I think the code is very good that way, lovetox
  162. debacle I just did not understand :~)
  163. SaltyBones
  164. SaltyBones
  165. SaltyBones hm....maybe a bg color problem...
  166. yvo So with gajim-default-nightly I have this:
  167. yvo
  168. yvo ah ok kwallet problem
  169. yvo after purging kwalletmanager it says:
  170. yvo
  171. yvo eahm sorry
  172. yvo I have the same error with the nightly beta and the sid beta:
  173. yvo (gajim:16511): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: unable to send notifications through org.freedesktop.Notifications: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.Notifications was not provided by any .service files
  174. yvo it is obviously a dbus problem
  175. yvo From cffi callback <function NonBlockingTLS._ssl_verify_callback at 0x7f19e4178d08>:
  176. lovetox yes you dont have a notification service installed
  177. lovetox it seems
  178. lovetox install one
  179. yvo what is a notification service?
  180. yvo lovetox?
  181. lovetox one where applications can send you notifications over dbus
  182. yvo hm i.e.?
  183. lovetox are you sure you even have a running dbus service
  184. yvo something lightweight, I dont have kde or gnome
  185. yvo yes I have dbus
  186. lovetox so which desktop do you use?
  187. yvo notion
  188. yvo a tiling tabbed window manager
  189. yvo formerly known as ion3
  190. lovetox
  191. yvo thx lovetox
  192. debacle yvo, maybe you can - just for testing - start some mainstream WM (Cinnamon, Gnome, KDE, Mate, XFCE, whatever)?
  193. lovetox debacle, for what to test?
  194. debacle whether Gajim just runs fine :~)
  195. lovetox i think there is no reason to believe gajim would not run on one of the standard desktops
  196. lovetox these desktops just bring all their own notification services
  197. jjrh Hey, don't think my message got out yesterday something was wonky on my end - I'm pretty new to GTK/GUI stuff and I was wondering if there is a reason gajim doesn't use CSS classes more? Seems like a good way to give the end user more control over various aspects of the look and feel.
  198. jjrh I was mucking about over the weekend and added a class to the XML console window and set the font to be a bit smaller and was like oh this is convenient.
  199. jjrh Is there a performance reason not to basically have CSS classes on basically every UI element?
  200. Asterix Historically gajim was GTK2, so no CSS. We start using it now
  201. Daniel about css, lovetox, what about imagepreview? :)
  202. jjrh Ah okay, I was wondering if that was a factor.
  203. lovetox jjrh, you have to name all ui elements to use them, these are thousands
  204. lovetox on most of them you dont want any css you just want the default, so the work to name them is not of benefit right now
  205. lovetox but yes in theory you could adjust everything with a css file
  206. lovetox we already have one gajim.css
  207. jjrh Yep that's where I threw in the class to make the XML text smaller.
  208. jjrh But I noticed that at many of the .UI files don't have any classes tied to them.
  209. lovetox and idealy you dont want the user to edit gajim.css
  210. lovetox so we want to have a user-gajim.css that overwrites gajim.css
  211. jjrh Yes.
  212. lovetox so that the user can go back to default
  213. lovetox so yeah nice little project to add that loading of the user.css :)
  214. lovetox to think of a nomenclature, and name all dialogs and elements
  215. lovetox why should i tie a class to widget, if i dont want to set any css attributes?
  216. lovetox i mean i guess instead of nameing we could set for every widget a empty class
  217. jjrh Yeah that was my thought. It would be there /if/ someone wanted to change it.
  218. lovetox but im more favored to the real css name way
  219. jjrh the real css name?
  220. lovetox you can just give a widget a css name
  221. lovetox you see if it in gajim.css for example #MessageWindow
  222. lovetox classes make sense if i have one property that i want to add to many different widgets
  223. jjrh Yep you're right. So a class for textboxes for instance.
  224. lovetox or if i want to dynamically in code remove classes and add classes that set many propertys
  225. jjrh Also any opposition to changing the logging to use a logger config?
  226. lovetox it does
  227. lovetox maybe im not sure what you mean
  228. jjrh
  229. lovetox yeah, but what do you want to configure?
  230. jjrh I specifically wanted to add a handler to log to a file with potentially a different formatter.
  231. jjrh
  232. jjrh There is some newer way now passing in a json or YAML. last time I did this I used the older way.
  233. jjrh
  234. jjrh I think that's the way it has to be done to support the custom color formatter.
  235. jjrh handy bit for debugging is you can turn on linenumber, filename, function name
  236. lovetox the important thing is that filter the logging with command line args
  237. lovetox -l gajim.common=INFO
  238. lovetox like we do it now
  239. lovetox if i have to edit a yaml everytime i want to log a different module that is not viable
  240. lovetox but if you can keep that functionality and still migrate to a logging config
  241. lovetox i would accept a MR
  242. jjrh Good to know - i'll see where I get.
  243. lovetox just ask if you need help somewhere
  244. jjrh Alright, thanks :)
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  248. bot Daniel updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [preview] Add margins and drop-shadow
  249. jjrh what are you guys using for the XMPP git bot?
  250. lovetox no idea, Asterix should know
  251. bot Daniel updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [preview] Add margins and drop-shadow
  252. lovetox Link Mauve, if i pass this string to gajim commandline body=Here%27s%20a%20test%20message
  253. lovetox if i print sys.argv i get body=Here7s0a0test0message
  254. lovetox so either the command line or python did decode/encode something here
  255. lovetox no it just removed %2
  256. Link Mauve Wut.
  257. lovetox .. how should i ever pass a xmpp uri to command line
  258. lovetox in python that just doesnt work
  259. Link Mauve AFAIK you’re not using Python’s command line parser, but GLib’s.
  260. Link Mauve And I have no clue what they might be doing.
  261. lovetox but i print sys.argv before i even start GtkApplication
  262. Link Mauve yvo, you’re always leaving and rejoining, fyi.
  263. Link Mauve You may want to fix your connection.
  264. Link Mauve lovetox, let me test.
  265. lovetox i doubt that GLib manipulates sys.argv
  266. lovetox but everything is possible
  267. Link Mauve You’re passing it, right?
  268. Link Mauve In Python a list is mutable.
  269. lovetox yeah i meant it would not make much sense to me that they would
  270. lovetox yes just gajim body=Here%27s%20a%20test%20message
  271. Link Mauve % python -m gajim.gajim body=Here%27s%20a%20test%20message ['/home/linkmauve/packages/gajim-git/src/gajim/gajim/', 'body=Here%27s%20a%20test%20message']
  272. lovetox hm ...
  273. lovetox maybe a windows thing
  274. lovetox i have to test on linux
  275. lovetox thanks
  276. yvo If you write a simple Python program doing >>> import sys; print(sys.argv)
  277. yvo What does it do?
  278. lovetox that works
  279. lovetox ..
  280. Link Mauve So it may be a GLib issue.
  281. Link Mauve lovetox, could you maybe ban yvo for a bit, until they fix their connection?
  282. Link Mauve They make the chat quite hard to read.
  283. lovetox yvo
  284. lovetox cant you fix your connection? or i have to ban you for a bit
  285. lovetox ok the problem was that i issued the command in a .bat file
  286. lovetox it seems %2 does something there
  287. Link Mauve Oh, yeah, they are their equivalent of $ on Unix.
  288. Link Mauve They define variables.
  289. Link Mauve You may have seen %PATH% in some places, for instance.
  290. lovetox ah yeah of course
  291. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8894: < Can't treat XMPP URI correctly >
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  293. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [preview] Add margins and drop-shadow
  294. Link Mauve lovetox, there isn’t only body, there can also be subject and a lot of other actions, are you sure that’s what you wanted to do?
  295. lovetox yes i dont want to support the other ones
  296. lovetox subject body thread from id type
  297. Link Mauve Uh, why?
  298. lovetox because that would need a lot of code to be changed
  299. lovetox i see nobody asking for it
  300. Link Mauve Ok.
  301. lovetox i never seen in my life a single xmpp uri that used all these attributes
  302. lovetox to be honest i never seen one that uses message
  303. Link Mauve Subject seems like the most useful of these.
  304. Link Mauve I’ve seen it used.
  305. Link Mauve And I’ve used it.
  306. lovetox that would mean type normal?
  307. Link Mauve Yeah, email-like.
  308. lovetox thats the only one i would consider to add, but at least 2 or 3 people should ask for it, i have other priorities
  309. Link Mauve Oh btw, is now fixed!
  310. Link Mauve I just checked, and I do see Gajim, Dino and Pidgin available in this list!
  311. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *7bc48451* < > [preview] Update manifest.ini *f583de57* < > [preview] Add margins and drop-shadow
  312. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [preview] Add margins and drop-shadow
  313. lovetox nice thanks for testing Link Mauve
  314. lovetox ah i really need this css writer and parser
  315. Link Mauve What for?
  316. Link Mauve Isn’t there already one in GTK+?
  317. lovetox yeah internally in C maybe
  318. lovetox but not one that i can use and access and transforms me the stuff into nice python objects
  319. lovetox people want to set colors for certain objects
  320. lovetox in gajim
  321. lovetox so i want to dump them into a css file
  322. Link Mauve You can’t use GTK+ for that?
  323. lovetox and load that at start
  324. Link Mauve You could put classes on these objects and let users write their own CSS.
  325. Link Mauve Like Firefox.
  326. lovetox yeah very user friendly
  327. lovetox lets remove all the easy options to change colors that we have now, and tell people to do it without color chooser themself in code
  328. lovetox with gtk you can parse a css and it uses them for widgets
  329. Link Mauve You could leave it to plugins to customise things that aren’t part of the theme already.
  330. lovetox i want that someone chooses red with a color chooser for text in chatwindow, and python should write it into a user.css #ChatWindowTextColor {color: red}
  331. lovetox this user.css gtk can parse and apply without me doing anything
  332. lovetox thats not hard to do
  333. lovetox but i have to parse it back to show the correct colors in the ui
  334. lovetox in the color change ui
  335. lovetox and in the user.css could also be other modifications that i dont offer UI chaning options for
  336. lovetox so i would want a simple css parser that puts me the things in some lists or dicts or stuff like that
  337. Link Mauve lovetox, this wouldn’t work?
  338. Link Mauve It seems to parse things.
  339. lovetox with that i can parse a css and apply it to a widget
  340. lovetox and it seems i can get line number x
  341. lovetox i will try tinycss2
  342. lovetox lets see
  343. Link Mauve lovetox, someone did ask for it, actually. ^^
  344. lovetox he posted the example from the xep page
  345. lovetox message action was not working with that, which was a bug
  346. lovetox i dont consider him implying that he needs all attributes of that ^^
  347. Link Mauve Ok.
  348. lovetox but yeah if you want, count him as the first ^^
  349. lovetox i consider you only if you post in that topic :D
  350. Link Mauve I don’t care enough and you know it. :p
  351. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8893: < [Dark theme] Extremely difficult-to-read color combo when correcting message >
  352. lovetox i use cssutils now Link Mauve thats pretty simple lib with no other dependencys
  353. Link Mauve Ok.