Gajim - 2018-02-13

  1. concerto Should I add the message correction text color in dark theme problem to this, or make a new issue?
  2. concerto (is there perhaps some way for an application to know that a dark theme is in use, and it should change its colors?)
  3. bot Manuel T created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8891: < New Beta doesen't start up >
  4. Daniel timestamp issue with answers being displayed before the question is fixed now, thanks! :)
  5. Asterix Muc logs are back. Is it ok ?
  6. Daniel works well for me :)
  7. mister hi, I am running the new 1.0.0 beta now and there are a few issues I found on the initial "testing":
  8. mister 1. search in roster does not expand collapsed groups
  9. mister 2. after the search in roster, the searched and previously collapsed metacontacts are left expanded, I reported and helped to solve the issue for the older version here: this is a regression of the exact same issue
  10. mister 3. there are no status icons in groupchat roster
  11. mister ad 3) the issue manifests only when "show avatars in roster" is turned off
  12. anotheragency There is no Norwegian BokmΓ₯l branch for
  13. Asterix anotheragency: ha yes ok, I'll look at that in the aftertnoon or evening
  14. anotheragency Asterix: Ty :)
  15. anotheragency Hoping someone gets the reports, I sent in quite a few
  16. Asterix Yes, got them
  17. mister 4. non square avatars are distorted (converted to aspect ration 1:1)
  18. mister 5. when the roster is closed via CSD close button or via a close window key event (alt-f4) then gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance does not work till the roster is raised again via a tray icon (strange)
  19. mister anyway... great work!
  20. badrihippo I have a question: how do I correct a message that I've just sent (XEP 0308) in Gajim?
  21. SaltyBones ctrl+arrow up
  22. SaltyBones ctrl+arrow_up
  23. SaltyBones badrihippo, ctrl+arrow_up
  24. badrihippo got it
  25. badrihippo got it, thanks! :)
  26. debacle Minor issue: When I HTTP-upload an image and the server tampers with that picture, url_image_preview throws "A programming error has been detected. It probably is not fatal, but should be reported to the developers nonetheless."
  27. debacle Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/./data/plugins/url_image_preview/", line 403, in _check_mime_size if file_size > max_size or file_size == 0: TypeError: unorderable types: NoneType() > int()
  28. Asterix anotheragency: fixed
  29. Asterix anotheragency: you can d/l po from gajim project and upload it to gajim 1.0
  30. concerto > Should I add the message correction text color in dark theme problem to this, or make a new issue? > (is there perhaps some way for an application to know that a dark theme is in use, and it should change its colors?)
  31. SaltyBones Asterix, the MX entry for is broken
  32. Asterix SaltyBones: how? I tried to add the spf record for it ...
  33. Asterix Daniel: i changed permissions on but you should now be admin of german language. Tell me if you have problems to review suggestions
  34. Daniel Asterix, will do! right now everything seems ok
  35. Daniel And thanks! :)
  36. Asterix I discovered we can do teams. And you can administrate the de team. So you choose who can submit / review translations
  37. Asterix Just go to /de/, then click Browse in navigation bar and choose team
  38. stp I did de translations, too, and would like to be able to do so still.
  39. Asterix Which language ? Which account name ?
  40. Asterix stp: ?
  41. stp Asterix: I sent PM
  42. Asterix I don't know how to see that in conversation ...
  43. stp Asterix: hm, it wasn't sent. Strange. I'll try again...
  44. stp Asterix: hm, doesn't work. Screw it, I made German, translation and called myself villeneuve
  45. Asterix Ha so you and Daniel did the translation. So do you both want to be reviewer?
  46. stp Asterix: BTW you'd normally see a PM just like any other message in this MUC, just marked accordingly.
  47. stp Asterix: From my side yes
  48. nx hi, i'm running gajim gajim-1.0.0-beta1 off the master branch right now. i can't see the plugininstaller 0.20.0-1~bpo9+1 from /usr/share/gajim/plugins/ what is the current minimal version required this plugin? same for omemo 2.5.6-1~bpo9+1
  49. stp Asterix: forgot to ask: would being a reviewer be anything different in practice compared to how it has been?
  50. Asterix stp: yes. Currently all users can do suggestions and can do translations. Suggestions have to be reviwed by a reviewer. Currently you can'taccept / refuse a suggestion. If there are problem in the current open access model, all users won't be able to do translations, only suggestions, and reviewer will be required
  51. Asterix nx: where did you install gajim from? Git?
  52. nx git clone, ./ yes
  53. SaltyBones Asterix, ;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN MX 10
  54. Asterix Then you have to install plugin installer via git too
  55. nx okay, i'll try
  56. bot Keoma Brun created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8892: < Error when deleting a contact from roaster >
  57. SaltyBones Asterix, that panoramix url is invalid
  58. Ge0rG how does gajim match IQ responses to the according requests? (pointers to code please)
  59. Asterix SaltyBones: will check when at home, thanks
  60. Asterix There is a send and wait for reply function. This is handled in nbxmpp
  61. stp Asterix: ok. Will I have to actively login into and look for things to review or will I receive E-Mail notifications once somebody translated something?
  62. Ge0rG Asterix: how is it called?
  63. Asterix Can't look now, but something like SendAndWaitForReply
  64. Asterix stp: no idea ... 😁
  65. stp Asterix: πŸ˜ƒ However, I'd like to help anyway.
  66. Ge0rG Asterix: ah, SendAndWaitForResponse
  67. Asterix I was not too far
  68. Ge0rG Asterix: good enough to fire up grep, anyway :)
  69. lovetox Ge0rG, but that is not used in most of the code
  70. Ge0rG lovetox: oh. What is, then?
  71. Ge0rG And are message IDs always randomly generated, or is there an auto-increment somewhere?
  72. lovetox depends on the IQ
  73. lovetox IQ translates into an event
  74. lovetox event is catched, iq id is checked against a list of waiting iqs
  75. lovetox but depends where in the code do you look
  76. lovetox i use SendAndWaitForResponse whenever i do something
  77. lovetox but there is a lot of really old code that doesnt use it
  78. lovetox yes message id is a UUID4
  79. lovetox concerto, add a new issue
  80. Ge0rG lovetox: thanks very much!
  81. lovetox mister, yes nonsquare avatars are converted to 1:1
  82. lovetox its intended
  83. concerto Error when deleting a contact from "roaster" πŸ˜‚
  84. lovetox normally your client should crop your avatar so it gets uploaded 1:1
  85. lovetox but i dont think gajim does that :)
  86. lovetox mister, and you dont need gajim remote to toggle the roster
  87. lovetox just open a console and type "gajim"
  88. mister lovetox, ok... but many people have avatars in other aspect ratios and gajim _displays_ them distorted
  89. lovetox yeah and? should i do black bars around it
  90. lovetox ?!
  91. mister ok, tha gajim command raises the roster... that's ok... it does not hide it, but escape does the trick... up till now i used a (same) keyboard shortcut to raise/hide roster
  92. mister lovetox, no, just display it with transparent borders, just it was in the previous version ;-)
  93. mister or with no borders at all
  94. lovetox no that looks not good
  95. lovetox when everyone has a different sized avatar
  96. bot John Doe created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8893: < [Dark theme] Extremely difficult-to-read color combo when correcting message >
  97. lovetox your application should crop the avatar so it is 1:1
  98. mister lovetox, but regarding the toggle_roster_appearance should be removed then.. or probably fixed, if not working properly
  99. lovetox we are in the process of removing gajim-remote
  100. Ge0rG lovetox: apply machine learning to find the most important parts of the picture, then auto-scale
  101. mister lovetox, ok
  102. lovetox so if you use any other commands from that and want them in gajim you can tell me
  103. lovetox Ge0rG, :D
  104. mister lovetox, what application would you suggest to adapt all _other_ people's avatars to be displayed in gajim correctly?
  105. Ge0rG lovetox:
  106. lovetox you see it from the wrong angle
  107. lovetox they dont upload 1:1 avatars
  108. concerto (I wonder if that was mean. It's one thing to make fun of someone's typo, quite another to store it publicly for all eternity.)
  109. mister lovetox, yes, I understand that of course ;-)
  110. SaltyBones lovetox, does the spec say the avatar has to be square?
  111. SaltyBones maybe that should be added....
  112. lovetox i dont think that would change anything
  113. mister lovetox, yes... the SaltyBones's point is what I'am aiming at... you just probably cannot "avoid" other people from using different aspect ratios
  114. Ge0rG there are some apps that only display a circular view of the avatars.
  115. Ge0rG you just can't make it right.
  116. SaltyBones Ge0rG, so you're saying he should crop them instead of distorting? :)
  117. mister in this case I would just ad transparent borders...
  118. lovetox yes i could do that
  119. lovetox i crop them
  120. lovetox good idea
  121. Ge0rG crapped avatars everywhere.
  122. SaltyBones lovetox, sorry
  123. Ge0rG None of my regular clients has avatars.
  124. SaltyBones is there a bikeshed emoji? :D
  125. lovetox ah no that does not work
  126. lovetox then the hash is different ..
  127. Ge0rG lovetox: only crop them on display?
  128. mister second best is just to not change aspect ratios... third to crop them...
  129. lovetox and we are back in business
  130. nico on my windows maschine i get program git not found as a start popup. What is happening ?
  131. lovetox nothing
  132. lovetox dont start from console then you dont see it
  133. nico I get a RunDLL error message from windows then starting Gajim it happens all the time
  134. SaltyBones 🚲🏠
  135. lovetox nico what version
  136. nico the beta build for windows available for download on the gajim webpage
  137. lovetox mister so what commands do you use other than toggle roster
  138. lovetox ?
  139. bot Philipp HΓΆrist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >: *7557c8a9* < > Update appveyor.yml
  140. mister lovetox, gajim-remote show_next_pending_event
  141. mister lovetox, pretty much a "must have", that command works OK in the new version
  142. lovetox but why do you execute this from console instead of just clicking in gajim?
  143. mister lovetox, o have problems only with the raising of the roster...
  144. mister lovetox, i use openbox and keyboard shortcuts to execute these
  145. mister lovetox, it's just _very_ much faster than clicking
  146. mister lorddavidiii, no console at all
  147. mister lorddavidiii, sorry ;-) that was for lovetox
  148. lovetox ok i get it
  149. mister lovetox, and the toggle_roster_appearance is (was?) useful when the roster is set to skip taskbar... so you cannot "alt-tab" to it, but can show/hide it anyway when needed
  150. lovetox but if i make shortcut for that, it would serv the same purpose
  151. mister lovetox, those are super-useful features for me
  152. mister lovetox, yes, shortcut will just do fine
  153. mister lovetox, global shortcut that is
  154. lovetox so just to be clear, raising roster works fine now for you?
  155. lovetox basically we will move all commands from gajim-remote so you can execute them with "gajim command"
  156. lovetox so we dont need another executable
  157. mister lovetox, but ;-) even than it is not optimal, because now, i can use "ALT-S O" keychain to toggle roster or "ALT-S I" to get next incomming event...
  158. mister lovetox, but ;-) even then it is not optimal, because now, i can use "ALT-S O" keychain to toggle roster or "ALT-S I" to get next incomming event...
  159. lovetox yeah i get it, if we offer commands on the executable its better configurable for everybody
  160. lovetox instead of hardcoding a shortcut that only works when the application is in front
  161. mister lovetox, so, there are a fewer options to bind those shortcuts... (but I get that I'am a pretty much nearly a userbase exception in this regard...)
  162. mister lovetox, OK, that will do just perfectly...
  163. lovetox so to get back to my question, raising roster works fine now?
  164. lovetox i mean without gajim-remote
  165. mister lovetox, raising works fine with running gajim command, yes
  166. lovetox nico works for me fine on windows 10
  167. lovetox whats the error exactly
  168. lovetox did you try the portable installer?
  169. nico RunDLL Problem starting D:/Program The used Module was not found.
  170. nico thats roughly translated from the german error message πŸ˜€
  171. lovetox so did you try portable?
  172. nico not yet but why should there be a difference?
  173. lovetox i dont know just try it
  174. lovetox this error message tells me nothing
  175. lovetox you could also try to start gajim-debug.exe
  176. lovetox and look if it shows more in the console
  177. nico the command git is either misspelled or could not be found. and right after that Warning: unable to set property 'pixbuf' of type 'GdkPixbuf' from value of type 'gboolean'
  178. nico and the gajim portable works perfectly
  179. lovetox the use that for now, hard to find out what this dll stuff is about
  180. nico I just found of that my complete gajim config is borked with weird symbols I try to clean that up and try again πŸ™‚
  181. bot Philipp HΓΆrist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b26ba9aa* < > Port show-next-pending-event from gajim-remote Delete some already ported methods
  182. Daniel Asterix, I would review suggestions and and translate new strings in the future, so admin is fine :)
  183. Asterix Daniel: ok then set stp to reviewer then
  184. nico this is really strange I can copy the config from my installed gajim to the portable gajim and everything works fine. Except that the installed gajim throws a random error on startup. After clicking ok everything works fine but, why doesnt the portable version throw the same error πŸ˜•
  185. lovetox it has nothing to do with the config
  186. nico for a moment i thought that maybe emojione was the problem as it is not working anymore since the alpha but it is not. btw is there any other way to get proper emojis since the maintainer of the emojione package is not doing anything to fix the problem
  187. Daniel ok, so stp is now Reviewer
  188. Daniel stp, a.k.a. villeneuve
  189. lovetox what emojione
  190. lovetox im not aware of such emoticons in gajim
  191. nico it is a emoji "plugin" like thing that implements the emojione plugins, all the utf8 emojis into gajim
  192. nico
  193. lovetox where is this plugin
  194. lovetox yeah this will not work anymore
  195. nico Those are the best emojis out there period. The only way to get my proper unicorn emoji back is if somebody fixes this πŸ˜€
  196. lovetox yes i looked at them but the licencse is weird
  197. lovetox they only allowed to use if you write everywhere "Emojis supported by EmojiOne
  198. lovetox really not interested in this
  199. nico the unicode emojis should be creative commons but i am not sure those licencing stuff is hard to wrap around
  200. nico I really dont want to hurt anybodys feelings but the emojis shipped with Gajim are not that great πŸ˜€ and those noto emojis are cancer πŸ˜€
  201. lovetox noto are the only emoticons shipped
  202. lovetox and its not our choice
  203. lovetox you can draw us 2000 emojis and licencse them so anybody can use them
  204. nico ahh ok the others are just the bare font emojis πŸ˜€
  205. lovetox im happy to include them
  206. lovetox though i tell you what
  207. lovetox this is probably not hard to make it work
  208. nico damn I just copied the portable exe file to the installed location but that does not fix the issue. Something is borked here πŸ˜€ I think I will use the portable version for now πŸ˜€
  209. lovetox download all these pics
  210. lovetox copy the noto-emoticons folder
  211. stp Daniel: πŸ‘
  212. lovetox exchange the pngs
  213. lovetox and write a little script that renames them all so a 'u' is in front of each name
  214. lovetox should work
  215. nico does noto have an emoji for all unicode ones?
  216. lovetox i dont know
  217. lovetox i think its only unicode 8
  218. nico lovetox, fixed the problem πŸ™‚ I dont know what specifically it was i just removed everything gajimy and installed it clean πŸ™‚ done πŸ™‚
  219. lovetox nice :)
  220. nico not really thats like the bruteforce method now I dont know what the problem was πŸ˜€
  221. nx hi, how can i want to add a comment to an .po-file to reference an additional translation usage, how can i keep those comments in sync across all language-files?
  222. nx hi, how can i add a comment to an .po-file to reference an additional translation usage, how can i keep those comments in sync across all language-files?
  223. Asterix This mean the uninstall script doesn't remove everything correctly
  224. Asterix nx: I don't understans what you want
  225. nico Asterix, you mean my problem?
  226. nx nope me :)
  227. Asterix nico: yes. If brute-force remove works, this mean the normal uninstall doesn't work correctly
  228. nx_user Asterix, in the .po-files there are comments pointing to lines in code where translations are used, i found a usage not referenced there and don't want to touch all files manually
  229. Asterix you can't all that is generated automatically. What did you found?
  230. bot SW proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Join Groupchat Dialog use_underline for headerbar Join button mnemonic
  231. nx_user this :D
  232. debacle nico, I'm not a lawyer and everything, but I don't think that the emojione stuff is "free enough" for a free software project, at least not for Debian
  233. debacle nico, the PNGs are not the "source code" of the emoji, the SVGs are, and it looks like the SVGs are only available under some commercial license
  234. nx where does gajim remember the if the groupchat members list is visible?
  235. lovetox nowhere
  236. nx :D
  237. Maranda hmmm
  238. Maranda updates Gajim
  239. Maranda hoping it fixes a muc roster issue
  240. Maranda (not updating)
  241. nico debacle, hmm thats sad, I really liked the emojione thingis.
  242. Maranda well.. Gajim-1.0.0-2018-02-13 just fails to start instead πŸ€› πŸ€Έβ€β™‚
  243. anotheragency Asterix: It looks like 0.16 is already uploaded to 1.0 for nb_NO
  244. Asterix anotheragency: what do you mean?
  245. anotheragency There are already strings in it
  246. anotheragency And they are the old and garbage strings that used to be in Gajim before i started translating
  247. Asterix Ha yes, we never start from scratch of course !
  248. Asterix We keep all previous translations
  249. anotheragency I sent the fully translated Norwegian bokmΓ₯l translation to the mailinglist over a year ago, cant find it now
  250. anotheragency 11 january 2016
  251. anotheragency How about we just wipe the current garbage, make a new "nb_NO" branch, instead of "nb" and I upload my version
  252. anotheragency Asterix: Or actually, make a nb_NO branch, and I can work on that
  253. Asterix Time to sleep, but i don't understand what you mean. Isn't there already a nb'NO file ? It's what is visible in the website. You can upload your po file there
  254. lovetox Maranda, for some reason the windows build is broken again
  255. lovetox but the installer on works for me
  256. lovetox ups i know why
  257. bot Philipp HΓΆrist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.0_ of _gajim_ < >: *617177d9* < > Fix Windows build
  258. nico thats like the 3 windows build fix *today* πŸ˜€
  259. lovetox no the second
  260. lovetox one to the master branch
  261. lovetox and one to the gajim_1.0 branch
  262. lovetox :)
  263. Maranda Lol