Gajim - 2018-02-11

  1. stp Hi, I just tried to upgrade my portable Installation of the latest stable Gajim to the latest alpha on my Windows 7 machine. Result: nothing happens when starting Gajim. Running the latest alpha as a clean portable install without any previous user data, works fine. Is that behavior expected (that no upgrade is possible)?
  2. Horst Vogel >stp‎ go back to Windows Master 08-02 since 09-02 Master there is aproblem
  3. lovetox Horst Vogel, there is no master 08-02 anymore
  4. lovetox the file gets deleted
  5. lovetox Windows nightly is broken, issue is opened on appveyor
  6. lovetox depending on their support this could take a while
  7. lovetox install the version from
  8. stp Ok, thank you!
  9. SouL Hey guys, does anyone have screenshots of the new interface, please?
  10. lovetox stp, i maybe misread you did you upgrad with the installer from
  11. lovetox this should work always fine
  12. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  13. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [httpupload] Add max Gajim version for plugin activation
  14. stp
  15. lovetox where did you get the alpha from?
  16. stp lovetox:
  17. Daniel so after the httpupload merge request being merged I thought, well let's update the plugin to the newest version then.. ha! already updated automatically :D lovetox, for me this branch works very well
  18. SaltyBones hm.
  19. SaltyBones so my gajim says i have the http_upload plugin
  20. SaltyBones but it is >0.99
  21. SaltyBones I guess it's lying to me
  22. Daniel Yes you can have it installed even with higher versions. But it should be disabled.
  23. SaltyBones how would I know? :)
  24. SaltyBones It says it's active...
  25. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Flatpak: bundle plugin installer
  26. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/gajim_1.0_ < >: Flatpak: bundle plugin installer and use stable branch
  27. SaltyBones 🦙
  28. lovetox so what gajim version do you have?
  29. SaltyBones 0.99.1+f47ea05b79ce
  30. lovetox so did you update the http_upload plugin=?
  31. SaltyBones yes...I haven't restartet gajim since, though
  32. lovetox and you say its active?
  33. lovetox what do you mean by that
  34. lovetox you can activate and deactivate it
  35. SaltyBones ah yes
  36. SaltyBones after restarting it is deactivated
  37. lovetox good :)
  38. SaltyBones and actually I cannot set it to active anymore, now :)
  39. lovetox you could also delete it now from the plugin folder
  40. SaltyBones I was about to complain that there is no button for that. ;D
  41. lovetox there is, but it does not work for some reason
  42. lovetox i never had time to look into it
  43. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Flatpak: bundle plugin installer
  44. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/gajim_1.0_ < >: Flatpak: bundle plugin installer and use stable branch
  45. SABer hello :) i reverted from v1 to 0.16 yesterday. when i want to download and open a http-upload link it opens the aesgcm://upload - link in my browser and doesent download it with gajim anymore :/ any idea??
  46. jjrh Hey - finally got gajim building from git (my other workstation is on ubuntu 14.04 and doesn't have some gtk3 packages that gajim needs)
  47. jjrh My workstation at home is on a newer ubuntu
  48. jjrh the wiki probably shouldn't recommend parasite anymore it doesn't work with at least a fairly recent gtk
  49. Link Mauve This debugger has been pretty much merged into Gtk.
  50. jjrh yep
  51. jjrh probably should put GTK_DEBUG=interactive ./ or whatever in
  52. jjrh
  53. SaltyBones jjrh, awesome!
  54. jjrh Might be missing some packages.
  55. lovetox SABer, you probably dont have the omemo plugin activated
  56. SABer activated testet works
  57. lovetox jjrh, you dont need gajim remote
  58. lovetox the ipython command should work on a running gajim instance also
  59. lovetox just do in a console gajim command
  60. lovetox assuming you use git master
  61. jjrh What do you mean?
  62. lovetox you have gajim running
  63. lovetox open a new console
  64. lovetox type "gajim toggle_ipython"
  65. lovetox ah no
  66. lovetox gajim -i
  67. lovetox thats it :)
  68. lovetox or gajim --ipython
  69. SABer so does somebody has an idea why i can't open this imporTANT nude pic of my girlfriend :)
  70. jjrh lovetox, ah yeah ./ --ipython
  71. lovetox SABer, can you send encrypted pictures and open them?
  72. SABer yes, this is possible
  73. lovetox hm do you have the url image preview plugin installed?
  74. SABer nope never tried it
  75. lovetox hm ok let me test
  76. lovetox can you open this
  77. lovetox aesgcm://
  78. SABer yes
  79. SABer hmm
  80. lovetox tjo, then i dont know maybe somethings wrong with that picture
  81. lovetox tell her to send another one
  82. SABer hehe
  83. SABer i would but she s offline
  84. SABer big THANKS for caring / helping
  85. lovetox if the problem continues, come back, then we will fetch some log output
  86. lovetox i guess she uses conversations?
  87. SABer yes
  88. lovetox ah i see, if the link is wrong or cant be decrypted
  89. lovetox then gajim passes it on to the browser
  90. lovetox if you start gajim with gajim.plugin_system.omemo.filedecryption=DEBUG
  91. lovetox you should get some infos when clicking on the link
  92. SABer uhhhh
  93. SABer all links in the history are opened by the browser
  94. SABer if doenloaded already or not
  95. SABer i copy pasted the link from the history again into the chatwindow an could open it
  96. SABer thank you good sir
  97. SABer and sorry for wasting your time
  98. lovetox ah yeah thats in gajim 0.16
  99. lovetox in gajim 1.0 you can also open them from the history window
  100. SABer ja ... damn v1 is beautiful and rocks ...
  101. SABer but the try icon is glitchy for me
  102. SABer i set it to never showing
  103. SABer but this did not work ether for me
  104. SABer since i missed some messages
  105. lovetox on what system are you?
  106. SABer debian mate
  107. lovetox we have a appindicator plugin
  108. lovetox this replaces the status icon
  109. lovetox and maybe shows better
  110. SABer ubuntu unity and kde ...
  111. SABer you think i should try on mate?
  112. lovetox nah forget it i just found that i can change some stuff with the icon
  113. lovetox i do this, then you can try again
  114. SABer perfect !!!!!!
  115. SABer THX
  116. SABer :)
  117. lovetox SABer, btw which version did you use?
  118. lovetox of Gajim
  119. lovetox from where did you install
  120. SABer stretch repositories backports
  121. lovetox how many days ago?
  122. SABer yesterday
  123. lovetox k
  124. lovetox wait
  125. lovetox gajim 1.0 is in backports?
  126. lovetox i dont think so
  127. SABer yes
  128. lovetox hm true
  129. SABer gajim (1.0.0~alpha2-1~bpo9+1)
  130. lovetox yeah thats the prob
  131. lovetox i did some changes after that
  132. lovetox a 1.0 beta is now in unstable
  133. lovetox if you want to test again
  134. SABer guess no i'
  135. SABer m
  136. SABer kind of a stupid user
  137. SABer needed hours to go back to 0.16
  138. SABer and get the plugins to work again
  139. SaltyBones hm....
  140. SaltyBones makes me wonder if some stuff should be moved around for major releases to make sure two installations don't interfere
  141. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *9e26411b* < > Fix Windows build
  142. SABer normaly no problem lovetox but a have to get some very important work to do
  143. lovetox yeah np i test it in a vm with debian mate
  144. SABer thx and sorry
  145. SABer i'll test next week
  146. SABer with more time
  147. SABer ;)