Gajim - 2018-02-10

  1. Maranda Hmmm and dialback errors fixed properly, now bed.
  2. lovetox rom1dep, but these logs dont show where gajim sends this 5 times
  3. lovetox so send me full logs then we maybe see why it does that
  4. rom1dep > rom1dep, but these logs dont show where gajim sends this 5 times By where, you mean, in gajim's source?
  5. lovetox no, in a xml log
  6. lovetox you set gajim not to connect on startup
  7. lovetox then restart gajim
  8. lovetox open xml console
  9. lovetox go online
  10. lovetox hm or just go offline
  11. lovetox open xml console
  12. lovetox go online
  13. lovetox :)
  14. rom1dep I have, like 85 public prekeys, is that sane?
  15. lovetox yes
  16. SouL lovetox, I created a virtualenv to test Gajim from the git repository. Is there any way of doing git clone and then install all dependencies automatically?
  17. rom1dep SouL: you shouldn't need a virtualenv, just python3 ./
  18. rom1dep specific dependency is mostly nbxmpp, the rest is Gtk stuff and you need it system-wise anyways because Gtk can't wheels
  19. SouL ValueError: Namespace Gtk not available
  20. SouL :D
  21. SouL It's because I don't want to install all these packages globally
  22. SouL I didn't want to create a VM just for Gajim, uh
  23. rom1dep
  24. rom1dep SouL: you don't have global-Gtk?
  25. SouL rom1dep, I use KDE Plasma
  26. rom1dep yeah, me too, but there is hardly a way round having few gtk libraries here and there
  27. rom1dep in the case of Python+Qt, it's simpler, you can pip install PyQt and it gets a blob with all the dependencies (a wheel), Gtk can't do it
  28. SouL I installed it from the repository
  29. SouL and I guet
  30. SouL $ gajim Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 327, in <module> OpenSSL.rand.load_file(str(RNG_SEED)) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 87, in __getattribute__ return getattr(self._module, attr) AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'load_file'
  31. Link Mauve SouL, looks like you’ve got an old version of Gajim.
  32. Link Mauve Like 0.16-era old.
  33. issa2018 Hello
  34. issa2018 i see interface of gajim
  35. issa2018 please please please, do a new interface who look like to discord
  36. Link Mauve :D
  37. issa2018 des francais ici ?
  38. Link Mauve Oui, mais la langue de ce salon est l’anglais donc on parle anglais. :)
  39. issa2018 je recherche un channel sur movim, j'ai des questions sur cette outil ?
  40. Link Mauve issa2018,
  41. Link Mauve It should be in the help panel in Movim.
  42. issa2018 yes no answer on my question
  43. issa2018 i m for sure, connect on a french pod movim, so why evrthing is in english ?
  44. SouL Link Mauve, I just did aptitude install gajim :( Damn!
  45. Link Mauve It depends on which language people speak, the software will let you access communities in any language.
  46. issa2018 ok
  47. issa2018 movim is a closed application
  48. rom1dep issa2018, non
  49. debacle SouL, the demandimport problem is only in old version of Gajim. I remember it well :~(
  50. debacle SouL, if you don't want a VM (which is really too much), why not just make a chroot? It's not very hard with "debootstrap". You can e.g. install Debian unstable or Ubuntu under development in the chroot and you'll get the latest official Gajim by Debian or Ubuntu.
  51. SouL debacle, hmm I never did
  52. SouL I will try to take a look, thank you, debacle :)
  53. debacle SouL, it is probably best to run debootstrap with the --minbase option (or similar name, don't remember), which will give you the smallest overhead.
  54. bot SaltyBones created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8888: < Add download option to link handling >
  55. debacle ?
  56. debacle Hi, I have a problem, that in Movim some parameters of my PEP service have been changed. It looks like accidently the blog node got max_items = 1 and whitelist access instead of presence (or open).
  57. debacle Because I used Gajim 1.0.0 alpha2 and beta1 with the account, I wonder whether Gajim accidently could have changed them?
  58. edhelas I'm here to confirm that, I'm also doing investigation on my side to check if it's not caused by Movim
  59. bot Daniel updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [httpupload] Add max Gajim version for plugin activation
  60. SaltyBones Daniel, so I looked at where the aesgcm links are handled
  61. SaltyBones and it seems it is currently in the http_upload plugin
  62. SaltyBones I assume fiddling with that now would be a huge waste of time? :)
  63. SaltyBones lovetox, are you still working on the roster?
  64. Daniel SaltyBones, to my knowlegde all things happening in the plugin are now handled by gajim itself. to this would be the place to search for link handling
  65. lovetox debacle, as the work "max_items" is not found in gajims codebase, i highly doubt that
  66. lovetox debacle, as the word "max_items" is not found in gajims codebase, i highly doubt that
  67. lovetox also downloading the config from random nodes and changing the config would be quite an amazing bug
  68. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8888: < Add download option to link handling >
  69. lovetox rom1dep, im interested in that bug, but i need a full xml log
  70. lovetox not parts that you cut out of it, im not doubting that it is happening, i want to find out why
  71. rom1dep lovetox: I have a daunting 12k lines log of it that I need to anonymize, unless there are tools for that, I have hotter stuff on my plate
  72. lovetox i doubt that an xml log from coming online to 5 times carbon enable is 12 k lines
  73. lovetox and except for your jid there is probably not a single thing that has to be anonymized
  74. lovetox and why would anonymize it
  75. lovetox i know it
  76. lovetox im admin in this channel
  77. mdosch is running around, waving his arms and screams "OMG, lovetox knows our JIDs"
  78. mdosch 😂
  79. lovetox 🤣
  80. lovetox rom1dep, or make me an account of the server in question
  81. lovetox probably easier :)
  82. rom1dep > i doubt that an xml log from coming online to 5 times carbon enable is 12 k lines yeah, but that's not preventing MAM & MUCs from flooding, so that much it is :) > and except for your jid there is probably not a single thing that has to be anonymized I don't give away my ~friends~ roster that easily :D
  83. lovetox rom1dep, carbon enable happens before any MAM or roster stuff
  84. lovetox thats one of the first things that happens in the xml stream
  85. lovetox you dont have to provide anything afterwards
  86. lovetox also you can filter IQs in the xml console
  87. lovetox then it does not show any messages or presences
  88. rom1dep > lovetox‎: rom1dep, carbon enable happens before any MAM or roster stuff indeed, it looks like most of it is presence
  89. lovetox you experience this right after start?
  90. lovetox because the only way i see this happening aber maybe really fast reconnects or something like that
  91. rom1dep damn
  92. rom1dep new bug
  93. rom1dep if I enable an account, I get prompted for the keyring password dingy, if I just discard it, it freezes gajim
  94. debacle lovetox, thanks for checking the max_items issue! Must be some strange bug in Movim...
  95. debacle Damned, I need voice and video support *now*! :~)
  96. debacle I hope, that jingle support can be repaired at some point after 1.0.0 is released.
  97. lovetox if you find 2 more devs sure
  98. lovetox we build a multibillion dollar messenger empire
  99. debacle should be a piece of cake...
  100. debacle today I needed some real-time audio/video connection and *nothing* free worked
  101. debacle did not work, only a black screen and audio only partially and only in one direction
  102. debacle Empathy and Gajim could do it in the past (well, at least sometimes it worked), but now both seem to be broken in this respect.
  103. vanitasvitae debacle: i havr very good experiences with jitsi meet
  104. debacle In the end I did a SIP call (audio only, but very good quality) to a landline phone number. This worked! Thanks Linphone!
  105. debacle vanitasvitae, yes, me too, but today it was horrible
  106. debacle maybe we need a crowdfunding or something to make Jingle work again
  107. debacle I would pay my share...
  108. rom1dep debacle: I think it was the biggest bounty for conversations, that wasn't enough
  109. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *f47ea05b* < > Read config files with UTF-8
  110. lovetox Ge0rG,
  111. marco How can I re-open encrypted omemo-upload links in the history?
  112. horstvogel marco: 🤔 click on the link, right click on link
  113. horstvogel I use Master 08.02
  114. Horst Vogel
  115. marco hm, I can only copy and open link.
  116. marco I use 0.16.8
  117. mmlosh lags behind even more. 0.16.6 That version has a nice information leak bug: Setup one account to use a proxy (tor). Connect. See a direct stun dns lookup reveal the target server.
  118. lovetox if you ever downloaded it
  119. lovetox it should still be stored in the downloads folder, in the gajim userdata folder
  120. lovetox otherwise just copy and paste it into some chat
  121. lovetox and klick on it again
  122. SouL is there any portable gajim build?
  123. SouL Something I can download and execute, I mean
  124. lovetox for linux?
  125. SouL Yes
  126. lovetox never heard of portable linux executeables
  127. lovetox how should that work Oo
  128. lovetox you can try the flatpak build
  129. lovetox that runs in a sandbox
  130. lovetox see the flatpak folder in the gajim repo
  131. mmlosh well, gajim is all in one python package, right?
  132. mmlosh is there something more, so one cannot simply "call python" on the sources? I guess icons will be missing, but I'd personally (not a dev!) expect it to launch
  133. mmlosh hey, even the debian gajim launcher does exactly that: 24 APP=`basename $0` 32 cd "/usr/share/gajim/src" 33 exec "/usr/bin/python" -OO $ "$@"
  134. mmlosh hmmm. Actually, you might need one more step: hijack/symlink /usr/share/gajim
  135. mmlosh HA! Wrong! Just edit the path in "gajim/src/common/"
  136. mmlosh SouL, I think that should work. Beware, though. I don't even speak python.
  137. mmlosh Since I am familiar with debian, I'd probably get a debian package, then extract it anywhere ("$ ar x <package.deb>", decompress "data", delete rest), edit gajim/src/common/ to all point to where you extracted, call python on gajim/src/, profit! :) What did I miss?
  138. Asterix It's the same as git clone +
  139. Asterix What is missing ? All dependancies
  140. mmlosh It's not same. It's less work for a better result :) I did not know you can launch that conveniently. Thanks
  141. mmlosh Dependencies. Of course. I knew I missed something
  142. debacle mmlosh, on what system are you?
  143. debacle which OS I mean?
  144. mmlosh the discussion was inspired by a question of SouL
  145. debacle ah, OK, I suggested a chroot to him
  146. debacle a chroot with the most recent Debian or Ubuntu and just install the latest OS package inside
  147. debacle there are so many ways to do it :~)
  148. mmlosh or, if pip is to be assumed to be trusted, you can just do that
  149. mmlosh or you can take the social engineering way: Envision a great project that requires just those missing dependencies to be installed, then simply ask the machine's administrators to install them.
  150. mmlosh so many ways :~
  151. mmlosh so many ways :~)
  152. SouL I just want to aptitude install gajim and make it work! Haha
  153. debacle You are lame! :~)