Gajim - 2018-02-09

  1. stp Hi, I got a question regarding Gitlab: I registered on two years ago or so & I can still login fine. However when I try to login to it does not work. Should my credentials not work on, too?
  2. stp BTW trying to create a new account on with the same username results in the message that the username is already taken.
  3. Asterix stp: ir our own gitlab installation. So completly unrelated from
  4. bot Daniel proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [preview] Add margins and drop-shadow
  5. stp Asterix: ah ok, thank you.
  6. edhelas hello everyone
  7. SaltyBones edhelas, hello :)
  8. Ge0rG A contact of mine recently updated from 0.16.x to the latest nightly, and since then his status message is this: > (Nicht verfügbar wegen Untätigkeit seit mehr als 15 Minuten)
  9. mathieui legit
  10. Ge0rG
  11. Ge0rG I can't even imagine how many latin1->utf8 conversions this string went through, or why.
  12. Ge0rG So, what about Styling and Consistent Colors for 1.0?
  13. Ge0rG and PARS.
  14. edhelas so it seems that gajim is doing bookmarks over PEP now :) ?
  15. Ge0rG edhelas: I hope not.
  16. edhelas well for the v1.0
  17. edhelas Ge0rG all the cool clients in town are doing PEP Bookmarks B-)
  18. Maranda "all the cool clients"
  19. Ge0rG edhelas: yes, and every time I restart the server users wonder where their MUCs are.
  20. Maranda I hope Gajim tries to figure if the service supports persistent items before using pep storage.
  21. Maranda (which it should)
  22. Asterix We do that for years. But as no server or very few support persistent items ... it's never used
  23. Maranda Problem solved 🤗
  24. Ge0rG Okay, I need to correct myself. The away message is now: > (Nicht verfügbar wegen Untätigkeit seit mehr als 15 Minuten)
  25. Ge0rG It's got longer.
  26. Ge0rG Asterix: I'm sure it is a bug in legacy config import or somesuch.
  27. Maranda *looks for lovetox*
  28. Maranda Hmm so no news for muc icons?
  29. Maranda I suppose I'll put together something just for fun anyways got nothing to do today, when back home
  30. SouL Yes please
  31. lovetox Ge0rG, yes its seems we didnt save the config with utf8 in 0.16.9
  32. lovetox we do know in gajim 1.0
  33. lovetox maybe i write a migration that deletes the old status values from config
  34. lovetox either way the user can set these values in the preferences
  35. lovetox it could also be a problem with translations i have to check
  36. Ge0rG lovetox: the problem is that every day the message gets reencoded.
  37. Ge0rG longer and longer
  38. lovetox ah k thanks i look into it
  39. lovetox hm yeah found it
  40. Darlan
  41. Darlan What should I do? pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'pyasn1' distribution was not found and is required by gajim
  42. Darlan # slapt-get --search pyasn1 pyasn1-0.1.9-x86_64-1_SBo [inst=yes]: pyasn1 (ASN.1 types and codecs in Python) pyasn1-modules-0.2.1-x86_64-1_SBo [inst=yes]: pyasn1-modules (A collection of ASN.1-based protocols modules.)
  43. Darlan I'm trying to lunch gajim-default.
  44. Darlan I'm trying to launch gajim-default.
  45. Link Mauve “20:00:24 lovetox> then its ok, as the the way how the password is stored in the keyring changed, so new gajim cant read old passwords”, how did it change?
  46. Link Mauve I’m using the same store in Dino, so it may be an issue.
  47. lovetox no Link Mauve, it seems that you can save a password with certain attributes that you can define your self
  48. lovetox kind of a schema
  49. lovetox where i could for example put in attr protocol: xmpp"
  50. Link Mauve “10:52:25 edhelas> so it seems that gajim is doing bookmarks over PEP now :) ?”, I implemented that some eight years ago.
  51. lovetox afterwards you can search for entrys with that schema
  52. lovetox long story short, schema looks now different
  53. edhelas Link Mauve great, so what is happening if Gajim get some bookmarks that it doesn't understand
  54. edhelas Movim is storing the Pubsub subscriptions in PEP Bookmarks
  55. lovetox define "doesnt understand"
  56. lovetox Oo
  57. lovetox in the same namespace
  58. lovetox you shoud define nodes with a movim namespace for that
  59. Link Mauve Darlan, make sure you’re using the Python 3 version of this pyasn1 module.
  60. edhelas yup looks like I'll have to move it elsewhere
  61. edhelas also simply move to a per-item boomark system
  62. lovetox no edhelas
  63. lovetox gajim also stores gajim only data in bookmarks
  64. Link Mauve edhelas, IIRC it overwrites them, you shouldn’t rely on bookmarks being extensible anyway.
  65. edhelas okay
  66. lovetox but with a gajim namespace
  67. Link Mauve lovetox, oh?
  68. Link Mauve So that changed in the past eight years.
  69. lovetox but yeah gajim would probably overwrite them if a user changes that bookmark
  70. edhelas looks like I'll have to do some tests then
  71. Link Mauve edhelas, wanna draft a bookmark synchronisation XEP, similar to 0398?
  72. edhelas meh no
  73. Link Mauve Ok.
  74. edhelas if it's per item it's already a big step forward
  75. edhelas then you just update the items that your client can handle
  76. Link Mauve If it’s a third independent way of storing the exact same data, it’s not any better.
  77. edhelas yeah but I'm not handling the other ways anymore
  78. Link Mauve Great, now you’re incompatible with every client in existence.
  79. Link Mauve Good job.
  80. edhelas just writing some code to migrate the info to the new system once and thats it
  81. edhelas well that's kinda already the case
  82. Link Mauve Will you also write the code to monkeypatch every other client the user may be using?
  83. edhelas and it's just ideas
  84. Link Mauve Ah, then please abort right away and think about backwards compatibility too.
  85. edhelas again I think that this bookmark issue has been there for too long
  86. Darlan >‎[02:25:30 PM] ‎Link Mauve‎: Darlan, make sure you’re using the Python 3 version of this pyasn1 module. $ cat /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/pyasn1-0.1.9-py2.7.egg-info/PKG-INFO | grep 'Programming Language' Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2 Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3
  87. Link Mauve Darlan, see the python2.7 and py2.7 parts of the path?
  88. edhelas so if we can come up with a proper, and unique, way of handling them, and maybe another XEP to migrate everything that would be great
  89. Link Mauve That’s the one you’re using.
  90. Darlan Yes, that what I was focusing on at first sight.
  91. lovetox edhelas, just out of interest
  92. lovetox how would i not overwrite the uknown elements, seems kind of complicated
  93. lovetox i get a storage node
  94. lovetox then i parse unknown stuff, have to save it somewhere
  95. edhelas yup
  96. lovetox and add it again when i publish one?
  97. edhelas that's complicated indeed :)
  98. lovetox yeah that sounds awful :D
  99. edhelas so my point was to basically move to a per-item solution, then you read all the bookmarks, you save what you understand, and you update them using the item-id :)
  100. lovetox why are you storing this inside bookmarks btw
  101. edhelas so if tomorrow some client is adding it's own bookmark to save geo-location, browser urls, ssh addresses, we're good
  102. lovetox you could just store it in any other new pubsub node?
  103. edhelas true
  104. lovetox i mean is that not what pubsub is for
  105. lovetox publishing stuff
  106. lovetox probably you dont want to match the data to the data in the bookmarks node
  107. lovetox so its easier to just store it there
  108. edhelas yeah or another pep node
  109. lovetox your idea with a node with multiple items .. has that some drawback?
  110. lovetox i dont see any on first glance
  111. edhelas sure :)
  112. edhelas Prosody
  113. edhelas for now
  114. edhelas but it's getting there
  115. edhelas also the 0060 has been updated, then the client can know if the server supports pubsub#multi-items
  116. lovetox edhelas where do you put your movim related data
  117. lovetox under the conference node
  118. lovetox ?
  119. lovetox in a movim named node?
  120. edhelas
  121. Ge0rG lovetox: can you ping me once you have a build out with the WTF-8 issue fixed? :)
  122. lovetox yes of course, i think in the evening
  123. dwd Ge0rG, WTF-8?
  124. Ge0rG dwd: a gajim user has this away message: > (Nicht verfügbar wegen Untätigkeit seit mehr als 15 Minuten)
  125. lovetox edhelas, why not store it inside the conference node
  126. dwd Impressive numbers of ISO-8859-1 <-> UTF-8 transitions there.
  127. Ge0rG dwd: yes. It's getting reencoded every time Gajim is started
  128. lovetox it is a per conference setting or not
  129. edhelas lovetox because the other namespace has already been declared :)
  130. dwd Ge0rG, WTF-8 is a good name for that.
  131. Ge0rG dwd: I know.
  132. Link Mauve
  133. Link Mauve Haha, too long. :D
  134. lovetox edhelas, you irgnored the xep and didnt store it into a pubsub node named node="urn:xmpp:pubsub:subscription"
  135. lovetox who will search in storage:bookmarks for urn:xmpp:pubsub:subscription
  136. lovetox if this is not mentioned anywhere
  137. edhelas wait no
  138. edhelas that's a different XEP, I'm just reusing the namespace of what inside the items here
  139. edhelas this 0330 is for public subscriptions
  140. lovetox if you are going to ignore the xep anyway
  141. lovetox you can also store <subscription xmlns="urn:xmpp:pubsub:subscription:0" server="pubsub.shakespeare.lit" node="party">
  142. lovetox under <conference>
  143. lovetox or is this not a per conference setting?
  144. lovetox child elements can have different namespaces or not?
  145. lovetox if not i really have to change the one gajim uses ^^
  146. lovetox ok after reading the xep this has nothing to do with conferences
  147. lovetox are you doing this only to spare one more subscription to a pubsub node
  148. lovetox nice converse posts me this
  149. lovetox Messages from strangers are rejected
  150. lovetox so whatever stranger wrote me
  151. lovetox im not getting it
  152. Ge0rG lovetox: maybe you wrote something in this MUC and a victim of ejabberd's mod_block_strangers just quit?
  153. edhelas lovetox i've done that a couple of years ago
  154. edhelas with the plan to make bookmark evolve
  155. edhelas but looks like I'll have to change my approach
  156. debacle Ge0rG‎, this is because Python 3 solved all encoding problems.
  157. Darlan pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'pyOpenSSL>=0.12' distribution was not found and is required by gajim
  158. SaltyBones Darlan, so have you installed pyopenssl? :)
  159. Darlan # slapt-get --search pyOpenSSL pyOpenSSL-17.5.0-x86_64-1_SBo [inst=yes]: pyOpenSSL (Python wrapper for OpenSSL)
  160. Darlan Yes
  161. Link Mauve Darlan, for Python 3?
  162. Darlan I don't know
  163. Darlan I'll check
  164. Darlan No: /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/OpenSSL/
  165. Darlan Take care. I hope to continue, tomorrow evening.
  166. Link Mauve Darlan, ok, so for every dependency, check if they are using Python 3, Gajim will not work with any Python 2 dependency.
  167. Darlan Okay. Thanks.
  168. Horst Vogel The Master 09.02.2018 is no starting on my Windows 10 pro? The Master 08.02.2018 is running 🤔
  169. SABer heya :) updated gajim from debian stretch repository to stretch-backports (v1) first of all it looks really sexy! thanks a lot!! problem 1: status-symbol is buggy - can'be fixed by playing with px panel size but doesn't survive a reboot problem 2: emoticons are not working / deactivated problem 3: the old plugins in /.local/share/gajim/plugins/ are not recognized / working anymore
  170. SABer thank you in advance!
  171. SABer problem 4: gajim want now suddenly that i unlock my keychain. unlocked or not unlocked seems to make no difference at all.
  172. bronko Horst Vogel, same for me on Win7, this is the output when i start Gajim-Portable-Master from today:
  173. debacle SABer: about problem 2 (emoticons broken): You need fonts-noto-color-emoji, which does not work on Stretch. Needs newer libs etc. Works only in testing/unstable so far, sorry.
  174. bot Daniel proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [httpupload] Add max Gajim version for plugin activation
  175. fwhcat fdrtjtikguolhhtrdyjdtukd
  176. mathieui I strongly object to this statement
  177. SABer fonts-noto-color-emoji?! :/
  178. SABer problem 5: MUC chat topic (arrow - dropdown) is written in white letters on a white background = invisible
  179. SaltyBones Daniel, now I wonder what happens if I have the plugin and the new version :p
  180. Daniel well, you start gajim (e.g. 0.99.1) and the plugin does not load (deactivated)
  181. SaltyBones yes, but pre-patch? :)
  182. Daniel the plugin loads with all versions < 0.99.1
  183. SaltyBones nevermind ;)
  184. fwhcat I see "video session" and "audio session" in private conversations
  185. Daniel switching back and forth between gajim versions works without any user interaction concerning the plugin, if that's your question
  186. fwhcat Is this a new working feature? if yes, I guess I should have a STUN defined to make it work ?
  187. SaltyBones Daniel, my question was more like "if I have the gajim version that includes http_upload and I run the plug-in how much mayhem will it cause" and it was more like idle musings of a programmer than a question x)
  188. SaltyBones Daniel, btw, is there a particular reason that http_upload has been promoted to "core"? :)
  189. Daniel then it runs in parallel (two icons..), not sure if there are issues arising from that. I think to introduce drag & drop functionality which would have been dificult to achieve as a plugin
  190. Daniel SABer, maybe #5 originates from a gtk-theme you use?
  191. debacle SABer‎, yes:
  192. debacle It is recommended/used by both Gajim and Dino, but needs newer stuff than Stretch
  193. SaltyBones I wish I could figure out if I have that font installed and if so why it isn't being used. :p
  194. SABer i'm back to v0.16 ...
  195. SABer can't look at this glitchy tray icon
  196. debacle SABer, what is your DE? Gnome?
  197. SABer mate
  198. debacle OK. Because in my XFCE Gajim looks more or less OK.
  199. debacle (still alpha2, beta1 will be better of course)
  200. SABer no problem at all. sure it is still alpha. main thing is somebody filed my 5 discoveries :)
  201. SABer thanks debacle
  202. lovetox about the windows build, yeah seems they removed some deprecated items from adwaita
  203. lovetox will need time to fix that
  204. SaltyBones almost replied to a question in the conversations muc with "fuck off" -> time to get dinner....
  205. Maranda lovetox,
  206. Maranda 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  207. Maranda lovetox, now it's your turn :P
  208. Maranda hides.
  209. debacle Maranda, is this what Ejabberd does, just for Metronome?
  210. Maranda debacle, I suppose, I don't just broadcast the configuration change, that seems rather eerie to me.
  211. Link Mauve Maranda, imo it’s a bad way to do so, you can’t subscribe to changes, and you have to poll always.
  212. Maranda Link Mauve, *we know*
  213. Maranda Link Mauve, that's the first thing I complained about but then it was later discussed that polling one more thing after the first presence flood isn't that bad anyways.
  214. Link Mauve Something as huge as an avatar? :|
  215. Maranda Link Mauve, that's the first thing I complained about but then it was later discussed that polling one more thing after the initial presence flood isn't that bad anyways.
  216. Maranda Link Mauve, I'm not the client guy XD, to myself it doesn't matter much.
  217. Maranda I can just really limit the size of the vcard if that's all it could concern me.
  218. Maranda Link Mauve, the only client which uses icon for mucs afair is Movim anyways.
  219. Maranda (and that's how it fetches 'em apparently)
  220. nico will there be something styling like to differentiate between messag and citation?
  221. rom1dep hi there, any clue why the hell is going on there? Each time I connect from gajim I seem to have such funkiness
  222. Maranda sees acks and requests for ack, but not the stanzas in between :o
  223. rom1dep I have some of <!-- Outgoing ven. 09 févr. 2018 21:12:33 CET --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="set" id="some" from="me"> <enable xmlns="urn:xmpp:carbons:2" /> </iq>
  224. rom1dep like 5 in a row
  225. rom1dep sigh
  226. Maranda :O
  227. Maranda rom1dep, no failure returned from the server by any chance?
  228. rom1dep Maranda: nope, the server sees the N carbons requests, prints its log, continues its life
  229. Maranda 🤔
  230. SouL Is there any gajim release with the new UI?
  231. Link Mauve SouL, beta1 is the latest one.
  232. SouL Is there an easy way of installing that on my KDE distro? :)
  233. Link Mauve Probably, what is it based on?
  234. SouL Ubuntu, Link Mauve.
  235. Link Mauve Have a look at
  236. debacle SouL, if you happen to run Ubuntu "Bionic Beaver" (to be released 2018-04), you can just `sudo apt install` it.
  237. SouL Thanks
  238. SouL No, I'm using KDE Neon
  239. SouL And I just wanted to try out the latest thing
  240. SouL but I'm sure is not in the repository