Gajim - 2018-02-06

  1. im Info für Friendica-Nutzer: Hier gibt es anscheinend einen testweisen XMPP-Support:
  2. im
  3. im Sorry - wrong room :-(
  4. Link Mauve Asterix, on the room isn’t a link, you should change that.
  5. Link Mauve So that users can click and join it.
  6. lovetox it is a link,
  7. lovetox ah there is one in the bottom
  8. lovetox a second one
  9. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ < >: *dc2da04e* < > Make MUC address a link
  10. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s always bad to split the string that way, translators may have to write a contrived sentence to put the JID at the end, and some languages don’t use the half-width space.
  11. Link Mauve It’s better to write your code that way: _('English stuff %s') % '<a>…</a>'
  12. lovetox i did it like it is in the rest of the code, not enough knowledge about php and if this works, and no way to test it :)
  13. vanitasvitae
  14. vanitasvitae Gajim scares me... 😰
  15. Link Mauve It seems to be all the same traceback, you should report it on the bugtracker.
  16. lovetox i can read a single one
  17. lovetox i cant read a single one
  18. lovetox vanitasvitae,
  19. lovetox please report it to the issue tracker
  20. vanitasvitae I'll do
  21. Maranda Urgh, spectre/md prettyness bsod bsod bsod
  22. concerto Any xmpp: link I follow (e.g. tries to open that JID with "///" prepended to it ("///").
  23. concerto Will update to the latest nightly and try again.
  24. lovetox on windows?
  25. lovetox how windows passes a uri to an application
  26. lovetox file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Firefox/
  27. lovetox or rather firefox on windows
  28. lovetox hm maybe i should not handle it like it was a file
  29. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *1e830475* < > Convert xmpp uris not to GFiles We dont need to use the ::open handler to handle xmpp uris
  30. lovetox concerto i hope that fixes it
  31. concerto lovetox: cool, will update and test tomorrow :D
  32. concerto lovetox: this was Debian GNU/Linux
  33. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  34. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Use keyring module to also handle password storage on linux
  35. Link Mauve lovetox, damn, python-keyring readds the python-dbus dependency to Gajim. ;_;
  36. Link Mauve I didn’t have it anymore on my system.
  37. lovetox yes, but they seem to work on progressing away from python-dbus
  38. lovetox there is a issue open and a branch where it is beeing worked on
  39. lovetox though then it uses yet another python package
  40. lovetox i dont really see the difference
  41. lovetox but python-dbus seems to be unmaintained
  42. Link Mauve Yes, that’s why I really liked that it was gone from Gajim.
  43. lovetox but it works so ..
  44. Link Mauve It opens a second DBus connection, which can fail in e.g. flatpak.
  45. lovetox there will always be a second dbus connection, if we use a package to do stuff for us
  46. lovetox ecept someone would write one where we pass our application connection in
  47. lovetox and that is based on gdbus
  48. Link Mauve Back when libsecret was used, there was no other one.
  49. Link Mauve And so password could be stored in the keyring outside of the flatpak environment.
  50. Link Mauve I would suggest to revert this commit, and to make it use python-keyring only if libsecret failed.
  51. lovetox where do you getting this from that you cant use a dbus connection when using a flatpak?
  52. lovetox i highly doubt that
  53. Link Mauve lovetox, I thought that was the reason for the move to GDBus in general, since you can only bind to a name once.
  54. Link Mauve But maybe I’m wrong.
  55. Link Mauve Also it’s not something specific to flatpak, but to its containerisation of DBus.
  56. lovetox that was never the reason, there are maybe 2 people on this earth that use the flatpak build
  57. lovetox the reason was, why use a third party lib, if dbus support is build into the glib lib
  58. lovetox and yes you can build a flatpak in a way that its totally sandboxed
  59. lovetox but thats not the goal here and the flatpak is not build fully sandboxed, also if you build it that way also glib can access dbus
  60. lovetox cant
  61. lovetox except owning its own name
  62. lovetox in the session dbus
  63. lovetox and no access to system dbus
  64. Link Mauve lovetox, of course currently nobody uses the flatpak build, but I’d expect in the close future that it would become the de facto build on Linux.
  65. lovetox but not fully sandboxed
  66. Link Mauve lovetox, why would you want no sandbox?
  67. Link Mauve There is no point in using flatpak other than that.
  68. lovetox there is a sandbox, but not FULL
  69. lovetox this is a network application you need at least network access
  70. lovetox and the same way you can add other things
  71. lovetox like access to dbus
  72. Link Mauve Of course, but not full DBus access for instance.
  73. Link Mauve Nor full filesystem access.
  74. lovetox again, if python-dbus is not allowed to access the keyring, why should glib be?
  75. lovetox either you allow that or you dont
  76. lovetox you cant manage that on lib basis
  77. lovetox there
  78. lovetox --system-talk-name=org.freedesktop.GeoClue2
  79. lovetox you can define in the flatpak build with what dbus names it is allowed to talk
  80. lovetox and if i dont allow that, no lib can talk with geoclue2
  81. Link Mauve So it allows unlimited connections, but only to services listed in the manifest file?
  82. lovetox im just also reading up on this jfyi,
  83. lovetox i think these are permission that you can set when installing a flatpak
  84. lovetox not some that the developer decides on
  85. Link Mauve You set them in the manifest, then accept them on install.
  86. lovetox ah yeah
  87. lovetox basically gajim sets full system-dbus access
  88. lovetox "--socket=system-bus"
  89. lovetox but we could limit that to the ones we use
  90. lovetox but thats beside the discussion ^^
  91. lovetox hm Link Mauve when an irc server requires you to register at connect
  92. lovetox and you use a irc transport on a xmpp server
  93. lovetox is there some way to execute the register commands somehow?
  94. lovetox or do i have to i mean normaly you connect to the irc server before joining a channel
  95. lovetox then execute your register commands
  96. lovetox but how can i connect to a irc server without joining a channel over a irc xmpp transport
  97. Link Mauve lovetox, if you are using biboumi, do an ad-hoc command on the IRC server JID (, select configure, and set your autoconnect command.
  98. lovetox ah nice
  99. lovetox thats what i was look for
  100. horstvogel Windows Master: possible to store muc password? After restart as vistor you have to enter the password again.
  101. lovetox yes in the bookmarks menu
  102. horstvogel 🙈👌👍
  103. lovetox Link Mauve, do i see this correctly that somebody can be admin but not moderator in a channel?
  104. lovetox and vica versa
  105. Link Mauve Yes.
  106. lovetox mother of god
  107. Link Mauve :D
  108. lovetox why was this made
  109. lovetox just so you can appoint someone that gives voice and kick
  110. lovetox but cant do anything else
  111. lovetox and then there are the useless combinations
  112. lovetox like an admin that is only participant
  113. lovetox he could raise his affiliation himself
  114. lovetox im thinking really hard how can i show affiliations and roles in a grouproster
  115. Link Mauve Grouproster?
  116. lovetox yes
  117. lovetox im thinking grouping people into
  118. lovetox Owner, Admin, Moderator, Member, Participant, Visitor
  119. lovetox i think this reflects the most common case
  120. lovetox though in a moderated channel a member could lose participant status
  121. lovetox and this would not show it
  122. lovetox maybe i should show it differently for moderated and unmoderated channels
  123. lovetox right now gajim shows 83 participants here
  124. lovetox though this means nothing cause the channel is not moderated
  125. lovetox so useless information
  126. lovetox yeah i think thats it, show affiliations in a unmoderated room
  127. lovetox and show roles in a moderated one