Gajim - 2018-02-03

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *d8020f18* < > Correctly handle cmdline args for remote instance
  2. lovetox hm rom1dep seems gajims groupchat roster is just hopeless inefficient when adding 1000 of contacts
  3. lovetox i rework this when i have time
  4. bot Daniel updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add navigation for chat history
  5. mimi89999 What version is in the `gajim-nightly` package?
  6. andy lovetox, error message about invalid certificate for hosted domain on gone. Thx for fixing it.
  7. bot Daniel updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [plugin_installer] Add plugin auto update
  8. lovetox 0.16.9
  9. andy btw how I can check info about server certificate on Gajim?
  10. lovetox you cant
  11. lovetox its only shown if its invalid
  12. andy I dont know if I mention about that but Gajim dont retrieve history of a muc room when earlier we clear message window of that room. For example now I have opened 3 muc rooms. On two of them I clear earlier message window and now Gajim not load history from a room. With this one room everything is ok - some recent history is loaded.
  13. mimi89999 lovetox: Thanks
  14. mmlosh Hi. Can privacy lists block subscription requests, but nothing else?
  15. mmlosh I have tried Order: 1 Allow, All, (message, query, view status, send status) Order: 2 Deny, All, "All (including subscription)"
  16. mmlosh but that blocked me even from sending messages to this MUC
  17. mmlosh Just tried reversed order. Also does not work
  18. Maranda .
  19. andy mmlosh, subscriptions requests are sended in a <presence/> so U can try create only one list: block send status from contact with no subscription
  20. andy mmlosh, subscriptions requests are sended in a <presence/> so U can try create only one list: block presence from contact with no subscription
  21. lovetox mmlosh, only one rule
  22. lovetox Deny all by subscription : None
  23. lovetox hm but that would include messags
  24. lovetox hm its certainly possible
  25. lovetox Its easier with the Anti Spam Plugin
  26. lovetox it has a easy button for that in the configure menu
  27. lovetox no i was correct
  28. lovetox just do Deny all subscription: None
  29. lovetox this does not block messages
  30. lovetox ah no you have to select on the right "send me status" also
  31. lovetox thats it then
  32. lovetox you deny all contacts that have no subscription to send you status ( status = subscription requests)
  33. mmlosh tests new privacy lists
  34. mmlosh I am here, thanks for the hints
  35. mmlosh just to be sure, I configured "Deny, subscription=none, send status" My reason for doing this is that my server seems to auto-delete offline spam messages but keeps spam-less offline (probing?) auth requests. Will see if this helps. Thanks a lot.
  36. mimi89999 For some reason Gajim constantly queries the vcard of a member of a MUC
  37. mimi89999
  38. mimi89999
  39. Link Mauve Asterix, Prosody isn’t listening on IPv6 on this server.
  40. mmlosh lovetox, andy : setting that prevents me from joining a MUC properly
  41. mmlosh I receive a scrollback. I receive new messages
  42. lovetox yes true
  43. mimi89999 Then he sends presence again and I query again...
  44. lovetox because you dont get the presences ..
  45. mmlosh but the "input box" is grayed out and I see no people
  46. mimi89999 Why?
  47. mmlosh I thought so
  48. lovetox then i guess you cant do it with privacy lists
  49. lovetox but you can with the Anti Spam plugin
  50. mmlosh unless I manually add each MUC to a whitelist rule, I guess?
  51. mmlosh does this rule need to be before (lower ID), or above (higher ID) than the blocking rule?
  52. lovetox i have no idea, read the xep, its too complicated :D
  53. mmlosh Will it be possible to whitelist whole MUC servers? (Like setting "Allow, JID =, ...") BTW: What about whole TLDs? Would JID="cz" work?
  54. lovetox again Anti Spam Plugin has a single button for that
  55. mmlosh oh
  56. mmlosh thanks anyway!
  57. mmlosh The right way (at least for my server, that is) is to put the whitelist rule (Allow, JID=="", send presence) onto a lower ID that the blocker.
  58. mmlosh let's see if that works with just "org" as JID. I think it should.
  59. mmlosh nope, that does not work
  60. mmlosh but adding MUC servers one-by-one is good enough.
  61. mmlosh BTW: I found out my server rate-limits presence/subscription messages
  62. mmlosh Part of my problem was, that I was clicking "Deny" on all those spam requests too quickly :D
  63. lovetox mimi89999, you could log with -l gajim.avatar=DEBUG
  64. lovetox there could be multiple causes for this
  65. lovetox 1. he advertises a wrong hash of his photo
  66. lovetox 2. for some reason gajim can not store the downloaded avatar
  67. lovetox which lets it think we dont have it on the next presence
  68. mimi89999 OK
  69. lovetox 3. a until now unknown bug in gajim code :)
  70. lovetox but as this happens only with one user, i suspect 1 or 2
  71. lovetox though i could add a log message that informs us of invalid hash in presence
  72. lovetox hm no with avatar logging you can find out now already
  73. lovetox first you should see a Update Avatar log line including the hash, thats what he announces
  74. lovetox then you should see a Received vCard: hash
  75. lovetox thats what we get
  76. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Use keyring module to also handle password storage on linux
  77. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Use keyring module to also handle password storage on linux