Gajim - 2018-02-01

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  3. Asterix We have to follow every update on pypi ?? This mean the flatpak is not valid during a long time !
  4. wiktor Hello, is there a way to configure Gajim to hold history for no longer than X days (e.g. 6 months)? So I want to have history but not permanent. (Btw the Gajim History Logs Manager is very nice!)
  5. lovetox no wiktor
  6. wiktor okay lovetox, thanks
  7. andy Guys How Can I made notification "popup" presistent in a Gajim?
  8. andy Guys How Can I make notification "popup" presistent in a Gajim?
  9. Asterix It's your system that does that. In xfce they are (which annoys me)
  10. Asterix We couldset an urgent parameter to the notification if that helps. ...
  11. Asterix Based on I don't know what. Notification type ?
  12. lovetox no, this is not for the application to decide
  13. lovetox its a design choice of the Desktop you use
  14. lovetox in gnome for example notifications are not persistent, because there is a notification area where all notifications are gathered
  15. lovetox we could raise though the priority to HIGH
  16. lovetox which is recommended for chat messages
  17. lovetox dont know what that actually does then on your system
  18. andy at home I use KDE and at work use Windows. At home I miss notifications of new messages
  19. andy I problably use option open chat window on new message but it appear on different "screen"
  20. andy Im problably using option open chat window on new message but it appear on different "screen"
  21. andy so I miss new messages :/
  22. lovetox you could use the status icon
  23. lovetox should work with the appindicator plugin
  24. lovetox if its also not on another screen
  25. lovetox im not understanding the problem
  26. lovetox you said you get the notification
  27. lovetox then look into the notification area
  28. andy but sometimes I'm focused on work so dont look on notification area.. For me perfect solution will be showing a permanent notification or display message window on active screen....but the secont solution will not work when I use all-in-one window :(
  29. lovetox so you want every application to develop there own notifications, the first displays it right, the other left, the next at the bottom
  30. lovetox seems like a good plan ^^
  31. lovetox we use the notification API your desktop designed for applications to use
  32. andy I know that in Gajim it would be a problem because Gajim is multiplatform :(
  33. lovetox no it has nothing to do with that
  34. lovetox there are X applications on your system that want to show notifications
  35. lovetox why would they all develop there own stuff
  36. lovetox that would be chaos, things would pop up on various places with no control over it
  37. lovetox your desktop supplys a API to applications to use, if you are not happy how your desktop shows notifications then report it to them
  38. andy lovetox, but it is possible to open a "System" notification center from Gajim?
  39. andy I now cant find it under KDE....
  40. lovetox maybe ask other KDE users how they deal with that
  41. lovetox i guess gajim is not the only application that issues notifications
  42. andy How it works on windows?
  43. andy it has "own" notifications API?
  44. andy ok I found notifications settngs in KDE but there is now Gajim entry
  45. lovetox no, we do exactly what you suggested
  46. lovetox we paint a window somewhere in the bottom
  47. lovetox looks absolutley shit :D
  48. andy ok so there is two problems: notify user in a way that he or she will see it
  49. andy use system notification setings
  50. lovetox why what can you do in these settings?
  51. andy In KDE settings?
  52. lovetox yes
  53. andy for example change it to persistent, make an option to show it of the bootom of screen, of the center of the screen
  54. andy on mobile U look at the all screen so U cant miss the notification
  55. andy in desktop sometimes I focus on center of the screen for a long time making something (sound disabled) so i miss notifications
  56. lovetox so you can configure for other apps in the KDE settings that the messages are persistent?
  57. andy on windows I have opened Gajim in another screen so opening message windows doesnt fix this
  58. andy
  59. andy
  60. andy and how U make it on Windows?
  61. lovetox i already described it above
  62. andy oh sorry
  63. andy hmmm
  64. andy SOme programs use snarl
  65. andy Some programs use snarl
  66. lovetox so the notification goes away after X seconds on KDE
  67. lovetox and then, there must be a place to see all notifications that happend or not?
  68. andy or I cant force it to stay forever
  69. andy notification center
  70. andy
  71. lovetox soooo i guess this thing shows in the tray if there are unread notifications
  72. lovetox so i dont really get the problem
  73. andy because I dont see it
  74. lovetox why you dont see that tray icon?
  75. andy because it is small ;)
  76. lovetox ooook
  77. lovetox so actually no notification gets missing, you just dont like the UI of KDE to display them to you
  78. andy if U can show this menu and force it to stay untill I dont close it?
  79. andy yes notifications are not mising - I miss moment where they appear
  80. andy yes notifications are not mising - I miss moment when they appear
  81. lovetox sound?
  82. andy I dont use it :(
  83. lovetox nah sorry andy, it seems you are just not happy how kde displays notifications, i cant write workarounds for one desktop that maybe holds exactly one version, and in next plasma they change the way how they display it again
  84. lovetox maybe complain on some KDE forum about it
  85. andy hmmm
  86. lovetox maybe there are some plugins or things that make it better
  87. andy in KDE Notifications settings KDE has entry for apps that use it yes?
  88. andy so Gajim should appear on it as an entry?
  89. lovetox yeah probably we miss a config file for KDE
  90. lovetox that makes it appear there
  91. lovetox but i would have to install kde but at the moment im not often home
  92. andy
  93. andy then I can set "mark entry in a status bar"
  94. andy it will help
  95. lovetox the only thing i can read on there is KMail
  96. lovetox :D
  97. andy i know ;)
  98. andy
  99. andy system taskbar entry for Gajim will blink forever until I read the message
  100. lovetox hm how did you install gajim?
  101. andy from your nightly repository
  102. andy gajim-default-nightly
  103. andy Debian sid
  104. lovetox hm so why does it not show up there ...
  105. lovetox i will ask on a KDE board, what to do about that
  106. andy ok thx
  107. andy btw is there a ETA for stable 1.0 ? :)
  108. lovetox hm soon :D
  109. rom1dep gajim is slow at joining large mucs, like adding a jid to the roster takes about a second beyond 2k nicks. Any idea what could be the main cause for it? Dino appears to be handling it just fine in a matter of seconds
  110. lovetox which muc?
  111. lovetox there are mucs with 2k participants?
  112. lovetox must be a irc channel
  113. rom1dep lovetox: yeah. Don't repeat it :)
  114. lovetox yes
  115. lovetox gajim totally chokes
  116. lovetox its probably because it sends to every participant a #disco info out
  117. lovetox hm ..
  118. lovetox i probably should not do this on irc channels
  119. rom1dep is it because of that? I think it might be dropping and recreating a model each time a jid is added, something like that, because evidently the time to add a jid grows with the roster (while I would expect #disco to be constant time)
  120. rom1dep lovetox: wouldn't it be possible to embed a ipython shell in gajim and play with the app state from there?
  121. lovetox yes we have that
  122. lovetox although i never tried it
  123. lovetox gajim/dev/
  124. lovetox im not sure on how it works, maybe Asterix knows
  125. lovetox btw: update the messagewindow branch i tried a new way to display the online status
  126. rom1dep well, that's interesting, I think I like it
  127. Asterix I used gajim-remote toggle_ipython.
  128. Asterix Else there is one line in gajim to add to run it at startup
  129. Asterix On my phone now, so can't really look
  130. rom1dep maybe hovering the ribbon should expand it into a label that shows full-text what it means (with a similar animation as the one with the close button)
  131. rom1dep also, I think one should be able to shrink the panel more than the width of the longest name (and use ellipsis)
  132. rom1dep Asterix: what is gajim-remote?
  133. lovetox a cmd line application that passed commands to the running gajim instance
  134. rom1dep wait… ```python3 ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'gajim.common'; 'gajim' is not a package```
  135. lovetox because you dont have gajim installed i guess
  136. lovetox but leave it, i can port the command so its available from within gajim
  137. rom1dep but I'm cwd'ed in gajim's source
  138. rom1dep shouldn't python use it at a pythonpath and find the module?
  139. lovetox you put it into gajims root dir?
  140. rom1dep lovetox: well, if I move the file there, it does work
  141. lovetox but you have to activate gajim-remote inside gajim also
  142. lovetox advanced config editor i believe
  143. rom1dep awesome, I now do have an ipython shell
  144. lovetox great
  145. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *9ed0edf3* < > Port ipython command from gajim-remote
  146. lovetox rom1dep, should now also work without gajim remote
  147. lovetox when gajim is already open, open a second terminal and issue "gajim -i
  148. lovetox i incorporated that change also into messagewindow branch
  149. rom1dep oh neat
  150. rom1dep I'm still struggling a bit to identify which references I can hook onto in order to access the underlying models and narrow down the perf-sensitive paths
  151. rom1dep but that will be for another day
  152. rom1dep gn