Gajim - 2018-01-30

  1. bot Daniel updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add navigation for chat history
  2. concerto Is there any chance that Gajim will get dynamically loaded history? i.e. just keep scrolling the chat area up and it'll load older history?
  3. johannes lovetox: just updated to 6deedb174 and can tell you the race condition still seems to exist. One crash, one success upon restart this morning
  4. concerto lovetox: finally got a photo which I can share and isn't previewed in Gajim
  5. concerto aesgcm://
  6. johannes this time the "gone on resume" was actually a "Segmentation fault: 11" should I catch the crash window next time, I'll see if I can post details
  7. louiz’ lovetox: Should be fine now :)
  8. lovetox concerto, shows fine for me
  9. andy for me too
  10. concerto And it's appearing fine here now, too /o\
  11. andy lovetox, U move configuration buttons to bottom of the windows? It sucks. They look better on top of the windows.
  12. andy lovetox, U move configuration buttons to bottom of the message windows? It sucks. They look better on top of the windows.
  13. lovetox are you using gnome?
  14. andy KDE
  15. lovetox configuration button at top forces GTK window decorations
  16. andy This looks horrible
  17. lovetox how does a button in a row of buttons look horrible?
  18. andy On previously alpha I have in on top of the window
  19. lovetox you already said that
  20. lovetox i want to know how a button in a row of buttons look horrible?
  21. lovetox so the button next to it looks also horrible?=
  22. andy I think that configuration button should be placed on top of the window :)
  23. andy only this :P
  24. lovetox thing is other systems like Windows/MacOSx/even some other linux derivarets
  25. lovetox dont think this
  26. lovetox so they design there windows so they look good without buttons in it, if i place a button there they dont know how to draw that, so they let gajim draw it, and then the whole window border looks alien cause it looks like gnome, and not like macosx anymore
  27. andy i see... :(
  28. andy btw, another question is why Gajim make status menu Scrollable?
  29. lovetox whats the status menu
  30. lovetox you mean the box where you set your status?
  31. andy yep
  32. andy ah
  33. andy ok
  34. andy when window is close to kde status bar then gajim make it scrollable
  35. andy my fault
  36. andy :/
  37. lovetox yeah that widget of gtk does that
  38. andy btw all window in beta from today looks different - better.
  39. lovetox probably because we dont have the configuration button in the top
  40. lovetox so window borders are drawn by your system
  41. lovetox so it looks more in tune with the rest of your applications
  42. lovetox or you have a hidpi screen, then some icons should now drawn more sharp
  43. Link Mauve lovetox, isn’t there a hint to make the status dropdown prefer to go up instead of down?
  44. Link Mauve I’ve had this “issue” before too.
  45. lovetox no it doesnt work like that, the thing about the combobox is, that if you click it, under your mouse is the currently selected item
  46. lovetox so if you have selected the last item, the rest ist upwards
  47. lovetox but available is the first item
  48. lovetox so everything is under it
  49. lovetox though question is if we really have to use a combox there
  50. lovetox there are probably other ui solutions for changing the status
  51. Link Mauve I see.
  52. horstvogel lovetox: Short Feedback after some days: Muc OMEMO with 11 Devices, 4 gaijm 7 Conversations, one user 2 gaijm and 2 Conversations. After the OMEMO Update no "offline" messages are missing. 👍👌🥇 thanks
  53. lovetox nice
  54. andy Strange. When I join some muc room and clear the history window, quit the room and rejoin to it Gajim only get one line of history.
  55. andy but should load the same number of lines as when I first join to it.
  56. rom1dep so, with the latest biboumi patches applied, it seems that upon firing-up gajim, it gets no more than 30 MAM messages. At least in one chan, I think that more is available.
  57. lovetox rom1dep, you are in the wrong channel :)
  58. lovetox no andy, with mam enabled in a muc there is only loaded what you missed
  59. rom1dep lovetox: shouldn't gajim be querying more?
  60. lovetox gajim querys messages until the server tells it that there are none anymore
  61. rom1dep ok
  62. lovetox are you sure you have the latest commit ?
  63. lovetox there was a change to mam today
  64. rom1dep yep, built it minutes ago
  65. lovetox ah looked at the code thats still not correct mam from bimboumi
  66. lovetox louiz’, your commit lays the groundwork, but your missing parsing the "last" tag
  67. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8871: < Audio & Video Settings are disabled I can not select anything!!! >
  68. lovetox after the first X messages, you correctly not set the complete
  69. andy lovetox: is there a little chance to change behaviour of roster? More conversations/Dino look. Show conversions instead of contact our allow switch from/to another?
  70. andy Threaded roster style
  71. lovetox but for the next query the client sets the "last" attr, you have to parse it and shorten your new db query on it
  72. rom1dep andy: what do you mean?
  73. andy Look at it has threaded trustee view - you don't see contact but conversations like in an modern SMS app.
  74. lovetox he means the messagewindow branch
  75. rom1dep andy: haven't you seen my screenshot the other day with lovetox' patches applied to make the ongoing discussions appear as a ribbon on the side?
  76. lovetox yes andy we will do something similar
  77. andy rom1dep: nope?
  78. andy Or I don't know...
  79. rom1dep not like I posted it twice…
  80. rom1dep hold on,
  81. andy Post it again please!
  82. rom1dep
  83. rom1dep andy, ↑
  84. lovetox message composition should not be that big, thats a linux bug i have to solve
  85. andy Now I remember
  86. andy Why there is two panels for one room?
  87. rom1dep andy: where do you see two panels?
  88. lovetox one is dino, the other gajim, or what do you mean
  89. lovetox composition area should look like this
  90. lovetox
  91. andy Oh
  92. andy So this screen contain two messengers 😎
  93. rom1dep andy: yep, that's why it's written gajim on the top one, which you should recognize as "not dino" 🙂
  94. andy It look nice! It is completed?
  95. lovetox no just a dev branch to test, i didnt put much energy into making it look nice
  96. andy Gajim 1 will be so different than 0.16...
  97. andy And I like it!
  98. andy Good work.
  99. lovetox still a long way
  100. andy Make a Dino logo too 😙😋😎
  101. lovetox maybe a comet heading for earth
  102. rom1dep I really liked how kmess allowed to apply skins to the chat window. So you could have themes more log-like (gajim style) or with repeated pictures (dino, conversations style)
  103. rom1dep and we really need te revive the wizz/nudge 🙂
  104. andy Hmmm
  105. rom1dep by the way, dino chokes on emojis that appear just fine under gajim
  106. SouL lovetox, looking good!
  107. andy lovetox, Yout input area is different than mine
  108. lovetox i know, on linux its too big
  109. lovetox i have to fix that sometimes
  110. lovetox funny that no one ever saw it as a bug
  111. lovetox no one complained :)
  112. rom1dep lovetox: I seriously don't mind a wider compose area
  113. andy input area should be resizedable
  114. andy ;)
  115. andy btw there is a addonto change size of it
  116. rom1dep , back in the days,
  117. lovetox niiiiiiiiiice :D
  118. lovetox andy why would you need it bigger? it adapts to whatever you put into it
  119. andy Size matters ;)
  120. andy i dont know. In past I use bigger input area so I get used to
  121. lovetox how about that
  122. lovetox
  123. SouL Looking super, lovetox !
  124. rom1dep lovetox: looks like omemo issues ^^
  125. rom1dep 😯
  126. rom1dep so, this emoji went through. But if I ctrl+v-it in the compose window, it's not showing.
  127. rom1dep nothing emoji seems to work in Gtk. Not even in degraded/non-coloured mode. sigh.
  128. lovetox it does you just have to install a emoji font on your system
  129. rom1dep nope
  130. rom1dep
  131. lovetox what should i see there
  132. lovetox if your system is correctly configurated and the font is the system default
  133. rom1dep two supposedly equivalent char selector apps, one Qt, one Gtk, same font selected, the Qt app is showing the glyphs, not the Gtk one
  134. lovetox they will also work in every gtk application
  135. lovetox it works on debian fine
  136. rom1dep they should, but they don't.
  137. int lovetox: I still can't use gajim on High Sierra because of the dns error.. I ve checked out a working version from december
  138. lovetox yeah sorry patch was supplied to gnome but is still not merged
  139. lovetox
  140. lovetox you can add your comment there maybe it helps :)
  141. int lovetox: ah great, thx :)
  142. lovetox if its not solved in a month
  143. lovetox i write a work around
  144. bot Klemens Schölhorn created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8878: < Exception when show_avatars_in_roster is disabled >
  145. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *258c7922* < > Dont set Avatar if there is none Fixes #8878
  146. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8878: < Exception when show_avatars_in_roster is disabled >
  147. lovetox rom1dep, updated the messagewindow branch, let me know what you think
  148. rom1dep pulling
  149. lovetox and please send me a screenshot from a full window, because i have no access to linux right now
  150. rom1dep 471 files updated, 0 files merged, 6 files removed, 0 files unresolved wowh
  151. rom1dep Move icons to hicolor folder ← OK
  152. rom1dep lovetox: did you stop ordering by activity?
  153. rom1dep lovetox: also, I think it would help mapping middle click to close
  154. lovetox no
  155. lovetox it still orders
  156. lovetox but does not show the header
  157. lovetox i thought top is most active no need to display that
  158. rom1dep ok. It all came sorted alphabetically. And your answering to me isn't propping it to the top of the list.
  159. lovetox yeah activity is not completed yet
  160. lovetox muc is only counted as active if you get notified
  161. lovetox rom1dep
  162. lovetox and also if you send a message its not counted as active yet
  163. rom1dep now it's up
  164. rom1dep ok
  165. lovetox this will be the fine tuning at the end :)
  166. rom1dep
  167. lovetox nice
  168. lovetox im still thinking about some elements, where to put them
  169. lovetox for example a nicer way to display status
  170. lovetox online, away etc
  171. lovetox also MUC tabs look pretty empty, maybe we could put some more info there
  172. rom1dep yeah, it's the usual avatar vs icon clash
  173. rom1dep and I'm not using avatars+adding a "badge" for the presence is very nice/usual these days
  174. rom1dep conversations and dino put some log in there, I'm not sure it's useful
  175. rom1dep I like that conversations puts a bell to indicate the notifications settings, but ultimately that should be made visible only on non-default settings
  176. rom1dep I like that the filter is always visible
  177. rom1dep maybe a v-align issue in the top bar, the MUC JID is centered, but not the user name in 1:1
  178. rom1dep maybe indicating the number of participants in the MUC is a good way to fill the void
  179. lovetox kk will see what i can incorporate from these ideas
  180. lovetox have a good night
  181. rom1dep the icons do appear crispier, though :)
  182. rom1dep GN!
  183. rom1dep for consistency, I think I would expect a right-click on the conversation in the panel to display the same options (close, disconnect, …) as when I right-clicking on it from the roster