Gajim - 2018-01-29

  1. Maranda lovetox, ok fixed, it was the projections sending presences and messages with a "jabber:client" xmlns attribute. Those are ignored by the SM count code by design. mod_holo_router code is just ancient :P
  2. Citizen Zibb Collecting git+ Cloning to c:/users/darkstar/appdata/local/temp/pip-xw6yirbv-build Error [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified while executing command git clone -q C:/Users/Darkstar/AppData/Local/Temp/pip-xw6yirbv-build Cannot find command 'git'
  3. Citizen Zibb lovetox why woudnt it find git?
  4. Citizen Zibb it built this time.
  5. Citizen Zibb strange
  6. concerto Why does Gajim take so long to close when it's been running for a long time? (Assuming it closes at all - I've never waited for more than an hour or so before killing it.)
  7. concerto I now waited for like 3 hours and it still didn't close o.o
  8. bot Daniel proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add navigation for chat history
  9. concerto Some UI observations - 1. The new paperclip icon for HTTP Upload looks very ugly ._. 2. When correcting messages with the dark theme enabled, the background is a light orange and the text is white = very hard to read
  10. Daniel I prefer the new icon (everyone knows what it does)
  11. Maranda .
  12. lovetox concerto, it most likely crashed for some reason
  13. lovetox maybe start from console and see if there are errors printed when closing
  14. concerto Daniel: sure, it just needs...anti-aliasing, is it called? Looks rough around the edges.
  15. concerto lovetox: I'll have a look.
  16. lovetox not on my screen concerto
  17. lovetox maybe post a screenshot so i can compare
  18. concerto
  19. lovetox whar resolution does your screen have?
  20. lovetox actually everything looks not good on your screenshot ^^
  21. bot Philipp Hörist proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improvements for HiDPI
  22. Maranda lovetox, I found the bugger btw, it was stanzas of projections with xmlns="jabber:client" they were ignored from SM, they also weren't supposed to have that.
  23. lovetox ah nice
  24. Maranda Metronome strips main stanza types of xmlns when routing 'em as per RFC
  25. Maranda Metronome strips main stanza element of xmlns when routing 'em as per RFC
  26. Maranda lovetox, is there a reason why Gajim attempts to send a chatstate before being into the room?
  27. lovetox no its a bug
  28. Link Mauve Maranda, projections?
  29. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 12 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  30. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Improvements for HiDPI
  31. concerto lovetox: 1366x768
  32. lovetox then i have no idea why it looks so ugly for you
  33. Maranda Link Mauve, the projector component I made for Echo1 an eon ago, it copies users from a xmpp room to another, basically it's like Biboumi.
  34. Maranda That module is 8 years old
  35. Maranda spotted some weird bug.
  36. Link Mauve lovetox, I just tested your latest hidpi fixes, great work! But I found a bug where it displays the avatar of some participant on lines which aren’t participants:
  37. Link Mauve It also happens on non-hidpi.
  38. Link Mauve The last remaining non-hidpi images I could find are the presence icons in the roster.
  39. lovetox wait i make a tee while loading the pic from your server
  40. Link Mauve Pardon my ADSL. ^^'
  41. Link Mauve Also avatars in right-click, information.
  42. Link Mauve Help > About as well.
  43. lovetox i know what parts are not fixed yet :)
  44. lovetox hm sorry but i dont think i can do anything about that display bug, never seen it, i think this is again some weston thing probably
  45. lovetox i guess it goes away if you play with the expander
  46. Link Mauve It goes away if I move the pointer in some ways, but it’s not consistent.
  47. Link Mauve And no, Weston doesn’t have anything to do with rendering.
  48. Link Mauve Clients are always in full control of rendering.
  49. lovetox you mean the framework the clients use
  50. lovetox im not rendering avatars
  51. lovetox i pass a pixbuf to a column
  52. lovetox thats about it
  53. lovetox more interesting to me is
  54. lovetox why do you have GTK window decorations?
  55. Link Mauve lovetox, why would I not?
  56. lovetox i thought the system uses its own if possible
  57. Link Mauve I don’t have any “own”.
  58. Link Mauve Anyway, good work!
  59. Link Mauve There are quite a few warnings too.
  60. Johannes Hey, just a heads-up on the current state of Gajim on OSX as of bb9b949fa1df10bc4db8fdfa1d69a55dc9f657e8:
  61. Johannes Hm, well.
  62. Johannes Other than that, Gajim works pretty nice on OSX these days. There is one unclear reproducible crash upon startup where sometimes Gajim manages to startup and sometimes not, likely a race condition.
  63. Johannes Often everything works after the second to third restart
  64. Link Mauve Johannes, the best way to get it to be fixed at some point would be to list every problematic shortcut and what it could be instead, otherwise I haven’t seen anyone else running OS X.
  65. Link Mauve Anyone else than you, that is.
  66. Johannes I guess I've done that in the ticket I mentioned. I don't have the number handy right now though.
  67. lovetox yeah i know the ticket
  68. Johannes I've composed a requirements.txt useable with pip for osx and linux as the readme.txt still lists pretty much the operating system managed python packages for pretty much everything.
  69. lovetox i have a look
  70. Johannes If you have questions on them, just put a comment. I'll see if there have been any changes somewhat lateron.
  71. lovetox The Readme, lists a "MAC" section
  72. lovetox which has a link to instructions on how to get gajim going with brew
  73. lovetox it would be nice if someone could provide a brew recipe and maintain it on the brew package repos
  74. Johannes yeah, you do not want to globally install everything with Python. Maybe I'll go over that at some point
  75. Johannes It works fine in a virtualenv for me. Also, have the dependencies separate would probably be the way to .app (~flatpack / snap equivalent) packaging and acceptance as a proper app with osx
  76. lovetox its certainly possible, the project
  77. lovetox does that
  78. lovetox but im not enough of a mac guy to get that going
  79. Johannes nice is that gtk3 app on python basis?
  80. lovetox yes
  81. Johannes I can't promise anything but should I have way too much time at my hand I'll probably have a look if that packaging can be adapted to gajim
  82. lovetox i adapted there windows packaging already
  83. Johannes Although that race condition would need to be fixed first...
  84. lovetox do you get something printed?
  85. Johannes
  86. Johannes and after that it either survives or dies
  87. lovetox you use the one window mode?
  88. Link Mauve Johannes, could you try to debug it? Maybe you have gdb or lldb installed.
  89. concerto
  90. lovetox hm yeah concerto as i thought
  91. lovetox OSError: [Errno 101] Network is unreachable
  92. concerto But I downloaded the file just fine o_O
  93. concerto I can open it. It's just that the preview doesn't appear after that.
  94. lovetox do you have proxys configured on your system ?
  95. concerto Not to my knowledge (I don't know how to set one up in the first place ._.)
  96. lovetox i wonder if you have the same issue on another server
  97. lovetox could be that the server is not correctly configured
  98. lovetox Johannes, hm maybe i have a hunch about that race condition
  99. lovetox i will change that in the coming minutes then you could test it
  100. admin Hii
  101. admin ....
  102. admin 😅
  103. johannes lovetox: one window indeed
  104. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *c5c717dd* < > Use IconTheme for some icons
  105. lovetox johannes, pull this commit
  106. lovetox and see if the error is gone
  107. concerto admin: o.O ?
  108. lovetox Link Mauve, your avatar looks so nice on hidpi :)
  109. Link Mauve Thanks. ^^
  110. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *4f73b03d* < > Remove unused method
  111. rom1dep WTH, I'm noticing gajim taking-up one full core, looking at the xml console I'm watching a crapton of mam:2 from biboumi. Periodically I'm seeing an outgoing request for MAM. These seem to be recent messages, but gajim never sees the end of the backlog and keeps querrying apparently.
  112. rom1dep And gajim is so bad at mam, still. I restarted it and if finds nothing better to show me than a message from one hour ago. No context. No ordering.
  113. lovetox please supply a full log of the stanzas
  114. lovetox biboumis mam impl has some issues
  115. rom1dep I thought it was solved?
  116. lovetox of course if gajim is spammed with stanzas, and is at 100%, probably many displaying issues stem from that
  117. louiz’ something was fixed yes. But maybe there’s some other issue
  118. rom1dep Interestingly it's only spamming gajim, judging from biboumi's logs
  119. lovetox hm i could also just join a channel
  120. lovetox then you dont have to supply the logs ^^
  121. lovetox can you give me the one that causes you problems?
  122. rom1dep lovetox: several channels seem to be spamming. You want to join such birdged muc from your client?
  123. lovetox yes
  124. rom1dep damn, it's in the 50kiB/s
  125. lovetox its a loop just give me the channel :)
  126. Citizen Zibb
  127. Citizen Zibb lovetox just got that builderror
  128. lovetox permission error, maybe it was running for some reason
  129. lovetox i have no clue, the build script executes on a build server with a new created env for each build
  130. lovetox i dont understand why you not just use the nightly builds
  131. Citizen Zibb I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently. :)
  132. Citizen Zibb msys is very fick;e
  133. Citizen Zibb fickle
  134. lovetox indeed there is a loop rom1dep
  135. rom1dep in gajim's code?
  136. lovetox i still dont know
  137. lovetox either a loop or the server really sends us ancient history
  138. rom1dep From the console, it looks like barely few days old
  139. rom1dep I nuked this gajim and since then it's very quiet on biboumi's side
  140. rom1dep Hopefully that's not spamming some mobile device over 3g
  141. lovetox found the problem
  142. lovetox no error should be reproduceable as soon as a single message is posted to the chat
  143. rom1dep Lemme guess, < instead of <= ?
  144. lovetox no mam query have a limit of X
  145. lovetox after X messages the server has to tell us if this was all or if we should keep querying
  146. lovetox biboumi is never finished ^^
  147. louiz’ describe what stanza is missing
  148. louiz’ (or part of the stanza)
  149. lovetox louiz’, there is a "complete" attr that biboumi should set once the query is finished
  150. lovetox you can read about it in the xep
  151. lovetox with examples
  152. louiz’ the complete='true' ?
  153. lovetox yes
  154. louiz’ indeed
  155. louiz’ will fix that
  156. lovetox thanks
  157. rom1dep louiz’: _o/
  158. rom1dep ok, I'll be in the biboumi MUC readying the beer for when the changeset lands
  159. louiz’ done
  160. rom1dep 8481 Do not forget the complete='true' attribute in MAM’s result iq default/master 2018-01-29 by louiz’
  161. rom1dep that was fast
  162. rom1dep louiz’: how do I hot relaod biboumi?
  163. louiz’ that was easy
  164. louiz’ you don’t
  165. louiz’ you recompile, you restart
  166. rom1dep when is the erlang rewrite?
  167. rom1dep →[]
  168. louiz’ It would also be doable in C++
  169. louiz’ but that’s too much work for no real benefit
  170. rom1dep It'd be a mess
  171. Maranda damned resource-unbind
  172. Maranda rrr
  173. Maranda an exception there == segfault
  174. lovetox louiz’, when im looking at the commit
  175. Maranda I'll have to figure why first or laters
  176. lovetox does that not always set the complete now?
  177. louiz’ isn’t it always complete, when you send the last iq type='result' ?
  178. lovetox no
  179. lovetox otherwise it would have no purpose
  180. louiz’ ok then I missed something
  181. lovetox because you already would know that with the fin tag
  182. lovetox say i request 1000 messages
  183. rom1dep heh. At least it makes my log look quiet.
  184. lovetox and i want them in 30 steps
  185. lovetox after each 30 messages you have to send me a fin tag without complete
  186. lovetox because there is still messages left from my query
  187. louiz’ it’s complete only if the page you asked contains the last message in the archive?
  188. lovetox no the last message of my query
  189. lovetox i query from 1.1.2017 until 1.1.2018
  190. lovetox that is for example 1000 messages
  191. lovetox but i set max=30
  192. lovetox so you can only send me 30
  193. lovetox then you send fin without complete
  194. lovetox so i query the next 30
  195. louiz’ but then, you have to re-query everytime, right? You ask too much, I respond “here are just a short page, if you want more, re-ask the next page”, right?
  196. lovetox yes
  197. louiz’ so wait, I have to re-read the XEP, it’s been a long time since I implemented that
  198. lovetox not setting complete=true, means: i couldnt send you everything there is more to query here have the last message id
  199. lovetox then i start a new query with that id
  200. rom1dep lovetox: unrelated, but it's awesome not to have gnome's CSD.
  201. lovetox yeah i think so too
  202. lovetox :)
  203. rom1dep lovetox: but wait, aren't you a gnome person?
  204. lovetox no im a windows person :)
  205. rom1dep I guess that will make my work computer a nicer place
  206. lovetox i think it runs better on linux
  207. lovetox network stuff we have for windows is not really nice
  208. rom1dep everything runs better on linux, tbh
  209. rom1dep windows is such a mess
  210. Holger .NET stuff runs better on Windows.
  211. louiz’ so, then it asks “give me the messages after the UUID abcd, limit to 100”, and biboumi can answer “here are the next 30 messages, last UUID is fghi”. It only sets complete=true if it responds with all the requested messages, without “shortening” the result more than the client asked, right?
  212. lovetox yes
  213. lovetox it adds the attr, after the last 30
  214. lovetox or whatever was left
  215. lovetox as the client i can not know how many messages i queried
  216. lovetox i query i time period
  217. lovetox could be a million or 1
  218. louiz’ ok, so in biboumi’s case it’s always finished except if the client didn’t specify any limit (stanzas, or date), and there are more than 100 results
  219. lovetox server will always have a hard limit as to what he sends in one go
  220. lovetox currently yes
  221. Holger rom1dep: From what I know, that's a sane VM, and it's ubiquitous enough to act as the platform's common denominator. On Linux, that's C.
  222. Holger rom1dep: But yes the system API is a horrible mess.
  223. louiz’ lovetox, no, currently (with my latest patch), it’s always complete.
  224. lovetox ah ok i thought you meant that with finshed
  225. lovetox ^^
  226. louiz’ but maybe that’s also bad and it should set a limit. Because if the client asks “1990-01-12”, biboumi could very well send 1 million messages. Because that’s what the client asked.
  227. lovetox basically you query your db and if max < db count
  228. louiz’ -maybe
  229. lovetox you cant set complete on the first finish
  230. lovetox louiz’, you should have a hard limit
  231. louiz’ yes
  232. louiz’ I’ll add that
  233. louiz’ I have a “default limit if the client forgot to specify anything”
  234. lovetox 100 seems fine btw
  235. rom1dep Holger: or when you read that the spectre patching will be more taxing on W7 performance, because font rasterizing is done in the kernel
  236. Holger In the kernel? This obviously belongs into systemd!
  237. rom1dep 😉
  238. rom1dep lovetox: so, the HttpUpload addon isn't necessary anymore, but the Url Image Preview is?
  239. lovetox yes
  240. bronko +1 for integrating url_image_preview
  241. johannes lovetox: gajim did not instantly crash with the new patchset. I'll report if there's more coming.
  242. johannes Also, often on resume of the box gajim is just gone with the last messages being:
  243. lovetox what do you mean with "gone"
  244. lovetox it crashes?
  245. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *6deedb17* < > Only use logind listener on linux
  246. lovetox johannes, those dbus messages should be gone with that commit
  247. johannes lovetox: it likely crashes but does not leave any segfault message or similar. the box resumes, gajim is gone, nothing that would allow any statement about why its gone.
  248. lovetox hm have to test that on my mac
  249. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8787: < Non-Mac conforming shortcuts. >
  250. lovetox johannes did you say copy paste does not work?
  251. lovetox its not mentioned in this ticket
  252. lovetox all of your suggestions are not only on mac not available we just dont have this functionallity yet
  253. lovetox what does "move to first and last column" mean?
  254. lovetox we have no columns
  255. johannes ah, the column thing. consider the message compose field. Or any console with e.g. the clasic 80x25 layout. 80 would be the columns, 25 the rows.
  256. lovetox so you mean you want to move to the end?
  257. lovetox is there not a "End" button on the keyboard?
  258. johannes in the case of the message compose field, it's MxN columns and rows. On OSX you can use the alt/option modifier key+cursor left/right to skip over blank separated entities / words. in Gajim this leads to selection of tabs. This would likely be expected with cmd+cursor left/right.
  259. johannes Also, some text fields alternatively have cmd+cursor left/right as pos1/end, but I guess having that as tab select would be ok
  260. johannes copy & paste: in the message compose field it works as expected using cmd+c / x and cmd+v
  261. lovetox so cmd + arrow inside message compose filed with text doesnt move to the next word for you?
  262. lovetox i mean ctrl + arrow
  263. johannes no, as ctrl+arrow is used by th windows management
  264. lovetox ah ok thats the issue here
  265. johannes window management
  266. johannes also, ctrl is a rather unusual modifier. it's cmd, then alt, then ctrl
  267. johannes if one wants to make a hierarchy
  268. lovetox hm seems to be different on windows, there ctrl + arrow is moving a word
  269. lovetox so turning this arround only on mac
  270. johannes copy & paste: in the actual message window: i can mark something with the mouse, however cmd+c does not put it in the clipboard. ctrl+c doesn't appear to do that either. only right-click & copy appears to do so
  271. johannes yeah, most of the stuff that is ctrl on windows is cmd on mac
  272. lovetox copy paste does not work? thats very weird
  273. lovetox gajim doesnt handle that
  274. lovetox thats basic gtk functionallity
  275. johannes it does work in the message compose field, but not in the message field
  276. lovetox still weird :D
  277. lovetox i have to look at it when im on my mac