Gajim - 2018-01-28

  1. Link Mauve “21:36:07 lovetox> Link Mauve: great stuff, Ksecretservice dead, back to implementing kwallet pw storage :D”, ugh, and they don’t have any replacement libsecret implementation? :|
  2. Link Mauve Are they seriously expecting developers to maintain two different codepaths?
  3. Link Mauve “21:42:30 Asterix> if it only support gnome”, libsecret is just an API, it’s up to the storage providers to provide this API.
  4. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Move help from menubar to appmenu
  5. Link Mauve Ah, you have a better solution, nvm then. ^^
  6. Link Mauve But Asterix, it’s not up to libsecret to implement any specific support for any specific keyring program.
  7. lovetox "X different codepaths" is the hidden motto of the linux community :D
  8. horstvogel It is possible to change the explorer in Gajim from xffm to the windows explorer? It would be nice to see preview of the picture i want to Upload.
  9. Asterix horstvogel: in advanced tab you can configure your browser, your mailer, and IIRC, your explorer
  10. lovetox i think he means the file explorer for the open file dialog
  11. lovetox no you can change it
  12. lovetox no you cant change it
  13. lovetox but we can add a picture preview
  14. horstvogel The entry now is xffm, what i have to enter there for the windows Explorer? Using window daily Master
  15. horstvogel lovetox: thanks
  16. horstvogel lovetox: preview would be nice😁👍
  17. lovetox just out of interest which windows version are you using?
  18. horstvogel > The entry now is xffm, what i have to enter there for the windows Explorer? Using window daily Master Daily Master
  19. lovetox im not sure about what you are talking
  20. lovetox you cant set a different explorer for the open file dialog
  21. lovetox and if you click a link the default browser of your system is used
  22. horstvogel > im not sure about what you are talking > you cant set a different explorer for the open file dialog 🤔 ok, i have to delete the entry xffm and have to put in ??? For the Windows Explorer? Thanks
  23. lovetox what do you want to open with internet explorer?
  24. horstvogel With the Windows Explorer, the file Explorer of Windows. My Windows Version is Windows 10
  25. lovetox but where do you want it to be used?
  26. lovetox when you are doing what?
  27. horstvogel Http Upload, for Upload a picture..
  28. horstvogel
  29. lovetox but i wrote now the third time that you CANT change the file dialog
  30. lovetox you keep asking again and again
  31. horstvogel lovetox: sorry, this was a misunderstanding, back to the beginng. Preview for picture before http Upload, would be nice. I am using Windows 10 and the Master 28.01.
  32. concerto Nice to see drag-and-drop file transfer - good work, folks :D
  33. concerto re: HTTP Upload...what if the progress bar appeared in the chat area, right under the link which is being downloaded from, instead of as a separate window? Also, I've run into this bug again - someone sent me some images via HTTP Upload (in an OMEMO MUC) which don't show up as thumbnails even after I've downloaded them. ._.
  34. horstvogel concerto: the http upload server has valid ssl certificate?
  35. concerto horstvogel: no idea; it's
  36. lovetox concerto, yes we will do this once we redesign the chaterror
  37. lovetox concerto, yes we will do this once we redesign the chatarea
  38. lovetox concerto, can you share the file here in the muc?
  39. lovetox or is it personal
  40. concerto lovetox: I can't :\
  41. concerto Should I share the link without the key?
  42. lovetox no with the key
  43. lovetox just copy the url
  44. lovetox you can also start gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system.preview=DEBUG
  45. lovetox then send the link to someone
  46. lovetox and post me the log
  47. concerto lovetox: this is the log from when it was sent to me (with the keys from the links removed)
  48. concerto (Sorry about the pastebin, I forgot this room had its own.)
  49. concerto That's the only message from gajim.plugin_system.preview containing the name of that image.
  50. lovetox weird
  51. lovetox i requests the picture, and then nothing happens Oo
  52. lovetox and this happens with every picture uploaded to jabjab?
  53. lovetox looks weird, maybe wait 30 seconds
  54. lovetox look if after that maybe a error shows up in the log
  55. lovetox and i would not use -v to log
  56. lovetox just log preview
  57. concerto lovetox: odd, I just sent a picture from to my account, the preview appears alright o_O
  58. lovetox just let the log run for some days
  59. lovetox it seems like the request hangs for some reason and never returns
  60. lovetox which should be impossible ^^
  61. concerto Hm, okay~
  62. andy lovetox, why Gajim has two icon-button for sending files over http?
  63. andy
  64. Maranda .
  65. Daniel andy: because you have http_upload plugin installed (which is not needed anymore with http_upload integrated in gajim core)
  66. andy ah
  67. andy thx
  68. Asterix We should maybe do a new version of http upload plugin that does nothing
  69. lovetox yeah but after gajim has been updated in the debian repos
  70. Asterix Yes indeed
  71. Asterix Or a new version that does nothing if ver > x.y ?
  72. lovetox yeah good idea
  73. rom1dep Or rather have an obsolescence/incompatibility flag that depends on the version, so the addon can't get enabled to begin with
  74. concerto Why does Gajim ask "Do you want to open $filename" for certain file links?
  75. lovetox because its a file and not a picture
  76. lovetox could be an executable
  77. lovetox you dont want to execute that on accident
  78. rom1dep not a huge fan of the new hamburger
  79. rom1dep lovetox: not a huge fan of the new hamburger
  80. lovetox im in the process of removing it ^^
  81. lovetox it forces gtk window decorations
  82. lovetox which is not that pretty
  83. rom1dep gnome: we don't like these pesky menu bars, let's have CSD so we can put whatever the hell rich controls we want in there gnome apps: hamberger everywhere
  84. Maranda 🍔 hmmm
  85. Maranda I'm hungry
  86. rom1dep lovetox: gtk window decoration isn't really opt-out at that point, is it?
  87. lovetox no but as i said, i move the menu into the chatwindow again
  88. lovetox so then your system csd is available again
  89. rom1dep I'm just noticing that their content is identical
  90. rom1dep I think it's fine to split that single button/menu into several, more focused ones
  91. lovetox what content is identical to what?
  92. rom1dep lovetox: I merged lovetox/master into messagewindow, now I see two hambergers, one in the window header, and one in the composition area
  93. rom1dep lovetox: I merged lovetox/master into messagewindow, now I see two hamburgers, one in the window header, and one in the composition area
  94. lovetox yeah .. but why are you merging random branches ^^
  95. rom1dep I've been merging master with messagewindow for a while, all because of you :)
  96. lovetox you should merge messagewindow with gajim/master
  97. lovetox not with lovetox/master
  98. lovetox the hamburger in the header will be just removed
  99. lovetox there will only be one menu
  100. rom1dep anyways, I believe it's better to have several menus for orthogonal actions. Show details? A  button. Configure stuff? A ⚙ menu, and so on
  101. lovetox then i end up with 10 buttons at the bottom
  102. rom1dep If you don't see  , it's supposed to be
  103. rom1dep ℹ️
  104. rom1dep no
  105. lovetox the idea is, stuff that is not needed to chat goes into a menu
  106. rom1dep yeah, and then you get lost in long menus
  107. lovetox it has 7 entrys lol
  108. rom1dep it solves no problem
  109. rom1dep just hide the crab underneath the carpet
  110. rom1dep just hide the crap underneath the carpet
  111. lovetox yeah thats the idea
  112. lovetox if you click every 10 days a button
  113. lovetox why would i display that button so you can see it always
  114. lovetox makes not much sense
  115. rom1dep yeah, but it's frustrating to look for stuff in a list of completely unrelated things
  116. rom1dep menu items should be homogeneous
  117. lovetox how is it unrelated, all actions are related to this exact chat
  118. lovetox Oo
  119. rom1dep no, there are actions to configure things, there are actions to show details
  120. lovetox for this exact chat
  121. rom1dep and arguably, the notifications options can have their own
  122. lovetox where would you put this all?
  123. rom1dep (maybe in the discussions list, à la Conversations)
  124. lovetox what with right click?
  125. rom1dep on the header, close to the MUC name
  126. lovetox this will also be soon gone
  127. lovetox it serves no purpose anymore
  128. lovetox the muc name is highlighted in the conversation list
  129. rom1dep the muc name, not the muc address
  130. rom1dep you need some space to display the topic as well
  131. rom1dep it's important to be able to identify the chat window at a glance
  132. rom1dep and you need some vertical container to put the collapse button for the roster, don't you?
  133. rom1dep unless that would be made floating?
  134. lovetox yeah that was my idea
  135. rom1dep for me, the bottom of the screen should be for composition, the top should be for HUD/main controls
  136. rom1dep if there has to be some vertical space real-estate savings, let it be on removing the thick CSD, not on displaying the purpose of the current window (address+topic+main controls)
  137. lovetox you really think you need the contact name in big letters at the top, even though its highlighted in the conversaton list?
  138. rom1dep if there has to be some vertical space real-estate savings, let it be on removing the thick CSD, not on hiding the purpose of the current window (address+topic+main controls)
  139. rom1dep if it's a MUC, hell yeah
  140. lovetox hm have to think about it
  141. rom1dep the rooms list will help a lot, but you can't possibly put everything in it
  142. concerto we can has dark theme plz? :D
  143. lovetox yeah just switch to dark theme in gnome settings
  144. rom1dep where is gnome settings ?
  145. lovetox_ sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool
  146. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *5ce0c65c* < > Move chat options menu Putting it into the header forced GTK Window Decorations, that makes the application look alien on all systems except Gnome.
  147. lovetox rom1dep, i updated the messagewindow branch to the latest commit
  148. rom1dep lovetox: damn, you like to see me merge! :)
  149. lovetox_ no more gtk csd
  150. lovetox_ feels good :)
  151. lovetox rom1dep, i updated it so you dont have to merge
  152. lovetox git fetch lovetox/messagewindow
  153. lovetox git fetch lovetox
  154. rom1dep yeah, now I'm checked-in on a dead branch
  155. lovetox git reset --hard lovetox/messagewindow
  156. lovetox that overwrites whatever you have locally with what is on the server
  157. rom1dep heay, my ass. Let me just `hg up lovetox/messagewindow`
  158. rom1dep by the way, there seem to be an old message_window branch in there
  159. lovetox thats ancient history
  160. rom1dep `hg log -T{gitnode} --rev lovetox/message_window` → 530a816a8e35dd7efa45e782599a3a8a775d198d
  161. rom1dep I don't know if it's only on my machine or also still on the server
  162. lovetox that branch exists, but that is ancient
  163. lovetox gajim repo has 45 branches
  164. lovetox i have to think up a way to archive them somewhere else
  165. rom1dep maybe just delete them?
  166. lovetox i dont know if we lose history with that
  167. lovetox gajim was previously hg
  168. rom1dep unless message_window hasn't the same purpose as messagewindow
  169. lovetox dont know how merges worked there
  170. rom1dep oh, and you synced the hg history into git?
  171. lovetox yes we migrated from hg to git
  172. rom1dep I don't think it matters much
  173. lovetox i think we just make a backup, and delete the branches
  174. rom1dep that's what I was about to write
  175. rom1dep because it's not like you would synchronize these branches back into the hg repo
  176. rom1dep and if you were to use hg again, you could just consume the git repo, like I'm doing, with hg-git
  177. rom1dep was it gitlab that made you move away from hg?
  178. lovetox yes
  179. lovetox i dont actually care about hg vs git, i think nowadays you can work great with both
  180. lovetox but its the whole thing around, nice issue tracker, ci etc
  181. lovetox does hg have something like gitlab?
  182. rom1dep I think gitlab made some incredible marketing stunts, but yeah, server-side, the story is brighter (more diverse) on the git side. Phabricator is neat though. Client side, I'm yet to be shown something as good and friendly as thg.
  183. lovetox bitbucket looks good, but if you want to install it on your own server it costs you 1800 dollars for 25 users ^^
  184. rom1dep and bitbucket on premise is a lie
  185. rom1dep it's not the same codebase as bitbucket-cloud, it's the former atlassian git hosting solution
  186. rom1dep so with bitbucket on premise, you only get to host git repos
  187. rom1dep for repo-hosting there is kallithea/rhodecode which are nice
  188. rom1dep but these are not "forges" (with CI, but tracking, wiki, …)
  189. rom1dep you can get close with redmine+kallithea+hooks but it way too much DIY compared to gitlab
  190. rom1dep OTOH, phabricator does everything and doesn't care too much whether it's hosting hg or git
  191. rom1dep the mercurial devs are exploring its capabilities:
  192. lovetox yeah i gnupg project also uses it
  193. rom1dep wikipedia, blender, KDE, facebook internally, … many projects use it
  194. rom1dep but I get that it might feel overwhelming at first
  195. rom1dep the devs thought it would be a fun idea to give stupid strange names to every common thing. Doesn't help.
  196. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 0 commits to branch _refs/heads/8711-links-in-muc-subjects-do-not-work-on-windows_ of _gajim_ < >:
  197. rom1dep I found that one can switch light/dark theme from KDE without gnome-tweak-tool from systemsettings/application style/GNOME/checkbox "Prefer Dark GTK3 Theme"
  198. lovetox but please dont report dark theme things, this has no priority for now at all to me
  199. rom1dep I don't plan to use it, this dark is too black for my taste ;)
  200. Maranda Adwaita ftw
  201. Maranda :O
  202. rom1dep yeah, it is adwaita
  203. Maranda I think that the only problem with the SPIM blocking module I made is that it inadvertedly killed some some legit monitoring/remote control bots.
  204. Maranda *well*
  205. Maranda and time to update gajim and see if it explodes before calling it a night :D
  206. SouL rom1dep, does Phabricator replace gitlab/github?
  207. SouL Always wanted to try, but never did.
  208. rom1dep SouL: that's a forge, so that's the point
  209. SouL rom1dep, a forge? :D
  210. rom1dep I don't really get what is special about gitlab compared to the many other OSS forges, but I don't use it on a regular basis
  211. rom1dep SouL: I think that's how it's called
  212. SouL ah ok, rom1dep
  213. SouL Nice to know! :)
  214. rom1dep
  215. Maranda lovetox, are there any issues with SM acking?
  216. lovetox yes we had problems with some servers
  217. Maranda I often see Gajim acks for the wrong amount of stanzas, but I couldn't figure if it's me or Gajim tbh.
  218. lovetox hmmmm, yeah thats a good clue
  219. lovetox hm but do you use the xml console
  220. lovetox to send stuff?
  221. Maranda Nope
  222. lovetox because if you do that stnaza count gets messed up
  223. Maranda may happen even when I don't
  224. Maranda I just can't figure the cause
  225. Maranda though
  226. lovetox are you implementing sm currently?
  227. Maranda No, if it was me breaking stuff I wouldn't even get to bother about XD
  228. Maranda Boh I'll keep watching and see if it happens again, usually it's if I leave it online for a prolonged amount of time
  229. rom1dep as a forge, dropped off of my radar, but it looks it has gone leaps (hihi) since the last time I checked it out.
  230. lovetox Maranda, you could also try -l .nbxmpp.smacks=DEBUG
  231. lovetox with gajim
  232. lovetox then it lists the counts we get from server and we have
  233. lovetox we check if the number of stanzas we sent, matches what the server received
  234. lovetox so theoretically gajim should print warnings if this doesnt match
  235. SouL Don't get why Gitlab appears as Freemium, can't you download it and host it yourself? :)
  236. Maranda SouL, there's a commercial version
  237. Maranda lovetox, ok I'll try that
  238. Maranda Jan 28 21:39:15 c2s25fb120 debug Received[c2s]: <r xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:3'> Jan 28 21:39:15 c2s25fb120 debug Received ack request for 259 Jan 28 21:39:15 c2s25fb120 debug Received[c2s]: <a xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:3' h='1345'> Jan 28 21:39:15 warn Client says it handled 2 stanzas, but only 1 w ere sent
  239. Maranda there, hmmm but I didn't have the magic switch flipped :(
  240. lovetox if you log with gajim it also tells the count
  241. lovetox would be interesting when it start to diverge
  242. lovetox maybe a specific stanza is the cause
  243. Maranda lovetox, I can just add that with gajim-debug.exe?
  244. lovetox yes
  245. Maranda no -v?
  246. lovetox no
  247. Maranda ok
  248. lovetox v is everything
  249. lovetox -l xxx is module based logging
  250. Maranda okay it's logging now
  251. Maranda
  252. Maranda
  253. Maranda lovetox, hmmm
  254. Maranda Joined jids from mucs?
  255. Maranda lovetox, and that strange out of order acks.
  256. Maranda lovetox, I see no warns otherwise
  257. Maranda except that from metronome
  258. Maranda possibly it's joined jids from mucs though
  259. lovetox what do you mean with out of order acks?
  260. lovetox ah ok
  261. Maranda it's acking for 25, 26 while it's at 160+
  262. Maranda lovetox, I suppose it could be joined jids though
  263. lovetox thats seems definitly like a bug
  264. lovetox hm do you have multiple accs?
  265. lovetox because nbxmpp doesnt show you that
  266. Maranda connected at once?
  267. Maranda Oh yes 2
  268. Maranda lovetox, though I think the culprit could the private iq stanza on the muc, I have two resources on the same nick and IQ routing is tricky in that case.
  269. Maranda it will go to the first resource that joined so it may be the culprit, hmm.
  270. lovetox you mean you maybe dont count it on the correct resource
  271. Maranda No I mean that possibly it's gajim sending the stanza but it's not gajim receiving the iq response.
  272. Maranda hmm hmm
  273. Maranda let me see
  274. lovetox yeah so this is not out of order, nbxmpp just doesnt display the account
  275. lovetox ah damn not scrolled to the bottom^^
  276. lovetox ignore my late reply
  277. lovetox btw whats a private stanza?
  278. Maranda lovetox, no nm I get the two feature-not-implemented error replies
  279. Maranda lovetox, stanzas sent to the muc user
  280. Maranda but i just tested and I get the replies
  281. Maranda also no warn
  282. Maranda
  283. Maranda so hmm no idea
  284. lovetox maybe let only xml console run in gajim
  285. lovetox wait until server says "sent 1 but client says 2"
  286. lovetox then stop gajim and look at the xml log if gajim really received 2 stanzas
  287. Maranda
  288. Maranda Jan 28 22:32:07 warn Client says it handled 3 stanzas, but only 2 w ere sent
  289. Maranda hmm
  290. Maranda Jan 28 22:32:41 warn Client says it handled 2 stanzas, but only 1 w ere sent
  291. Maranda another... lemme look the corresponding timestamp in the console
  292. Maranda
  293. Maranda lovetox, ^
  294. Maranda I see no :41 ack in the smacks log
  295. Maranda 28/01/2018 23:32:07 (D) nbxmpp.smacks: Got ack for outgoing stanzas (our h: 338, server h: 338, #queue: 1), removing 1 messages from queue... 28/01/2018 23:32:43 (D) nbxmpp.smacks: Got ack for outgoing stanzas (our h: 339, server h: 339, #queue: 1), removing 1 messages from queue...
  296. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #263: < Messages sent in OMEMO MUC from another device appear with fallback message >
  297. lovetox the log tells us when gajim received an ack
  298. lovetox not when it send one
  299. lovetox but maybe we should log this
  300. Maranda lovetox, it's not that gajim is including acks in the counts by any chance?
  301. lovetox then it would not be wrong by exactly 1 stanza
  302. Maranda well it would be if it's counting only the server ack
  303. Maranda and not itself
  304. Maranda and not self acks
  305. lovetox but then the amount would grow
  306. Maranda hmm
  307. lovetox but it should be easily able to find out if gajim counts wrong
  308. lovetox you look at the xml console, wait until server brings error
  309. Maranda That's what I did
  310. lovetox then go to the last ack that gajim sent that was correct
  311. lovetox and count the stanzas gajim received
  312. lovetox from there
  313. Maranda on the last log it was really 1 stanza incoming the console log and 2 counted, or I dunno what you mean exactly.
  314. lovetox yeah thats what i mean
  315. lovetox you didnt show me that log :)
  316. Maranda on the last log it was really 1 stanza incoming in the xml log and 2 counted, or I dunno what you mean exactly.
  317. Maranda Oh it was the last one
  318. Maranda (last paste)
  319. Maranda before the smack one
  320. lovetox there is only one outgoing sm
  321. Maranda or you mean you want the <r /> too?
  322. lovetox no i look for that
  323. lovetox <a xmlns="urn:xmpp:sm:3" h="1180" />
  324. lovetox tells me gajim thinks 1180 received
  325. lovetox then you pasted some stanzas before that
  326. lovetox but where is the <a xmlns="urn:xmpp:sm:3" h="11xx" />
  327. lovetox so i can see the stanzas in between
  328. Maranda I can't see the pastes I just sent anymore :/
  329. lovetox
  330. lovetox
  331. Maranda well the h value of gajim is definitely off
  332. lovetox but i think between those 2 is missing something
  333. Maranda hm
  334. Maranda
  335. Maranda there's not much I can see
  336. lovetox do you have the gajim xml log from that session?
  337. lovetox then just paste me everything between h1176 until the h that was sent out by gajim before
  338. Maranda all of it no
  339. lovetox but if you can reproduce it so easily this should not be hard to get
  340. Maranda but I got the bit from the server of 22:32:41
  341. Maranda and it's consistent with the bit on xml log
  342. Maranda
  343. lovetox you say gajim counts wrong, but there is no prove
  344. Maranda it's one stanza, well I'll do it later
  345. lovetox prove is gajim sends OUT h 1176
  346. lovetox 2 stanzas afterwards
  347. lovetox then gajim sends OUT h 1183
  348. Maranda what exactly do I have to do?
  349. Maranda ok
  350. Maranda I'll try to get a full log
  351. lovetox yeah please
  352. lovetox the only thing i need from the server is the time when the first error popped up
  353. Maranda okay let me 2 warns