Gajim - 2018-01-27

  1. andy Hi, Gajim use XEP-0191 to block contact?
  2. andy Another thing. When I click on contact "block" this contact should be automaticly deleted from roster even if I has unreaded message from it. Today I've got few spim messages and I try to delete this contact but they are stiil on my roster (group contact not in my roster). Gajim remove it only after I open messages from they. I think that Gajim allow delete it whatever I read this messages or not and when I block contact Gajim should remove it from roster.
  3. andy >andy‎: Hi, Gajim use XEP-0191 to block contact? Now I found that Gajim has implemented privacy lists - so we have more options to lock users. In a Conversations we have a smart UX for blocking users. When I want to lock someone I click "Lock" and Conversatins ask me: Lock this jid or whole domain? I think somethink like this should be in a Gajim.
  4. lovetox hm so how would you unblock a contact if its not in your roster?
  5. lovetox why do you have spammers in your roster?
  6. lovetox if you mean that they are displayed under "not in your roster" group
  7. lovetox if you block such a person it will not be there anymore on next start
  8. horstvogel lovetox: OMEMO and Muc offline is now possible😁
  9. lovetox nice, horstvogel , tell me if you experience anymore problems
  10. Horst Vogel lovetox: you have to install the Master 27.01 and the new OMEMO plugin? Or only the new OMEMO plugin is enough?
  11. lovetox only new omemo plugin is enough
  12. horstvogel 👌👍
  13. lovetox new master fixes a problem if you are with 2 accounts in the same MUC
  14. lovetox but i guess this is not very common
  15. horstvogel > new master fixes a problem if you are with 2 accounts in the same MUC > but i guess this is not very common Ok, I use this sometimes👍👌😁
  16. lovetox domain block, delete unread messages, a UI that lets you see your blocklist, are valid feature requests
  17. lovetox andy, maybe you can add a issue with all the blocklist changes
  18. andy >lovetox‎: hm so how would you unblock a contact if its not in your roster? Gajim -- Accounts -- Advanced -- Privacy lists (edit privacy lists and remove it)
  19. lovetox privacy lists is deprecated and not supported on prosody anymore for example
  20. lovetox it is phased out, gajim lacks UI for looking at your blocklist
  21. lovetox but yeah you could do it right now, if your server supports privacy lists
  22. andy So Gajim use
  23. andy ?
  24. lovetox if your server supports 191 which you can check in the server info window
  25. lovetox it uses 191
  26. andy ok so Gajim miss only a good looking UI for unblocking contacts
  27. lovetox yeah to show the blocklist to be exact
  28. andy Account -- Blocked contact
  29. andy lovetox, and if server dont support it how Gajim block it?
  30. lovetox you cant
  31. lovetox i dont get the question
  32. lovetox if you server doesnt support blocking you cant block
  33. andy So if my server will dont have support of blocking command (xep 191) it will not show this options in a menu?
  34. lovetox if your server doesnt have 191 or privacy lists
  35. andy ok thx
  36. lovetox both xeps have the same DB backend
  37. lovetox 191 is a very simple version of privacylists
  38. andy I will make an issue for making a more user friendly UI for display bolcked users
  39. lovetox because privacylists are too complicated for most people
  40. andy yeah
  41. lovetox yeah please
  42. andy few years I try to use it...
  43. andy privacy lists sucks
  44. andy using XEP191 I can only block all comunications?
  45. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b8a62a8b* < > Fix shortcuts in chat window Fixes #8873
  46. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8873: < Attribute error when you hit Ctrl + F in a chat window >
  47. lovetox yes andy, only block everything or nothing
  48. andy lovetox, btw, privacu list in a Gajim will be soon removed?
  49. lovetox hm no not soon .. maybe if ejabbered also drops support
  50. Maranda lovetox privacy lists is all but deprecated blocking command is just to be considered a "subset"
  51. Maranda Dropping support is a severe bullshit
  52. lovetox 1. privacy list is deprecated
  53. lovetox 2. i did say that we drop support once servers dont support it anymore
  54. lovetox and something is not good only because it can do many things, from the years the xep exist people use the full block and invisbility
  55. lovetox both now available in smaller xeps
  56. Maranda Oh god, and they replaced it with xep-191 lol, bullshit. With privacy lists you can do more then just blocking. Like not permitting some people to just see your presence or more complex operations.
  57. lovetox yeah everyone knows that
  58. lovetox except nobody uses it for that
  59. lovetox as i said, invisibility has now a new xep
  60. lovetox and all other exotic things dont really have a valid use case
  61. lovetox
  62. Maranda And what is that supposed to mean? Of over 400 extensions only like 0.5/3 are actually used so what we deprecate 'em all without an actual alternative?
  63. lovetox there is an alternative
  64. lovetox 0186 and 191
  65. lovetox the old archiving xep could also do way more than MAM now
  66. Maranda NO, I want to choose who to become invisible to
  67. Maranda 186 is *not* an alternative
  68. lovetox tell me which client supports this?
  69. lovetox with 186 i think you can do this anyway
  70. Maranda Gajim, and if I have someone on contact list annoying me I could just temporarily block my presence status to his client but not block everything else
  71. lovetox go invisible
  72. lovetox then you have to send a directed presence
  73. lovetox at the contact you want to see you still
  74. Maranda Give me a valid alternative to that for example
  75. Maranda No
  76. Maranda I dont want to go invisible to everyonr
  77. lovetox yeah ok you craft now some example, of course functionallity is lost
  78. lovetox but nobody implemented that
  79. Maranda I didn't see the deprecation notice last I checked, it's just stupid
  80. lovetox again no client implemented it
  81. Maranda It's not a crafted example, it's the right example
  82. lovetox you crying for a xep nobody used
  83. Maranda There's people who need granularity
  84. lovetox they can use it
  85. lovetox its still there
  86. lovetox its just not recommended to implement
  87. Maranda You can't remove something if you don't have a proper replacement
  88. lovetox again they didnt remove it
  89. lovetox its way to complicated for most users, thats why clients will not implement it
  90. Maranda As long as they don't want to replace with SIFT that has left functionality doesn't allow defining lists of directives. And again I'm the only one implementing
  91. lovetox whats sift?
  92. Maranda Something "not used", maybe we should deprecate that too
  93. Maranda Stanza interception filtering technologies
  94. lovetox i think you dont understand why something gets deprecated
  95. lovetox most use cases are handled by other xeps
  96. lovetox not everything of course
  97. Maranda No I do, I'm just saying that to deprecate something you need an *equivalent* alternative/s
  98. lovetox but there has to be a recommendation what to implement
  99. Maranda That offers the same set of functionality
  100. lovetox you can not craft 10 xeps that do all the same things
  101. lovetox and recommend all of them
  102. lovetox Maranda, thats just not true
  103. lovetox maybe if you founded that XSF you would make this a rule
  104. lovetox but it is not
  105. lovetox and never was
  106. Maranda Ok so since it's too complex, badly concepted, what? We deprecate muc too?
  107. lovetox yes, of course once MIX is stable and implemented by most clients
  108. lovetox there is no sense in having 2 xeps doing the same thing and both beeing "The Standard"
  109. Maranda No the problem is not founding the xsf lovetox it's because lately members and boards shown quite some lack of judgement. It's different
  110. Maranda They don't do the same thing, that's the problem
  111. lovetox they do mostly
  112. Maranda If they did I wouldn't be here ranting, rest assured.
  113. lovetox nobdy stopping anyone from implementing a deprecated xep
  114. lovetox if it is detremental to your messenger use case
  115. lovetox its still there
  116. lovetox
  117. lovetox there is another step, Obsolete
  118. Maranda I think I better make breakfast and test the new anti-spim module I made if I have time to, 12:30 I need to be in the gym 😑
  119. lovetox hm yeah i also have to go :/
  120. Maranda The distinction between deprecated and obsolete unluckily is only virtual, because at deprecated it gets removed from the xep index, and perhaps hardly it will ever be implemented again.
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  123. andy ok so i've made an issue about topic that we spoke. I think that my description is understandable.
  124. andy if not tell me what to change
  125. bot andy modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8874: < Nice looking UI for showing blocked users >
  126. andy fucking markdown
  127. andy I hate it
  128. bot andy modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8874: < Nice looking UI for showing blocked users >
  129. vanitasvitae andy: markdown is nice once you get used to it :)
  130. SaltyBones aww man
  131. SaltyBones my gajim is on the fritz again
  132. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8874: < Nice looking UI for showing blocked users >
  133. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8874: < Nice looking UI for showing blocked users >
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  143. Maranda .
  144. Maranda .
  145. andy How Can I enable showing typing notification for MUC rooms in Gajim Nightly?
  146. lovetox you cant
  147. lovetox we have no ui yet to show that in a good manner
  148. lovetox anyone using KDE here?
  149. andy yep
  150. andy Debian sid with lastest KDE
  151. SouL KDE Neon here
  152. andy first@
  153. andy first!
  154. lovetox so there is a ticket that claims password storage does not work with KDE
  155. andy :D
  156. lovetox can you verify that?
  157. andy by stored U mean in kdewallet?
  158. lovetox yes
  159. andy hmmm, only password that I see in a kdewallet is for WiFi Network
  160. andy How Can I force Gajim to use kdewallet?
  161. lovetox you cant
  162. lovetox we use libsecret
  163. lovetox it should use whatever wallet is available
  164. lovetox but it seems not to work with Kwallet
  165. Asterix andy, is pw stored in config file plain?
  166. lovetox Link Mauve: great stuff, Ksecretservice dead, back to implementing kwallet pw storage :D
  167. andy Asterix, give me a moment
  168. andy ~/.config file? If yes that gajim store it in plain
  169. andy accounts.domain.tld.password = plain_password
  170. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8876: < Fails to connect on startup >
  171. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8876: < Fails to connect on startup >
  172. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8875: < kwallet support missing >
  173. Asterix ok then indeed, no password storage. So libsecret doesn't support kwallet. too bad!! then libsecret is useless!
  174. Asterix if it only support gnome
  175. andy ~/.config/gajim/config
  176. Asterix lovetox, 0.6.3 uploaded on pypi and debian repos
  177. lovetox great !
  178. lovetox Asterix, the python lib that we use for Windows, also supports Kwallet
  179. lovetox i think this makes it easy to implement
  180. Asterix lovetox, does it support gnome keyring?
  181. lovetox yeah it also supports libsecret
  182. lovetox actually we could use it for everything
  183. lovetox and its actively developed
  184. lovetox it even supports MacOSx Keychain
  185. Asterix then ... let's go!
  186. lovetox tomorrow ^^
  187. lovetox gn8
  188. Asterix GN