Gajim - 2018-01-18

  1. baitisj lovetox I fixed a logic error in my previous nbxmpp commits -- not sure if you saw the MR but it's been around for a while
  2. lovetox baitisj, yes sorry was on holiday i see if i can get to it on the weekend
  3. baitisj np :)
  4. rom1dep are read markers in the making for the 1.0?
  5. nico does this sync history feature actually work with prosody 0.10 mam?
  6. rom1dep it works at least with ejabberd, but the UX isn't seamless
  7. Maranda I'll have to test with the new build after lovetox fixed MAM's bug
  8. nico it seams that it is not working with prosody, not even with the latest mam bug fixed
  9. Maranda Are you sure it's not just the UI not working?
  10. Maranda The fact it hangs at connecting... Doesn't mean it's not sync'ing
  11. Maranda hmm...
  12. Maranda
  13. Maranda That's on current win master
  14. Maranda :(
  15. lovetox Maranda, it seems the GC mam messages from your muc
  16. lovetox do not have set the "from" attribute
  17. lovetox i cant test that because i dont get messages from your muc
  18. lovetox maybe you could open xml console again
  19. Maranda Uh?
  20. lovetox and join the muc
  21. lovetox and post me the log
  22. lovetox so i can see what stanzas you get
  23. lovetox i joined the muc multiple times, it does not answer to any mam request i do
  24. Maranda I hope you don't mean the XEP-297 container stanzas.
  25. Maranda gimme a moment
  26. lovetox just xml console
  27. lovetox no need for debug logs
  28. Maranda <message to=''> <result id='c77b1441-d82d-433a-96d2-e12982629481' queryid='f27' xmlns='urn:xmpp:mam:2'> <forwarded xmlns='urn:xmpp:forward:0'> <delay stamp='2018-01-17T04:44:48Z' xmlns='urn:xmpp:delay'/> <message type='groupchat' from=' (Coldfront)'> <body>rollerskating, with 4 wheels</body> </message> </forwarded> </result> </message>
  29. Maranda but that's perfectly fine protocol wise
  30. lovetox hm im not sure about that
  31. lovetox a message should always have a from attr in my opinion
  32. Maranda It's not the forward stanza container that matters, it's what into the forward element
  33. lovetox yes
  34. lovetox and that has no from attr
  35. Maranda forwarded* rather
  36. Maranda what??
  37. lovetox hm it has
  38. lovetox sorry
  39. Maranda ^^
  40. lovetox but one message somewhere in there doesnt have this
  41. lovetox as we fail on getting the from attr
  42. lovetox so look at a full xml console log after joining
  43. Maranda lovetox is gajim only parsing the inner forwarded stanza?
  44. Maranda that's certain?
  45. lovetox ah wait
  46. lovetox i think i see the problem indeed its the outer message that seems to cause the problem
  47. lovetox but in my opinion from has always be set
  48. lovetox would have to look into the rfcs to check that
  49. Maranda I mean I could change it if you like but the spec says nothing about it, also if you look at examples in the xep there's no from on the forwarded stanza container
  50. lovetox not the forward stanza container
  51. lovetox around forward there is a message node
  52. Maranda that's the container I'm meaning
  53. Maranda the message stanza containing the forwarded element
  54. lovetox
  55. lovetox example in this xep always set the from attribute
  56. lovetox it has nothing to do with this xep, its a hard written protocol rule, a message has to have a from attribute, otherwise we dont know where it came from
  57. Maranda but that's not mandated anywhere,
  58. Maranda
  59. lovetox indeed that example misses the from attr
  60. lovetox ...
  61. Maranda I can add a from attribute tbh, it's rather trivial for me to do
  62. Maranda all examples do in the xep
  63. lovetox indeed not a single example in the MAM xep sets the from attr
  64. lovetox let me read the rfc
  65. lovetox but its probably correct, the xep is read by many people..
  66. Maranda rfc doesn't mandate using any attribute iirc, if there's no from it should assume it's coming from self-bare or something afair
  67. lovetox yeah but it does not come from self in case of a muc
  68. lovetox
  69. lovetox but the muc exmample sets the from attr in 0313
  70. Maranda hmm
  71. lovetox When sending out the archives to a requesting client, the 'to' of the forwarded stanza MUST be empty, and the 'from' MUST be the occupant JID of the sender of the archived message.
  72. lovetox no
  73. lovetox that does reference to the forwarded stanza
  74. Maranda that's the about the forwarded stanza
  75. lovetox not the message stnaza itself
  76. lovetox it seems its exactly that what you said before
  77. Maranda The xep isn't clear about that, and anyhow it should state what the server should do in text not examples
  78. lovetox mam mostly querys the own archive
  79. lovetox so no from = self bare
  80. lovetox Maranda, i think thats described in the rfc
  81. Link Mauve “17:10:54 lovetox> a message should always have a from attr in my opinion”, if it doesn’t, that means it comes from your own account. In the case of MUC, that’s wrong.
  82. Maranda But it could be logic that since that's not the own account MAM archive, it should have a from attribute.
  83. Link Mauve So it’s a server issue in this case, a MUC should always stamp its own JID in @from.
  84. Maranda yes
  85. Maranda I agree
  86. lovetox yeah Link Mauve is this written in the rfc`?
  87. Maranda I'll fix it
  88. Link Mauve lovetox, yes.
  89. Link Mauve That’s the very definition of @from on a stanza. :)
  90. Maranda yes, if not from self account it should.
  91. Maranda mod_muc_mam, reuses a lot of code from mod_mam, I guess that was an oversight of mine. It's a rather trivial change too.
  92. Maranda mod_muc_log_mam, reuses a lot of code from mod_mam, I guess that was an oversight of mine. It's a rather trivial change too.
  93. lovetox now its 1:1
  94. lovetox :)
  95. Maranda lol
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  98. Maranda there we go, very complicate change as I said :scream:
  99. Link Mauve Maranda, lovetox, btw there’s been a CVE last year where many clients (including Gajim) weren’t checking that the @from inside and outside were the same, for carbons.
  100. Link Mauve This is the MAM pendant.
  101. lovetox hm, here its a bit different though
  102. lovetox because i have result query id
  103. lovetox which gajim checks
  104. Maranda ok no more tracebacks, \o/
  105. Link Mauve If someone guesses it, which seems extremely easy given how short it is here, then you’ve lost.
  106. Link Mauve You should use an id instead of f27.
  107. Link Mauve uuid*
  108. Maranda uh? they can guess a UUID??
  109. Maranda oh the iq id
  110. Link Mauve You weren’t talking about the queryid?
  111. lovetox Link Mauve, the client sets the queryid or not
  112. Maranda query ids and archived ids use UUIDs so it's quite hard
  113. Maranda Oh no wait
  114. lovetox and if i have no open query nobody can fake messages to me, because im not awaiting any
  115. Maranda I got confused
  116. Maranda never mind
  117. Maranda or not
  118. Maranda also Gajim seems to use UUIDs for ids?
  119. Link Mauve lovetox, don’t bet on that please. :)
  120. Maranda so I wasn't confused?
  121. Maranda :D
  122. Maranda guessing an UUID is not impossible but rather untrivial I presume?
  123. Link Mauve Maranda, according to your copy/paste at 17:10:10, Gajim uses a very simple and easy to guess @queryid.
  124. lovetox Link Mauve, i have a list of queryids im awaiting, if someone sends a message with a queryid for which im not currently waiting, its dropped
  125. Link Mauve lovetox, matching on the (jid, queryid) tuple?
  126. lovetox if that would be a problem, you would have a lot of problems with IQs
  127. lovetox or not?
  128. lovetox no i dont match on the tuple only on the queryid
  129. Link Mauve No, because you check for the (jid, iq-id) tuple.
  130. Link Mauve Then please do, that’s a security issue in the coming.
  131. Maranda Link Mauve, that wasn't Gajim, that was me on the xml console
  132. Maranda 🤣
  133. Maranda lololol
  134. Link Mauve Ah.
  135. Maranda I just copy&pasted a stanza from the xep
  136. Maranda and added the to attribute
  137. Link Mauve But anyway, you should always compare with the emitting JID.
  138. lovetox hm yeah not hard to add
  139. Link Mauve I’d like to figure out a way to prevent that kind of mistake right from the XMPP library, but so far I haven’t found anything.
  140. lovetox and jfyi im pretty sure gajim was not under the clients with the carbon problem
  141. Link Mauve You’re right, I misremembered.
  142. lovetox i mean, i was as suprised as you that gajim was not under it :D
  143. Link Mauve :D
  144. Maranda That lovetox, that actually fixed muc mam in conversations too.
  145. Maranda lovetox, that actually fixed muc mam in conversations too.
  146. lovetox =)
  147. Maranda I basicly only tested with Converse.js and it doesn't care apparently
  148. Maranda so next is #publish-command
  149. Maranda and CSI
  150. Maranda but not before next week because I need to rest my CNS for Saturday
  151. Link Mauve Maranda, please report a bug for them then.
  152. Link Mauve Converse.js should never accept MAM messages from an unknown JID.
  153. lovetox converse.js has mam for muc?
  154. Link Mauve Yeah.
  155. Link Mauve That’s partly why I’m currently deploying it at JabberFR.
  156. Link Mauve Because Candy doesn’t.
  157. Link Mauve (And is abandonned.)
  158. Maranda Oh poke jcbrand or post it yourself Link Mauve, I'm too tired to do anything atm tbh bbl
  159. Link Mauve Ack.
  160. pep. There's a room for converse btw?
  161. Link Mauve
  162. Link Mauve
  163. pep. I hope you didn't bother to correct for me, it's not like poezio supported that (even though it could)
  164. Link Mauve Sorry.
  165. pep. A plugin for that might be nice
  166. mathieui like /link
  167. pep. does it support xmpp: uris?
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  170. mathieui pep., not yet
  171. Maranda hmmm
  172. Maranda is there some particular reason why Gajim would "add a muc to the roster"?
  173. Maranda is there some particular reason why Gajim would "add a muc room to the roster"?
  174. lovetox whats the problem?
  175. Maranda oh... *it minimizes 'em that way*
  176. Maranda nothing I suppose just not used to it
  177. Maranda Usually when I closed the tab it left the muc
  178. lovetox you can config it that way
  179. lovetox there is a minimize on close option
  180. Maranda Ohhh
  181. Maranda I was already on the "what did I do wrong now" 🤔
  182. Maranda :P
  183. Norbärt
  184. Link Mauve Norbärt, the issue you link used to happen after suspend or a network outage, is this the case for you too?
  185. Link Mauve And welcome here!
  186. Norbärt Hi, Mauve! :) My pc never suspends. Didn't test it out. But the connection loss happens even without suspend mode. Gajim also lose connection after my router get's a new ip (but that just happens around 3 am.)
  187. lovetox are you talking about not reconnecting to MUCs?
  188. lovetox or in general?
  189. net hi, open links does not work in channel topic for me on Windows (1.0a2)
  190. lovetox net, works fine here in gajim channel
  191. lovetox what happens when you click the link?
  192. lovetox ah
  193. lovetox no i can reproduce
  194. net tried double click, right click then open link, ctrl click, shit click
  195. net shift*
  196. lovetox can someone on linux reproduce that, topic links do not open?
  197. Link Mauve lovetox, no, here it works.
  198. Akasch_ lovetox, you men the links in the channel message on connect?
  199. Link Mauve lovetox, fyi, “(gajim:27272): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:52:25.610: Don't know color ''”
  200. lovetox no
  201. lovetox not in the message
  202. Link Mauve When I click on the arrow, then on a link, it works.
  203. lovetox beside the channel jid
  204. lovetox is a button
  205. lovetox k thanks
  206. Akasch_ for me it works, but seems to be down
  207. Akasch_ ah yes they work too
  208. net 😂
  209. net does anyone know why receiving images does not work from conversasions to gajim ?
  210. Norbärt You mean avatars?
  211. net is the problem server-side ? I get download notification but transfert does not happen
  212. net no uploading a photo in example
  213. net does anyone tried ? had no issue ?
  214. Norbärt It's working for me (even with OMEMO). Which jabber provider you're using (beside
  215. net on the same server conversation to conversations works like a charm
  216. net my own server
  217. net a prodody instance v 0.9
  218. Norbärt I never worked with an own jabber server. But I tried multiple jabber providers and some have tight file transfer restrictions.
  219. Norbärt Or they don't support file transfer at all.
  220. Norbärt Maybe your own jabber server has restrictions, too?
  221. lovetox net, do you get a link?
  222. lovetox or what happens when you send a image from conversations?
  223. net the download windows pop
  224. net but file transfert hang at 0%
  225. lovetox start gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system.httpupload=DEBUG
  226. lovetox and try to send the file, then look at the log
  227. net file transfert popup -> accept -> place to download then file transfert windows; progress stuck
  228. net lovetox ok
  229. lovetox no wait
  230. lovetox you talk about jingle
  231. lovetox probably a firewall issue
  232. net maybe
  233. lovetox do you have your own server?
  234. net yes
  235. lovetox then get the httpupload module
  236. net and uploading images conversations to conversations works fine
  237. lovetox its not uploading its p2p as it seems
  238. fireglow Hi. When gajim starts fresh, and I start a chat window with a contact, does gajim look for chat history on the server?
  239. lovetox you can check if your server offers a filetransfer proxy
  240. net httpupload is not enabled on server, by choice
  241. lovetox yeah then check if you have set up a file transfer proxy
  242. lovetox fireglow, yes but you can see it only in the history window
  243. net dummy question; why does it work between 2 phones ? why does transfert still initiate on Gajim ?
  244. lovetox if its old messages you didnt read on a other device
  245. lovetox if its old messages you read on a other device
  246. lovetox it does not initiate
  247. net by initiate I mean displaying all windows to initiate the transfert
  248. lovetox that there is a filetransfer, gajim knows because of xmpp protocol
  249. lovetox but then it has to build up a p2p connection to the phone
  250. lovetox and it seems this fails
  251. lovetox maybe your computer is behinde a NAT
  252. lovetox maybe phones are not
  253. net weird
  254. lovetox maybe there is a firewall setup on your computer, there could be many issues
  255. lovetox normally you circumvent that with using a proxy on the server
  256. lovetox what gajim version are you using?
  257. fireglow lovetox, hmm, that's weird. I can't see any history that I had with the contact via conversations. I probably misconfigured ejabberd.
  258. net if there is no httpuload implementation by server how does it work between 2 phone (wich XEP I mean ?) My understanding was that the transfert was through xmpp c2s sessions
  259. lovetox fireglow, which gajim version?
  260. net currently 1.0a2 but had this problem since a long time with older releases
  261. lovetox net how does p2p work
  262. lovetox one client sends an ip and port
  263. lovetox the other client connects to it
  264. fireglow lovetox: 0.16.9
  265. lovetox XEP is called jingle file transfer
  266. lovetox fireglow, you should get Gajim 1.0.0a
  267. net how does encryption is provided ?
  268. lovetox no saying that will solve the problem
  269. lovetox but there we can debug it
  270. lovetox net, there is no encryption
  271. lovetox at least with gajim
  272. net 😨
  273. lovetox conversations uses a non standard encryption
  274. Norbärt What kind of encryption are we talking about?
  275. net lovetox how can I get debug/verbose mode for gajim for file transfert. I can launch a wireshark easily on my PC at least
  276. lovetox p2p filetransfer
  277. Norbärt kk
  278. lovetox start gajim with -v
  279. net ok thanks
  280. Norbärt Oops. Just realized I'm using v0.16.8 (*ashamed*). I will install 1.0 and observe my connection issue again next weeks . . . Sry.
  281. lovetox net maybe starting with -l gajim.c.socks5=DEBUG
  282. lovetox is maybe better
  283. Link Mauve lovetox, you’re wrong, Gajim does use XTLS when the recipient supports it.
  284. Link Mauve But it doesn’t warn when it doesn’t.
  285. lovetox and nobody supports it
  286. lovetox :D
  287. Link Mauve Gajim does?
  288. Link Mauve If Conversations doesn’t, then well open an issue about it.
  289. lovetox yes but his problem is from conversations to gajim
  290. Link Mauve Yeah, there is no good path there, since Conversations doesn’t.
  291. Link Mauve s/good/e2ee/
  292. fireglow lovetox, will do
  293. lovetox fireglow, in gajim 1.0 is a serverinfo window
  294. fireglow that's cool
  295. lovetox at least we can check there if the server is correctly configured
  296. fireglow I'll attempt a git install
  297. lovetox on what system are you?
  298. lovetox Arch, Debian, Windows, we have packages
  299. net I think I found a dead link on referencing to
  300. net in configuration "File Transfer: How to make File Transfer work"
  301. lovetox wiki is not good maintaind
  302. net ah
  303. net would like to find this page ^^
  304. net ow.. error 500 on
  305. lovetox i just cloned the wiki
  306. lovetox it does not exist
  307. lovetox there is another but it will probably not help you
  308. lovetox
  309. net thank you
  310. net I'm sorry but I can't find how to get Gajim verbose on windows.. I'm trying gajim.exe -v; program launch but nothing appened to %APPDATA% gajim gajim.log
  311. net Am I missing something?
  312. lovetox yeah on windows you have to use gajim-debug.exe
  313. net gajim-debug.exe -v
  314. net and -l options.. ?
  315. lovetox no only one of the 2
  316. lovetox on windows i had reports
  317. lovetox that it sometimes needs up to one minute
  318. lovetox to start the transfer
  319. lovetox did you wait that long?
  320. net idk
  321. net maybe; will try
  322. lovetox i dont get it when i start from source, topic links are working
  323. lovetox if i use my installed version, it doesnt work
  324. lovetox O
  325. lovetox Oo
  326. lovetox no idea what this can be
  327. net lovetox, ok so I made some tests about file transfert. Gajim hanged at first and I noticed in debug messages "candidate addresses" where mosty my Virtualbox and VMware network interfaces
  328. net then I disabled all interfaces but the one used for internet and when I tried again to send an image a n "infinite loop happened" consuming 0.1Mps of traffic
  329. net just saying that to you if you saw a similar behavior before
  330. lovetox i would check if you have a file proxy set up on the server
  331. net it's not setup in prosody config
  332. net no prosody module enable
  333. net +d
  334. lovetox maybe ask in prosody channel how you can set it up
  335. lovetox it will solve NAT and firewall issues
  336. net I must leave now; thanks for your help
  337. net Am I the only one getting these messages ? --> ( The room is currently overactive, please try again later )
  338. lovetox server spam protection
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