Gajim - 2018-01-17

  1. net Hello, I noticed a graphical bug in alpha2 on Windows;
  2. net is it already noticed ? ->
  3. vanitasvitae net: what exactly is wrong?
  4. net vanitasvitae, the X is not on the right of the tab
  5. zuglufttier lovetox, your new display will not be that "hidpi" ;) It's a very big screen so you'll have about 157 pixels per inch. Some laptops will have 300 pixels and more, that makes them basically unusable if you don't take action.
  6. Maranda Asterix, Gajim 0.16.8 is still failing SRV record resolution on Windows 10 Pro >.>
  7. Maranda hmm I see 0.16.9 lemme see.
  8. Maranda nope
  9. Maranda
  10. Maranda ^ wrong
  11. Link Mauve Maranda, try 1.0.0a2.
  12. Link Mauve It has a fully rewritten resolver.
  13. Maranda Honestly I'm not up to compiling sources on Windows
  14. Link Mauve Good thing there is no compilation required, since everything is pure Python.
  15. zuglufttier Maranda, look here:
  16. zuglufttier Take Master, that should 1.0.0a2.
  17. Maranda zuglufttier, *thumb up*
  18. Maranda Link Mauve, zuglufttier: sorted thanks.
  19. Link Mauve :)
  20. Asterix Link Mauve: a2 is in downloads/1.0
  21. Maranda hmmm
  22. Maranda Traceback (most recent call last):
  23. Maranda I have the doubt that's MAM related?
  24. Maranda or not never mind
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  26. lovetox Maranda, i think the resolving is a problem with your setup not gajim
  27. lovetox or the server
  28. lovetox 0.16.8 is out for a year or more
  29. Maranda lovetox, negative on that houston
  30. Maranda Every other client including Gajim 1.0.0a works so. Can you make an educated guess who's problem is it?
  31. Maranda nslookup works, do I have to continue?
  32. Maranda lovetox, and there is at least a dozen if not more issues about SRV resolution on the tracker regarding Windows
  33. lovetox i search for SRV on the issue tracker and find one open issue about a feature
  34. Maranda --> is there?
  35. Maranda just glancing that I found a few.
  36. lovetox you see the red CLOSED beside each entry?!
  37. lovetox this is a 15 year old project, of course there was at some point a SRV problem
  38. Maranda lovetox, did I ever mention that the issues I was talking about where either open or close sorry?
  39. lovetox but im testing this now
  40. lovetox works fine here on gajim 0.16.9, but i notice that in your log nslookup is not used
  41. lovetox where did you get 0.16.8?
  42. lovetox from the installer on the website or did you start from source?
  43. Maranda installer on website
  44. Maranda what I did before installing the nightly windows build, was remove the AppData\Roaming\Gajim directory though as a note.
  45. Maranda what I did before installing the nightly windows build, was remove the AppData\Roaming\Gajim directory though as a note lovetox
  46. lovetox no it seems gajim looks for a "host" entry in PATH
  47. lovetox if this entry is found the lookup is done differently
  48. lovetox if its not found its done via nslookup
  49. lovetox what happens if you open a windows command prompt
  50. lovetox and type "host"
  51. Maranda Microsoft Windows [Versione 10.0.16299.192] (c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. Tutti i diritti sono riservati. C:\Users\Marco>host "host" non è riconosciuto come comando interno o esterno, un programma eseguibile o un file batch. C:\Users\Marco>
  52. Maranda <unrecognized command>
  53. lovetox can you execute "echo %PATH%"
  54. lovetox and see if there is the word "host" somewhere in the output
  55. Maranda
  56. Maranda not there by the looks?
  57. lovetox hm somewhere in one of these folders there is a file called "host", and this trips gajim
  58. lovetox indeed a bug
  59. lovetox either way no need to investigate as this is fixed in 1.0.0a
  60. Maranda lovetox, tbh I don't think there's a host file anywhere and according to powershell there isn't but whatever
  61. Maranda Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. Tutti i diritti sono riservati. PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cd .. PS C:\WINDOWS> cd .. PS C:\> gci -recurse -filter "host" -File PS C:\>
  62. Maranda now it works so it doesn't matter.
  63. Maranda and if it was, it could have been a stale empty file into Gajim's AppData Roaming store but I removed it before installing 1.0.0a
  64. Maranda I suppose
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  66. rom1dep axolotl.invalidkeyidexception.InvalidKeyIdException: No such signedprekeyrecord! 151
  67. rom1dep I guess I'm missing a few OMEMO messages, then
  68. lovetox do you know with which contact do you have the problem
  69. lovetox ?
  70. rom1dep lovetox: let me have a look
  71. rom1dep ok, it's from my other gajim client, on windows
  72. lovetox this has not necessarily be a problem
  73. lovetox only if you really dont receive the messages
  74. lovetox yeah this is a common problem
  75. lovetox remove the fingerprint in the omemo plugin config window
  76. rom1dep and I don't receive the messages
  77. lovetox from that other client
  78. rom1dep ok
  79. lovetox then send a message to him, and one back
  80. lovetox should be fine then
  81. rom1dep what's the backstory?
  82. rom1dep a cache corruption ?
  83. lovetox no, let me think about it for a second
  84. lovetox maybe a device that was not online for a long time?
  85. rom1dep for sure, I didn't use that windows gajim when in vacation, but that was, like, until 17 days ago
  86. lovetox hm its something the plugin does not very good, i have a list of improvements that would make it much more stable
  87. lovetox i just need time to get to it
  88. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *8b705bb9* <> Use pillow 4.3.0 for dev_env setup Higher pillow versions currently fail to install in msys2
  89. nathan I think there's a missing step on the Wiki page on running Gajim on OSX
  90. lovetox what?
  91. nathan Oh actually I think I got it, there's a step that says you have to execute "python3" but the wasn't mentioned before, but I just noticed it's Gajim's
  92. nathan (I was talking about this, of course:
  93. lovetox hm yeah it seems to mis the whole, "clone gajim , change dir
  94. lovetox etc
  95. nathan Also, the 'Wiki' link on the main website still leads to the old trac page, which now gives a security error (but does redirect if you allow the exception)
  96. lovetox you mean the link in the header?
  97. nathan Yeah
  98. lovetox no it leads to gitlab
  99. lovetox i updated the wiki
  100. nathan Thanks!
  101. nathan And it leads to for me
  102. lovetox ah i see im redirected
  103. lovetox this seems already be fixed in code
  104. lovetox but the webserver was not updated
  105. lovetox Asterix, when does the page get the updates from the website git repo?
  106. nathan Oh great, then don't worry about it
  107. mimi89999 lovetox: How was your trip?
  108. lovetox great thanks
  109. mimi89999 Where did you go?
  110. lovetox south tirol
  111. mimi89999 Nice
  112. mimi89999 I was using the messagewindow branch and didn't get any errors. Only warnins...
  113. lovetox nice
  114. lovetox and does it work that the most active conversations are on top?
  115. mimi89999 Yes
  116. lovetox do you like that behavior
  117. lovetox do you have groupchats and single chats in 2 separate windows?
  118. lovetox or in one now?
  119. mimi89999 I separated them...
  120. lovetox what i could add is a "Pin Tab" function
  121. mimi89999 But the MUCs also seem to be sorted by activity...
  122. lovetox and this is not good?
  123. mimi89999 They are sorted by activity in the MUC and no my actual activity, so noisy MUCs where I am IDLE go on top...
  124. mimi89999 But that isn't bad
  125. mimi89999 Ah, I had to disable spellcheck to actually be able to open other apps on my computer...
  126. lovetox yeah i have to rework that
  127. zak Hi lovetox. You're back! I hope the holiday was refreshing.
  128. lovetox yeah thanks
  129. zak I recognized the new server-info-feature in Gajim. Very nice. But it tells me doesn't support MAM, while Conversations says it does. Is maybe the detection not good?
  130. lovetox maybe it only supports MAM:0
  131. lovetox which is not supported by gajim 1.0.0
  132. Maranda hmmm speaking of MAM I think I found a bug into 1.0.0a
  133. Maranda when joining a room on my server Gajim attempts to retrieve the archive and the following traces start popping up:
  134. Maranda Traceback (most recent call last):
  135. Maranda Is it known?
  136. lovetox reproduceable?
  137. Maranda yes
  138. lovetox could you start gajim with -v
  139. lovetox and reproduce and provide the log
  140. Maranda on windows? I dunno how to start in verbose mode :x
  141. lovetox there should be a gajim-debug.exe
  142. Maranda from gajim.exe didn't work last I checked
  143. Maranda Ok let me check
  144. Maranda Okay let me see.
  145. Maranda lovetox, all I see in the debug window is:
  146. Maranda
  147. Maranda .
  148. lovetox it seems you didnt add "-v"
  149. lovetox start it from cmd with "gajim-debug.exe -v"
  150. Maranda yes I figured, thought it would start as verbose by itself
  151. Maranda brb
  152. lovetox no, although that came to me also that this would make sense ^^
  153. Maranda The buffer gets lost in the window lovetox, does it save the log file anywhere?
  154. lovetox gajim -v > filepath 2>&1
  155. lovetox then it writes it into a logfile
  156. Maranda Else you could replicate yourself by joining I think the same issue happened on Linux as well yesterday (it could be because of MAM or generated transport users' presences)
  157. lovetox filepath should be the path to a txt file
  158. Maranda ok
  159. Maranda lovetox, ok got it, though I can't see gajim querying the archive this time
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  161. Maranda lovetox,
  162. lovetox but now the traceback is not there
  163. lovetox let me try joining the chat
  164. Maranda Oh actually it queried the mam archive
  165. lovetox so
  166. lovetox this is a server or transport bug
  167. lovetox first it reports that it supports mam:2
  168. lovetox
  169. Maranda uh?
  170. Maranda yes it does support mam:2
  171. lovetox wait a moment
  172. Maranda lovetox, gajim is sending a chatstate before it sent the join presence to the room from what I could glance in the log if I glanced right, that's what the not acceptable error is about, but i dunno if it's related
  173. lovetox hm
  174. lovetox the chatstate thing is unrelated, its another issue
  175. lovetox this has nothing to do with mam
  176. lovetox the server does not reply to a mam query
  177. lovetox which is wrong
  178. Maranda Uhm? but it did? I see the mam stanzas forwarded
  179. Maranda (on my log)
  180. lovetox but the error you got is probably not from a mam stanza, its some stanza gajim doesnt handle correctly
  181. lovetox if i send a mam query it doesnt answer for some reason
  182. lovetox no nothing
  183. lovetox
  184. Maranda > Line 1652
  185. lovetox if i send this in the xml console i get no reply
  186. lovetox it seems to stop mid stanza
  187. lovetox in your log
  188. Maranda Hm.
  189. Maranda just a moment
  190. lovetox but this could be a log issue
  191. lovetox i dont think gajim would accept such a invalid stanza
  192. Maranda I don't think Metronome could send such an invalid stanza without tracing and I see the queue completed successfully in the logs.
  193. lovetox yes could be a log issue, metronome sends really big stanzas
  194. Maranda let me try to fire up a xml console and just send the stanza.
  195. lovetox in one tcp package
  196. Maranda
  197. Maranda hmm
  198. Maranda oof.
  199. Maranda Edge playing dumb, let me bin it
  200. lovetox works for me
  201. Maranda
  202. Maranda That's your stanza lovetox, and the reply from Gajim's xml console
  203. lovetox yeah but you get the traceback from that?
  204. lovetox seems normal and ok to me
  205. Maranda Nope I sent it directly from the Gajim console
  206. Maranda no trace
  207. lovetox the trace could be with any stanza
  208. Maranda any idea which could it be?
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  211. lovetox no idea .. are you even sure its from that groupchat?
  212. lovetox it could be any of your contacts
  213. lovetox hard to know without a log
  214. Maranda it only pop up when I join it
  215. Maranda so I suppose
  216. lovetox weird then, maybe tell me if it happens again
  217. Maranda did you get that trace when joining?
  218. lovetox then i join and gather some logs over a longer time from that groupchat
  219. lovetox no
  220. Maranda I seem to get a traceback anytime I join, that's the strange thing
  221. lovetox so log it
  222. Maranda but nothing helpful seems to show in the log either
  223. lovetox that i can see it in the log
  224. Maranda beside those wanrs
  225. Maranda warns*
  226. lovetox no every traceback is definitly in a log
  227. lovetox hm i guess
  228. Maranda I'll retry
  229. lovetox i actually never checked that on win
  230. lovetox :D
  231. lovetox but it should
  232. Maranda let me try to get a cleaner log
  233. Maranda lovetox, I got a cleaner log have a e-mail handy to pm so I can send the full log to you?
  234. Maranda sent.
  235. lovetox k
  236. Maranda I still got the traceback popup on that log, if there's nothing there well then I dunno lol
  237. Maranda lovetox, this is the installer I used on win btw
  238. Maranda bbiab.
  239. lovetox hm i dont see the exception maybe its not written to the log because we catch it with the window
  240. lovetox which would be bad
  241. Maranda :(
  242. lovetox hm
  243. lovetox you only use windows?
  244. lovetox its weird that i cannot reproduce this
  245. lovetox but i cant even get a mam response from the server
  246. Maranda No I have a laptop whit archlinux I got errors too on that, but I don't think the version of Gajim was current
  247. Maranda I'd need to update it, and get the aur package from Link Mauve
  248. Maranda I mean update from LM's aur package
  249. Maranda I can do that
  250. Maranda just a moment booting it up, will run updates then try it.
  251. Maranda building 1.0.0a, I'll retry in a moment.
  252. bot André proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Fix tests
  253. Maranda lovetox, okay see some errors about MAM, unknown query id??
  254. Maranda but no tracebacks here
  255. Maranda gonna get a log
  256. Maranda there got the traceback now.
  257. Maranda Okay and they're in the logs, gonna send you lovetox
  258. lovetox yes
  259. Maranda lovetox sent
  260. lovetox hm did not receive anything
  261. lovetox ah now
  262. lovetox yeah weird this seems to be a bug
  263. Maranda lovetox, could it be because the server sent almost all mam results in a single packet? While it seems weird to be the actual reason.
  264. Maranda but in the logs it looks like it gets the majority of the results and processes 'em, but one result is cut out, and the remaining are picked up after.
  265. lovetox hm no i think i have the problem
  266. Maranda 👍
  267. lovetox ok thx this is actually a bad bug
  268. Akasch_ mal hoffen das morgen früh noch nicht alles kaputt ist
  269. Akasch_ wrong window...
  270. Maranda lovetox, np
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