Gajim - 2018-01-16

  1. bot Marco d'Itri closed an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8837: <Traceback from gajim-remote change_status>
  2. bot Jeffrey Baitis modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8847: <Apparent crash in`convert_alpha>
  3. baitisj Got some debug symbols on board this time!
  4. nico
  5. nico Thing is I have all the dbus support installed
  6. Asterix nico: hen runnung
  7. Asterix Running
  8. nico I am not sure what you are trying to tell me 😀
  9. bot Daniel created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #258: <[plugin_installer] Fallback icon does not scale correctly>
  10. Asterix nico: sorry. Writing on my phone. So you have this error when running
  11. Link Mauve Asterix, no, it seems like a behaviour change from !188.
  12. nico Asterix, no I am using arch linux and the gajim-git from Link Mauve. I am not sure this happend from one day to another.
  13. Link Mauve nico, the issue has been introduced in !188, optional dependencies are listed there while they shouldn’t.
  14. nico how long until i can use gajim again?
  15. Link Mauve Until someone fixes that.
  16. Link Mauve This someone could be you!
  17. bot Daniel created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #259: <[plugins_translations] Updating translations>
  18. Marzanna Gajim suddenly stopped working :( python3-dbus is already the newest version (1.2.4-1build3)
  19. bot Link Mauve proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Remove bogus dbus-python dependency from
  20. Link Mauve Asterix, please merge ↑
  21. Asterix Link Mauve, why is it a p to depend on that?
  22. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>:
  23. mimi89999 When is lovetox coming back?
  24. Asterix He is back. saw him yesterday
  25. mimi89999 Great!
  26. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ <>: *169e4f98* <> [plugins_translation] add de, nl and fr translations. Fixes #259
  27. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #259: <[plugins_translations] Updating translations>
  28. Link Mauve Asterix, a p?
  29. lovetox problem
  30. Asterix a pb*
  31. Link Mauve Ah, it’s just that it’s becoming very optional (currently only useful for avahi and gajim-remote), so most people don’t have it.
  32. Link Mauve And in the past few days, there have been already two people who were missing it.
  33. Asterix I agree, but the relation with the tb?
  34. Link Mauve And thus couldn’t open Gajim.
  35. Asterix is not used when running Gajim
  36. Link Mauve Asterix, ah, that’s because setuptools generated scripts do check the list of dependencies you list in the, and if they’re not present it will refuse to start.
  37. Asterix ha ok
  38. Asterix then the package isn't corrcetly setup
  39. Link Mauve Asterix, it is described in /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim-0.98.2+59d58ed89a77-py3.6.egg-info/ somewhere.
  40. Asterix the package must depend on it
  41. Link Mauve /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/gajim-0.98.2+59d58ed89a77-py3.6.egg-info/requires.txt
  42. Link Mauve No, why would it?
  43. Link Mauve gajim-remote and avahi are optional, most people will never use them.
  44. Link Mauve And hopefully they’ll have been rewritten to use GDBus before the final release.
  45. Asterix sure it's not required. But if ppl can't run gajim, it's because they don't follow what we (maybe wrongly) require
  46. lovetox i guess Link Mauve doesnt want to add it to the required deps of his package
  47. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>:
  48. bot Yann Leboulanger merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Remove bogus dbus-python dependency from
  49. lovetox because it was not necessary until now
  50. Asterix yeah but it's too easy to make us change instead of him
  51. Asterix but I merged it
  52. lovetox because of the change it became excidently necessary
  53. Asterix I agree it's not require to tun Gajim correctly
  54. Link Mauve Asterix, it wasn’t only my package, fwiw.
  55. lovetox also we should make a list of the most useful dbus commands from gajim remote that are left and port them
  56. Link Mauve Marzanna, fixed ↑
  57. Link Mauve And these people already had python3-dbus installed, not sure why it was going wrong.
  58. lovetox im currently in germany and a bit swamped with work
  59. lovetox Link Mauve, it seems this package is misbhaving maybe
  60. Link Mauve Ah no, it’s because python-dbus doesn’t install the egg-info required by setuptools.
  61. Link Mauve So Gajim couldn’t depend on it anyway.
  62. Link Mauve And the requirement was bogus ever since it got introduced, but nothing ever used it so we never knew.
  63. lovetox btw i have now a hidpi screen, i bought one extra so i can better dev against it
  64. Link Mauve \o/
  65. Link Mauve How much was it, and which size and resolution?
  66. Link Mauve I may be interested in getting one.
  67. lovetox nothing fancy, i didnt want top spend much and didnt want to spend time getting into the whole tec behind it and evaluate whats good and not
  68. lovetox
  69. bot Yann Leboulanger modified an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8855: <translation>
  70. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ <>: #8855: <translation>
  71. Link Mauve Asterix, looks nice. :)
  72. Link Mauve Once you get it, please tell me whether it’s good, I may get the same.
  73. Asterix Me ?
  74. Link Mauve Sorry, lovetox*. >_<
  75. Link Mauve But he disconnected and I didn’t notice.
  76. Marzanna Link Mauve, thank you!
  77. Citizen Zibb tried to build latest commit, it did not install libvpx
  78. Citizen Zibb did it manually and rebuilt
  79. Link Mauve Citizen Zibb, wut, is libvpx used for anything in Gajim?
  80. Citizen Zibb I have no idea I was just as surprised as you
  81. Link Mauve Where is it asking you for it?
  82. Citizen Zibb while building for windows
  83. Link Mauve Hmm, maybe the bundled Gstreamer?
  84. Citizen Zibb possibly
  85. bot flobee proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Update de.po
  86. bot flobee updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ <>: Update de.po