Gajim - 2018-01-10

  1. Citizen Zibb is the conversations room down or something?
  2. abj61 It was down for several hours
  3. hartmann They have had issues with their hoster. The server should have rebooted for meltdown/spectre updates but didn't come up again. Seems like the hoster shut down the servers instead of rebooting
  4. Marzanna Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/", line 2205, in music_track_changed if music_track_info is None or music_track_info.paused: AttributeError: paused
  5. Marzanna I get this error several times on track change
  6. Marzanna Does anyone experience this error?
  7. devcon Hi there I'm working on porting Gajim's omemo plugin to sleekxmpp library. I've seen there is a 'plugin' argument for the OmemoState class. Is it safe to just remove the argument and reimplement the publish bundle, or should I be aware of other things?
  8. pep. devcon, ooi what are you doing with sleekxmpp?
  9. devcon Trying to add support for xep-0384.
  10. devcon Afterwards I would like to write a client with it
  11. pep. Do you know about slixmpp?
  12. pep. Also why are you trying to make yet another client, what's not good with the ones currently available?
  13. devcon Yes, they are all great. Its just that I'm taking this as a project to dive deep into xmpp
  14. pep. Maybe you could help existing clients instead? :)
  15. pep. In any case, if you really want to start your own client, have a look at slixmpp (port of sleekxmpp to python3, also using asyncio), and aioxmpp, python3 and asyncio as well
  16. pep. That is if you insist for python
  17. pep. I'm not sure starting something in python2 is the wisest move
  18. devcon Yeah, maybe. I've worked a lot only with Python2. Maybe it's time to move forward. I'll see
  19. pep. As for your initial question, sorry I don't know
  20. devcon As for helping with other clients, of course. That's on the plan. I'm not trying to fragment even more the xmpp client space
  21. pep. Inevitably if you write a new client this is going to happen. I am not saying there are no good reasons for doing it
  22. devcon This is just a client for my own learning purposes. In any case slix still doesn't support omemo
  23. pep. Not it doesn't, but it shouldn't be hard to had omemo support for it, the hardest part will be in the client I assume
  24. pep. You can discuss that at if you want
  25. devcon I thought so, then I saw this plugin argument in the omemostate class, that's why I asked
  26. devcon Anyway I'll have another look at the code
  27. Asterix devcon: there is also python-nbxmpp as py3 library. The one used by Gajim
  28. debacle AFAIK, sleekxmpp and slixmpp are still very similar. It should be possible to write code for both at once.