Gajim - 2018-01-09

  1. Citizen Zibb why the hell does gnome 3 require a tweak tool to change themes and stuff?
  2. Citizen Zibb kind of idiotic
  3. Asterix benedikt: you have built gajim_0.16 probably. Else you'd notice the difference
  4. pep. benedikt, It made me think of you when I saw that the other day
  5. pep. Link Mauve: ^
  6. Asterix Someone could tell me if we can say `Dictionary for lang "%s" not available` or if it's better to say `Dictionary for language "%s" not available`
  7. Ge0rG `Dictionary for "%s" not available` :P
  8. Asterix yes but is it nice? `Dictionary for "fr" not available`
  9. Asterix maybe indeed
  10. Ge0rG Oh, "%s" is just the identifier? Then language would be better.
  11. Ge0rG I imagined something like `Dictionary for "German" not available.` which would make sense.
  12. SouL Personally, I don't like to shorten words, like 'lang'. If I were the developer I would use language (If I have to choose between lang or language)
  13. Ge0rG SouL: :+1:
  14. Asterix ok I change that. Thanks
  15. Asterix it's in the title of a window, it's why I Wanted it short
  16. Ge0rG Is it a popup?
  17. Asterix yes
  18. Asterix test in the dialog is: _('You have to install the dictionary "%s" to use spellchecking, ' 'or choose another language by setting the speller_language ' 'option.\n\n' 'Highlighting misspelled words feature will not be used') % lang)
  19. Ge0rG I love popups :D
  20. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ <>: *aa6e9e70* <> improve string and add comment for translators
  21. pep. What does "online (desynced)" mean?
  22. benedikt Asterix, pep. no, i've built gajim from git. It doesn't look like the picture youve linked at all.
  23. pep. benedikt, I wasn't talking about gajim
  24. pep. This discord thing just reminded me of the discussion we had
  25. pep. at the ccc
  26. benedikt I'm not sure, where to link the discussion with this right now. The discussions we had were mainly about dino.
  27. zuglufttier > What does "online (desynced)" mean? You propably have more than one account and their status differ, eg one is online, the other away.
  28. pep. zuglufttier, actually it's not me it's a contact, and I was seeing him as offline
  29. pep. He told me that's what was written on his client
  30. pep. But ok I see
  31. galxy hello guys, Gajim can't change passwords with Prosody 0.9.12. Is there anything I can do about that? My users are asking to change their passwords
  32. Asterix galxy: Hi, what does the XML look like?
  33. Asterix pep.: account have an option to sync them with global status. If one account is marked as synced and it is not, we display that
  34. bot Yann Leboulanger pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _website_ <>: *2f35f937* <> add Dutch translation
  35. bot Benedikt Heine created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ <>: #253: <clickable nicknames fails in MUCs>
  36. yvo 5sdLWDE GXDNC
  37. yvo +W
  38. Citizen Zibb ??
  39. Citizen Zibb cat walk across your keyboard?
  40. vanitasvitae we're getting such messages a lot in open_chat
  41. vanitasvitae I wonder, why it is different in the gajim chat
  42. Citizen Zibb ?