Gajim - 2018-01-06

  1. Link Mauve Speaking of removing python-dbus, it seems the only remaining parts after this are avahi and remote_control, nice work!
  2. Link Mauve There are GActions set for many usecases of the latter, Iā€™m not sure all of them need to be ported though.
  3. Link Mauve Then gajim-remote may need to be converted, or its features integrated in gajim.
  4. Link Mauve And after that, we can finally stop depending on python-dbus! \o/
  5. baitisj I was unable to execute on my windows machine, so I opened it up in 7zip and decompressed the contents in to c:\Program Files\Gajim ... and... it works! Yay! :=)
  6. Asterix Link Mauve: I already have a branch for using pyzeroconf. Working, but no status update possible :/
  7. zak Just testing the "Server Info" feature. Looks good. But I recognize for it says for XEP-0313 MAM "not supported" while Conversations says it is supported.
  8. SABer heya :) how can i get rid of the old **Unencrypted** messages that servers resend to omemo MUCs over and over again ?!
  9. vanitasvitae I believe this is a bug in gajim, which should not display old messages imo.
  10. cuc where can i find my blocklists (xep 191) in gajim 1.x ? xep 16 is not available on the server so it seems "privacy lists" is greyed out
  11. pep. cuc, 0016 has been deprecated and removed from prosody 0.10 iirc
  12. cuc yes i know thats why im looking for xep191 in gajim šŸ™‚
  13. cuc i want to edit my blocklists
  14. cuc currently i can only do that in conversations as it seems
  15. SABer thx vanitasvitae. do you know the problem? no other fix than to update gajim?? i'm on 0.16.6 from the debian repository.
  16. vanitasvitae SABer: i dont think there is a fix for that in gajim.
  17. vanitasvitae SABer: as a workaround you could delete messages older than x days serverside (given you have admin access to the server)
  18. vanitasvitae Alternatively you could change the MAM preferences in gajim to fetch less messages upon restart.
  19. SABer uhhhhh not good. i feel spamed :(
  20. SABer thx for your answer (Y)
  21. baitisj Here's Gajim in action with latest Biboumi:
  22. Citizen Zibb biboumi?
  23. lep biboumi
  24. baitisj Biboumi. If you need an xmpp irc gateway I suggest you check it out Citizen Zibb . it's quite feature complete now
  25. Citizen Zibb baitisj, definitely will
  26. Citizen Zibb most of the IM communities are dead now
  27. Citizen Zibb with the exception of jabber really... no one uses msn icq etc.
  28. Citizen Zibb so its really something like jabber and irc that are left
  29. andy Hey Guys. How can I correct message using Gajim? There is nothing about it on wiki
  30. andy andy is using Gajim 0.98.2
  31. andy is using Gajim 0.98.2
  32. Citizen Zibb correct message?
  33. andy Yep - XEP-308
  34. Citizen Zibb shit... that's a thing?
  35. andy Citizen Zibb, I dont understand.
  36. Citizen Zibb I did not know such a thing existed
  37. andy Citizen Zibb, Yep Gajim support this feature -
  38. Citizen Zibb andy, that's new and interesting to me
  39. Citizen Zibb I always just used *
  40. Citizen Zibb hehe
  41. Akasch_ andy, <control>-<arrow-up> for message correction I think
  42. Akasch_ andy, <control>-<arrow-up> for message correction for me
  43. Akasch_ only that it is not working for me in this room right now...
  44. Citizen Zibb hehe
  45. Citizen Zibb it worked for me
  46. andy Gajim
  47. andy Gajim!
  48. andy hmm
  49. andy hmm!
  50. Akasch_ the UI is indicating that it is a correction for me, but I get a new message, but I had seen it working, maybe somethink in the beta is broken
  51. andy So the only way is to use ctrl+up?
  52. Citizen Zibb i see a little pencil icon next to the comment I "corrected"
  53. Citizen Zibb i see a little pencil icon next to the comment I "corrected" correction
  54. andy It is not working for me...
  55. andy Citizen Zibb, which version of Gajim You are using?
  56. Citizen Zibb git
  57. andy my is from debian sid repository
  58. rom1dep > It is not working for me... It cannot work safely in anonymous MUCs. But then it's up to the client to offer it/render it as a correction
  59. Asterix andy: yes ctrl+up. Try to do it twice. A bug has been fixed recently in master
  60. Asterix Text zone should become yellow
  61. andy SOme MEssage.
  62. andy Some Message.
  63. andy Nice
  64. andy !
  65. andy is so happy
  66. Asterix It will be fixed in next pre-release
  67. andy btw, Gajim for Windows will support audio/video?
  68. debacle Test: speling
  69. debacle Test: spelling
  70. debacle works well with 1.0.0-alpha2 (with only one ctrl-up, Asterix)
  71. Asterix Ha cool. So the fix was before alpha2 then